Canada Day 2011 UK

There was a time in my life that I was embarrassed to say that I was Canadian.  I don’t know where it came from, but I do know that it started young.  At around 9 years old, I can remember being in a pool in Niagara Falls and I was talking to a boy from the States.  He asked where I was from and my first answer was “America”.  He pushed for something more specific, so I thought a little and said “North America”.  This apparently wasn’t good enough and he asked what part of North America, so I responded with “The North part”.  Eventually he got it out of me that I was from Canada, and then we had this whole debate on how I couldn’t call myself American and I explained that Canada was part of North America and so I was North American and thus I could say I was American.

(over the years I have won many an argument by causing my opponent to throw their hands up in surrender at my cunning logic)

When I try and think where this, almost, shame of being Canadian came from I cannot pinpoint it exactly.  Though what I can remember is that my Daddy and his family and basically everyone we knew in St.Kitts had an enormous love for their country.  It wasn’t an In Your Face My Country Is The Best In The World And We Can Kick Your Ass kind of patriotism, it was a pure and honest love of the land where they were born or raised.

In stark contrast, I cannot think of anyone in my young memories of Canada who felt that same way, aside from my uncle Al, and even that was already post the Niagara Incident.

Sure, there were firework parties on the 1st of July, but they were really no different than the ones on Victoria Day.  People didn’t walk around with red and white Canada shirts like they do now.  Or if they did, I didn’t notice.

When I returned to Canada in 1988, I was excited because I missed Canada.  But missed it in a Stay A Couple Of Weeks And Have My Fill kind of way.  Not in a Give Up Sundays At The Beach After Church And Live Life Without Sunshine Every Day way.  So after the initial excitement waned, I became a bit bitter and resentful.  Why couldn’t Canada be more like little perfect St.Kitts if this was such a great country?  I mean, really, what was Canada giving me that St.Kitts couldn’t?!  Other than milk I didn’t want to throw up after drinking and McDonalds?

But slowly, I started to warm up.  I started to see the good and the great and realise all of the things that I and many others had taken for granted about Canada.  And soon my love of the country actually separated itself from just being related to exactly what was happening in Olympic hockey.

And then I moved to England.  I had already had a crush on London, but moving here turned it into a full blown affair.  And wow, I could travel for next to nothing and see places I’d never be able to afford to go to for the weekend if I was still living in Canada and Oh My God! the groceries!


Canada Day 2011 Timmys


But then the newness wore off and prices of travel shot up and we moved away from London and reality hit.  It took SIX WEEKS for a pap smear result and they don’t have rootbeer and the hockey arena smells like socks and the wings are disgusting.  I started to appreciate everything I just took for granted.  And not just the ability to order any type of food I wanted to be delivered to my door instead of only having the choice of  Indian, Pizza or Chinese.   Do you know you can’t deposit money in a bank machine here if the bank is closed? Unless you have a business account?  And let’s not get into the real estate processes.

Not that I don’t love a lot about England.  I do.  But being away from Canada had given me a perspective I never had while I was there.  I still love St.Kitts so much it hurts my heart every time I read about what has been going on there and England is an amazing place to call home, but I am Canadian.  Not North American, Canadian.

And my children will grow up to be proud of everywhere they have roots.  They will be proud Britons – not just during the Olympics, and proud Canadians – not only on the 1st of July and they will come to love St.Kitts like I do – though they won’t get to experience it the way I did.

Canada Day 2011 Midgets

I read somewhere that the most patriotic people are the ones that no longer live in the country they are proud to be from.  This may be true, but I hope that it doesn’t change when we go back.

So Happy 144th Birthday Canada, and thank you for being awesome.


Canada Day 2011 MK

Happy 9th Birthday, Adam!!!

My Mommy tried to get me to sing Happy Birthday to you today, but I have to admit that I have been a Super GrumpyPumps today. I am getting sick and my teeth are hurting my mouth, so I haven’t really felt like singing or even smiling.

But, she was very clever and knew that if she gave me my bath letters, that I’d work my magic .. and I did!!

Here I am adjusting the letters:
Down to work

And here is the finished product:

I hope you like it! Next year when I am talking more I will try and sing for you!

Hope your birthday is as happy as mine and that you get to eat lots of cake. Mmm, I love cake!

Luca turned a whole entire year old on the 10th of this month! To celebrate, his Mummy and Daddy had a little party at their house on the 15th where there were lots of toys, a ball pool I was not so sure of and …. cake! Oh and Luca was there too of course. Duh, I mean it was his party after all!

Luca’s Daddy brought out a cake with candles on it. I’ve seen a candle before, but never one that had FIRE on it!!!

Happy Birthday to you..

Luca seemed to like when they were on fire, but was not so sure when his Daddy helped him blow them out.

Where there's smoke..

Luca’s Daddy even set the candles on fire again so that Sam could practice blowing out the candles since his is turning THREE in April!

Sam's Go

When Luca’s Daddy set them on fire again to give me practice, I decided that the other boys were silly to try and blow the candles out. Obviously the better way would be to actually grab the fire with my hand and throw it away.

Fire Toucher

Lucky for me, Luca’s Mummy was on hand to keep me from doing anything too crazy! My Parents were too busy taking photos and laughing like usual.

But the fire wasn’t all bad. I learnt that when you blow out the candles, you get to eat the cake!!! Now until today, I had only been able to share pieces of cake or cupcakes with my Mommy or Daddy. I was never given a slice or cupcake of my own. So when I had the chance, I was making sure that it was not going to be wasted!!!



It was great! Cake is so tasty and I got to make whatever mess I wanted to! Luca and I were just having a great time and then I realised that I was running short on cake, and Luca was double fisted.

Keep Your Eye On Your Cake

Seeing that Luca is smaller than me, I thought I’d help him out by taking the chunk of icing from his left hand and eating it for him. I’m so nice, right?

Now you see it.. now you don't

Luca let my Mommy know that he was not impressed with my “helping” skills by giving her a wicked look. I’m so glad I was oblivious, because I may just have cried if I knew that I had been doing something wrong.. or that I got caught doing it.

Did you see what your son did?

Don’t feel too bad for Luca though. I know it was his birthday and now I know that you don’t get to decide when someone else wants to share, but he got me back. I think he mistook one of my curls for a piece of that icing because I was sitting there playing and the next thing I know… my head was in the grips of those D’Ambrosio hands and I was in tears.

Heads Up!

But the tears soon ended and by the end of the party, we were back playing nicely together.

Nice Boys

Now I’ve got to work on this food stealing thing before my birthday party because even Sam was scared that I was going to try and eat his orange. But he was safe because I don’t even know what an orange is and at that moment I was just hoping to find more cake hidden somewhere.

So apologies for my smash and grab, but thank you for inviting me to your party, Luca!

I hope I enjoy my birthday as much as I enjoyed Luca’s!!!!

Last Thursday I celebrated my Half Birthday. Until last Thursday, I didn’t even know that these things existed. The day started out like any other day. Well, any other day that involves a trip to get weighed, playing with some toys that my Mommy says are older than her, sitting on the scale naked and having to hold on to my Mommy when she nearly faints because she learns that I’m packing 23lbs 6oz of love somewhere in this body.

After that, we rushed home (it was so busy and instead of the usual in and out, my Mommy actually had to socialise and talk to other mommies who were waiting to have their babies weighted too) so that I could eat breakfast and change into Gymboree clothes. Then we were off to play with all of my friends. I was tired, but my Mommy gave me a bottle during the break out time and I was re-energised and ready to play. I just LOVE those bubbles and the parachute!

When Gymboree was over I thought that we were going to head home so I could stare at the big box covered in colourful paper some more, but my Mommy took me to buy some groceries. I decided to play a game of Toss the Soother and had her scrambling all over the floors of M&S to find out where the projectile had gone. It was great!!

Then we got to go home and I looked and looked and looked at that colourful box, but i was not allowed to touch it. Yet.

My Mommy gave me some lunch and I spent almost the whole time hamming it up.. laughing between spoonfuls and just being a super smiley guy..

Smiley Guy

After lunch I played in a suitcase. It doesn’t sound like fun, but I thought it was hilarious and kept almost falling out because I’d laugh so hard I’d fall over. It made it difficult for my Mommy to take my photo, but that didn’t stop my personal paparazzi. Plus, I think she just wanted me distracted from the colourful box.

Excess Baggage

Eventually my Mommy got me to have a nap and I slept almost all the way until my Daddy got home from work. I did this as a special present for my Mommy who was cooking up a storm in the kitchen in an attempt for our family to all sit down at the same time and eat our dinners! And she succeeded.

We had chicken and roasted vegetables to start. It was my first taste of meat aside from the free sample of ham at Costco! Oh man was it good!!

Happy Chicken Eating Chappy

But the best part was what came after dinner. No, not the dessert… a huge monkey from out of nowehere!!!! I don’t know where he was hiding while we ate, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when all of a sudden my Daddy turned around and there was a monkey standing with him. I loved it!!

Noah and the Monkey

Though I did try to eat the monkey after a while. Seeing that I was still hungry, my Mommy brought out dessert. Now I was only allowed a little bit, so I was given a little taste of what my Mommy made and then I got Plunana (plums and banana!). I can’t wait until I’m older and she lets me eat more of “bad” stuff!

half birthday pudding

After dinner, instead of heading straight for the bath, my Parents gave me a card to open and read. It was all nicey nice stuff about them loving me… I won’t get into it, it makes me blush.

My Card!

It was then finally time for me to touch the colourful box. I was SO EXCITED!!! Usually my Mommy says “Aww.. Noah, we’re not supposed to crinkle/tear/chew that!” when I get near paper, but this time they were both telling me to rip it! So, I did!

Getting to Grips

It was SO very worth the wait. Do you know what? There was more than just a box! There was something inside of it!! Something with lots of colours and buttons. My Daddy got it out for me and I was right into it, bashing the buttons and drooling all over it! These half birthday things are great!!! Why didn’t I learn about these sooner?!!? When do I get another one?! All of those thoughts were racing through my head as I spun the steering wheel of my new toy and honked the horn over and over and over and over again.


Finally it was the end of the day and my Parents took me up to get ready for bed. I wore my special birthday hat whilst they got me changed. I so didn’t want the day to end!! It was definitely the best day of my life by FAR!!!

My Mommy kept saying, “I can’t wait to see his reaction to Christmas”. I have no idea what she’s talking about, but if it is anything like a Half Birthday, I’m so down with that!!!!

Family Party

Thank you so much to my parents for that whole day. It was so great!!! Hopefully we can do it again soon!!

Happy Hilarious Half Birthday from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

You thought I was gone, but I’ve only just been in hiding. Actually, I’ve been everywhere but… aside from my post bath playtime where I play peek-a-boo with my towel. It cracks me up to no end!

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to explain where I’ve been and why I’ve been so quiet. Since I set the Noah Alarm off at the housewarming, I’ve been trying to become a changed man..or baby. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I’ve done a darn good job of it too. Okay, Okay.. there was this one slip up…

On the 31st of May, my friend Luca got baptised.

Luca All Catholosized

That’s right, I entered God’s House for the first time. I think it was a nice house, though I am not sure since I slept through pretty much the whole thing.

All Dressed Up For A Nap

There was a reason for this though. I was having a very off day. Someone had set the Noah Alarm to Snooze and not turned it off, so I cried a lot that day. Thinking back, I believe it was because my Mommy went and straightened her hair and I’d never seen her look that way before.

Mommy and Daddy

It was all quite confusing for a little guy like me and I just wasn’t sure what was going on. And the stimulation.. there was just too much. People people everywhere. Luca was loving all of the attention and didn’t cry once the whole day. I think it was because he had the coolest cake I’d ever seen.

Luca's Cake

Okay, so I’ve only seen one other one. Well at least I had only seen one other one until the next day.

Oh yes, I was travelling again the next day. Saturday was spent travelling to see my Nan and Granddad in Stratford-upon-Avon and to see Luca in a dress!

(here’s me with my grandparents in their backyard)

Me and the G'parents

Then on Sunday once I’d woken up feeling like a new man baby, we were off to Lewes (near Brighton) for a visit to another one of God’s houses. How many houses does one guy need? This one was way older… I think.. and we were there to see my new friend Amelie get Christened.

Amelie with parents and godparents

I have to admit something. Although I didn’t sleep through this one, I did miss most of it because the vicar (the dude with the cool beard) mentioned that there were toilets there and it reminded me that I needed to go.. so Daddy took me to the toilet and left Mommy there to represent the family.

When I was done, I was rewarded with my bottle…

Getting My Drink On

Oh yeah, that’s right. There’s almost nothing as great as chilling in a linen outfit (thanks Uncle Scotty, Auntie Heather and Calleigh), getting your drink on while looking at some stained glass windows.

While we waited for everyone to get ready to go back to Amelie’s house, my family took a walk around the church because my Mommy and Daddy thought it was really pretty.

Outside of the church

Excuse the milk in the corner of my mouth, my parents were too busy looking at the scenery to notice.

After the church part we all walked back to Amelie’s house where I proceeded to make a lot of use of her changetable…so much cooler than mine… and check out all of the other babies that were there. They were all nice and stuff, but it was Amelie that I liked best…

Holding Hands

Sorry Calleigh, but she didn’t try and suck my thumb. Oh, and isn’t related to me.

Mommy was really worried that I’d not have a good week after that, but she was wrong. I did have a rough night sleeping (I’d slept in the car the whole way there and whole way home…what did they want from me), but I woke up all mature.

I’ve been sleeping in my own room like a big boy. I’ve been trying my best to hold out for four hours between bottles. I’ve been having regular naps and I’ve not been setting off the Noah Alarm. At least not really. I let them know when I am getting tired now and Mommy can calm me down quickly. I love her.. she does what I want, when I want it. She’s great. Sucker!

What else have I been up to since then?

Well, I’ve been using my Bumbo and watching my property development shows..

Ty Pennington Watch Out!

I’ve been practising being a big boy by sitting in my high chair….

Yo. Gimme that bottle!

I know it is not that flattering a photo, but how rude! She put the bottle so far away from me!!!

I’ve also had my first food that didn’t come out of a bottle!!!

Baby Rice Tastes Nice

That’s right, I’m all about the baby rice. And anything else that I can stick in my mouth…

Mmm Monkey

This bottle stuff is for babies. I’m getting big now! I’m 14 weeks old and I’m 17lbs 7oz. I need steak, but Mommy thinks I’ve got to go slowly with this. I’m sure Kadie will sneak me something better when she gets here in August! If not her, I’m counting on The What Guy. You know who you are!

So that’s basically what I’ve been up to. There is one other thing, but that’s for the next post. I better run now, I’ve got to see a lady about some milk….

Today is my Uncle Scotty’s birthday. I haven’t met him yet but I’ve seen photos and heard about him and I already love him. I’d have to love him to be willing to go through what my Mommy had me do this morning. She is getting carried away with these photo shoots!! I hope that there is a break now until the next birthday because I need some time to recover.

Anyway, this is not about me, this is about my uncle.

I hope you have the happiest birthday ever and I cannot wait to meet you. I hope you like the photos and my attempt at singing to you in the video below!

Noah The Present

Modelling is hard work

New Location Same Message

Happy Birthday Uncle Scotty!

(If you cannot read the sign, it says: Happy Birthday Uncle Scott! With Love, Smiles and Fusses, Your Favourite Nephew, Noah)

Happy Birthday Uncle Scotty from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

(and no Kadie, we’re not talking about my Paper Ear here)

My social calendar once again presents an opportunity for me to go to a birthday party. Today’s party is different than last Saturday’s because it is a 2 year old’s party. That means I am not going to be the only person under 25 there, and I get to see my friend Luca again!!

When I heard the news that I’d be meeting all of these people that Daddy and Mommy have known since way before I was born, and that there would be other kids, I decided that I needed to brush up on my social skills.

Let’s be honest, I don’t have that much to brush up on. If you hear the way my great aunts and Kadie talk about me, you’d think all I had to do was sit there and look pretty. But, I don’t want to be known as that big lazy baby … especially after my weigh in on Thursday (11lbs 9oz!! Unbelievable – I’m in size 3 diapers now!!).

So I started on Thursday with working on my smiles. That was the easiest part because I like smiling and my Mommy acts like a clown which helps a lot! I think the results speak for themselves:

Noah Smiles 03.04.08

Then we moved on to the Verbal section of my training regimen. This is also pretty easy for me as I love to speak. My Mommy is not so sure of my progress though because she apparently sees some issue with the fact that I prefer to talk to the home furnishings rather than actually other humans. Whatever. She’s just jealous that the sofa pillows don’t talk to her. Clearly you can see that we have a wonderful relationship:

Sofa Chatting

With all of the hard work put in that day, I was given a pass to just chill out and do what I want until Friday. Little did my parents know that I would take full advantage of this and stay up all night. hehehe Suckers!

But my Mommy struck back on Friday morning and had me back doing the Verbal exercises. This time I chose to chat with the duvet. All fluffy and white… who wouldn’t want to make friends with it? But after a bit of chatting it said something that I took great offence to.. as evidenced on video!

Chatty Noah from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

Sorry, but I don’t think it is right to make fun of a guy just because he has hiccoughs. Like I can control that!

After performing so well, the training was put off until Daddy came home in the evening. Well, we had no choice but to put it off because I decided to sleep all of the day. I had a tummyache and needed my Mommy to concentrate on cuddles and rubbing my back.

But when Daddy came home, we moved on to Lung Stretches which frankly I excelled at. My parents were not too thrilled, but if I could have given myself a gold star… I would have given me TWO of them!

Grumpy Pumps

After that, I got my post work out rub down and prepared for another night of waking my parents up when I wanted to play. They handled it a lot better last night/this morning, so I think I’m going to have to revisit my game plan and switch it up a bit.

Rub Down

But for now I am just ready for the day ahead! First stop is a visit to see my Nan and Grandad who are sure to help boost my ego for the next stop: Sam’s birthday party!!