A Whisper on the Wind

Yesterday Lee and I tool a very shaky drive up to Stratford-Upon-Avon, where my only glimmer of hope was held in a small plastic condiment bag from McDonalds.  Luckily it wasn’t used for anything other than to hold on to as I tried to talk myself down from the Dry Heave/Vomit tree and once in a while as a Let’s Control Your Breathing Tool.

We finally arrived at Chez Brotherston, where I was happily plopped on the sofa, trying not to appear too out of it, considering we hadn’t told them yet.  The struggle was completely uphill as the conversation unfolded, but the opportunity to share the news was looking like it would never arrive, and my state of health was like a tiny snowball slowly rolling down a mountain gathering more snow as it went, threatening to become an avalanche.

The party moved into the kitchen for lunch, where I convinced myself that I had to eat something to make this feeling somewhat subside.  Luckily, Lee will all of the subtlety in the world waited until the bums had barely hit the seats before blurting it out.  A wave of relief washed over me as I could now be excused for looking like I hadn’t slept in months, and my nearly Baby Powder white complexion was explained, but I was almost too nervous to look up to see a reaction.

However, nervous I needed not be as Lee’s parents where thrilled.   They even brought out baby name books for us to look at.  Being from pre-Lee’s birth, they offered us more of a giggle than help.  Names I thought were completely made up actually appeared in them.  And names that should never be names did as well.   An example being Lesbia. Lesbia N. Brotherston.   Not quite the ring I was looking for.

But it was entertaining and a relief to actually have been able to tell them our news face to face, as I had been struggling with the fact that they hadn’t been told and I didn’t want it to be done over the phone or in a text message: u r going 2 b grandparents.

Lee’s now just got off of the phone with his Nan who is also over the moon.  It helps that the Estimated Date of Arrival is her birthday, but aside from being excited about that, she is just excited at the prospect of seeing a great grandchild.  I never even thought of it in those terms before she said it.   I mean obviously the way it works is that Lee’s grandmother becomes our child’s great grandmother, but I just don’t think of her in that way.  She’s just got too much spirit in her to be a great-grandmother.

Wow. This baby is going to have a lot of family.  Until today, I’ve really not thought about it.  2 parents, 3 uncles (2 aunts by marriage),  4 grandparents, 3 great-grandparents + 1 Margaret which really makes it 4, 6 great-aunts , 6 great-uncles, 2 great-great-aunts and 28 second cousins.  That is not even counting all of the friends of the family that end up being called auntie and uncle.

Looks like I am going to have to organise a BOB on Tour extravaganza!