Can’t see the light
And my heaven is a nice house in the sky
Got central heating and I’m alright

Remember when I posted that photo of Yoda on a bare bones bookshelf and waffled on about needing to put up shelving in the geek room? Well guess what…..

… if you guessed that the shelves were up: WRONG.

However.. we did go to Ikea today and buy two new desks instead. Well not so much instead, but more as a by-product of swining by for some meatballs. Hey, when a girl’s got a craving for Swedish meatballs and Lingonberry sauce it must be satiated whether or not a few hundred pounds of furniture is acquired along the way!! And my calendar got hung up, so all in all progress was still made.

Whilst Lee spent time constructing and deconstucting furniture today and I awaited the fruits of his testosterone driven labour, I gardened. I am not even sure that “gardened” is actually a word, but it fits. Over the past few weeks I have looked out of the kitchen window over what I thought was a beautifully blossoming garden that was getting greener and greener every day (note: for all you Brits, by garden I mean flower beds as I call that area behind the house a backyard). Today I decided I needed to plant a few bulbs I have randomly collected, and well… came to the realisation that a good 50% of that lush greenery was weeds. Oh how my wrists are not happy with this find. Fair enough, neither are my knees or my ego. It would appear that the green thumb I thought I had is more from gangrene than my skills in the botanical department.

If I weren’t so exhausted from all of this action (I haven’t watched tv ALL day!) I would take some photos because I know you are all DYING to see the new purchases and the weed free garden. But tonight you will have to sleep without the visual evidence that sometimes we actually do spend our days sofa-free!

*****!!!!!!UPDATE UPDATE!!!!!!!*****

The photos are here.  No more waiting.  I present to you.. the all new Desks of the Geek Room!!

My little corner of colour and love (and General Hospital recaps on the screen):

my desk

Lee’s Mega Desk of All Things Geeky and I Shall Eternally Remain a Man-Bay Toys!!

lee's desk


Paint me in the colours of the sun

Once upon a time, Kirsty and Lee bought a house. This house was a very nice house. It gave them the opportunity to express their inner DIY greatness. They would paint, drill, hammer, screw (as in using a screwdriver, pervert!), glue, hang, build, tear down, etc.

That lasted for a goood month. Maybe even two. There were dreams of decking, fencing, replacing bamboo. Skimming, plastering, painting, re-tiling… and more. In fact, the first thing they did was tape off the kitchen because the dreaded pink with red tiles HAD to go. It HAD to.

So just over a year has gone and Kirsty went and got a proper full time job. She realises that this means any lingering DIY projects must now be moved to ASAP status or else they willl never be done.

So finally it has begun…. the kitchen with the walls of Pepto Bismol Pepto pink shall soon have the more mature, more respected colour of Soft Stone. Or mushroom soup if you’d rather.

The difference is noticable already:

Pink and red

No, neither of us has a habit of beating up the walls. They are naturally that beautifully finished. :/

Another look of the pink as it fades away from my life ….

byebye pink

Mmm Gyoza dishes.

Once this priject is done we shall have to complete the shelving in the Geek Room, because as the look on Yoda’s face tells you, he is pretty pissed at having to reside on a shelf with stinky Lego and his view of the beautifully stippled ceiling being blocked by pens and cds. It just isn’t fair on the little dude.