Me at 2 Months

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful… and have a Buddha Belly!

Buddha Belly


Two Monthday

I am a whopping two months old today. We celebrated yesterday by going to a Safari Park (okay it was for my Mommy’s birthday, but who are we kidding, it’s all about me now!) and today I’ve eaten quite a bit, slept loads (perhaps because I refused to from 2.30 – past 4am this morning) and am still living up to the name Grumpy Pumps. I am exhausted at the thought of my plane ride tomorrow, so I don’t have much energy to write. My very sleepy Mommy has written about the past month in her blog. If you want to read it, it is here:NAJB: Month Two in Review


NAJB: Month 2 in Review

Many people told me that when you hit six weeks old things would become so much easier, so I thought that month 2 was going to be a breeze!! Guess what, I was wrong again. You’re going to find this happens a lot when you grow up, but don’t expect me to admit it then.


You started to become such a happy baby who loved to dance, smile, babble and sleep at the end of month one, and then it all started to unravel. You started to cry. Now apparently all babies cry, but mine didn’t usually so I wasn’t really sure how to deal with it. It took a little while and even when we took you out in public to a birthday party, I didn’t throw you in a cupboard as soon as you started to squawk, although to be honest it was what I had planned on doing before we arrived there. Even when you spat up on their brand new kitchen floor, I kept on nibbling on the breadstick I was eating and let Daddy tend to the mess.

However, my new Easy and Relaxed method of parenting didn’t last too long because Mommy and Daddy decided to have you circumcised. My naiveté shone through when this happened because I thought the only pain you’d feel was the prick of the needle for the local anaesthetic. Guess what, I was wrong again. Don’t get me wrong, you were a CHAMP! You didn’t even cry. I did though. I sat next door and cried by myself while you apparently held Daddy’s hand and looked at the wall, and you were quite happy afterwards.

After The Op

But that only lasted as long as the anaesthetic. It was a rough week and a bit after that. I think more for me than for you, and due to my inability to cope, it became super tough for Daddy because he was taking care of two babies. To be honest, the only lasting negative effect is that you’re still enjoying crying when I change your diaper, even before I’ve done anything… and then you smile.

Just as you had come back around to being regular Noah, it was time for your first set of immunizations. Once again, you handled it better than I did and although this time you did cry a little, it was still less than I did! And once again you were smiley afterwards, although not so much when I tried to get you to take a photo with me. Hey, at least you looked. I’ll take whatever mini victories I can!
Post Jabs

Now it might appear that month 2 was all about hurting you, but it wasn’t. A lot of it was about growth: your growth as a tiny human, and our growth as parents. You are winning that race by a mile, followed by Daddy and well, some days I think I should just retire because you are both lapping me and I am definitely struggling to stay in the race.

At your last weigh in (when you were 8 weeks old), you were 13lb 14.5 oz!! You feel more like 53lb, especially when you wake up at 2.30am and want food and I am too tired for my muscles to work properly. You’ve also gotten quite tall. In fact you are the length of your Moses Basket. You can still fit in, if you bend your legs… and apparently sleeping in just a diaper also makes you that bit more comfy.

Naked Noah One

We’ve got you practicing for Toronto though and have put you in the travel cot which you seem to enjoy because it is spacious. Again it would appear to help if you only wore a diaper.

Naked Noah Two

Speaking of Toronto, you are taking your first airplane ride tomorrow and I am so worried. I wish that Easy and Relaxed Mommy would return, but she seems to have gone on a vacation and hasn’t told me when she is returning. Luckily, Daddy is going to be with us for this part of the trip. I’m not sure what I would have done without him this last month, Noah. He has been amazing! Sure, he’s been frustrated with me at times, but not half as much as I’ve been with myself. I really didn’t know that I would find this so overwhelming. When we come home I might speak to a doctor about it. Might. There is only one thing I ask of you right now, when you’re tired and want to be cuddled to sleep and cry until you’re comfy, let Daddy do it too. He loves you very much and would do anything for you, yet I’m the Original Ratbag and you just keep coming back for more. Though you did give him lots of sleepy cuddles this weekend so you’re let off of the hook for now. Only for now.

Noah and Daddy 19.4.08

Anyway, I better start packing for the trip because I need to nap with you this afternoon. If I am going to survive this journey, I need some rest because I’m not allowed medication while you are still hitting up the Milk Bar for top ups. Plus, you are beautifully fast asleep at the moment and these days that doesn’t last very long!

Thank you for putting up with me over the past two months. I really am trying and you are very worth it, I’m just taking a bit longer than I thought. Don’t hate me because I suck. I’ll get there eventually.

Mommy's Birthday Pose

Happy Two Months, Grumpy Pumps.
Mommy Loves You!


To Keep You Going

It’s been a long week for us here at Noah’sTheBoss Central what with me turning 8 weeks old and getting my first immunization needles. I’ve also discovered that the girl that’s been hanging around me every day of my life is really nice. So nice in fact, that I’ve not wanted her to put me down much at all this week. I’ve even heard her say that I’ve been “clingy” and “cranky”. Whatever! I just know what I want and how to get it.

Because I thought that people might be hearing about this new “phase” I am going through, I wanted to remind you all that I can be cute and there are time when I do smile and giggle. It’s just that life’s rough right now and sometimes a little dude just wants a cuddle, some food and some sleep. Is that so bad?

Plus, I’ve been growing!! On my 8 week birthday or whatever it is called, I weighed in at 13lb 14.5oz! That’s right, almost a full stone of pure cuddliness to love. That takes it out of a guy! Just look at the way I barely fit into my moses basket!!

Monster Baby in Basket

I’m so big that my Mommy even had to cave in and let me sleep somewhere that I could thrash about safely until I passed out…

Sleepy Cheeks

And I’m not just growing in weight and height, you know. My personality is growing. I am smiling a lot more, and not because I have gas/wind or because my Mommy is being crazy again, but because I feel like it. In fact, sometimes I have to give thought to whether I am in the mood to…

Thinking about a smile

But most of the time I give in because I know I’ll get an even bigger one back…

Smiling Noah

Now I’ve got to go and have a cry to let my parents know I mean business about having a nap. So have a peep at me getting down to some MC Hammer and let’s hope she remembers how much I loved her when we’re in Toronto next week and I’m spreading my love around to everyone else!!

Can’t Touch What?! from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

and P.S: for those of you who noticed that I loved spending time with “Bubbles” my changemat, I am happy to announce that “Bubbles” has been retired to Post Bathing Naked Time only and I now get to be changed on this posh number ..

Noah on Changemat

It even has a pillow! So worthy of a definite reach out.. if only it could reach back.


Oh and by the way…

It’s official – I have my very own passport and will be hitting the air in EIGHT short days.

Watch out Toronto, here I come!

Official Noah


Public Service Announcement

If you’re going to drink and drive, make sure you’re behind the wheel of a stylin’ car.

Here’s a photo of me getting my drink on in Daddy’s car. So much better than the view on the sofa!

Noah gets drunk 18.4.08


I’m Still Here

For all of you wondering where I’ve been the past week of my life (an entire 1/7th of it), I’ve been here in recovery mode. One day I will write a story about it, but in the meantime I just wanted to let everyone know that all is okay with me (my Mommy I’m not so sure about. Man can she cry a lot. Even more than I do and I’m a baby!!). I’ve been spending my days recuperating and getting longer and stronger for my trip to Canada.

Guarding His Grill 15.4.08

I’ve also been chilling out in my favourite place: On my Daddy…

Noah and Daddy in bed

Practising my dancing (I was rocking out to Aerosmith and Run D.M.C last night), discovering that I can make my hands move the dangling things on my playmat and I’ve been doing intense smile practice.

Smiling on Sunday

Smiling on Monday
Most of my time though, has been spent mastering looking cute. My Mommy and Daddy say that I don’t have to try, but I want to make sure that this isn’t just because they HAVE to say it. I want to make sure that everyone I meet on my big trip (in less than two weeks!) will agree with them.

What do you think?

I'm Cute

Yeah, you’re right, I’ve got nothing to worry about!


Happy Happy Birthday!

Today is my Uncle Scotty’s birthday. I haven’t met him yet but I’ve seen photos and heard about him and I already love him. I’d have to love him to be willing to go through what my Mommy had me do this morning. She is getting carried away with these photo shoots!! I hope that there is a break now until the next birthday because I need some time to recover.

Anyway, this is not about me, this is about my uncle.

I hope you have the happiest birthday ever and I cannot wait to meet you. I hope you like the photos and my attempt at singing to you in the video below!

Noah The Present

Modelling is hard work

New Location Same Message

Happy Birthday Uncle Scotty!

(If you cannot read the sign, it says: Happy Birthday Uncle Scott! With Love, Smiles and Fusses, Your Favourite Nephew, Noah)

Happy Birthday Uncle Scotty from Kirsty B on Vimeo.


I’m No Ratbag!

My Mommy has been telling people that I’ve been a ratbag this week.

Alright, alright, so I’ve screamed a bit for no apparent reason and have scared my parents because they haven’t been able to figure out what is wrong. Oh and yeah, so I don’t like to sleep at night when they keep saying “It’s sleepytime”, but I’ll sleep when I’m old like them!!

I just wanted to make everyone aware that I am not all bad. In fact, I can be downright adorable! Most of the time I am!

Laugh Factory from Kirsty B on Vimeo.


Daddy’s Boy

I have to let everyone know how much I love it when my Daddy is at home!!!

My Mommy is cool and everything, but she is always Go Go Go. She wants to dance, she wants to play, she wants to talk…. she wants to put me down when I finally decide that it would be nice for her to carry me around so I can see the world with my eyes open…

8.4.08 Mommy and Sleepy Me

On the other hand there’s my Daddy. He is not around as much as Mommy because he has to dress up and go to the office. He thinks that this means that I won’t “bond” with him as much or that I might not know who he is, but he is SO wrong. When I hear his voice I stop what I am doing right away. When Mommy cannot do anything to get me to sleep, Daddy just puts me on his chest and there’s no place I’d rather be… and his doesn’t even come with a Milk Bar!

6.4.08 Sleeping Beauties

Today he is supposed to be at the office, but he is at home with me. It has been great so far! We all danced this morning, and I smiled and smiled and smiled, then we went shopping which I slept through, and then we came home and Daddy and I napped. I must have done something good to deserve this treat!

8.4.08: Sleepy Peeps

Yes, I am one happy 40 day old baby today… even if my parents never bought me that toy I heard them talking about this morning. Who needs toys?! I’ve just discovered my ears and tongue… they’re better than any boat or car!!