Luca turned a whole entire year old on the 10th of this month! To celebrate, his Mummy and Daddy had a little party at their house on the 15th where there were lots of toys, a ball pool I was not so sure of and …. cake! Oh and Luca was there too of course. Duh, I mean it was his party after all!

Luca’s Daddy brought out a cake with candles on it. I’ve seen a candle before, but never one that had FIRE on it!!!

Happy Birthday to you..

Luca seemed to like when they were on fire, but was not so sure when his Daddy helped him blow them out.

Where there's smoke..

Luca’s Daddy even set the candles on fire again so that Sam could practice blowing out the candles since his is turning THREE in April!

Sam's Go

When Luca’s Daddy set them on fire again to give me practice, I decided that the other boys were silly to try and blow the candles out. Obviously the better way would be to actually grab the fire with my hand and throw it away.

Fire Toucher

Lucky for me, Luca’s Mummy was on hand to keep me from doing anything too crazy! My Parents were too busy taking photos and laughing like usual.

But the fire wasn’t all bad. I learnt that when you blow out the candles, you get to eat the cake!!! Now until today, I had only been able to share pieces of cake or cupcakes with my Mommy or Daddy. I was never given a slice or cupcake of my own. So when I had the chance, I was making sure that it was not going to be wasted!!!



It was great! Cake is so tasty and I got to make whatever mess I wanted to! Luca and I were just having a great time and then I realised that I was running short on cake, and Luca was double fisted.

Keep Your Eye On Your Cake

Seeing that Luca is smaller than me, I thought I’d help him out by taking the chunk of icing from his left hand and eating it for him. I’m so nice, right?

Now you see it.. now you don't

Luca let my Mommy know that he was not impressed with my “helping” skills by giving her a wicked look. I’m so glad I was oblivious, because I may just have cried if I knew that I had been doing something wrong.. or that I got caught doing it.

Did you see what your son did?

Don’t feel too bad for Luca though. I know it was his birthday and now I know that you don’t get to decide when someone else wants to share, but he got me back. I think he mistook one of my curls for a piece of that icing because I was sitting there playing and the next thing I know… my head was in the grips of those D’Ambrosio hands and I was in tears.

Heads Up!

But the tears soon ended and by the end of the party, we were back playing nicely together.

Nice Boys

Now I’ve got to work on this food stealing thing before my birthday party because even Sam was scared that I was going to try and eat his orange. But he was safe because I don’t even know what an orange is and at that moment I was just hoping to find more cake hidden somewhere.

So apologies for my smash and grab, but thank you for inviting me to your party, Luca!

I hope I enjoy my birthday as much as I enjoyed Luca’s!!!!

They say ignorance is bliss. They, are right.

There I was, happily living my life. The only thing I knew about teeth was that big people seemed to have them, but my friends like Calleigh and Luca and I did not. I did not know why and to be honest, I did not care much.

Some days when I’d get really grumpy, my Mommy or Daddy would stick their fingers in their mouth and massage my gums and for some reason, it made me feel better. Things like that I don’t like to think about because it makes me feel all weird and stuff. So, I didn’t.

Then I went to the dentist who was talking about my teeth. I’ll be honest with you; the reason I was so smiley when I went, was because I thought she was crazy. What teeth? What was she talking about? I was all gums and happy to be so! Let’s face it, I was doing quite well on this eating thing with just my gums. Especially if I was eating lamb and mint sausage *drool* (I’ll get into that in a post soon to come). Or cheese! Cheese is sooooo good!

But I digress. Over the weekend, I sent Happy Noah on a holiday. I didn’t know I was going to and I didn’t know why I was doing it, but I did. My Parents stuck their fingers in my mouth again and this time, this time I cried. Then they gave me medicine. I didn’t cry much longer, but I wasn’t about to smile either.

On Sunday night my Mommy was talking to Luca’s Mummy about these silly teeth things. Apparently Luca’s teeth weren’t holding back and were finally ready to arrive. But he’d been a Happy Chappy and one that didn’t drool. So not how I was being. So they decided that I had a while to go.

Apparently mothers aren’t always right. Yesterday I started to eat funny which was frustrating for my Parents because I was sticking my tongue over my bottom gums and getting in the way of the spoon. In came the fingers again and they agreed that they definitely felt something. Still, they were not too sure and I wasn’t giving them a glimpse!

Today was another story. The fingers were out first thing and at first I thought it was a joke so I allowed them entry. That’s when they felt the sharp thing in my gum. My bottom right tooth was starting to break through. That’s right, I have joined the Tooth-ed World.

And I am NOT happy about it. In fact I cried, moaned and complained for most of the day. Aside from when I was sleeping and briefly when my Daddy came home from work. At dinner, my Mommy gave me some cheese as a treat and I dropped a bit and didn’t see where it went, so my Mommy went to put it back in my mouth and I bit her. How was I supposed to know it would hurt her?! She made some sort of strange noise and told my Daddy to stick his finger in to be bit, but Daddy is smarter than he looks and wasn’t falling for her tricks.

Eventually he did have a feel though and then they spent the next 15 minutes trying to gain access for a photo. I fought hard, I did. But they won in the end. It doesn’t show clearly what is going on in there, but it does show that there is going on.

Had I known it would feel like this, I would have liked to wait until later for them to appear.. like when my Mommy can give me bigger doses of medication to make me sleep through the pain.

I miss my old gums. The ones that never hurt. At least my Mommy has taken thousands of photos of me so I will be able to remember the Good Old Days.

Below is a brief Journey of the Teeth (over a one week period)

2nd September 2008: All Gums and Happy to be so!
Gummy Bear

6th September 2008: You Can See Them, But They’re Still Inside
Frontal View

6th September 2008: A Bit Bruisy in the Gums
Bruised Gums

9th September 2008: The Breakthrough
Pop Goes The Tooth

9th September 2008: Where I Bit My Mommy

It’s been a long week for us here at Noah’sTheBoss Central what with me turning 8 weeks old and getting my first immunization needles. I’ve also discovered that the girl that’s been hanging around me every day of my life is really nice. So nice in fact, that I’ve not wanted her to put me down much at all this week. I’ve even heard her say that I’ve been “clingy” and “cranky”. Whatever! I just know what I want and how to get it.

Because I thought that people might be hearing about this new “phase” I am going through, I wanted to remind you all that I can be cute and there are time when I do smile and giggle. It’s just that life’s rough right now and sometimes a little dude just wants a cuddle, some food and some sleep. Is that so bad?

Plus, I’ve been growing!! On my 8 week birthday or whatever it is called, I weighed in at 13lb 14.5oz! That’s right, almost a full stone of pure cuddliness to love. That takes it out of a guy! Just look at the way I barely fit into my moses basket!!

Monster Baby in Basket

I’m so big that my Mommy even had to cave in and let me sleep somewhere that I could thrash about safely until I passed out…

Sleepy Cheeks

And I’m not just growing in weight and height, you know. My personality is growing. I am smiling a lot more, and not because I have gas/wind or because my Mommy is being crazy again, but because I feel like it. In fact, sometimes I have to give thought to whether I am in the mood to…

Thinking about a smile

But most of the time I give in because I know I’ll get an even bigger one back…

Smiling Noah

Now I’ve got to go and have a cry to let my parents know I mean business about having a nap. So have a peep at me getting down to some MC Hammer and let’s hope she remembers how much I loved her when we’re in Toronto next week and I’m spreading my love around to everyone else!!

Can’t Touch What?! from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

and P.S: for those of you who noticed that I loved spending time with “Bubbles” my changemat, I am happy to announce that “Bubbles” has been retired to Post Bathing Naked Time only and I now get to be changed on this posh number ..

Noah on Changemat

It even has a pillow! So worthy of a definite reach out.. if only it could reach back.

My Mommy has been telling people that I’ve been a ratbag this week.

Alright, alright, so I’ve screamed a bit for no apparent reason and have scared my parents because they haven’t been able to figure out what is wrong. Oh and yeah, so I don’t like to sleep at night when they keep saying “It’s sleepytime”, but I’ll sleep when I’m old like them!!

I just wanted to make everyone aware that I am not all bad. In fact, I can be downright adorable! Most of the time I am!

Laugh Factory from Kirsty B on Vimeo.