They went to the chapel Abbey and they… got married…

And I was there. Not as an official guest or even outside the Abbey, but as one of the million people along the Mall. Though we like to describe it more as The Inner Circle since access to our area was closed off at around 7am. That also meant our access to the toilets was cut off. FINALLY! My super talent of holding in my pee all day paid off!!!

X Marks The Spot

This ‘We’ I refer to is not in fact the Royal WE, though it would be appropriate for the occasion. We actually refers to Stacy and … well.. me. We left the husbands with the midgets, slung our bags on our shoulders and hopped a train to London. Then we checked into the hotel, threw our bags down (gently) and headed off to check out the scene around Buckingham Palace. We scoped out the spots with the best views, the most available space and access to toilets.

After thinking we’d got it all covered, we stopped and watched Lainey Lui do her thing from the Duke of York Steps for CTV, and then headed off to Covent Garden for pasta and wine before a stop at Marks and Sparks to get our Wedding Day food and drink supplies.

We returned to the hotel to rest our sore feet and set the alarm for 4am. It was a great plan that originally had us going to bed by 8.30. Only we did the lights out thing and couldn’t stop talking. Eventually though we realised that we had an important task ahead of us and 4am is never pretty, no matter how much sleep you get.

The alarm went off, we got ourselves clean and dressed and headed off to catch a bus. All of our fellow passengers were on the same mission as us. Except the one dude that was sitting up top who I think may have been riding the bus as an alternative to sleeping on the street. After all, it was cold the night before.

Anyway, we headed down the road toward the Canada Gates and aside from flashbacks from Backpack-Gate, I could see that there were definitely more people than we’d left behind the night before. The line up for the port-a-potties was not a joke. It looked like people lining up for the hottest nightclub in town. Luckily I peed 3 times in the hour before we left the hotel.

The previous evening we had decided to head up The Mall. There was plenty of room up front when we’d last seen it and if we were going to get a good view of something… anything.. then we were going to head up there. Only, as we ducked and weaved through the crowds outside of the palace and in front of the media buildings we stopped and looked at each other. Although it was packed almost everywhere, there was this one patch of grass that was open and available. Not only that, but it had a clear view of The Balcony. We were not sure that what we were seeing was to be believed. I mean this was PRIME real estate. Where were the rightful spotters?! Why were there people stacked like sardines to the left and right of where we were standing and yet here we stood .. with breathing space.

Quickly we went over the pros and cons of where we were versus where we had planned on going. There really were no positives to moving. Okay, so the procession was going to come back and go around the opposite side of the fountain, but from where we were we could see them come into The Inner Circle and we had a clear view of the the main gates where they’d enter. And again The Balcony. So we stayed.

And then they cut off access. No more interlopers in the Inner Circle (aside from Freddie and Conor who sweet talked security). And no more opportunity to pee. Awesome. Sort of.

There was a lot of time to kill, but it actually passed quickly. We could see the various morning programs doing their things. Adrian and Christine, Eamon, Piers and Anderson with Cat, GMA, etc. Between playing Guess The Guest and watching the buzzing inside the palace gates, we always had something to look at.

And then the guests started leaving for the wedding. First the big coaches filled with … who knows. Followed by the minivans with the likes of Chelsy Davy. And then the Rolls Royces started rolling. We missed Wills and Hot Harry since they left from Clarence House, but we saw the rest of the family from Prince Andrew and the girls underneath those hats to The Queen. Or as she is referred to in the Official Program: THE QUEEN. (Kanye would be proud. Speaking of.. I thought he was supposed to be invited to the wedding?!)

On the Way to the Wedding

Whilst people around the world got to watch the ceremony on television screens in homes, bars, hotels and even on beaches, those of us who sat there for hours only got the pleasure of listening to it on tannoys. It was surreal. The whole day was, but listening to the ceremony with a million others to that whole echo effect audio of the ceremony was by far the most surreal. It sounded like we were waiting for the announcement that the war was over. I am talking WWII here.

After the ceremony the buzz started to spread across the crowd because it meant they were on their way back. We all stood up and waiting to hear the cheers down The Mall get closer and closer. Finally we saw the horses start to round the corner and then the 1902 State Landau holding the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared. Followed by Harry and the kids and then Pippa and the kids, The Parents (and Camilla) and of course Lizzie and Phil.

Return to the Palace

The Queen Returneth

The crowd was electrified and once they were all safely inside Buckingham Palace, the sea of people who had been lining The Mall started to fill the road in front of us. Some people hopped the barrier to get closer, but we knew that we still had it good. We still had a clear view (aside from those 2 Australian douchenozzles that decided to stand on the chair in front of us) of The Balcony. And as excited as people were, they were quiet. It was almost like you could hear the handle turn on the balcony doors and when we saw the glass on the doors vibrate a bit the crowed roared for the married couple.

Oh, Hi. Didn't See You There

Soon the whole family came out (or at least the wedding party, The Parents (and Camilla) and THE QUEEN and Philly Phil) and we had the kisses and the fly overs and the wave goodbye.

Are We All Here?

And then it was over.

We battled the crowds and the miscommunication between groups of police officers on where we were allowed to exit, headed off to Westminster Abbey and heard the end of the bells peeling, saw the Houses of Parliament, watched Big Ben ring in 3 O’Clock and then sat our worn and weary bums on the tube back to the hotel.

For the next 3ish hours we sat and hoped our bodies would repair themselves in the comfort of the room with the nice mattresses (though Stacy was too sore and apparently scared of ladders to climb up to her bed) and clean and accessible toilet! We looked through the Evening Standard at all of the photos that they had already printed and watched tv so we could see everything that we had heard.

Three days later, I can honestly say that I have not recovered. It still feels surreal and I still feel exhausted. Kudos to Stacy for flying back to the States on Sunday and being able to go to work tomorrow. You are a champion. A champion that got to see little Wills marry his Princess. How crazy is that?!

The only downside to the trip, was that Hot Harry obviously got confused and didn’t have us on the guest list for the night time celebrations. Next time, right? When Harry gets married, I’ll totally be down for staying at Base2Stay again. Just send the invite there for me. Thanks!

And Thank You Stacy, Jennie, Freddie and Conor, Benni and Timo and the amazingly behaved public (aside from those two assclown Aussies and then early morning drunk) for a great experience. And to Wills and No More Waity Katie for the occasion.


Royal Revellers

It may not officially be summer according to the calendar, but as of today it is to me! With the sun shining and barely a breeze, I took full advantage of feeling healthy (even if I have this weirdo rash on my body) and enjoyed the sunshine.

I enjoyed it yesterday, too. But yesterday there was a breeze and I spent a lot of time watching my Daddy do manly things with saws and lawnmowers and tying things to the rails on my Mommy’s car. We did Boots, Mothercare, Clinton Cards, some health food store, Costco AND IKEA. It was a busy day with fun slotted in between everything that had to be done and I celebrated by sleeping on my new mattress that actually fits my big boy bed. That IKEA is a magical place, I tell you!

Back to today though. With the sun out and after having a three hour morning nap, I was full of energy. My Daddy and I played guitar as I ran in and out and in and out and in and out of my room. I wanted to run out front of the house and pick the flowers in the backyard … and I did. Even when I wasn’t supposed to be doing it. heh heh.

After we went grocery shopping, we got home and my Mommy pulled this big plastic thing out of a bag and sat there huffing and puffing and I had no idea what was going on. Concerned, I went over and put my hand on her shoulder to let her know that I was there for her if she needed me. Not that I had any clue what on earth I’d do if she needed help. But then the huffing and puffing started making me giggle and the plastic starting changing shape.

Before I knew it, she had the hose out and was filling this funny thing up with water. That was all I needed to see. I was off of the deck and got my hands right in there. Holy Chilly! That hose has some seriously cold water! But I couldn’t resist splashing it about. I stuck my feet in and stood in it as long as I could and then would climb out on the grass to warm up my little (okay they aren’t that little) toes before I’d get back in.

My Mommy stripped me down to NOTHING. That’s right, she let me run around completely naked. It was GREAT. I’ve never been allowed to run around outside with no pants on and my Parents certainly don’t trust me to do it in the house. Especially after the bathrobe in the hallway incident.

My Daddy added some hot water to the pool and my Mommy eased me into the pool. It was great. It was tiny, but I had a ball!!!! Why can’t it be warm all year so that I can get naked and play in the pool EVERY day?!

And what better way to dry off then take off running around the backyard exploring with nothing on but my a smile on my face and the wind in my hair. Only there wasn’t much wind… in the air at least.

Afterwards, I crashed out for an evening nap to try and recover some of the energy. Oh I hope that the man on the television is right and that we have a lot of sun this summer!!

Big Boy in a Little Pool

Big Boy in a Little Pool

Keeping a Little Dignity

Keeping a Little Dignity

Okay, One Look .. Then Im Out Of Here

Okay, One Look .. Then I'm Out Of Here

Me and My Palm Tree

Me and My Palm Tree

My Daddy Takes No Chances Before I Go Inside

My Daddy Takes No Chances Before I Go Inside

Enjoying Life Can Be Exhausting

Enjoying Life Can Be Exhausting

My Mommy says I need a bigger pool, and I agree! Maybe that way she can actually come in and splash instead of just sticking her grassy feet in. And there’s no way that Kadie and Zed can fit in here with me when they come to visit.

What a day I had yesterday! It would seem to most people that I didn’t really do that much, but it was exhausting to me.

My Mommy had a massage in Tring, so we all got into the car and headed down there. Last time we went down I got to see some lambs and rabbits and fish, but this time it was something even better. There was a market set up with all sorts of foods! When my Daddy and I left my Mommy, we went for a stroll towards the market and checked things out. My Daddy hadn’t been to the bank, so we didn’t get to eat sneakily before getting my Mommy. That was the only downside.

But I was in such a good mood and wanted to walk around, that we went back to the car, dumped the stroller and my Daddy and I walked around near the place where we’d left my Mommy. Soon it was time to go and collect her and my Daddy took me inside, all proud of how well I’d behaved when I must admit I got a bit whiney. That’s because it was lunchtime and I’d worked up an appetite. Luckily my Mommy was clever and had packed some snacks in my bag.

When she came out I was so excited! My Mommy, my Daddy and SNACKS all in one place. It was GREAT! But then they put me in the car and I was no so happy until my Daddy let me have my bag of crackers all to myself. I’m telling you, I’m getting to be such a big boy!

Well wouldn’t you know it. My Daddy had told my Mommy about the market and since she’s ALWAYS hungry these days, back we went. And my Mommy wasn’t about to let me leave hungry either. She took me around to get me free samples (I had pizza, goat’s cheese on crackers, bread dipped in rapeseed oil). Then she got some olive tapenade on some gross bread thing. It was alright, but it had nothing on the sandwich my Daddy got!! Roasted pork and applesauce. Now I know I’m not always the hugest fan of applesauce, but this thing was TASTY! I ran around a bit and kept trying to befriend the dogs that were around, even though I am scared of dogs really .. especially after being attacked by that darn beagle! But it was time to go because it started to rain on us and my Mommy picked up a Cornish Pasty and a London Cheesecake for the road. Both which were tasty.. though not as tasty as my Daddy’s sandwich.

The next thing I know, I wake up on my Daddy’s shoulder and we’re in COSTCO!!!! My first thought was .oO(is it my birthday again already?!?!) but no, it was just my Parents loving me enough to give me a fun day out .. and apparently my Mommy had run out of water. But I got more free samples (chicken and ice cream!) and got to ride in the Not Allowed To Ride In This Part part of the cart and then we headed home.

Once we were home, I was a bit tired again, but I wouldn’t let it stop me. I was dancing and spinning and singing and playing and then my Daddy went to mow the lawn, so I was set free in the Great Outdoors. I watched my Daddy do the lawn mowing thing and ran around and got some hugs and then helped him pull weeds from the garden then ran around, pulled my Mommy’s hair out when I was falling off of the deck and mistook her hair for a jungle vine, and then did some of my signature running with my eyes closed and laughing.

When it came time for dinner, I was SHATTERED.

Struggling to stay awake

Struggling to stay awake

My Mommy popped on In the Night Garden and my Daddy made me something to eat. I know that it tasted nice, but I never once saw what it was. I could not take my eyes off of the screen. Usually I am not allowed to eat unless we are at the table, but this time they put a towel on the sofa and my Daddy fed me whilst I watched Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos and I was grateful. I wouldn’t have had the energy to be using a fork at that point and I’d missed my ITNG friends lately.

A little bit of sunshine, a little rain, a little wind, a lot of food, a lot of running around and best of all my Mommy and my Daddy were there whenever I wanted a cuddle. What a great day!!!

And because I was so sleepy … and had a rough night’s sleep… I let everyone sleep in until almost 8.30 this morning because I couldn’t be bothered to get up.

Pictures of The Dinner I Never Saw

My Daddy Feeds Me (egg salad on multigrain)

My Daddy Feeds Me (egg salad on multigrain)

My attention focused on the Tombliboos

My attention focused on the Tombliboos



Time for bed Iggle Piggle.. Time for bed Noah-Woaha

Time for bed Iggle Piggle.. Time for bed Noah-Woaha

I’ve discovered a new love.  Not a girl and not even something edible, if you can believe it.  And no, it is not dancing in the window in my diaper (though I do love it…).  It is riding those funky things that I see when my Mommy and Daddy take me shopping.  They are in supermarkets, malls, outside of movie theatres and at the store where my Daddy gets the gas for the barbecue.  My Mommy says they are just called rides, but I find that kind of boring and I imagine that they have a much cooler name than that, but that she just doesn’t know it because she’s really old now and out of touch with the kids these days.

But she’s not all bad, because she always lets me ride on them!  Even when she discovered that the Iggle Piggle ride was £0.70 and not the £0.50 (for 1 or £1.00 for 3) she was used to paying!

Postman Pat
Me and Postman Pat (and his black and white CAT, silly Mommy, not CAP)

Bus Driver
All Aboard!!

A helicopter fit for a queen.. or ex-daughter in law of one anyway.

Bananas in PJs
My least favourite ride so far. Singing Bananas? Just weird.

Big Boy Rides
One of the best! I got to do it with my Daddy and I laughed every time it rumbled and tossed me around!

Iggle Piggle
Finally, the ride I never wanted to get off of!

I’m not sure what I love most about these rides either. The buttons that some have for me to push? The movement? The music? The temporary freedom that I get when I step into this world of silly fun stuff and leave the dreaded shopping and baby preparation before? Who knows. But what I do know is that every time I go out now, I look around for the next one. And I’ve heard a rumour that the Food Fayre is back at the mall this week which means that I get free samples of yummy food AND there is a carousel built for 3 right next to it. I’m SO there!

Birthdays are cool! Before Luca’s birthday, I’d only ever been to an adult’s birthday .. oh and Sam’s when I wasn’t even 2 months old and I think I remember something about Luke and a Wiggles car on his birthday in Toronto, but I was only just 2 months and a bit and wasn’t really sure of what was going on around me!

Luca’s party was where I got to eat cake. A whole entire cupcake just for me. And there were toys everywhere and balloons and people singing. It was great!

I was so excited after his birthday that I couldn’t wait for mine. I was going to be one and my Mommy kept baking cupcakes that I wanted to try so badly… but I woke up sick. How sucky! Since I already had a cold, my Parents decided to go ahead and let me get my booster vaccinations. Now I don’t know about you, but that is not my idea of a good birthday present!!

On my birthday morning I woke up with a really high fever and everyone wondered if my first ever birthday was going to be cancelled! When I heard this news, I knew it wasn’t good. What? No presents? No eating whatever I want? No trip to the zoo with Luca and his Parents? This fever wasn’t going to beat me!

Especially when I saw the presents on awaiting me on the table…


I’ll be honest with you. I was quite shocked! All of those were for me!?

For me?!

So I decided to choose one and took it over to my Daddy to help me open.

Whatever is inside?

It was a puzzle!! After a quick play with the puzzle I realised that I needed a nap. This fever was kicking my big little bum and there was only one thing to do… sleep it off. And that I did! When I woke up, I was a sweaty mess and my hair was curlier than ever, but I had no fever!! Woo hoo! That meant one thing… I was going to go to the zoo!!!

When we got there, Luca got all snug in his stroller and I had to wait for what felt like an entire other year for my Parents to get mine back together. You know, after that whole throwing up on it incident from before? Oh I didn’t tell you? Let’s move on….

So we went in, got some food and then went to see some animals. And these weren’t the same animals I see when I walk around the lake with my Mommy or through the mall either! There were tigers (though they bored me) and flamingos and rhinos and camels and sloth bears (that my Daddy said had the same hairstyle as me.. how rude!!! Take note, Adam. Another one to add to the Rudie List!). Luca and I chilled in our strollers taking in the new smells and sights…



And then before you knew it… we passed out and let our Parents enjoy the rest of the day at the zoo.

Crash Pads

To be honest, I was only pretending to feel 100%. I woke up when we were near the exit and my Parents decided that we should go because we had to do a bunch of stuff still before my party the next day. So we said goodbye to the D’Ambrosio crew (though Luca didn’t hear us because he was still asleep!) and headed to Costco! I LOVE that place! We picked up a cake and went home to pack and head off to my Nan and Grandad’s house where I got to open even more presents, eat a yummy dinner with trifle (I LOVE the stuff!) and hang out!

do I smell dinner?

Birthday Boy

Hooray for food!

After playing with my new toys for a nit it was off to get some beauty sleep for the next day! My Party Day!

When I woke up, I couldn’t believe that there were still more presents to open!! One even had my name written across it so no one else could think it was for them! Once we had breakfast (bacon and sausages, tomatoes and grapes … might sound weird to you, but it’s what I wanted!) I opened the other gifts and then I had a nap whilst everyone else was busy busy busy.

I was in shock once again when I woke up. There were banners and balloons and a box of colourful balls in the living room!

Happy 1st Birthday

My Daddy did some last minute checks on me whilst My Mommy finished frosting my cupcakes and I made sure I played with everything I could get my hands on!

All Good!

Luca and his Parents arrived and we played with my new toys, and then Sam arrived with his Parents and played with us too! And even more people showed up. All just for me?! It was great! I felt so special!

Play Time

After some serious playing and eating of food (oh how I love sausage rolls), everyone went into the dining room where there was a cake that had candles on fire that said my name and sang Happy Birthday to me!


Happppy Biiiirthday

And then… and then… and then… I got to eat a cupcake all by myself!!! And… and… and… I didn’t even have to wear a bib!!!

Oh man… I love vanilla frosting!

Let him eat cake

I don’t even know what the big cake tasted like, but that is okay because I was in Sugar High Heaven!

After the cake eating, we got back down to playing and I discovered that the colourful balls are not as scary as I thought that they would be. In fact, I was having a BALL in there. hehe, get it? Having a ball?! … Oh man, ever since I turned 1 I find myself so funny!

Having a ball

I know it has been a while, but I just want to thank everyone for coming to my party and for playing and eating with me!! I had a great time!!

And then I went home and got another fever. But at least I didn’t miss out on my celebrations. 😉

Love was in the air today .. or perhaps it was the smell of the tandoori chicken and keema naan I had for dinner. Either way, it was a good day. I had pancakes for breakfast, got to taste my first ever cupcake (or fairy cakes as they seem to call them in my homeland), and got to drive Daddy’s car.

Okay, okay, the car may not have had keys in it, but that didn’t mean I didn’t get to play with all of the buttons, mirrors, steering wheel and radio. After being strapped in my seat for so long whilst we waited for my Daddy to get the food, my Mommy released me and gave me a taste of freedom like I’ve never known. I was over the moon. Who knew the front seats were so much fun?! No wonder my Mommy stopped sitting in the back with me. That food could have taken forever for all I cared, because once my Daddy returned with it, I was relegated to the backseat and I let them know I was not happy. I let them, the rest of Milton Keynes and the neighbouring villages know that I wanted nothing to do with the second class citizen business. I wouldn’t even take my soother because I was too busy yelling and crying.

But then they let me out when I got home and I gave my Mommy a cuddle and kiss and she let me share her dinner and all was well once again. I had salmon, chicken and lamb tandoori with lemon rice and my Daddy’s keema naan and I washed it down with a lime and my Daddy shared another cupcake with me.

Oh, and I got TWO Valentine’s Day cards. One from right inside my house (from my Parents ..duh) and one all the way from Canada!

There were no chocolates or roses or big red teddy bears, but there was food and cards and driving and dancing and that is what life is all about.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was as good as my first one ever!

14.2.09: Dancing and Driving from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

A man is not a man unless he has a “nipple ball”. Luca’s nan cannot believe that my Mommy has called it by this name, but what else is she supposed to call it? The “Bump Grab Ball” that Gymboree calls it. Not much better, I say!

But the name matters not. What matters, is that I have my own. It came out of a package and my Mommy blew it up all for me. That means no stranger has drooled/licked it/gummed it before I have! It is the best thing I’ve ever played with. When my Mommy gives it to me I can’t decide whether to bite it, hold it in the air or hold it with my feet. What I have learnt though, is that if you shake it near/on me, it cracks me up!!!

Either that or they were showing some of the silly outfits from the Olympics Opening Ceremonies. What was with the florals and IKEA colours people?!

Noah and the Nipple Ball from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

Luca, you SO need one of these!!! They are HILARIOUS! And tastier when you know whose mouth has been on it.

Oh what a day!

When my Parents started getting everything in our house clean and tidy and picking up after themselves RIGHT AWAY, I knew that meant people were coming to the house. At first I was a bit nervous. I like when it is just me and my Parents because I get to be the boss. What if a new boss was coming? What if I had to do things I don’t like? Like… umm.. well I’m sure there are things I just can’t think now. Then I was worried because all I was wearing was a diaper. I got over that worry really quickly though. The thought of wearing clothes just isn’t appealing most of the time. When it is cold I don’t mind throwing something on.

Anyway, I was on my Mommy’s lap and I was eagerly looking out the window to see who would be arriving and you’ll never guess who it was!!! My friend Luca! He came along with his Parents to spend the day with us. I was so excited I couldn’t stop smiling. Even when Luca decided to pull a “Calleigh” on me and suck my fingers. Even when he tried to steal the bib off of my neck. Sure, I’m bigger, but I know who the boss is when Luca’s around… and it’s not me. But I don’t mind because he’s got silly parents and they make me laugh. Plus, it is nice to have another person my size… well sort of.. around.

The Boys

The boys again

Now, there was one strange thing. I couldn’t stop smiling. Something I haven’t done for a while. I mean I smile, but I’ve been a super grump. But today I was smiling more than Luca. And he’s always the happy one. But he’s got teeth on the move and he wasn’t happy about that. So, I knew just the thing to cheer him up … a spin in my Jumperoo!!!

Luca Jumperooing

It so worked. That thing will bring a smile to anyone’s face!!

After we played a bit, my Parents made me get dressed, and Luca got changed and we headed off to Gymboree!!! Once again there weren’t a lot of people. Actually, we were the only ones. It was great. We had all of the playmats, slides, wedges, monkey bars, and Gymbos to ourselves!!!

First we hung out with little Gymbo on that rolly polly half ball thing that I am not a fan of:
Gymbo and The Boys

Then we moved on to the big wedge that I rolled down when my Daddy first came with me to Gymboree. But we didn’t roll this time. Instead our Parents thought it would be nice to try and get us to crawl uphill. Yeah right.
Luca on the go

Noah swims uphill
I did my best to try and swim up it. It was as fruitful as their attempt to get me crawling.

After that we moved all over. My Mommy sat me on this GIANT ball and wobbled me about:
Noah on the big ball

Then I made a new friend in The Nipple Ball. It was a teething baby’s dream!!!!
Noah and the nipples

Knowing how Luca was feeling with the teeth, I invited him for a nibble!
Noah, Luca and the nipples

Then Luca’s Daddy blew bubbles all over the place. I was trying to take a nap but couldn’t help watching them, and Luca chilled out on another wedge taking in the display..
Bubble Boy

Luca’s Daddy seemed to like playing with everything there, because the next thing you know, he’s playing with a pop-up Gymbo all by himself:
Ricc and Gymbo

As I continued to look on, Luca and his Mummy made some music together with some jingley bells:
Noah and Sally

When we got home, my Daddy and Luca’s Daddy went outside and cooked some food… which they did not share with me. Other than an already eaten corn cob that they tried to pass to me. How rude. But Luca and I were so well behaved. We sat there and …okay.. Luca sat there in my highchair and played by himself and looked out the window and I jump jump jumped about in the Jumperoo. It was great.

But the day took its toll on me and as I was standing on my Daddy’s lap I decided that I was tired and just put my head down and fell asleep.
Noah and Daddy

It was a much needed sleep, but it meant I didn’t get to say goodbye to Luca properly and tell him how much fun I had! They can come back anytime!!!

After I woke up, I had my dinner and then it was time for bed… just after I had a shower and showed my Daddy that I’d only been tricking them this whole time by never sticking my tongue out. But I was deliriously happy that day and couldn’t hold back any longer…

The Tongue

What a good day it was…

My Mommy has started giving me the BEST breakfast ever: Mango! Auntie Alex told her that it would make me poo, and although she was right about that, she forgot to tell my Mommy that it would turn me into a wild man. The first morning that I ate it, I ended up with more of it down my belly and in my Bumbo than inside my mouth. It just tasted so nice I totally forgot how to eat.

But yesterday morning I was ready for it. I even fought off the bottle because I could smell the sweet sweet nectar in the air. And this time when the spoon came near my mouth, I was waiting. And I ate 95% of it all up. Though it does make me salivate quite a bit. Afterwards, my Mommy wiped me down and gave me a good burping and I was aching to have a play. She plopped me into my Jumperoo and what unfolded next is here for you to see in this video:

Hyper In Diapers from Kirsty B on Vimeo.