!!Swimming Update!!

It’s official. After leaving the house early this morning, my Mommy went to the pool (without me!!!!!) and sat on a cold floor waiting to sign me up for swimming lessons while my Daddy and I had a nap at home. That’s right, I’m starting swimming lessons. I will be a whole 6 months when I start and I think for now I will not learn much more than I already know, but we’ll see anyway. At least if I don’t learn anything new there will potentially be some hot chicks in bathing suits for me to smile and drool at.

Plus, I just love swimming. I got to go two times last week. That’s right TWO times. TWO days in a row!! It was great. And once again I only got cranky when it was taking SO long for my Mommy (the first time) and my Daddy (actually both of them the second time) to get ready.

My Mommy is trying to get a bit braver with sneaking photos of me too!! Though she only managed to get me in the changeroom BEFORE we went in the pool.

Ready for the water!

Look at that excitement. It’s too bad you can’t see how much I love it in the pool too. Mommy told me that if the weather would warm up she’d blow up my pool and put it out back so I can get my swim on. Just the mention of it gets me quite excited.

Hey Lady! Let's Go!

Here I am last Friday wondering why she (my Mommy) gets me all dressed and ready to go and THEN pulls out the camera and asks me to smile and say cheese.

A) I can’t talk, Lady.

B) Do you know how cruel it is to get a little dude all excited to go swimming and then torture him with waiting so you can get a blog worthy photo? Don’t think I won’t report you to the NSPCC!

She’s okay really. Just sllllooowwwwww. But she’s taking me swimming every week for 14 weeks!! So I think I’ll keep her around for now.