In the words of the great Swedish Chef – “Børk, børk, børk!”

During my absence I discovered the wonderful world of making food! Cheffing, cooking, cookery, whatever you want to call it… it is so much fun to get my hands messy only to be able eat the mess off of my fingers when I’m done.

Even better… when the playing around turns into a PIZZA!!

Can you even believe that I’m not even two and can make a pizza that my whole family loves? I’ll be honest and admit that my Mommy does help me out because I’m not that great at the measuring and pouring dry things and I can’t roll as thin and evenly as she does, but I can pinch the flour and butter and stir hard with the fork and squeeze the dough with my hands. then comes the super fun part where I get to paint the dough with sauce and cover it with toppings and sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle the cheese.

Here is what it looks like right before my Mommy puts it in to the oven…

Pizza Before

and the oh so yummy cooked version!!!

Pizza After

It has become my favourite lunch….

Pizza Pizzaz

and Amy doesn’t think it is half bad either!!

Pizza Monster

I thought that cookies were the best (the raw dough… oh yum!) until I found out that I could make pizza. I can’t even imagine what my next adventure in the kitchen will be, but I cannot wait!

Om, nom, nom….

So I’ve been absent again. I can’t help it really. Since I last updated everyone there have been so many things that have happened in my life:


Yes, His Name Is Iggle Piggle

Yes, His Name Is Iggle Piggle

Christmas Cookie and Craft Making
Crafty Christmas Cards

Me want cookie!

A new haircut (which I was much better at than my first time)
Tidy and Trim

A trip to meet mummies and other kids my age (and Megan… oh sweet Megan) at Cheshire Oaks and stayed in a hotel
If it's good enough for Lenny Henry

Amy turned 1/2 a year old
Amy's Getting Old

Kadie and Zed came to visit in London

My Nan had a birthday so we went to Stratford to celebrate
Amy and Nan discuss what to eat

And huge amounts of time Playing in the Snow, Snow and more Snow!
Snow problem


Snowbody knows...

I was also sick. The whole house was!

And of course there was Christmas in Stratford at Nan’s and Boxing Day with Luca and New Year’s Eve

  • … but those needs a separate post!!

    I’m back though and in 2010 I shall be trying to be more regular… at posting obviously. Don’t know where your mind was! Sheesh. And I am the one turning 2….

  • So I guess you’ve been wondering where I’ve been? Well, I’ll tell you then! I’ve been in Canada and here and out in the backyard and to Blockbuster and to Rugrats and to the mall a few times.

    I know what you are saying and you are right, those are not good excuses. But, I want you to know that I’ve thought about writing. Or at least I thought about telling my Mommy what to write here, but she’s still so tired. She is still trying to figure out what to do with me and Amy especially now that Amy is getting so much bigger and oh man is she demanding. My Mommy told me that the other morning Amy woke up (in their bed.. so not fair, but let’s not go there) and my Mommy was still sleepy so she was pretending to sleep and Amy rolled over and yelled in her face.

    Oh man did I ever giggle when I heard that. Amy is a funny one. Except when she cries. Then she is sad. She seems to be sad a lot in the car.

    But wait, this was about me.

    And there will be updates. But my Mommy says she needs to write our monthly letters before she gets going on here.

    Of course, I never come first anymore. *sigh* It’s not easy being me. I’m not sure if it ever was, but I’ve only just realised.

    But try not to worry about my absences, even if they are not excused. Whilst I’ve been quiet I have been doing what I can to stay healthy and in shape and even helped myself to some milk from the fridge the other day.

    Gotta keep the bones nice and strong!

    Milk Man - Side View

    Milk Man - Side View

    Milk Man - Front View

    Milk Man - Front View

    Today is my Kadie’s birthday (at least this was started on her birthday, who knowswhen my Mommy will get it out there for everyone to see though!) and my little sister and I were sad that we could not be with her, so we thought of ways to let her know that we were thinking of her and that we love her very much.

    I told Amy that we should go on an airplane to visit her, but she raised a good point when she mentioned that she is still waiting for her passport and can’t go far without it. So we got to thinking again. My Mommy made a card with a bunch of different photos of us, but we wanted to do something else. Realising that we were short on ideas and time, I brought out Old Faithful…. my bath letters!!!

    Amy decided to try and help me and threw up some letters on the wall, but then demanded that my Daddy take her out of the bath and put on her pyjamas, leaving me alone with my Mommy to pose next to our message.

    Happy Slapper

    Can you believe it?! She looks all cute and innocent and flashes her Grand Canyon of a dimple to distract you from the deviousness, but look out!!!

    After blowing off some steam by getting my Mommy to hand me every shower gel, shampoo and conditioner bottle on the window sill and then having her put them back while I stuck my head under the water to try and drink the bath, I decided to sort things out and really wish Kadie a happy birthday.

    Kadie's Day

    Sorry for Amy’s “joke”, Kadie. She think she’s as funny as my Mommy thinks she is. My Daddy and I are learning to live with two of these crazy ladies.

    We hope your birthday is/was wonderful and although we didn’t get to see you who hope to see you soon for some belated birthday hugs and slobbers (Amy is not so good at the kiss giving). We love you! Yes, even naughty Amy.

    Never let it be said that real men don’t cry. We do. Especially when strange women come into our house and start stripping us of our overgrown, out of control, poofy curly hair.

    This is what happened to me yesterday. I had heard the rumblings. My Mommy was all excited because she hadn’t “touched” her hair since October. At least that is what she kept saying, but I see her touch her hair every day, so I think she was a bit confused. And she also kept mentioning “Family Haircut Night”. Awesome! At least I thought it would be because she seemed so excited. Only I had no idea what the heck a haircut was. I know my Daddy went to get one when we were at the mall once and my Mommy and I went around and ate Italian food at a Food Festival, only to meet back up with my Daddy and there had been no haircut.

    So what was I to do when this cape was put around me!? My hands were lost. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to break free, but then I just froze in fear because she started touching my hair. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I didn’t like it. It didn’t hurt, but the fear of the unknown took over and I cried. That’s right, I cried. I could feel the air hitting my neck and couldn’t get over that it had taken me 17 months and 3 days to grow my mini afro and now, it was gone. What was I going to look like when I was done?! Was I going to recognise the Man in the Mirror? Were my curls still going to be there?!!?

    My Mommy tried to ease my fears with hugs and fruit pouches and even my soother. It didn’t help. I even cried when it was done and when I saw my Mommy in the chair with that same cape on!

    But, now that it is over, I’ve got to admit something: I’m still cute. In fact, I may be even cuter than I was before. Judge for yourself. The pictures below are before during and after.

    Me and My Hair on Wednesday (the original date for The Cut)
    29th - 1

    29th - 2

    Friday Night Before The Cut


    During The Cut

    No More Scissors!

    Showering the hair off
    Hair today.. gone tonight

    After The Cut
    Front and Wet

    Side View

    The Morning After The Night Before
    a new man

    from the back

    Now I am really going to impress the chicks at the wedding on Sunday: a suit, a haircut and Crocs. Sweet!

    While I’ve been quiet (at least online, because I certainly haven’t been quiet in the flesh!) I’ve been busy getting teeth. Lots of teeth! Way more teeth than I knew I’d ever get and man they are painful. Oh, and my Mommy expects me to bite things with my teeth on the side now instead of just using the front ones. She might want to eat like a weirdo, but I’ll stick with the only way I know how .. at least for now. If I can eat tortilla chips with my tiny front teeth, I don’t even need the ones that are coming in now.

    BUT.. but the ones I am getting are not so teeny tiny. This means that my Mommy wants me to open my mouth more often so she can see them, but at least she stops jabbering about how small my teeth are. The front may be like mini chiclets but the molars are like the normal sized ones!! So far the only real use I’ve found is for holding rocks in my mouth. Not a pastime that my Parents encourage, but they’re so old and now down with the cools things that near 17 month olds do!

    Holy Molar!

    Life has been crazy at my house. People have come and left and one has come and stayed. And apparently she is staying forever.

    One day I am walking around with The Guys (my Daddy and Zed) with the two girls (my Mommy and Kadie) behind us and the next thing I know, the numbers are even and their Little Person is REALLY little. And cries a lot. And doesn’t do much else.

    two and a half men

    two and a half men

    But I love her. I just hope she gets bigger quickly so my Mommy and Daddy can stop saying “Noah! Be gentle” or “Noah, her arm doesn’t bend that way”. I mean come on, if it doesn’t bend that way, then how come it just did when I tried it?

    Little People

    Little People

    I’ve got a lot to say about the past month and a bit and I’ve been trying to get my Mommy to update everyone, but she’s been sleepy. But she seems to be getting better so hopefully I can get her to sit down and do some transcribing!

    It may not officially be summer according to the calendar, but as of today it is to me! With the sun shining and barely a breeze, I took full advantage of feeling healthy (even if I have this weirdo rash on my body) and enjoyed the sunshine.

    I enjoyed it yesterday, too. But yesterday there was a breeze and I spent a lot of time watching my Daddy do manly things with saws and lawnmowers and tying things to the rails on my Mommy’s car. We did Boots, Mothercare, Clinton Cards, some health food store, Costco AND IKEA. It was a busy day with fun slotted in between everything that had to be done and I celebrated by sleeping on my new mattress that actually fits my big boy bed. That IKEA is a magical place, I tell you!

    Back to today though. With the sun out and after having a three hour morning nap, I was full of energy. My Daddy and I played guitar as I ran in and out and in and out and in and out of my room. I wanted to run out front of the house and pick the flowers in the backyard … and I did. Even when I wasn’t supposed to be doing it. heh heh.

    After we went grocery shopping, we got home and my Mommy pulled this big plastic thing out of a bag and sat there huffing and puffing and I had no idea what was going on. Concerned, I went over and put my hand on her shoulder to let her know that I was there for her if she needed me. Not that I had any clue what on earth I’d do if she needed help. But then the huffing and puffing started making me giggle and the plastic starting changing shape.

    Before I knew it, she had the hose out and was filling this funny thing up with water. That was all I needed to see. I was off of the deck and got my hands right in there. Holy Chilly! That hose has some seriously cold water! But I couldn’t resist splashing it about. I stuck my feet in and stood in it as long as I could and then would climb out on the grass to warm up my little (okay they aren’t that little) toes before I’d get back in.

    My Mommy stripped me down to NOTHING. That’s right, she let me run around completely naked. It was GREAT. I’ve never been allowed to run around outside with no pants on and my Parents certainly don’t trust me to do it in the house. Especially after the bathrobe in the hallway incident.

    My Daddy added some hot water to the pool and my Mommy eased me into the pool. It was great. It was tiny, but I had a ball!!!! Why can’t it be warm all year so that I can get naked and play in the pool EVERY day?!

    And what better way to dry off then take off running around the backyard exploring with nothing on but my a smile on my face and the wind in my hair. Only there wasn’t much wind… in the air at least.

    Afterwards, I crashed out for an evening nap to try and recover some of the energy. Oh I hope that the man on the television is right and that we have a lot of sun this summer!!

    Big Boy in a Little Pool

    Big Boy in a Little Pool

    Keeping a Little Dignity

    Keeping a Little Dignity

    Okay, One Look .. Then Im Out Of Here

    Okay, One Look .. Then I'm Out Of Here

    Me and My Palm Tree

    Me and My Palm Tree

    My Daddy Takes No Chances Before I Go Inside

    My Daddy Takes No Chances Before I Go Inside

    Enjoying Life Can Be Exhausting

    Enjoying Life Can Be Exhausting

    My Mommy says I need a bigger pool, and I agree! Maybe that way she can actually come in and splash instead of just sticking her grassy feet in. And there’s no way that Kadie and Zed can fit in here with me when they come to visit.

    What a day I had yesterday! It would seem to most people that I didn’t really do that much, but it was exhausting to me.

    My Mommy had a massage in Tring, so we all got into the car and headed down there. Last time we went down I got to see some lambs and rabbits and fish, but this time it was something even better. There was a market set up with all sorts of foods! When my Daddy and I left my Mommy, we went for a stroll towards the market and checked things out. My Daddy hadn’t been to the bank, so we didn’t get to eat sneakily before getting my Mommy. That was the only downside.

    But I was in such a good mood and wanted to walk around, that we went back to the car, dumped the stroller and my Daddy and I walked around near the place where we’d left my Mommy. Soon it was time to go and collect her and my Daddy took me inside, all proud of how well I’d behaved when I must admit I got a bit whiney. That’s because it was lunchtime and I’d worked up an appetite. Luckily my Mommy was clever and had packed some snacks in my bag.

    When she came out I was so excited! My Mommy, my Daddy and SNACKS all in one place. It was GREAT! But then they put me in the car and I was no so happy until my Daddy let me have my bag of crackers all to myself. I’m telling you, I’m getting to be such a big boy!

    Well wouldn’t you know it. My Daddy had told my Mommy about the market and since she’s ALWAYS hungry these days, back we went. And my Mommy wasn’t about to let me leave hungry either. She took me around to get me free samples (I had pizza, goat’s cheese on crackers, bread dipped in rapeseed oil). Then she got some olive tapenade on some gross bread thing. It was alright, but it had nothing on the sandwich my Daddy got!! Roasted pork and applesauce. Now I know I’m not always the hugest fan of applesauce, but this thing was TASTY! I ran around a bit and kept trying to befriend the dogs that were around, even though I am scared of dogs really .. especially after being attacked by that darn beagle! But it was time to go because it started to rain on us and my Mommy picked up a Cornish Pasty and a London Cheesecake for the road. Both which were tasty.. though not as tasty as my Daddy’s sandwich.

    The next thing I know, I wake up on my Daddy’s shoulder and we’re in COSTCO!!!! My first thought was .oO(is it my birthday again already?!?!) but no, it was just my Parents loving me enough to give me a fun day out .. and apparently my Mommy had run out of water. But I got more free samples (chicken and ice cream!) and got to ride in the Not Allowed To Ride In This Part part of the cart and then we headed home.

    Once we were home, I was a bit tired again, but I wouldn’t let it stop me. I was dancing and spinning and singing and playing and then my Daddy went to mow the lawn, so I was set free in the Great Outdoors. I watched my Daddy do the lawn mowing thing and ran around and got some hugs and then helped him pull weeds from the garden then ran around, pulled my Mommy’s hair out when I was falling off of the deck and mistook her hair for a jungle vine, and then did some of my signature running with my eyes closed and laughing.

    When it came time for dinner, I was SHATTERED.

    Struggling to stay awake

    Struggling to stay awake

    My Mommy popped on In the Night Garden and my Daddy made me something to eat. I know that it tasted nice, but I never once saw what it was. I could not take my eyes off of the screen. Usually I am not allowed to eat unless we are at the table, but this time they put a towel on the sofa and my Daddy fed me whilst I watched Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos and I was grateful. I wouldn’t have had the energy to be using a fork at that point and I’d missed my ITNG friends lately.

    A little bit of sunshine, a little rain, a little wind, a lot of food, a lot of running around and best of all my Mommy and my Daddy were there whenever I wanted a cuddle. What a great day!!!

    And because I was so sleepy … and had a rough night’s sleep… I let everyone sleep in until almost 8.30 this morning because I couldn’t be bothered to get up.

    Pictures of The Dinner I Never Saw

    My Daddy Feeds Me (egg salad on multigrain)

    My Daddy Feeds Me (egg salad on multigrain)

    My attention focused on the Tombliboos

    My attention focused on the Tombliboos



    Time for bed Iggle Piggle.. Time for bed Noah-Woaha

    Time for bed Iggle Piggle.. Time for bed Noah-Woaha

    I have no photos of what was a monumental occasion in my life, but I know you’ll all believe me when I tell you…

    I’ve mastered the Fork.

    That’s right. Last night I sat down for dinner with my Mommy and Daddy and ate the whole thing with my fork. Only twice did I try and use my fingers to help, but the Mess Police (a.k.a my Mommy) was right on the case and told me “no fingers, just the fork”. And I did it. Every bit of pasta went from my bowl to my fork to my mouth. Oh, except the one that bounced off of my lip and landed on the chair.

    My Mommy and my Daddy were so impressed with my skills that they kept praising me after every fork to the mouth. It got so exciting that I started to clap for myself every time that I did it and then made sure that my Daddy was clapping along too!

    My Mommy was actually so impressed, that we did it again today for lunch. Once again, I cleared the bowl with no attempt at using my fingers. Though I did keep trying to hug my Mommy with my messy fork in my hand because I was so proud of myself.

    And after all of that hard work, they rewarded me by giving me pizza for dinner.

    Back to my caveman ways!