Earlier I posted on LiveJournal that Lee is gay.  He disclosed a love for ABBA today and staunchly supported his right to love them.  Ben tried to come to his rescue, but then Lee “stumbled upon” a website which I think he enjoyed a little too much – Sausage Quarterly.

Methinks it is time to give up hope.

Luckily I may not be alone….


Just My Luck

On Friday a co-worker and I put together a well oiled Lottery Syndicate at the office. With 33 entries and a jackpot of over £123 million, it would be fair to say that the day was spent dreaming rather than working. I guess it didn’t help that the weather was complete shit, we were drenched on the way back from getting the tickets and my McDonalds bag tore leaving my poor cold fries exposed to the cold.

Fast forward until last night. The results are in and I check each line. And check them again in case I got it wrong. Nope, I was definitely right the first time. We didn’t win the Grand Prize, but we did win something. A whopping £6.40. That’s an entire nineteen pence a person. Well 38 each for Rodney and I since we entered twice.

Then today I got a phone message to let me know I won something in a prize draw for charity. Apparently I won a Fusion Hamper. Something to do with sports stuff. Probably crap, but hell I’m thrilled! But wait. I cannot find my winning ticket! That’s right, I finally win something and I don’t have my little stub to claim the prize.

Only me.

Tomorrow morning I am going to call them and BEG them to let me have my prize. I swear if there is some higher being, they spend their day thinking up ways to build me up and knock me down just so they can laugh.