One More Thing…

I forgot to metion that my Mommy did that update thing when I turned 5 months old. You can find it here:

NAJB: Month 5 In Review


Hoppy Easter!

Today the Easter Bunny came to visit me. It looked an awful lot like my Mommy in a nose and some ears. My parents have explained that she is not the real Easter Bunny, just an odd person who does odd things.

Mommy Bunny and Noah

Now it looks like I’ve got a half smile going on and I do, but not because I am amused by the weirdo that is my Mommy, but because I decided to fart (or “fuss” as my Mommy calls it..or “pump” hence the name of this blog!) as my Daddy took the photo!

Noah's First Easter Loot

Now the look on my face can be described as “awe”. I had no idea that there was anything in the giant orange felt thing that they posed me with!!! Let alone that it was filled with shiny things that I could look at, touch, but not eat, and these other things that seemed to excite my Mommy and Daddy more than me. And there then was this big blue outfit that was almost bigger than my entire bed! What’s that all about!?

Little did they know that all they had to do was fill a bag with that crinkly orange paper!! I loved that stuff!!