Something’s Fishy

I cannot believe I haven’t told you guys!! I must have been so excited that I fell asleep and forgot.

I’ve been swimming. In a pool. A big pool. Even bigger than when I get to have a big bath with my Mommy or my Daddy. It took my Mommy a long while to get up the nerve to take me, but I am oh so glad that she did. And not just because there are so many other Mommies in bathing suits and bikinis!

At first I was a bit nervous, but that last all of 30 seconds when I realised that I’m actually part fish. Or a swim monkey as my Mommy kept calling me. Though I think she’s confused because no monkey I’ve ever seen swims. Not that I’ve seen many that aren’t cartoons or photographs or stuffed animals.

I digress. I was a natural! My Mommy wanted to get lots of photos of this momentous occassion, but she wasn’t allowed to take photos because the people at the pool must have heard about how much she likes the Internet and were worried what she’d do with them. They’re so conceited. As if she’d want to take photos of anyone other than me…or me and whomever is holding me. Pft.

Anyway, after such an awesome time swimming, Daddy wanted to come and see me in action. My Mommy was so nervous that I’d be completely scared and make her out to be a bit of a fibber, but I didn’t let her down! Nope, I was kicking away, holding on to the flutter board/float. Apparently my desire to drink the water is frowned upon, and I did cry when the teacher lady tried to hold me, but once I was safely back in the arms of my Mommy or my Daddy, I was cruising!!

I was born for this kind of thing. I can’t wait until we get to St.Kitts. My Mommy tells me that they have lots and lots of pools there and a salty one that surrounds the whole island!!!!!

We’ll see if they can handle Noah the Swim Monkey!

Ready for a swim

*Please note that although the above photo was taken before we went swimming, this was not infact the bathing suit that I wore. This was for trial purposes only, but we went with the 6-12 month over the 9 month suit in the end. Plus, I like the two piece look of the 6-12.


The Wheels On The Bus..

… Go Round and Round….

My Mommy sings this song to me every single day. Until today I had no idea what she was talking about, but since she does hand actions and touches my nose when she says “beep beep beep” I’ve never let on. But now I know. Not only do I know, but now I understand why she seems happy when she sings this song.

Buses are GREAT.

I’ve been on two! We had to go to Oxford today because my Mommy was supposed to be doing something in a court (don’t ask, when she talks about that she doesn’t touch my nose, so I don’t care) but when we got there it was cancelled. We got on the bus anyway and walked around the pretty place before hopping on another bus and getting back in our car.

There are no words to describe how I loved this experience. At first I may have been slightly apprehensive, but I wasn’t really sure what was going on:


But then when we got moving, and I didn’t have to be strapped in…oh my goodness… it was fan-tas-tic. Almost Jumperoo levels of amazing! It was hard to decide what to do… do I look out the window, or do I let my Parents know just how much I loved this experience?! So I settled on constantly switching back between the two:



Looking out of the window:

Window to the wordl

Even when my parents were hoping I’d finally look at the camera in a family shot… I just couldn’t. There was just so much to see!!

Family Photo gone wrong

Now I wonder how many times I have to show them that I love the bus before they buy me one to ride in at home?


Me at 2 Months

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful… and have a Buddha Belly!

Buddha Belly


Public Service Announcement

If you’re going to drink and drive, make sure you’re behind the wheel of a stylin’ car.

Here’s a photo of me getting my drink on in Daddy’s car. So much better than the view on the sofa!

Noah gets drunk 18.4.08


I’m No Ratbag!

My Mommy has been telling people that I’ve been a ratbag this week.

Alright, alright, so I’ve screamed a bit for no apparent reason and have scared my parents because they haven’t been able to figure out what is wrong. Oh and yeah, so I don’t like to sleep at night when they keep saying “It’s sleepytime”, but I’ll sleep when I’m old like them!!

I just wanted to make everyone aware that I am not all bad. In fact, I can be downright adorable! Most of the time I am!

Laugh Factory from Kirsty B on Vimeo.