Dream a Little Dream of Me

Some people dream of winning the lottery, spending their days being beach bums, owning property all over the world, have no responsibilities or all of the above.

My dreams are simple: laser eye correction, gastric bypass (has to be easier than doing it myself), laser hair removal, weekly manicures and pedicures and having someone who washes and brushes my hair daily.  I know that my dreams can be acheived. Perhaps not all at once, or not all this decade, so for now I will settle for new glasses and “magic pants”.

Shh, did you hear that?  I think it was reality slapping me across the face.  What a bitch that reality is.  She’s okay as far as television shows go, but bringing it to my own life? How dare she.

Urgh.  I am feeling like Bridget Jones, only married and Canadian.


New Year, New Me?


I’ve made one massive observation in the 6+ days of 2007. This observation has led me to admit to myself and to the world that I am just as lazy this year as I was last year. In fact, I may be even worse.

However, I am determined to make a change, it is just finding the time and energy to do so. Perhaps when we return from Dublin in 2 weeks, when I finally put up all of the photos I’ve promised, I will also do something about me. And when I say do something, I am not referring to thrice weekly therapy. Bollocks to that. I’d rather be crazy than broke. You can quote me on that.

And while I am too busy being lazy, here is a fine photo of a young couple in love.

Young Love

PS:  There is one thing that I am SUPER proud of.  We actually took down our Christmas tree on time.  Okay, maybe an hour late, but we still haven’t gone to bed so we are still counting it as the 6th.  Yippee!  Hey man, we can use all of the good luck we can get, regardless of the superstition.

Anyone need a rapidly-shedding-its-needles-tree?


WELCOME 2007!!!!

2006 is finally over and I must say that I am not too sad to see it gone. As horrible as it was to us (minus the whole getting married bit), we gave it a proper send off complete with a special performance from The King himself.

While I de-hangover myself, enjoy a snipet of Elvis singing to Princess Leia. More photos will follow…and words too!!!