You Wanna Pizza Me?

In the words of the great Swedish Chef – “Børk, børk, børk!”

During my absence I discovered the wonderful world of making food! Cheffing, cooking, cookery, whatever you want to call it… it is so much fun to get my hands messy only to be able eat the mess off of my fingers when I’m done.

Even better… when the playing around turns into a PIZZA!!

Can you even believe that I’m not even two and can make a pizza that my whole family loves? I’ll be honest and admit that my Mommy does help me out because I’m not that great at the measuring and pouring dry things and I can’t roll as thin and evenly as she does, but I can pinch the flour and butter and stir hard with the fork and squeeze the dough with my hands. then comes the super fun part where I get to paint the dough with sauce and cover it with toppings and sprinkle sprinkle sprinkle the cheese.

Here is what it looks like right before my Mommy puts it in to the oven…

Pizza Before

and the oh so yummy cooked version!!!

Pizza After

It has become my favourite lunch….

Pizza Pizzaz

and Amy doesn’t think it is half bad either!!

Pizza Monster

I thought that cookies were the best (the raw dough… oh yum!) until I found out that I could make pizza. I can’t even imagine what my next adventure in the kitchen will be, but I cannot wait!

Om, nom, nom….


My Invisible Dinner

What a day I had yesterday! It would seem to most people that I didn’t really do that much, but it was exhausting to me.

My Mommy had a massage in Tring, so we all got into the car and headed down there. Last time we went down I got to see some lambs and rabbits and fish, but this time it was something even better. There was a market set up with all sorts of foods! When my Daddy and I left my Mommy, we went for a stroll towards the market and checked things out. My Daddy hadn’t been to the bank, so we didn’t get to eat sneakily before getting my Mommy. That was the only downside.

But I was in such a good mood and wanted to walk around, that we went back to the car, dumped the stroller and my Daddy and I walked around near the place where we’d left my Mommy. Soon it was time to go and collect her and my Daddy took me inside, all proud of how well I’d behaved when I must admit I got a bit whiney. That’s because it was lunchtime and I’d worked up an appetite. Luckily my Mommy was clever and had packed some snacks in my bag.

When she came out I was so excited! My Mommy, my Daddy and SNACKS all in one place. It was GREAT! But then they put me in the car and I was no so happy until my Daddy let me have my bag of crackers all to myself. I’m telling you, I’m getting to be such a big boy!

Well wouldn’t you know it. My Daddy had told my Mommy about the market and since she’s ALWAYS hungry these days, back we went. And my Mommy wasn’t about to let me leave hungry either. She took me around to get me free samples (I had pizza, goat’s cheese on crackers, bread dipped in rapeseed oil). Then she got some olive tapenade on some gross bread thing. It was alright, but it had nothing on the sandwich my Daddy got!! Roasted pork and applesauce. Now I know I’m not always the hugest fan of applesauce, but this thing was TASTY! I ran around a bit and kept trying to befriend the dogs that were around, even though I am scared of dogs really .. especially after being attacked by that darn beagle! But it was time to go because it started to rain on us and my Mommy picked up a Cornish Pasty and a London Cheesecake for the road. Both which were tasty.. though not as tasty as my Daddy’s sandwich.

The next thing I know, I wake up on my Daddy’s shoulder and we’re in COSTCO!!!! My first thought was .oO(is it my birthday again already?!?!) but no, it was just my Parents loving me enough to give me a fun day out .. and apparently my Mommy had run out of water. But I got more free samples (chicken and ice cream!) and got to ride in the Not Allowed To Ride In This Part part of the cart and then we headed home.

Once we were home, I was a bit tired again, but I wouldn’t let it stop me. I was dancing and spinning and singing and playing and then my Daddy went to mow the lawn, so I was set free in the Great Outdoors. I watched my Daddy do the lawn mowing thing and ran around and got some hugs and then helped him pull weeds from the garden then ran around, pulled my Mommy’s hair out when I was falling off of the deck and mistook her hair for a jungle vine, and then did some of my signature running with my eyes closed and laughing.

When it came time for dinner, I was SHATTERED.

Struggling to stay awake

Struggling to stay awake

My Mommy popped on In the Night Garden and my Daddy made me something to eat. I know that it tasted nice, but I never once saw what it was. I could not take my eyes off of the screen. Usually I am not allowed to eat unless we are at the table, but this time they put a towel on the sofa and my Daddy fed me whilst I watched Makka Pakka and the Tombliboos and I was grateful. I wouldn’t have had the energy to be using a fork at that point and I’d missed my ITNG friends lately.

A little bit of sunshine, a little rain, a little wind, a lot of food, a lot of running around and best of all my Mommy and my Daddy were there whenever I wanted a cuddle. What a great day!!!

And because I was so sleepy … and had a rough night’s sleep… I let everyone sleep in until almost 8.30 this morning because I couldn’t be bothered to get up.

Pictures of The Dinner I Never Saw

My Daddy Feeds Me (egg salad on multigrain)

My Daddy Feeds Me (egg salad on multigrain)

My attention focused on the Tombliboos

My attention focused on the Tombliboos



Time for bed Iggle Piggle.. Time for bed Noah-Woaha

Time for bed Iggle Piggle.. Time for bed Noah-Woaha


Fork Goodness Sakes!

I have no photos of what was a monumental occasion in my life, but I know you’ll all believe me when I tell you…

I’ve mastered the Fork.

That’s right. Last night I sat down for dinner with my Mommy and Daddy and ate the whole thing with my fork. Only twice did I try and use my fingers to help, but the Mess Police (a.k.a my Mommy) was right on the case and told me “no fingers, just the fork”. And I did it. Every bit of pasta went from my bowl to my fork to my mouth. Oh, except the one that bounced off of my lip and landed on the chair.

My Mommy and my Daddy were so impressed with my skills that they kept praising me after every fork to the mouth. It got so exciting that I started to clap for myself every time that I did it and then made sure that my Daddy was clapping along too!

My Mommy was actually so impressed, that we did it again today for lunch. Once again, I cleared the bowl with no attempt at using my fingers. Though I did keep trying to hug my Mommy with my messy fork in my hand because I was so proud of myself.

And after all of that hard work, they rewarded me by giving me pizza for dinner.

Back to my caveman ways!


Luca’s First Birthday

Luca turned a whole entire year old on the 10th of this month! To celebrate, his Mummy and Daddy had a little party at their house on the 15th where there were lots of toys, a ball pool I was not so sure of and …. cake! Oh and Luca was there too of course. Duh, I mean it was his party after all!

Luca’s Daddy brought out a cake with candles on it. I’ve seen a candle before, but never one that had FIRE on it!!!

Happy Birthday to you..

Luca seemed to like when they were on fire, but was not so sure when his Daddy helped him blow them out.

Where there's smoke..

Luca’s Daddy even set the candles on fire again so that Sam could practice blowing out the candles since his is turning THREE in April!

Sam's Go

When Luca’s Daddy set them on fire again to give me practice, I decided that the other boys were silly to try and blow the candles out. Obviously the better way would be to actually grab the fire with my hand and throw it away.

Fire Toucher

Lucky for me, Luca’s Mummy was on hand to keep me from doing anything too crazy! My Parents were too busy taking photos and laughing like usual.

But the fire wasn’t all bad. I learnt that when you blow out the candles, you get to eat the cake!!! Now until today, I had only been able to share pieces of cake or cupcakes with my Mommy or Daddy. I was never given a slice or cupcake of my own. So when I had the chance, I was making sure that it was not going to be wasted!!!



It was great! Cake is so tasty and I got to make whatever mess I wanted to! Luca and I were just having a great time and then I realised that I was running short on cake, and Luca was double fisted.

Keep Your Eye On Your Cake

Seeing that Luca is smaller than me, I thought I’d help him out by taking the chunk of icing from his left hand and eating it for him. I’m so nice, right?

Now you see it.. now you don't

Luca let my Mommy know that he was not impressed with my “helping” skills by giving her a wicked look. I’m so glad I was oblivious, because I may just have cried if I knew that I had been doing something wrong.. or that I got caught doing it.

Did you see what your son did?

Don’t feel too bad for Luca though. I know it was his birthday and now I know that you don’t get to decide when someone else wants to share, but he got me back. I think he mistook one of my curls for a piece of that icing because I was sitting there playing and the next thing I know… my head was in the grips of those D’Ambrosio hands and I was in tears.

Heads Up!

But the tears soon ended and by the end of the party, we were back playing nicely together.

Nice Boys

Now I’ve got to work on this food stealing thing before my birthday party because even Sam was scared that I was going to try and eat his orange. But he was safe because I don’t even know what an orange is and at that moment I was just hoping to find more cake hidden somewhere.

So apologies for my smash and grab, but thank you for inviting me to your party, Luca!

I hope I enjoy my birthday as much as I enjoyed Luca’s!!!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Love was in the air today .. or perhaps it was the smell of the tandoori chicken and keema naan I had for dinner. Either way, it was a good day. I had pancakes for breakfast, got to taste my first ever cupcake (or fairy cakes as they seem to call them in my homeland), and got to drive Daddy’s car.

Okay, okay, the car may not have had keys in it, but that didn’t mean I didn’t get to play with all of the buttons, mirrors, steering wheel and radio. After being strapped in my seat for so long whilst we waited for my Daddy to get the food, my Mommy released me and gave me a taste of freedom like I’ve never known. I was over the moon. Who knew the front seats were so much fun?! No wonder my Mommy stopped sitting in the back with me. That food could have taken forever for all I cared, because once my Daddy returned with it, I was relegated to the backseat and I let them know I was not happy. I let them, the rest of Milton Keynes and the neighbouring villages know that I wanted nothing to do with the second class citizen business. I wouldn’t even take my soother because I was too busy yelling and crying.

But then they let me out when I got home and I gave my Mommy a cuddle and kiss and she let me share her dinner and all was well once again. I had salmon, chicken and lamb tandoori with lemon rice and my Daddy’s keema naan and I washed it down with a lime and my Daddy shared another cupcake with me.

Oh, and I got TWO Valentine’s Day cards. One from right inside my house (from my Parents ..duh) and one all the way from Canada!

There were no chocolates or roses or big red teddy bears, but there was food and cards and driving and dancing and that is what life is all about.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was as good as my first one ever!

14.2.09: Dancing and Driving from Kirsty B on Vimeo.


Tummy Time

Not, not spending time on my tummy, but spending time filling up my tummy! That’s right, I’m here to talk about food. By far one of my favourite things .. as told by my healthy weight of 24lbs 11oz. Yup, I’m still growing bigger and better by the day!

Over the past month I have had the chance to experience some amazing new tastes! Some met with a lukewarm reception (like fennel tea!) and others met with an excitement level that my Parents think borders somewhere near “rabid”.

To start out the month, I was given a taste of Grilled Cheese:

Grilled Cheese, Eh!

What can I say about that?! It had bread, butter and cheese…. AWESOME!!! Though I didn’t have any teeth yet and once the cheese was totally cool, it was hard for me to gum apart, but I love love loved sucking on it and giving the chewing a good try.

Next up was spaghetti bolognese (or spag bol as they seem to call it here and it’s a lot easier to spell that way too). This was even better than the grilled cheese for one reason… way less chewing!!

Uh Oh Spaghetti O

It was like eating the grown up food that my Mommy and Daddy eat after they put me to sleep. They think I don’t know, but I breathe in the fumes of goodness when I am lying there all alone in my crib. And they wonder why I wake up at 3am after a few solid hours of dancing steak and corn on the cob take over my dreams!

The next flavour I got to try out was Lamb and Mint Sausage. I cannot tell you the feeling that swept over me when I first sampled the tasty morsels on my tongue. For a moment there I thought that they were tricking me. I thought that they were going to take it away and replace it with something out of a jar, or more whizzed up stuff. But no, I got to eat it, all of it!!

Noah had a little lamb

I have to admit, the sweet potato, squash and leeks that came with it were almost as tasty. And well, the mixed veg… is mixed veg. You can’t really go wrong there can you?!

After I enjoyed that sausage so much, my Mommy decided that she might try me out on a Tuscan Tomato Sausage next. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this one was made of pork and not lamb and I had never had sundried tomato before. But she just mixed it up with some baby spaghetti and we were on our way.

You say Toe May Toe

Another success!!! By this point it was pretty clear that I was loving meat. A true carnivore. Well, I didn’t love my first taste of chicken, since it was so much more…. I don’t know, not juicy?! But my Mommy is such a Clever Clogs that she decided to give me a different kind of chicken. A chicken thigh! In fact, she cooked it up with some ginger and garlic and made me a chicken stir-fry!

A thigh kinda guy

Now it may not look appealing because it met briefly with the hand blender (I can’t do bean sprouts whole you know!), but boy oh boy was it ever tasty!! I couldn’t get enough!! In fact, it was around that time when I started to realise that if I complained between mouthfuls, I’d get the food faster.

That was, until my Parents thought they’d be clever (and they’re right) and give me water to drink while I waited. Granted, I don’t take a lot, but I do take enough to freshen my palate and rinse my mouth out while I await the next bite of foody goodness!

Watering Can

Soon I am going to have to drink all of my drinks out of these cups, so I may as well get used to them, right?

After discovering that I do like juicy chicken, my Mommy decided that she wanted to try me with something I’d never had before and to be honest she was pretty nervous about giving it to me. Though, she shouldn’t have been, because I loved it! Want to know what it was?! Sure you do….


It was so different than the other “meats” but so tasty. I couldn’t get enough. I even made a daring reach for the bowl when the spoon got too slow for my liking!

Something Fishy About This...

My fish adventures did not stop there, oh no they didn’t. Next up was seabass! My Mommy cooked this up with ginger and spring onion and then flaked it for me and WOW, it was juicy and tasty and yum yum yum!!!

Kick Ass Sea Bass

I am telling you, food rocks my socks off! That is, if I were ever to wear socks.

Last night instead of a new meat, my Mommy made me something she’d never even made for herself, celeriac and parsnip mash. Wow… SO tasty. SO good. It was almost like dessert for dinner. I swear, this woman spoils me and I love her for it.

But as much as I love trying new foods out, I also love my old friends just as much. There is nothing as refreshing as a cool spoonful of Bango (that’s Banana and Mango to you), Plumbango (Plum+bango) or Pango (Peach and Mango) ….

Bango Bongo

…nor is there anything quite as satisfying as chewing on a good piece of broccoli!

What's Up Broc?

Man, I have to admit, all of this food is making me hungry. I think it’s time my Mommy heated up some minced lamb and celeriac and parsnip mash for me!

Mmm Mmm Mmm…. Happy Eating Everyone!


Clean Hands, Warm Heart

So I’ve been kind of quiet lately. At least online, not so much in person. Actually, my Mommy was starting to wonder if it was possible that I am so mentally advanced that when I turned 5 months old, my brain thought that I had turned 2 years old and I was having my terrible twos already.

I mean, okay, I may be clever, but I’m not that clever! I’m just doing my job as a baby to keep her on her toes. Making sure she doesn’t get complacent with me, just because I’m getting to be a big boy. And I am! I was 21lb 2oz when I got weighed at 21 weeks old. This time my Mommy didn’t get a telling off because I’d only gained 1lb 1oz in 3 weeks as opposed to gaining that much or more in 2!! I’m getting better at this eating thing!!

Sort of. I am REALLY good at eating, but the drinking milk part has become REALLY boring to me. It needs to be jazzed up. Why can’t I get one of those flavour straws I saw on television that would turn my formula pink or brown and make it taste of loveliness rather than… chemicals and powdered milk? I don’t see my Mommy or Daddy drinking it. Even though my Mommy pretends to in some sort of silly way to think she’s going to trick me into wanting it. That only works when I’m sleepy!

Although my food selection has been rather limited in my opinion, I must say that I quite enjoy being able to enjoy different flavours and textures. I even chew really well if there are chunky bits. Or I try and spit them out when I think my Mommy isn’t looking. I also LOVE to grab the food off of the spoon and then wipe my face. I think that this is HILARIOUS, but my Mommy and Daddy aren’t in agreement with me. Or at least not when we’re about to go out somewhere and I look like I’ve rolled myself through a vat of blueberries or peas.

Blueberry Explosion

The other night my game got way out of control and I was covered from head to toe with carrot and swede.

Swede Lord!

It was hysterical I thought!! My Parents tried to hide their giggles but couldn’t resist letting a few out. But then they realised that they had a problem. No baby wipes were going to be able to tackle the mess I’d made. So they transported me, Bumbo and all to the shower! Well, the Bumbo wasn’t allowed in the shower. Something about me sliding away or some silly safety issue.

Bathtime is Laughtime from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

I’m telling you, it was HILARIOUS!

Plus, I’d do anything to get into that shower! I LOVE it in there. Who needs toys or books or other people!? All I need is a shower .. oh, and other people because I can’t quite stand up on my own yet, and it might get awfully slippery in there without someone holding me.

My Parents have caught on to my tricks though. And now they come to mealtime prepared. They arrive armed with a damp cloth to wipe me down as we go. They keep their eyes on my hands and even try and distract me by giving me my own spoon.

Little did they realise, I would LOVE getting cleaned this way too! Especially my hands. My Mommy says I get that from her Daddy. Apparently he really really loved clean hands too!!! He’d be so proud of me!

Clean Hands Warm Heart from Kirsty B on Vimeo.


How Swede It Is

First, my Mommy fed me whenever I wanted. Sometimes she even tried to have a nap because I was hungry a lot. Then, she gave me what I now know to be a bottle which was wonderful! It had a different flavour of milk and it meant that my Daddy could feed me too.

But as nice as those methods were, there was something lacking. I used to watch my Mommy, Kadie and my Daddy eating. My Mommy and Kadie would say that they wanted to give me real food and I thought for a moment that they could actually hear my thoughts. I wanted real food. Why was it that these big people could have something that I couldn’t? Aren’t I a baby? Aren’t I supposed to be the one who gets spoilt and gets to have all the good treats?

But days and weeks and even months went by. Nothing. Just the milk. Sometimes I would drink it down so quickly just to spit it up because I wanted them to think that I was allergic and needed something else… something… chewable. No dice.

As you know, they finally gave in. I started to get to try new things. And I still am. But now I’m not so weary. Nope, in fact I LOVE IT. Food is FANTASTIC! It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. Other than discovering the SKY Remote and the Jumperoo. Oh and when my Daddy gets sick and stays home from work.. well, he might not like being sick, but I like having him here. He even got to feed me in my highchair the other day when I was having lunch. He’s never done that before and well, I was SO EXCITED by it all. REALLY EXCITED. So excited that I kept laughing and smiling when he was feeding me. It’s something that I’ve kept up since. All of my meals that involve a spoon see me with my arms spread out, smiling and giggling away.

The Joy of Food from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

Does life get any sweeter than this?

Blueberry Surprise


The Mango Effect

My Mommy has started giving me the BEST breakfast ever: Mango! Auntie Alex told her that it would make me poo, and although she was right about that, she forgot to tell my Mommy that it would turn me into a wild man. The first morning that I ate it, I ended up with more of it down my belly and in my Bumbo than inside my mouth. It just tasted so nice I totally forgot how to eat.

But yesterday morning I was ready for it. I even fought off the bottle because I could smell the sweet sweet nectar in the air. And this time when the spoon came near my mouth, I was waiting. And I ate 95% of it all up. Though it does make me salivate quite a bit. Afterwards, my Mommy wiped me down and gave me a good burping and I was aching to have a play. She plopped me into my Jumperoo and what unfolded next is here for you to see in this video:

Hyper In Diapers from Kirsty B on Vimeo.


Carrot-y Kid

I do not think that it is a secret that I love food. I haven’t tasted most things, but I just know I love them. Or that I will once my Mommy and Daddy finally let me loose on the refrigerator. For now I shall remain oh so curious as I watch the spoons, forks and fingers full of food go from their dishes to their mouths, only imagining how the tastes would tickle my tongue.

So far, other than the cheap thrills of having things rubbed on my lips (thanks Crazy Uncle Jamie) or the brief seconds I am allowed to suck on things, I’ve only had baby rice (boring), superfood porridge (yum yum!) and then last night it got colourful.


Spoonful of Carrot

Oh my days! It was orange, it was sweet and it was oh so smooth! In fact, I was so blown away by this special treat that I was afraid to lose any of it and thought I’d best help get it down my throat by assisting my Daddy and pushing it back with my fingers.

Finger Lickin Good

I was just amazed and afraid it would all end if I blinked. My Mommy keeps saying that she hears people talk about this weaning business being messy, but I am starting to think that is because those other babies do not realise how wonderful this stuff really is. Sure, I got some on my bib, but that was mostly orange drool because I couldn’t stop salivating. But I loved it. I really did and even got upset when they said I’d had enough. I was waiting for that moment for the past 116 days of my life. It was not enough!!!

However, this morning… and by this morning I am meaning 4.00am.. I appear to be a bit gassy. My Parents think it may be from the carrot, but I prefer to blame it on all of the fresh air I keep getting.. or maybe the game Mommy played with me yesterday where she was waving things in my face and I was gulping the air.

Please, let it not be the carrots. Our love affair has only begun and I cannot have it end so soon.

Carrot Top from Kirsty B on Vimeo.