My Mom always tells me that I may take the bumpiest or most indirect route to get where I am going, but that I always get there in the end.   Most of the time I try and keep that in mind when things start going astray and I am always careful not to be too optimistic when things start going well.

Okay, not always, but most of the time.

This time isn’t one of them.

I was SO proud of the fact that my couple of hours in the hospital had kicked our asses into gear and that we were making headway on the nursery.  Okay, so the dresser we want is out of stock. No biggie.. we either wait or order a different one.  That bump in the road I had actually anticipated.   Having dashed our plans of a night at a Malmaison hotel (we love them!) and a lovely dinner somewhere after realising that we can barely fit into a bed other than our massive one, my inability to do long car journeys well, we were both working New Year’s Eve and then my hospital trip, we had settled on the idea of staying in and eating ourselves silly… with bouts of finishing off the nursery.  At least the white paint part until we settle and buy the other colour(s).

As we prepared to get things underway, Lee decided to blurt out “I am going for a wee and then I will give you the bad news!”.  Typical man.  After gentle prodding he explained that where some of the paint had started to peel off of the wall before, he noticed there was a little more looking like it wanted to peel.  So I went to take care of it…and in less than half an hour the beautifully white wall looked like this:

Happy New Year

Another view

last look

That little patch of white on the right side of the wall… that is what peeled off last night that we’d already painted over.

So once again my mother was right.  I swear one day I will listen to everything she says.  For now though, I am going to drown my sorrows in mini beef wellingtons, prawn wontons, mini melting chocolate cakes, lemon cheesecake, vol au vents and some good old Canadian Dry.

Happy New Year!!

Let’s hope yours is slightly less labouring.

or at least a bright glow in the nursery.  The only downside is that the upstairs of the house smells like paint, though that may be what aided our sleep last night.

The Before:

The nursery before

Yes, I know that any talent that can produce art like that should be displayed somewhere open to the public for mass consumption, but I am a bit shy about my paintbrush skills!

The During:

Lee gets stuck in
Lee takes the task seriously as always.

30.12.07: Us in the nursery

No SARS here!

The After (at least until we get another colour up there):

BoB gives it the once over

BoB has a nose around the “new” room.

Lee is thrilled to be done for the night!

He cannot believe that it is all over!  But I could. I was absolutely shattered and I’ve discovered that although BoB is quiet when I am active, the slowing down of any activity leads to his/her consumption of whatever adrenaline I had remaining and the Womb Raving begins.  I won’t be shocked if this kid comes out with a toned body from all of the dancing he/she is doing in there!

After the painting we settled into our pyjamas and got on the sofa for The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, during which I believe BoB had a growth spurt.  At least that is what I am telling myself after seeing the latest photos.

32w5d: Hoodies aren't just for Christmas

My Mom was right once again… I am only going to get bigger before the end.  Hopefully it will slow down with 7 weeks and 1 day left.

32w5d: BoB takes over..

32w5d: All about BoB

My belly button even seems to be making a last ditch effort at becoming an outtie.  Lee even saw the bottom of it for the first time yesterday.  However, this morning it has returned to “normal”.  That’s normal for you… not me and my much loved cavernous tummy button.

And on that note, I need to get ready for work. Yay Me. 🙁


The transformation is under way.

The first coat is up (on 98% of the wall – we (read: Lee) are going to build a box to house these pipes that are a pain to paint).  There were a few unexpected surprises; the paint starting to peel off of the wall … the absence of my usual painting stamina (considering I painted that room alone in one day the first time around)… and just the shock that the room still looks tiny even when it is white.  It looks better…brighter…but just as itty bitty.

We are letting this coat dry and then on to coat two!  As we haven’t purchased a final colour for the walls, it would appear that we will not have the room done by 2008.  On the bright side, we should have it done by the end of next weekend and all set to go (minus chest of drawers and glider…which have yet to be ordered).

Once that is done I can focus on my hospital bag which I still have difficulties imagining how I am going to fit everything into a small bag.  Don’t they know me?!  I take 8 pairs of shoes for a one week vacation.  How the hell am I supposed to fit all of my post birth stuff into one tiny carry on rolling suitcase!?!


It’s all gone It’s all gone!

Somehow, there are only 52 days left until BoB’s estimated date of arrival. Many other prepared parents would be sitting back relaxing on the sofa with their feet up, enjoying their last days of freedom. Lee and I …. are not prepared. Sure, we are getting there slowly. Slowly. Very slowly. By the end of this weekend we may even have the dark and light blue walls of the Room Formerly Known as The Geek Room covered with white paint in order to prepare it for whatever colour is coming next.

Throughout this pregnancy I’ve felt like we’ve had all the time in the world, even though time has flown by. On the days where I was constantly on the verge of vomiting, it didn’t really feel like time was moving at all, but then I’d wake up the next day and realise there was one less day for us to get things done in.

One thing we have accomplished, is that we’ve packed BoB’s bag for the hospital. So should this Womb Raver make an early entrance, he or she will have diapers and clothes at the ready. My hospital bag… umm, not quite there. I could be using this time now to do it, but instead I am sat here with earphones on, hooked up to the Crappy Listening Device I suckered us into buying all those months ago and Lee is building the “dresser” (more like below waist level shelves) in BoB’s room so we can have a better image of the colour of the wood as we cannot find anything that matches it and need to see what other colours go.

Do not get me wrong, it is not like we’ve just been lounging about. BoB most definitely has not. In the past few weeks he or she has really picked up the pace on the movement. Sometimes when it is least desired by his or her extremely exhausted mommy-to-be, and always at the utmost amusement of his or her daddy-to-be. The Almost 3 Brotherstons of Milton Keynes (only Temporarily we hope!!! Bring on anywhere else that isn’t here!) have actually been across the pond and celebrated “Christmas” with my family, endured a snowstorm and my aunts threw me a baby shower. Then we came back here, returned to work for a few days and celebrated Christmas with Lee’s family, returned to work for a couple of days (at least attempted to before my episode yesterday) and now we’re exhausted with a million things left to do.

Being 30 weeks pregnant on a plane was somewhat worrying as I was dreading having to ask for a seatbelt extension or simply fitting in the seat.  Luckily BoB hasn’t made me grow sideways and rested comfortably above the seatbelt, so all fears there were for nought.  I had been told that my sister-in-law had just flown to Toronto, slightly less pregnant (a whole 19 days), and found it uncomfortable so I was worried about that too.  However, BoB was a born traveller.  I guess already having been tossed about on planes to Toronto, San Francisco, Las Vegas and back in the early days let him/her know what sort of thing they’d be putting up with by taking residence in my tummy.  The only thing BoB decided to do was to make my belly lopsided bycurling up on my right side which seems to be his/her preferred place.

30w1d: BoB on a plane

…We interrupt this programme for an important news update…

Lee’s just completed the “dresser” and it is a nicer colour than I remember and matches the Banana Dream colour we’d thought of going with. It is so so so confusing. Cream or Banana Dream? They both go and now we are confused. Happy, but confused!!! Where is Martha Stewart…. or my mother… when we need her? Oh yeah, my mother is somewhere in a plane over the Caribbean Sea at the moment *grumble grumble*

The Dresser and the Monkey

Back to your Original Programming.

So, as this has become a lot longer than planned, we’ll do a mini round up in photos.

December 12th we arrived in Toronto to see snow on the ground (YAY!!!!!!!)

12.12.07 Snow!

Even the excitement of the fluffy white stuff couldn’t distract me from what I really wanted though…


30w1d: BoB gets Wing Machine

The next day Lee, my Mom and I braved the snow for some last minute shopping.  My jacket couldn’t do up, but who needs a jacket when you’ve swallowed a personal heater!?

30w2d: BoB keeps me warm

(p.s: my hair didn’t look that good after trudging across the parking lots of Woodbridge in the snow)

The next day saw Lee off to work at Oceanfresh and my Mom and I off pyjama shopping and eating West Indian food in the car like the true Ghetto Queens that we are.   When we set off for the day, my mom forgot to inform me that Lee was wearing the same top as I was.  This was the SECOND time we’ve been caught matching unaware.

30w3d: BoB in stripes

30w3d: BoB from the front

14.12.07 Happily Matching

On the 15th of December it was time for the Barlekushnaphan Christmas.  This involves food, drink, six children 8 and under, a party room, presents and tears.  Though this year being Lee’s first was actually tame. No food or drink was thrown, no one wet their pants (regardless of age), no major adult tantrums were thrown and no one dropped the gloves when it came time to the adult gift exchange.  It was like everyone behaved for Lee.  Where was he our whole life?!

It was smiles all around that day.  At least once the party started.

30w4d: Hot Pink Santa with Kiera and Sarah

Perhaps too smiley on some occassions…

Aaron and Lee

The following day was my baby shower than my aunts held for me.  Like every other big occassion in my life, Mother Nature was royally pissed that she hadn’t received an invite and decided to chuck the snow down.  It was the highest one day snowfall in 60 years, but that wasn’t keeping my mom, BoB and I away from Pickering. No Siree!! We got ready early and made our way slowly but safely.  The only times it got really scary were on the way there when I kept thinking I had to go to the washroom and there was no where to go.  But I held it in like a big girl and we made it.   What an effort they went to as well!! I had been nervous because Cath kept telling me that it was going to be the gayest shower ever, but Sue and Cath could not have held a more perfect shower for me.  There was jerk chicken, macaroni pie, rice and peas, cake, presents and lots of laughter.  I am not sure how I will ever be able to let them know how grateful I was for the day!  It may not have been the turn out that they were expecting, but I had a GREAT time!  As did Luke when he returned and found his new love Pennie sat in his living room.

I have no photos of the shower (my Mom has those I think), but here is me getting ready to go.

30w5d: Shower Bound

30w5d: BoB in Silver!

The next day everyone was relaxed.  Cath came by with the boys for one last pre-BoB visit and the afternoon saw Lee back working at Oceanfresh and then a chilled dinner with the parents and back home to pack.

This is how chilled the day was…just take a look at Adam lounging:

30w6d: Hanging out in the kitchen

The trip came and went in a flash, but it was the taste of home I’d been needing for a while and should keep me going until my mommy arrives (hopefully) in time for BoB’s arrival!

Since we’ve been back Christmas has come and gone.  We had a nice quiet Christmas in front of the Wii with Lee’s family.  We’ve found out that Russell had a heavier brain than the rest of us, but I shall keep working on it.  It might actually help me regain all of the brain cells I’ve lost over the past 32.5 weeks.

One thing has remained.  My inability to stay in one outfit as demonstrated on Christmas Day….

The Morning:

32w: Christmas Day

32w: Christmas Day II

The Afternoon:

32s: Festivus!

The night:

32w: Christmas Day III

So there we have it.  A quick  long drawn out bring-you-back-up-to-speed update on how things are going in the life of Kirsty, Lee and BoB.

I think I need a nap now.  And then I will really start working on the nursery.  I swear.  Really.  Well, probably.

This afternoon for the first time (and hopefully last) in my life, I had a professional medical personnel shine a flashlight up my vagina.

There are some parts of pregnancy that weren’t part of the deal I signed up for.. that was definitely one of them.

Lee, BoB and I spent a few hours in the Antenatal Day Assessment Unit at MK General today.  We had the opportunity to meet one mad Scottish midwife (who held the flashlight), and check that BoB was alright and not trying to make a very early exit.

The bad news: the pain I was in was probably caused by a band of adhesion left over from a surgery 17 years ago (although they are checking me for a UTI which this most definitely is not… though may turn into one after the experience today!!!) which means that there is nothing much that can be done.

The good news:  BoB is thriving on the inside.  Great heartbeat and movements (in fact, he/she was given “+ + + +” for movements).  Also, everything is where it should be and the tenderness was not related to early labour.

What have we learned from today?  I do not enjoy internal examinations, and I cannot wait for my GP to refer me to the Horton Hospital.

(Stay tuned because a proper update is coming. Photos have been uploaded and plans were in place for today, but I’ve been recovering instead)


There’s always one in the crowd

Yesterday at work I got a couple of cramps.  Whether they were Braxton Hicks or BoB chewing on a nerve, I have no idea.  Only two of my colleagues witnessed this moment of pain and they had the same look of panic on their face as I did.  But it went as fast as it came and we put it down to the Balti popcorn.

Today I was standing around in reception and I got another cramp. This time it was in my side, so I figured it was nothing.  Only it lasted much longer. I made my way back to my desk and sat there fore a while until it went away.  As I was passing through reception later on, I got yet another cramp in another location.  When I grabbed the bottom of my tummy to “contain” the cramp, a colleague looked at me ever so nonchalantly  and said “Ooh, Jesus is coming!”.


(note: update on flying while 30 and 31 weeks pregnant, the trip home, emotions, BoB updates and more coming soon!)


The Final Countdown!

Today marks the 3/4 way mark.  As of today, BoB is officially Medium-Well Done.  Only 10 weeks left to go until we get to meet the Tiny Little Human™ and we cannot wait.

Last night BoB started doing some sort of yoga in my belly as Lee and I watched in amazement.  I never thought I’d be thrilled to see the left side of my stomach protrude so much more than my right, and then to see it slowly switch.  We have no idea what is going on in there, but BoB seems content on cooking a bit longer and every once in a while putting on a little show for us as if to say “I’m still here!”.  As though we could forget, but we’ll take the performances whenever we can get them.

Tomorrow we are all off on the plane to Toronto so that everyone else can get a glimpse of The BoB Show.

Warning: Tickets to The BoB Show are non-refundable. Performances are unscheduled and are not guaranteed.

Only 70 sleeping days left!  Who knew we’d make it this far.  Who knew that I would make it this far.


BoB Humbug

As I’ve written on my normal blog, I’ve yet to be consumed by The Christmas Spirit.  I want to be. Desperately, but it just isn’t happening.  Perhaps it is the pure exhaustion of being quite pregnant, the fears and worries and stresses that come with the pregnancy, my inability to concentrate on anything for an entire minute added with my fragile mental state.

Yeah, we’ll go with the All of the Above choice there.

I’ve been slacking on the BoB blog due to the physical and mental exhaustion.  We’re still taking the photos, and I still think “ooh, I should write about X or Y”, but I just lie there like a lump of moss on roof tile.

This week I’ve passed my Life in the UK test which means should my application be sent in on time and approved, BoB’s Mommy will be legally allowed to stay in the country once BoB is born.  It won’t be a birthing equivalent to a Dine and Dash where I’ve got to push push push and then be deported once the cord is snipped.

Hooray for that!   As I feel I may be a little tired when BoB arrives.

As well as I did on the test, I failed my Blood Test last week.  My iron levels have dropped again and I’ve been put on iron pills.  Luckily I am going away on Wednesday because that will give my midwife enough time to forget her threat that she was going to tell me off if it went lower than the last test.

Though it means I have to have another test next time. That is worse than the side effects of the iron pills, which have seen me up at all hours with stomach cramps.

Over the next couple of weeks the postings may continue to be slow in coming because we are off to Toronto for some of the week ahead and some of the week after.  Then there is Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  Then only 3 and a bit weeks of work left before I get to sleep in, if I am not too busy having mini heart attacks at what is about to happen.

I am going to be a mother in just over 10 weeks.  That is if BoB is on time and not early… or late.

So here are some photos to hold you over in case I have a total emotional meltdown not being able to cope with all of the events and stresses ahead!

From Monday: 28weeks 6days

28w6d: From the Front

28w6d: From the Side

Where the Belly Button would be if it popped

Friday: 29weeks 3days

29w3d: Side View

Get in mah bellah!

29w3d: All of the BoB

People say pregnancy suits me.. I think it is because the belly finally balances out the bum!

29w3d: The Belly

Saturday: 29weeks 4days

29w4d: By the tree

29w4d: Posing by the Tree

29w4d: BoB's 1st Christmas on the inside

BoB gets a close up of the tree:

29w4d: Mah Bellah


‘Tis the Season?

Normally I am the Queen of Christmas. From the middle of October I start getting tingles in my fingertips and toes because I know that I won’t have to wait long until the stores are pumping out the rocking Christmas tunes, stuffing their shelves with cheap decorations and gift packs that I never buy but always feel that I “need”.

I am a lover of cheap crap.

Last year I fought through the First Christmas Without My Dad by cooking constantly. Making homemade pasta, gourmet dinners and baking, baking, baking. Our Christmas Dinner For Two could have fed a small impoverished nation, but it helped take my mind off of the most important thing that was missing that day. The alcohol didn’t hurt either.

This year, I am as sober as they come and as much as I try to jumpstart the Christmas Spirit hidden within, as soon as there is a sign that it is coming back, the engine stalls. Even though I do like the tree. A lot. And I like the cute stocking we bought as well. I just can’t get that Christmas Feeling that I am longing for.

The Tree

Christmas without my Dad in the world is not really a Christmas worth celebrating. I keep hoping my Kwanza card will come through the door letting me know that this has all been the longest, most draining nightmare I’ve ever had. But, it doesn’t come. My Christmas Card in November never arrived either.

Yesterday we put up the tree in hopes that it would bring a smile to my face, and although it was a great distraction, as soon as it was done the Spirit left again. Perhaps next year, when there is a little (or big) baby crawling around wondering why this massive tree has taken over the living room and why s/he cannot touch it, things will be different. For now though, they suck.

Normally I can rattle of a million things that I want. This year, I want nothing. I lie, I want a diaper bag. But I can get that after Christmas when hopefully stores will be having their sales. But I seriously cannot think of anything I could get that would bring back the feeling of Christmas Overjoy that I usually have.

That is not to say that I have been The Grinch the entire “season”. And last night there were a lot of laughs between the tears. But those came thanks to my husband who must have put something in the orange juice that he was drinking, because he was a whole new man for a while there; Not “The Man Whose Wife Drains Him Of All Will To Live With Her Constant Crying and Crankiness”.

Leggy Lee and The Tree

The Tree Has Arms

The next photo is small and dark, but last night when we got home I was startled as I looked against the fridge door to see my the shadow of my profile. I Am The Grinch!

The Grinch


Testing Testing …

With 43 of my alloted 45 minutes left, I raised my hand to let the Test Supervisors know that I had completed all 24 questions on the Life in the UK test.

I am officially one step closer to Citizenship.

Actually, it is one step closer to Indefinite Leave to Remain, but that takes me closer to the Citizenship anyway.

Now I just have to figure out the right date to send in all of my paperwork so that I can have it back in time to register the birth of the Breakdancing Baby in my belly.