Because I am lazy

I was going to write separate entries tonight. Complete will differing photos and stories and …. well, that’s about it really. But then I started writing on the other blog and I ran out of energy and brainpower. So, if you go over there The Main Blog, there are newer photos… that are not that pretty and an update on what “we’ve” been up to today.

It may not discuss the entire weekend, but I thought I’d leave out the part where I was REALLY craving a cheeseburger, got Lee to go to a place that he swore off over a year and a half ago and whilst he got a great meal, my cheeseburger tasted weird and had nice “bouncy” bits in it to exercise my jaw.

I’m gagging again thinking about it.

The entry on the other blog is gross bits free … other than pictures of my stomach.


Sick Sense(less)

At lunchtime today I went to the mall (shopping centre..whatever) with a co-worker and as we were walking around I kept saying “ooh do you smell that? Is that….?”.  The guesses ranged from popcorn to soup to steak.  After we got my lunch we started to walk back and I said “Wow, the air smells like Parmigiano cheese.  It is almost like I’ve stuck my head in a wheel of it” and she just chuckled.

After work I was walking out to the parking lot (car park… whatever) with a different co-worker and I said “wow, the air still smells like cheese”.  She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me.  My mind was racing and I started hoping that there was going to be something at the restaurant that had Parmigiano cheese on it when my illusions were shattered and my co-worker brought me crashing back down to earth with these 8 words:

That is not cheese, that is cow shit. 

I thought my sense of smell was supposed to be heightened, not on hiatus.

In other news:  Only 126 days, 6 hours and 41 minutes until BoB’s estimated time of arrival (according to Lee).  Personally I think it is more like 131 days and 16 hours of labour… but at least I’ll still make it in time for the February spot on the calendar!


We’ve Scored A Try – mester!

Over the past week and a half, BOB, Lee and myself have been on four plane rides, gone from rainy cool weather to the humidity of Toronto and the burning heat of the Nevada desert. We’ve suffered (because when I suffer – everyone suffers) from nausea, unbelievable backaches, spontaneous teary outbursts and an inability to properly enjoy the buffets of Las Vegas.

It’s not all been bad. Every time I had a stomachache or uneasy feeling, when I discovered that all was still okay, the elation made up for the rest of it. Every time the nausea comes back Lee and I are atcually quite happy because we know BOB’s still kicking my butt.

Today we arrived back in Toronto and with great relief as we’ve hit the 12 week mark and everyone has been able to exhale a little and let out a huge sigh of relief. We’ve made it to this “magic” point and welcome the start of the second trimester.

Hopefully the second will bring relief from the first in ways which mean that I can stay awake for extended periods of time and not be sick every time I think about eating something delicious.

So hooray to BOB for putting up with me this long! Only 6 more months to go – and then the rest of your life. We’ll try and make it worth it!