Toronto Rocks! Toronto Rocks!

Well, I think it does. To be fair, I spent my time in Woodbridge, Thornhill, Pickering and Oakville. Technically I only drove though Toronto .. except maybe when we had breakfast that one morning, but it might be cutting it close.

My Mommy and I flew to Canada last month to see our family. My Daddy had to work, so my Mommy was all kinds of nervous about dealing with me on the plane .. especially since there were no empty seats and that baby in her belly is taking up lots of room!

But I was great!

Until we got into the car. I am not sure what it is, but Kadie’s car and I.. we don’t really get along. Maybe I knew that there was a car seat waiting for me and I was busy trying to enjoy the freedom of not sitting down after that long airplane ride. Whatever it was… I cried .. a lot.

Though to be fair, there were time changes to contend with and last time I saw Kadie and Zed it was in a completely different place .. with sunshine and palm trees and sandy beaches. It was all so confusing.

But I slept well the first night…

sleepy peeps

And woke up to find Crazy Uncle Jamie on the sofa…

Crazy Uncle Jamie

I knew that things were going to start looking up when I saw him and his crazy moustache.

We all got ready to go to my great-uncle Al’s house because they were having a surprise party for my great-auntie Cathy. That’s why we were in Canada. There were so many people there and at first it was overwhelming, but there was so much food. In case anyone has missed the memo.. I love food!

Ooh and we got to sing Happy Birthday too!!

Birthday Singers

I didn’t have cake, but I did get to sample some lemon squares made by G.G Margaret and Lemon Fluff made by great-auntie Sue. Oh my oh my oh my. I know my Mommy loves salty stuff, but this sugar thing is just the best!!! I couldn’t get enough!!! Luckily, my great-auntie Cath let me sit up on the stools with her and some of my cousins and she gave me some of hers. I LOVE birthdays!

The Family

After not seeing her for a few months, I even got to hang out with Calleigh! And this time we got along better. Mostly. She still tried to bully me and kept stealing my soother, but I held my own this time and even pushed back. In the end we came to a compromise and found out that by sharing with each other, we get twice the amount of fun than if we were being selfish!

Calleigh and I with our own soothers:

After the swap:
The Swap

And even though he didn’t know I was coming, my cousin Adam made me feel at home by wearing an England shirt!!


The rest of the week seemed to be dominated by eating. Not that I mind. I tried SO many things that I’d never heard of before, never mind tasted. I even had … octopus!!! In my short time there I discovered that I love Rye Bread, Blackberries, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Thai Food, Dim Sum, Samosas and Chicken Roti to name a few things….

In fact, here I am enjoying some turnip cake and rice noodle roll with shrimp:
Dim Sum

Last time I was in this restaurant I cried and cried and even Kadie couldn’t control the flow of my tears. This time I was all smiles and sat on her lap happily while she managed to eat around my wriggling self!

Kadie and Me

Not everything that I did was food related. Although sometimes when I was just chilling out at Zed and Kadie’s I found it hard to escape food…

Silly Sausages

Oh that’s right. That is me, sat between two Karnatzels. The weirdest thing about that is.. I never tried to eat them. I pulled on them like they were ropes used to gong church bells, but they never made a sound and every time Zed or my Mommy would go into the kitchen, they’d get smaller and smaller, until there was nothing left for me to play with.

Well, there was always something to play with really. I got to sit on Zed’s lap a lot and we read all about what was going on with the stock market, and we watched a lot of You Tube and laughed. And when he would try and relax on the sofa, I put him to work entertaining me and making him drum on the coffee table!

Zed and Noah

Kadie couldn’t escape either when she tried to sit down. I had my own orchestra of performing monkeys! It was great and we clapped and hip hip hoorayed and drummed some more. Though, Kadie was pretty crafty and had a box of toys in the living room which often distracted me from harassing them. Espcially the string of pearls. That’s right, I said pearls… got a problem with that?! They were the best!

Apart from eating and playing, I also got to see a lot of family. Not only did I see all of my Mommy’s aunts and uncles and cousins on Kadie’s side of the family, I got to meet Zed’s sister and her kids (though they were all way older than me, so more big kids than little ones) and I got to see my great-uncle Chickie again at his house! Calleigh must have heard that there was going to be food, because as soon as I sat down to start eating my samosa… there she was at the table next to me! I don’t even know where she came from. It was like magic!! We ate samosas and cakes together and then we played the best we ever have. And even hugged. We fell over from the shock of it, but we were not hurt. It’s okay, you do not have to worry!!

Noah and Calleigh The Hug

It was a great vacation and I loved seeing everyone that I hadn’t seen in nearly a year.. which is almost my whole life!!

The only ba dpart was that my Mommy was so carried away with the excitement of being there and being ableto eat so many things she hadn’t had in ages, that she forgot to give everyone thank you cards for all of my amazing birthday presents. So now I look like I am an ingrate, when really it is down to her!

Since we got back, her belly has grown even more and I think that is what has taken her so long to write this down for me! I’ve been trying, but what more can a little dude do?!

I cannot wait to go back and see everyone again. Apparently next time we’ll be travelling with my brother or sister, so hopefully they are as well behaved as I am .. and don’t try to steal my pearls!!!

Get those fingers ready, Zed and Kadie… I will be back!!!

Until then… it might be easier to reach me on my phone…

phone guy


I Wish I Was Born A Mongoose

.. so I could live in St.Kitts!

I’d heard to much about this place. And I’d seen photos because they are on my bedroom wall, but I really wasn’t prepared for the real thing!!

There were swimming pools, beaches, restaurants, dancey dancey trees and lots of family!!!!

My Mommy is trying to get the pictures ready so I can show you about my trip, but I just wanted to let you all know that I am back from my Grand Adventure on FOUR (well five really) big airplanes to two different countries and have survived two weeks seatbelt free and even got to pet a baby goat!!!

I cannot wait to go back. You should all come with me. We’d have SO much fun!!


Many Firsts on The 1st

First I want to wish all of my Canadian family and friends out there a Happy Belated Canada Day. I would have done it sooner, but I have still been recovering from my big day out in Londontown.

Happy Canada Day

For those of you who do not know, my Mommy is not from England like me and my Daddy are. She comes all the way from Canada. I’ve been to Canada before and it is quite a distance! You even have to take a plane to get there, so we can’t go back as often as we’d like.

Anyway, where was I? To celebrate Canada’s 141st birthday (wow that’s old. I’m sure not even my Mommy is THAT old and these days, she is looking … older than she used to) my Daddy took the day off of work and we all put on Canadian clothes (though I swear Daddy was wearing a washed out red pirate shirt from St.Kitts) and went to London.

Do you know how we got there? By TRAIN! I had no idea what was in store for me when my parents rolled me up to this station thing. And I was not sure I wanted to know what was going on when some of these huge things whizzed by! How were they expecting me to get on!?

Waiting at the station

I put my life into the hands of my parents once again and we got on board. There was only one other person in the whole section which means I got to stand on the table or have my own seat, once I got the hang of not falling over with every bump and shake the train made (it shook me about so much I was sick on Daddy’s shorts and it looked like he had wet himself, it was hilarious!).

To be honest, I was a bit awestruck at first. Now the bus had big windows, but nothing like this!! I just sat there and stared out of them for a while trying to take in everything. Do you know how hard it is to keep your eye on SO MANY windows!?

Window to the World

Once I realised that it was pretty much the same on both sides, and the balance issues were sorted, I got my Train Legs on and hopped up onto the table for a better look out of the massive window. Oh man, was it ever great! I was starting to hope that Canada Day came every week so I could ride the train more often!!

Big Eyes Bigger Window

Little did I know that once I got off of the train I would be getting onto “the tube”. It was like a smaller, dirtier train that went underground!! I was biting my fingers in anticipation of my first ride on the London Underground.

Mind the Gap

Now that thing has windows too and was quite loud but the view was pretty dark until the train would stop and a bunch of people would get off and on. I liked it, but it was visually overstimulating and as a result of my combined first rides, I was a bit tired once we arrived at Trafalgar Square for the festivities. Not that is stopped me waving my flag!

Woo Hoo Canada

And to be fair I did wake up a bit, though long enough for my Mommy and my Daddy to eat some donuts. Figures they’d have The Good Stuff when I went to sleep and they washed it down with beer!! All I get is milk and that gross gross water stuff that my Mommy keeps trying to trick me with. As they tried to decide what to have for lunch, I thought I’d sneak in another nap as the sunshine was exhausting. I’m just not used to the stuff!

Asleep in the shade in Trafalgar Square

There was some street hockey, cooking under a sweltering hot tent, and rude ladies making Bison burgers that my parents lined up TWICE to get and walked away with nothing. So we left Trafalgar Square and went on to Covent Garden. No one warned me about the cobblestone!! What a bumpy ride that was.

My parents ate, I cried a bit and had a short nap and then they walked some more around the area, went into a Croc shop where my Mommy put these funny shoes on my feet and although they were ugly, they felt nice! I even smiled when I had them on! I’ve got to get me some of those when my feet get bigger.

While we were in Covent Garden, my Daddy and Mommy took me to see Zed’s Place (or The Covent Garden Hotel) and we had to get a photo – I’m the little dot in the stroller. Nice to see I’m not the centre of the photograph. What’s that all about!?

Zed's Place

From there we headed up towards Euston Station, stopping in to talk to the doorman at The Ivy (he was great and made me smile a lot) and then we went to my Mommy’s old work where I met my future wife Caroline (who is actually getting married soon, so I guess I’ll have to wait a bit longer) and then we wandered up Tottenham Court Road trying to kill some time. Since I won’t be marrying Caroline for a while, I decided that I needed to get myself a girlfriend and seriously looked around.

Girlfriend Shopping

Which one which one?

I couldn’t decide which one to choose, so we gave up and headed to get me fed and wait for the train back home.

Although my loose schedule was thrown off, the sun was brighter than I had ever seen, I was outside more than I had been in my entire life and I was way overstimulated, I had a great time.

I can’t wait to do this all again next Canada Day when my Mommy and my Daddy can spend the day chasing me around Trafalgar Square and trying to make sure I don’t eat the pigeon poop off of the ground!!

After A Hard Day's Work

So, I’ve been across the Atlantic and now I am back in the UK. I have so much to say, but cannot express just how jet lagged I am. I’ve been sleeping up a storm since our return, but my head is still working a bit on Toronto time – even if I stayed in Woodbridge.

In the moments I have been awake, I’ve been showing my Daddy the new skills I picked up whilst in Toronto… like TV watching and sitting up (in my Bumbo or just when I’m tired of life on my back)!!

Watching Dr.Phil in Toronto on 13th May:
Bumbo + Dr. Phil = Awesome!

Watching Deadliest Catch with Daddy on 17th May:
Crabs Are How Big??

I’ve also been showing Daddy my collection of cool new pyjamas that don’t give me a rash (well not anymore…long story that I’ll include in my trip report). Here I am sporting my helicopter camouflage whilst sitting up AND smiling. Am I talented or what?!
Old Navy Knocks My Socks Off

Other than that, I’ve just been lying around waiting for the phone to ring because I saw my Kadie on it a lot and sometime I’ve got to be on the other end right?
Can you hear me now?

Oh and just for the record… my Mommy cannot “What Guy” worth a windy pop. I guess I’ll have to wait until Zed comes to visit before I can get the real deal. I mean it’s two words…can it really be that hard?!

As soon as I’ve figured out where I am, when it’s day and when it’s night and where these stairs came from I’ll write up a trip report. For now… I’m off to pretend to sleep.


Where in the world….

…am I?

On the 29th of April, my Mommy, my Daddy and I set out on a long car ride to the airport where we got in a big plane and flew all the way across an ocean to Canada (where my Mommy comes from). It was a long day but I hear that I was brilliant on the plane. Not so much afterwards, but hey I was getting jet lagged and I just had no idea what was going on.

Since then I’ve met a lot of people that I’d never seen before, re-met my Kadie and Zed (whole other story) and my Daddy has gone home. I’ve discovered that I love hockey (watching it), I’m getting into golf (also watching it) and boxing (actually participating in that). In fact, I went two rounds with Zed earlier and I’m just pooped. He thinks he’s beaten me, but just you wait and see.. I’ve got a week to come back and show him who the boss is!!

Anyway, I am getting excited because I get to meet my uncles, aunts and my cousin Calleigh soon.

As much as I am loving this though, I am kind of looking forward to going home because it seems that every time I wake up I am somewhere new… like Scarborough or Brampton… and even a hospital and I wasn’t even sick!! Mommy hopes that I’ll sleep in my crib when I get home, she’s funny. She should just be happy that I am sleeping for longer than 3 hours at a time each night.

I better go because I’ve got to have my last bottle and diaper change before my last big sleep of the night. When I get back to England I will put up a detailed report of my travels complete with photos!!


Hoppy Easter!

Today the Easter Bunny came to visit me. It looked an awful lot like my Mommy in a nose and some ears. My parents have explained that she is not the real Easter Bunny, just an odd person who does odd things.

Mommy Bunny and Noah

Now it looks like I’ve got a half smile going on and I do, but not because I am amused by the weirdo that is my Mommy, but because I decided to fart (or “fuss” as my Mommy calls it..or “pump” hence the name of this blog!) as my Daddy took the photo!

Noah's First Easter Loot

Now the look on my face can be described as “awe”. I had no idea that there was anything in the giant orange felt thing that they posed me with!!! Let alone that it was filled with shiny things that I could look at, touch, but not eat, and these other things that seemed to excite my Mommy and Daddy more than me. And there then was this big blue outfit that was almost bigger than my entire bed! What’s that all about!?

Little did they know that all they had to do was fill a bag with that crinkly orange paper!! I loved that stuff!!