What a day I had yesterday! It would seem to most people that I didn’t really do that much, but it was exhausting to me.

My Mommy had a massage in Tring, so we all got into the car and headed down there. Last time we went down I got to see some lambs and rabbits and fish, but this time it was something even better. There was a market set up with all sorts of foods! When my Daddy and I left my Mommy, we went for a stroll towards the market and checked things out. My Daddy hadn’t been to the bank, so we didn’t get to eat sneakily before getting my Mommy. That was the only downside.

But I was in such a good mood and wanted to walk around, that we went back to the car, dumped the stroller and my Daddy and I walked around near the place where we’d left my Mommy. Soon it was time to go and collect her and my Daddy took me inside, all proud of how well I’d behaved when I must admit I got a bit whiney. That’s because it was lunchtime and I’d worked up an appetite. Luckily my Mommy was clever and had packed some snacks in my bag.

When she came out I was so excited! My Mommy, my Daddy and SNACKS all in one place. It was GREAT! But then they put me in the car and I was no so happy until my Daddy let me have my bag of crackers all to myself. I’m telling you, I’m getting to be such a big boy!

Well wouldn’t you know it. My Daddy had told my Mommy about the market and since she’s ALWAYS hungry these days, back we went. And my Mommy wasn’t about to let me leave hungry either. She took me around to get me free samples (I had pizza, goat’s cheese on crackers, bread dipped in rapeseed oil). Then she got some olive tapenade on some gross bread thing. It was alright, but it had nothing on the sandwich my Daddy got!! Roasted pork and applesauce. Now I know I’m not always the hugest fan of applesauce, but this thing was TASTY! I ran around a bit and kept trying to befriend the dogs that were around, even though I am scared of dogs really .. especially after being attacked by that darn beagle! But it was time to go because it started to rain on us and my Mommy picked up a Cornish Pasty and a London Cheesecake for the road. Both which were tasty.. though not as tasty as my Daddy’s sandwich.

The next thing I know, I wake up on my Daddy’s shoulder and we’re in COSTCO!!!! My first thought was .oO(is it my birthday again already?!?!) but no, it was just my Parents loving me enough to give me a fun day out .. and apparently my Mommy had run out of water. But I got more free samples (chicken and ice cream!) and got to ride in the Not Allowed To Ride In This Part part of the cart and then we headed home.

Once we were home, I was a bit tired again, but I wouldn’t let it stop me. I was dancing and spinning and singing and playing and then my Daddy went to mow the lawn, so I was set free in the Great Outdoors. I watched my Daddy do the lawn mowing thing and ran around and got some hugs and then helped him pull weeds from the garden then ran around, pulled my Mommy’s hair out when I was falling off of the deck and mistook her hair for a jungle vine, and then did some of my signature running with my eyes closed and laughing.

When it came time for dinner, I was SHATTERED.

Struggling to stay awake

Struggling to stay awake

My Mommy popped on In the Night Garden and my Daddy made me something to eat. I know that it tasted nice, but I never once saw what it was. I could not take my eyes off of the screen. Usually I am not allowed to eat unless we are at the table, but this time they put a towel on the sofa and my Daddy fed me whilst I watched Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos and I was grateful. I wouldn’t have had the energy to be using a fork at that point and I’d missed my ITNG friends lately.

A little bit of sunshine, a little rain, a little wind, a lot of food, a lot of running around and best of all my Mommy and my Daddy were there whenever I wanted a cuddle. What a great day!!!

And because I was so sleepy … and had a rough night’s sleep… I let everyone sleep in until almost 8.30 this morning because I couldn’t be bothered to get up.

Pictures of The Dinner I Never Saw

My Daddy Feeds Me (egg salad on multigrain)

My Daddy Feeds Me (egg salad on multigrain)

My attention focused on the Tombliboos

My attention focused on the Tombliboos



Time for bed Iggle Piggle.. Time for bed Noah-Woaha

Time for bed Iggle Piggle.. Time for bed Noah-Woaha

Well, I think it does. To be fair, I spent my time in Woodbridge, Thornhill, Pickering and Oakville. Technically I only drove though Toronto .. except maybe when we had breakfast that one morning, but it might be cutting it close.

My Mommy and I flew to Canada last month to see our family. My Daddy had to work, so my Mommy was all kinds of nervous about dealing with me on the plane .. especially since there were no empty seats and that baby in her belly is taking up lots of room!

But I was great!

Until we got into the car. I am not sure what it is, but Kadie’s car and I.. we don’t really get along. Maybe I knew that there was a car seat waiting for me and I was busy trying to enjoy the freedom of not sitting down after that long airplane ride. Whatever it was… I cried .. a lot.

Though to be fair, there were time changes to contend with and last time I saw Kadie and Zed it was in a completely different place .. with sunshine and palm trees and sandy beaches. It was all so confusing.

But I slept well the first night…

sleepy peeps

And woke up to find Crazy Uncle Jamie on the sofa…

Crazy Uncle Jamie

I knew that things were going to start looking up when I saw him and his crazy moustache.

We all got ready to go to my great-uncle Al’s house because they were having a surprise party for my great-auntie Cathy. That’s why we were in Canada. There were so many people there and at first it was overwhelming, but there was so much food. In case anyone has missed the memo.. I love food!

Ooh and we got to sing Happy Birthday too!!

Birthday Singers

I didn’t have cake, but I did get to sample some lemon squares made by G.G Margaret and Lemon Fluff made by great-auntie Sue. Oh my oh my oh my. I know my Mommy loves salty stuff, but this sugar thing is just the best!!! I couldn’t get enough!!! Luckily, my great-auntie Cath let me sit up on the stools with her and some of my cousins and she gave me some of hers. I LOVE birthdays!

The Family

After not seeing her for a few months, I even got to hang out with Calleigh! And this time we got along better. Mostly. She still tried to bully me and kept stealing my soother, but I held my own this time and even pushed back. In the end we came to a compromise and found out that by sharing with each other, we get twice the amount of fun than if we were being selfish!

Calleigh and I with our own soothers:

After the swap:
The Swap

And even though he didn’t know I was coming, my cousin Adam made me feel at home by wearing an England shirt!!


The rest of the week seemed to be dominated by eating. Not that I mind. I tried SO many things that I’d never heard of before, never mind tasted. I even had … octopus!!! In my short time there I discovered that I love Rye Bread, Blackberries, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Thai Food, Dim Sum, Samosas and Chicken Roti to name a few things….

In fact, here I am enjoying some turnip cake and rice noodle roll with shrimp:
Dim Sum

Last time I was in this restaurant I cried and cried and even Kadie couldn’t control the flow of my tears. This time I was all smiles and sat on her lap happily while she managed to eat around my wriggling self!

Kadie and Me

Not everything that I did was food related. Although sometimes when I was just chilling out at Zed and Kadie’s I found it hard to escape food…

Silly Sausages

Oh that’s right. That is me, sat between two Karnatzels. The weirdest thing about that is.. I never tried to eat them. I pulled on them like they were ropes used to gong church bells, but they never made a sound and every time Zed or my Mommy would go into the kitchen, they’d get smaller and smaller, until there was nothing left for me to play with.

Well, there was always something to play with really. I got to sit on Zed’s lap a lot and we read all about what was going on with the stock market, and we watched a lot of You Tube and laughed. And when he would try and relax on the sofa, I put him to work entertaining me and making him drum on the coffee table!

Zed and Noah

Kadie couldn’t escape either when she tried to sit down. I had my own orchestra of performing monkeys! It was great and we clapped and hip hip hoorayed and drummed some more. Though, Kadie was pretty crafty and had a box of toys in the living room which often distracted me from harassing them. Espcially the string of pearls. That’s right, I said pearls… got a problem with that?! They were the best!

Apart from eating and playing, I also got to see a lot of family. Not only did I see all of my Mommy’s aunts and uncles and cousins on Kadie’s side of the family, I got to meet Zed’s sister and her kids (though they were all way older than me, so more big kids than little ones) and I got to see my great-uncle Chickie again at his house! Calleigh must have heard that there was going to be food, because as soon as I sat down to start eating my samosa… there she was at the table next to me! I don’t even know where she came from. It was like magic!! We ate samosas and cakes together and then we played the best we ever have. And even hugged. We fell over from the shock of it, but we were not hurt. It’s okay, you do not have to worry!!

Noah and Calleigh The Hug

It was a great vacation and I loved seeing everyone that I hadn’t seen in nearly a year.. which is almost my whole life!!

The only ba dpart was that my Mommy was so carried away with the excitement of being there and being ableto eat so many things she hadn’t had in ages, that she forgot to give everyone thank you cards for all of my amazing birthday presents. So now I look like I am an ingrate, when really it is down to her!

Since we got back, her belly has grown even more and I think that is what has taken her so long to write this down for me! I’ve been trying, but what more can a little dude do?!

I cannot wait to go back and see everyone again. Apparently next time we’ll be travelling with my brother or sister, so hopefully they are as well behaved as I am .. and don’t try to steal my pearls!!!

Get those fingers ready, Zed and Kadie… I will be back!!!

Until then… it might be easier to reach me on my phone…

phone guy

No, not the baby in my Mommy’s tummy .. well, that one could be, but that is not who I am talking about.

My second first cousin was born at 12.40pm EST on the 29th of March. He weighed a whole pound and half an ounce less than his sister did, but is still a whole 21.75 inches long! His name is Christian Nathaniel and although I didn’t get to meet him when I was in Toronto (other than seeing him inside his Mommy’s tummy), I am certain that he’s a pretty cool guy. He looks it from his photos anyway.

Uncle Scotty and Christian

There he is on the right. The dude that isn’t the baby, that’s my Uncle Scotty. He’s also Calleigh’s Daddy .. which makes Calleigh a big sister already and she only turned one 10 days before Christian decided to join the rest of our wacky family!

Because I had to come back to England and couldn’t be there to greet him, my Mommy and I got down to business to give him a special welcome. Since I will no longer sit there and hold a piece of paper like I did when Calleigh was born, my Mommy actually made me do some serious work.

Though I got her back in the end.. by giving her a lovely stinky diaper to change. heh. Oh man, have I developed a taste for toilet humour since I went to Canada.

Anyway… back to Christian.

Welcome to the world, little dude!! I cannot wait to meet you (though I’m not sure when that will be, because my Mommy doesn’t really look like she’d be able to fit into those airplane seats again until she loses that belly she’s hiding the baby in)!!

Here I am finishing off the spelling portion….
Adding the N

Ahh.. that’s perfect.. almost…
Almost there

A bit of decoration makes it complete!
Welcome Christian!

Happy 9th Birthday, Adam!!!

My Mommy tried to get me to sing Happy Birthday to you today, but I have to admit that I have been a Super GrumpyPumps today. I am getting sick and my teeth are hurting my mouth, so I haven’t really felt like singing or even smiling.

But, she was very clever and knew that if she gave me my bath letters, that I’d work my magic .. and I did!!

Here I am adjusting the letters:
Down to work

And here is the finished product:

I hope you like it! Next year when I am talking more I will try and sing for you!

Hope your birthday is as happy as mine and that you get to eat lots of cake. Mmm, I love cake!

7.9.08 Woburn Oyster Festival

Despite the cool, rainy weather, we headed off to Woburn today to make sure that the poor oysters that were plucked from the sea were given a nice home in our bellies.

On the half shell

Last year I had to hear about the Oyster Festival from other people because I had Noah on Board (though at that time he was not Noah, in fact he could have been a she for all we knew…anyway…) and although I broke a lot of the Do Not Eat Whilst Pregnant rules, I dutifully avoided the oyster.

This year, not so much.

We bundled a teething and grumpy Noah into the car (note the enthusiastic look upon his face) and made our way to Woburn.


Once we got there, we took a quick look at what was on offer and made our way to the oyster bar.

Not the Blue Oyster

The first order was a dozen oysters and a half pint of something they called Oyster Stout. I didn’t ask if oysters featured in the drink because some things are better left unknown. That, and I wasn’t drinking it.

We wolfed them down so quickly, that by the time I remembered the camera, Lee only had two remaining…

Dos Oysteros

The two lonely oysters soon joined their friends in Lee’s tummy…

Down the hatch

By this point Noah was slightly degrumping. And by slightly, I mean that he saw that there was food and forgot to be a complete grump.. until he realised that he wasn’t allowed to suck back any creatures from the sea. Unlike the little girl (possibly 5 years old..maybe 4) who was just devouring her cup of baby octopus like it was cotton candy. I am still in awe of her, and the two kids with her that tried it based solely on how much she loved it. I am sad that I didn’t get a photo of that, but I did get a photo of some children with their mother tucking into shrimp…complete with heads..

fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, grilled shrimp..

Those shrimp/prawns came from the stall next to the oyster stand which sold our second purchase of the day, Garlic Mussels!

Seafood For Sale

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. That is the only way I can sum up the mussels that were put before me in their temporary styrofoam home accompanied by a chunk of french bread.

mussels not from brussels

While I tucked in, Noah decided to ungrump as he too got to eat for the first time since we arrived there. No, not mussells… the bread.

Fist Full O' Frenchstick

Lee was feeling a little left out of the action and after much deliberation (or about 30 seconds of Should I? Okay, how many?) he returned to the oyster bar. After all, that’s what we were there for right?

Repeat Customer

Once again there were a dozen oysters before us and another half pint of the Oyster Stout. This time I had a sip due to over Tabascoing of one of my slippery friends, but I wasn’t too worried about the ingredients at that time, just that there was some relief to my stinging taste buds.

Same Again

Lee was the warrior this time. I looked down at my six and noticed this creamy stuff in one of the shells. Lee took them up to Mr. Oyster Man and asked what in the world was going on. That is when he was given a lesson on the make-up of an oyster and given the choice to swap or swallow. He came back to me and presented the options… he added that if I didn’t want it, he’d have it. So I swapped sixes.

Apparently, I won.

He described it as creamier than usual and that I probably wouldn’t have like it, though it was not that bad. Fast forward a few hours and apparently the quarter of a coconut rum cake he later ate couldn’t kill the taste that kept coming back.

As I said, I won.

On the way in we had noticed that there was an empty stall that had a sign for Caribbean food. They were advertising patties, roti, “Trinidad” chicken, rice and peas, etc. It wasn’t open yet, but I kept watching it and waiting as the people were obviously running on West Indian Time.


I saw a man going from the stall to a van and I couldn’t tell if he was opening up or packing up. Closer inspection showed that he was in fact removing the stuff from the stand. No patties or roti for us. Boo!!!

It was alright though because it was Pimms O’Clock.


Okay, so no Pimms was had by any of us three. Instead we moved along to the parking lot behind The Inn at Woburn (where we went for Lee’s birthday last year and fell in love with the restaurant, though haven’t been able to brave it avec le bébé) where they had a couple food stands, some kiddie rides and a craft fair. At the craft fair I was about to get Lee to aid my obsession with buying ridiculous things when I decided that Noah needed a hooded sweater that was knit from 100% alpaca wool. Luckily, Lee had found a photographer who specialised in casual family shots instead. Not what you think you’ll find at an Oyster festival, but hey, we were looking to have the photos done anyway!

The craft fair was under a tent in which there was very little light. Noah, though not afraid of total darkness, seems to fear the semi-dark and was not happy in there. We exited and headed off toward the Pimms tent again as they were setting up the steel band.

Steely Dan

We decided to stop and have a listen, much to the delight of Noah who once again had the chance to break free from the restraints of his stroller.

What are you looking at, lady?

The steel band started up whilst I enjoyed a nose around at the people attending the Oyster Festival and the surroundings. If we had moved to Woburn instead of Milton Keynes, I am not so sure that we’d be so eager to relocate already. It is “proper” England. By that I mean that it has buildings older than my mother (hey, Milton Keynes is only two years older than my aunt, Cathy) and people were wearing wellies because they knew there was going to be hay in the Pimms tent. Woburn is great.

Antique Hall and Oyster Bar

The looking around didn’t last long as Mr. My Gums Hurt People And I Don’t Want To Be Around Smiling People Right Now got progressively grumpier…

Are we leaving yet?

Aside from when Lee’s colleague walked past with his wife and son and Noah decided that he loved the wife and her glasses. All of a sudden he wanted to smile. But they were just arriving and didn’t chat long which meant we got The Grump back.

I will NOT smile

So we packed it in and strolled back to the car. Even with The Grump, we had a very good family day out; the rain pretty much stayed away once we arrived in Woburn so there was no trying to work the rain cover on the stroller or negotiating small sidewalks with one hundred umbrellas, Lee and I got our much missed oysters and Noah got fresh air and to see his first person on stilts (not that he gave a shit at all about him).

And now, if these teeth would just come through, we’d have three much happier people in the house. I can’t wait to see how much Noah and the Aching Gums are going to love waiting around in a courthouse for me to testify tomorrow.

Chew Chew Cha Booty

Last Thursday I celebrated my Half Birthday. Until last Thursday, I didn’t even know that these things existed. The day started out like any other day. Well, any other day that involves a trip to get weighed, playing with some toys that my Mommy says are older than her, sitting on the scale naked and having to hold on to my Mommy when she nearly faints because she learns that I’m packing 23lbs 6oz of love somewhere in this body.

After that, we rushed home (it was so busy and instead of the usual in and out, my Mommy actually had to socialise and talk to other mommies who were waiting to have their babies weighted too) so that I could eat breakfast and change into Gymboree clothes. Then we were off to play with all of my friends. I was tired, but my Mommy gave me a bottle during the break out time and I was re-energised and ready to play. I just LOVE those bubbles and the parachute!

When Gymboree was over I thought that we were going to head home so I could stare at the big box covered in colourful paper some more, but my Mommy took me to buy some groceries. I decided to play a game of Toss the Soother and had her scrambling all over the floors of M&S to find out where the projectile had gone. It was great!!

Then we got to go home and I looked and looked and looked at that colourful box, but i was not allowed to touch it. Yet.

My Mommy gave me some lunch and I spent almost the whole time hamming it up.. laughing between spoonfuls and just being a super smiley guy..

Smiley Guy

After lunch I played in a suitcase. It doesn’t sound like fun, but I thought it was hilarious and kept almost falling out because I’d laugh so hard I’d fall over. It made it difficult for my Mommy to take my photo, but that didn’t stop my personal paparazzi. Plus, I think she just wanted me distracted from the colourful box.

Excess Baggage

Eventually my Mommy got me to have a nap and I slept almost all the way until my Daddy got home from work. I did this as a special present for my Mommy who was cooking up a storm in the kitchen in an attempt for our family to all sit down at the same time and eat our dinners! And she succeeded.

We had chicken and roasted vegetables to start. It was my first taste of meat aside from the free sample of ham at Costco! Oh man was it good!!

Happy Chicken Eating Chappy

But the best part was what came after dinner. No, not the dessert… a huge monkey from out of nowehere!!!! I don’t know where he was hiding while we ate, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when all of a sudden my Daddy turned around and there was a monkey standing with him. I loved it!!

Noah and the Monkey

Though I did try to eat the monkey after a while. Seeing that I was still hungry, my Mommy brought out dessert. Now I was only allowed a little bit, so I was given a little taste of what my Mommy made and then I got Plunana (plums and banana!). I can’t wait until I’m older and she lets me eat more of “bad” stuff!

half birthday pudding

After dinner, instead of heading straight for the bath, my Parents gave me a card to open and read. It was all nicey nice stuff about them loving me… I won’t get into it, it makes me blush.

My Card!

It was then finally time for me to touch the colourful box. I was SO EXCITED!!! Usually my Mommy says “Aww.. Noah, we’re not supposed to crinkle/tear/chew that!” when I get near paper, but this time they were both telling me to rip it! So, I did!

Getting to Grips

It was SO very worth the wait. Do you know what? There was more than just a box! There was something inside of it!! Something with lots of colours and buttons. My Daddy got it out for me and I was right into it, bashing the buttons and drooling all over it! These half birthday things are great!!! Why didn’t I learn about these sooner?!!? When do I get another one?! All of those thoughts were racing through my head as I spun the steering wheel of my new toy and honked the horn over and over and over and over again.


Finally it was the end of the day and my Parents took me up to get ready for bed. I wore my special birthday hat whilst they got me changed. I so didn’t want the day to end!! It was definitely the best day of my life by FAR!!!

My Mommy kept saying, “I can’t wait to see his reaction to Christmas”. I have no idea what she’s talking about, but if it is anything like a Half Birthday, I’m so down with that!!!!

Family Party

Thank you so much to my parents for that whole day. It was so great!!! Hopefully we can do it again soon!!

Happy Hilarious Half Birthday from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

I’m back at home after 5 days in London with my Mom, Randy, my 8 year old cousin Noah and for some of the days, Lee. In those 5 days we packed in sightseeing, eating, walking, failed attempts at going on the London Eye, serious arcade game playing, shopping and loving the life that comes with going out of the door with your bed unmade and coming home to it being all neat and tidy.

During those five days, I also celebrated the anniversary of my Mom’s life and the anniversary of my Daddy’s death. It doesn’t matter where in the world I would have spent those days because the roller coaster of emotion wouldn’t have changed.

Two years on and the pain still hurts like it was only two hours ago. I am still completely heartbroken, although Noah has worked hard at fixing it. We were in the Maple Leaf pub in Covent Garden watching the Olympic 100m final when I broke into tears. Everyone was having a good time and witnessing Usain Bolt smash the record, but the person who would have loved it most didn’t get to see it. So I cried.

I looked around and saw how much Noah was loving the interaction and attention from my Mom and Randy and it made me so happy to see how much he is loved, but at the same time it made me so sad to know that my Daddy will never get to hold him, to squeeze his fat …not chubby, fat… thighs, see the look of wonder or awe or excitement (all which can occur within 3 seconds of each other) on his face. They would have loved each other. There is no doubt in my mind.

It was a hard day, the anniversary, because of the state of my heart, and the healing still left to do, but it was a lot easier than last year, if only because I had no choice but to be completely occupied by a near 6 month old, his Kadie and Zed and his cousin Adam.

Though it was still a sad day, because aside from one text I received, no one mentioned him; no one asked if I was okay, I had no way of talking to my brothers to see if they were okay. And then it dawned on me that everyone else may have moved on, and I can’t.

Right now I am watching Noah roll all over my bed, playing some sort of game of tag with a blanket and I am so thrilled that he is as happy as he is, but I still believe that he would be even happier if he could have only had one day with my Daddy.

I know that I should be grateful that he still has his Nan and Granddad, and his Kadie and Zed who all love him so much, and I am. I know what a lucky little boy he is to be loved as much as he is by everyone in his family, but that doesn’t make it easier.

So, I did have a great time seeing everyone and loved that I got to celebrate my Momma’s birthday with her for the 4th year in a row (this time on the actual day and in England!), it is just a shame that a day of great celebration is so closely followed by the day I dread most.

At least she had a memorable day. Not many birthdays are spent riding an open top bus tour whilst feeding your grandson a map, watching a drunken fight in the middle of the street, seeing a drunken man in a child’s floatie try and break into a taxi, getting denied a ride on the London Eye and then watching your 8 year old nephew be terrorized by a “stinkin’ mime”. It may not have been the party for 90 of your friends in a nightclub that Madonna had on the same day, but at least she knows that everyone she spent her birthday with loves her and wasn’t there for the free booze.

bIG bEN AT nIGHT 16.8.08

A couple of months ago, my sister-in-law, Stacy, blogged about getting a new vacuum cleaner (a Dyson) and it evoked unimaginable excitement from some of my family members.

A couple of weeks ago Stacy blogged about getting a new barbeque (a Weber!) and that’s when the emotions were stirred within me. Let’s be honest here, I am a girl who is far more excited by food than by cleaning. That’s part of the reason I want to win the lottery and live in a hotel… daily maid service and no choice but to eat at restaurants…or 24 hour Room Service!!!!

Anyway, Stacy’s entry got me all excited about BBQ Season! As we are into June, summer should be arriving soon. We’ve had a few warm days, but not “summer” yet. Last weekend was super sunny and we headed off to Homebase (just like Home Depot or Lowes) to see if there were any deals. Right in the centre of the barbeque section was a Weber stand. We looked and touched and oohed and ahhhed and then we ACKed when we saw the prices. Sure, they’re pretty and they’re the Kings of the BBQ World, but the price wasn’t converting well. We could have bought one, but it would have been the size of a George Foreman grill on wheels. And not a Family Sized Foreman.

So we looked around and saw that there were a couple of Fiesta barbeques. Ooh, another name I knew!! I also knew that my Dad and Scott were both Fiesta owners so they couldn’t be that crap.

— I should have explained in the beginning, Lee and I have never owned a gas barbeque so we were virgins to this whole experience —

We found one that was 1/3 off and we were happy. Then we realised that there was no way that it was going to fit in my car with Noah and his stroller (we learnt this lesson when we tried to cart home a 42 inch tv and there wasn’t even a stroller in there), so we put it off until the next day.

Lee returned to Homebase last Monday to be told that they had sold out. I wasn’t buying it, but that’s because I trust no one. How could they not have it in? We needed it! We were waiting to play with it! We had waited a whole day to get the fire started and now we had to revert to our oven. What was that all about?!

Nothing was going to stop Lee on his mission though. He contacted a few stores trying to track them down, found out that the distributor had gone bankrupt so there would be no more deliveries, and then he struck Grilling Gold when a nice older lady at a Homebase store in Luton found the last one in stock and put it behind the counter for Lee. He went and collected it on Friday and brought it home. Unfortunately Noah was not a happy man on Friday, so there was no chance to get the assembly going. Yesterday though, success! Lee got down and dirty and put that bad boy together and when he finally finished at 9.15pm, we were ready to go!

Our first attempt at gas grilling has to be … chicken wings!! We have searched this country for good old chicken wings and have never truly loved any that we’ve had. TGIFridays has come closest, but even sometimes they have off days. So armed with a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot and a brand new barbeque, we got cooking.

We called Canada twice to ask questions about the barbeque (Randy is the Barbeque Master!) and we were not sure how things were going as it started to hail during the cooking and got really dark (the sky not the wings), but once we brought them in and sauced them up we knew that we’d made the right decision in going Gas…. they were the Best Damned Chicken Wings ever to be eaten in the UK. That’s right, not just England, the UK!!

Normally I’d put a photo up here of the wings, but I took the photos on Lee’s camera. However, after we had our second BBQ of the weekend (burgers and ribs) I took a photo of the actual beast:

Fiesta Fiesta

Check out all of those knobs!

I know a lot of people, especially in England, believe that gas barbeques are not “real” barbeques, but last time I checked, they were not famous for their grilling skills. When you head out to a Ribfest you see a lot of gas grills hard at work and to be honest I’d rather be producing finger licking meat than charred on the outside not so well done/way too overdone on the inside “meat”.

And hey, if you come over for a BBQ and don’t like the way things are done here, we can always run out to Tesco and get you some of these:

Oh Yum. :/

Uh huh.. Spam Fritters…pre-fried. All class and only £1.95 for the pack. Someone actually buys these!

Anyway, thank you Stacy and Jamie for lighting the fire under our asses!!! We are in love!

You thought I was gone, but I’ve only just been in hiding. Actually, I’ve been everywhere but… aside from my post bath playtime where I play peek-a-boo with my towel. It cracks me up to no end!

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to explain where I’ve been and why I’ve been so quiet. Since I set the Noah Alarm off at the housewarming, I’ve been trying to become a changed man..or baby. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I’ve done a darn good job of it too. Okay, Okay.. there was this one slip up…

On the 31st of May, my friend Luca got baptised.

Luca All Catholosized

That’s right, I entered God’s House for the first time. I think it was a nice house, though I am not sure since I slept through pretty much the whole thing.

All Dressed Up For A Nap

There was a reason for this though. I was having a very off day. Someone had set the Noah Alarm to Snooze and not turned it off, so I cried a lot that day. Thinking back, I believe it was because my Mommy went and straightened her hair and I’d never seen her look that way before.

Mommy and Daddy

It was all quite confusing for a little guy like me and I just wasn’t sure what was going on. And the stimulation.. there was just too much. People people everywhere. Luca was loving all of the attention and didn’t cry once the whole day. I think it was because he had the coolest cake I’d ever seen.

Luca's Cake

Okay, so I’ve only seen one other one. Well at least I had only seen one other one until the next day.

Oh yes, I was travelling again the next day. Saturday was spent travelling to see my Nan and Granddad in Stratford-upon-Avon and to see Luca in a dress!

(here’s me with my grandparents in their backyard)

Me and the G'parents

Then on Sunday once I’d woken up feeling like a new man baby, we were off to Lewes (near Brighton) for a visit to another one of God’s houses. How many houses does one guy need? This one was way older… I think.. and we were there to see my new friend Amelie get Christened.

Amelie with parents and godparents

I have to admit something. Although I didn’t sleep through this one, I did miss most of it because the vicar (the dude with the cool beard) mentioned that there were toilets there and it reminded me that I needed to go.. so Daddy took me to the toilet and left Mommy there to represent the family.

When I was done, I was rewarded with my bottle…

Getting My Drink On

Oh yeah, that’s right. There’s almost nothing as great as chilling in a linen outfit (thanks Uncle Scotty, Auntie Heather and Calleigh), getting your drink on while looking at some stained glass windows.

While we waited for everyone to get ready to go back to Amelie’s house, my family took a walk around the church because my Mommy and Daddy thought it was really pretty.

Outside of the church

Excuse the milk in the corner of my mouth, my parents were too busy looking at the scenery to notice.

After the church part we all walked back to Amelie’s house where I proceeded to make a lot of use of her changetable…so much cooler than mine… and check out all of the other babies that were there. They were all nice and stuff, but it was Amelie that I liked best…

Holding Hands

Sorry Calleigh, but she didn’t try and suck my thumb. Oh, and isn’t related to me.

Mommy was really worried that I’d not have a good week after that, but she was wrong. I did have a rough night sleeping (I’d slept in the car the whole way there and whole way home…what did they want from me), but I woke up all mature.

I’ve been sleeping in my own room like a big boy. I’ve been trying my best to hold out for four hours between bottles. I’ve been having regular naps and I’ve not been setting off the Noah Alarm. At least not really. I let them know when I am getting tired now and Mommy can calm me down quickly. I love her.. she does what I want, when I want it. She’s great. Sucker!

What else have I been up to since then?

Well, I’ve been using my Bumbo and watching my property development shows..

Ty Pennington Watch Out!

I’ve been practising being a big boy by sitting in my high chair….

Yo. Gimme that bottle!

I know it is not that flattering a photo, but how rude! She put the bottle so far away from me!!!

I’ve also had my first food that didn’t come out of a bottle!!!

Baby Rice Tastes Nice

That’s right, I’m all about the baby rice. And anything else that I can stick in my mouth…

Mmm Monkey

This bottle stuff is for babies. I’m getting big now! I’m 14 weeks old and I’m 17lbs 7oz. I need steak, but Mommy thinks I’ve got to go slowly with this. I’m sure Kadie will sneak me something better when she gets here in August! If not her, I’m counting on The What Guy. You know who you are!

So that’s basically what I’ve been up to. There is one other thing, but that’s for the next post. I better run now, I’ve got to see a lady about some milk….