If you only knew…

What I went through just to get to you
I’m swinging from you
And there’s nothing I would rather do

Seriously, who knew?

Sure I am only a few days in to the new job and there have already been some people who have crossed my path and were immediately dismissed from my Christmas card list, but there is a lot of hope at the end of this tunnel.

I actually got to sit down (well to be honest I stood the whole time) with my “unit”, not team.. unit, and talk about how things will work when all the dust has settled and we are in the new office and I have a slight clue of what I am doing. They told me that they were totally PC and that there was no swearing in the office, to which one of the unit members said “that’s right. no fucking swearing.” The other replied with “shut it you old slapper”. It was at this moment that I felt a rush of emotion, my head all woozy.. and no not from low blood sugar… and I knew that I may have found a home. It is a unit constantly faced with madness and tragedy, but they are there to support each other and catch each other when they stumble.

Who knew.

I certainly never expected it. In fact I thought I got the shit end of the stick when they gave me position B over position A, but it looks like B was the big winner.

Finally I win something. It may not be £7,000,000, and the pay is nowhere close, but all I’ve ever wanted was a job where I felt like I was doing something that helped people.. today the Papa Bear of the office said to me “just remember the bottom line, we are here to save lives, and that is what we care about most”. It was like he knew what I needed to hear. And it sounded great in a slight Irish accent!

So cross your fingers and toes, I may have actually stumbled upon a job I like. We’ll see!


Now the drugs don’t work

They just make you worse
But I know I’ll see your face again….

So I finally decided to stop this Housewife on A Holiday lifestyle and get myself a damned job. Knowing that it isn’t as easy as snapping your finger and having one land on your lap, I fully expected to sit around and wait for rejection after rejection. After hearing back from the Po-Leece that I haven’t lived in the country for 3 years therefore I don’t meet requirements, I decided to look somewhere else. Like.. to the people that work with them. The Probabtion Services.

And guess what.. THEY think I’ve lived here enough time. They think I am great. So great that I had an interview yesterday morning and by the end of the day.. I had a job. SO great that my boss to be called me this morning to tell me that she was SO happy that I had accepted the job offer and that she told my new “team” and that they were chuffed to bits that I will be joining them. That’s right chuffed to bits. I would be scared if I didn’t know what that meant.

So, as of the 4th of April, I will be working here:


To be honest, it is not in the swanky bit of the building, but just to the left of this photo. So if you plan on being an offender in this area and you get probation, don’t look for any help from me. I don’t know you.