NAJB: Month 3 in Review

One whole quarter of a year has passed since the very early morning that you decided you were ready for the world. I’d never thought about it like that until this morning when your Daddy mentioned that you weren’t just 3 months old today, that you were 1/4 of a year. That means there are only 3 more of these chunks of time left until we are celebrating your first birthday. I’m having trouble getting my head around this information!

This month has been easier and harder than the past two, but overall it has been way better because you’re getting so much funnier. In the first two months, most laughs were had when you’d “wind” yourself… or simply, burp and fart. That trick still hasn’t gotten old, but now when you sneeze you make a cute noise when you’re done, you talk to everything (including tape measures, the television and stuffed animals), you hold on tight to things, you laugh, you smile even more, you get excited every time you are in the bath and you love love love love love to stand up.

Standing Noah

You also took your first trip on an airplane this month. I cannot begin to tell you how scared I was about this trip. The thought of close to 8 hours in an enclosed space where we cannot pace freely trying to calm you or escape the evil stares and wicked whispers of child hating passengers was enough to make me want to celebrate that we have cancellation insurance. But, we braved it and you were AWESOME. On the way there you slept most of the way in your special little bassinet and we were so proud of our world traveller!! I think the other passengers knew we were proud too by how many times the camera flash went off.

World Traveller Plus

The only down side was that you were slightly overstimulated and the reunion with Kadie was not what we had imagined. In fact she had to work so hard to win you back over while you were quite intent on being a Momma’s Boy. You’ve remained that way throughout this month and although it can be exhausting, I have to admit that it makes me a little happy as right now other than drooly smiles, it is the only way you have of letting me know that you know who I am and that you feel safe with me.

Momma's Boy

In the end, she won you back over. She discovered that the way to your heart is not through your stomach, but through a bath in her kitchen sink. And every morning the two of you would splish splash and you’d check yourself out in the mirror.

Sink Bath

Once you were comfortable letting her back in to your tightly guarded heart, you never looked back. You loved her singing (and you are the only one who does) and had smiles every morning when you woke up. Even before you’d had a bottle!!!

Kadie Love

You also re-met, Zed. You didn’t have the same extreme reaction as you did with Kadie, but perhaps because you were only minutes old when he had to go and catch his plane. Plus, he showed you two things that you instantly fell in love with… hockey (on the BIG tv) and boxing. In fact, you would get so hyper from the boxing that Kadie tried to ban it!! But you two dudes were not having one bit of it. You knew to put up your dukes when you saw him and who can resist a little dude in boxing gloves?

Round 2

While you were in Canada you met a whole bunch of people you’d only heard about before. I have photos of you with each of them, but if I posted them all in this one entry, people would still be reading it when you turned four months old! On Kadie’s side you met Gee Gee Margaret, Great-Aunties Sue, Cath and Suzanne, Great-Uncles Al, Aaron and Dave, cousins Kiera, Adam, Josh, Sarah, Ethan and Luke. On my Daddy’s side you met Great-Uncle Chickie, Great-Aunts Verne and Lauren, cousin Becky and your greatgrandmom. Though you didn’t like that experience because it was in a hospital and everyone was nervous about you catching something and you couldn’t understand why we wouldn’t give you your soother back when you’d spit it out.

You also met your cousin Calleigh. You were not that nice to her I have to admit. Especially when she sucked your thumb!! You cried. It was a sad moment for me as everyone discovered that you were not the rough and tough dude you’d been leading them all to believe. Reduced to tears by a girl 20 days younger than you. It’s not like she stole your Bumbo… which would have elicited a similar response.

Bumbo Noah

Calleigh’s parents were also there, so you got to meet your Uncle Scott and Auntie Heather, and your Crazy Uncle Jamie and Auntie Stacy. So many people… too many restaurants. That may be the best way to sum up your time in Canada actually. But you loved them all!! Even if you couldn’t be bothered with looking at the camera in the family shot.

Family May 2008

So let’s sum up the month: got two needles, cried, you flew to Canada, got grumpy, slept a lot, got happy, loved bathtime, loved boxing, tv, hockey, Dr.Phil and your Bumbo, met a lot of people, ate out way too many times for your liking, discovered that you hate Scarborough Towne Centre’s food court, discovered your lungs and used them… a lot, started sleeping through the night, came back to England, stopped sleeping through the night, got more needles, cried some more, became extra clingy… fed yourself…

Milky Chops

Through it all we’ve watched your personality bursting through like a packet of Jiffy Pop and have loved watching you get stronger, smarter, taller, chubbier and have wondered if you’ll ever sleep through the night, if these screaming/crying fits are a phase, if we’ll both be totally grey before we’re 35, if our house will ever be clean at the same time as all of the laundry is done and the food in our fridge is in date. To be honest though, none of that really matters. A quarter of a year has passed so quickly and I want to make sure that I enjoy every moment with you. Even if some of those moments end with both of us in tears… at least we’re crying together.

3 Months

Happy Three Months, Grumpy Pumps.
Mommy Loves You!

P.S: We tried to get you an exersaucer for your three monthday, but we can’t find one in a store to try out, so please enjoy the new BIG tv instead.
TV present


A Quarter Pounder

Three months old. THREE!! It’s true, I’m three months old today. A lot has happened in the past month and I am still recovering. I promised a post about my trip to Toronto, but my Mommy captured most of it in her blog entry today. If you want to read it, it is here:NAJB: Month 3 in Review

Since returning from my trip I’ve still been busy. Last weekend I got to hang out with my friend Luca again and went to a housewarming (where I showed everyone my new talent otherwise known as The Noah Alarm). I hadn’t seen Luca in a very long time and boy has he changed. He’s almost as big as me now!!!

His playmat is SO COOL!!! His Mommy put me down next to him and I could tell that my Mommy was worried because at home I start to get upset on the playmat these days, but after a few moments of taking everything in, I discovered the greatest thing about Luca’s playmat … it’s edible!!!

Ooh Tasty

But Luca caught me snacking on his stuff and was none to pleased with me…


So Luca decided to have my Mommy pass a message on to me. It went something like this:

Tongue Out

I wasn’t impressed and threw my hands up in the air wondering what the heck my Mommy was doing that to me for.

What Did I Do?!

Luca checked me out again to see if I got the message…

Checking it out

Seeing that I was grinning, he decided to get rid of the middle man and go for it himself, but I didn’t pay attention.

Tongue Two

In fact, I decided that since I was bigger I’d show him who the boss was, so I stood up to let him see who was bigger and stronger…

Standing Up to Luca

But just as I thought he was about to admit defeat, he pulled out the Big Guns! He stood up… without his Mommy or Daddy holding him.

Standing Luca

What?! How is that even possible?! Why don’t I have one of those things!?

I had no choice but to concede. In fact, the pain of losing was so strong that when we went to sleep at the housewarming party, I woke up in tears and Luca smugly slept away next to me.

You won this time, D’Ambrosio, but I’ll be back…and next time… well, next time I probably won’t remember this time.


Got Milk?

I’ve been thinking about things lately. I mean, I’m getting on now… after all, I am 12 weeks old. It’s time to take charge of my life. Time to stop laying about doing nothing. Actually, I like that part of it. It gets frustrating, but all of the Big People seem to do whatever I want and pick me up when I complain… that’s something I’m not quite ready to give up yet. So where do I start, I pondered my options for a while and decided to get involved in something that is very important to me. Something that makes me a happy not so little dude. And involved I got. In fact, I took right over!!!

Getting His Drink On from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

That’s right… I’m a professional drinker! Next I need to learn how to mix up some cocktails!!


This Time Last Year

One year ago today I posted a card to my Daddy. A card that had no specified destination, but one which I hoped he’d get anyway.

In the card I explained how I’d been feeling since he had left (and I know that you say to leave it means he had a choice and he didn’t, Momma.. but it is what it feels like to me) and I ended it by saying that if there was any possible way that the card found its way to him, that I understood that I couldn’t have him back, but that I’d really really appreciate if he could pull some strings and see about a baby.

One week later Noah was conceived. Now you might think it was a massive coincidence, but not too long after that, Noah’s cousin Calleigh was conceived. Now Lee and I had been trying and had discovered that we were good at getting pregnant, just not so great at staying that way, so to me it seemed like much more than a coincidence. And although I am not a great “believer”, I can’t help but think he had a hand in it all.

The reason I sent the card at all, was because the 22nd of May is his birthday. Today he would have been 62 years old and it would have been the happiest birthday he ever had because he’d have two grandchildren to share it with.

The hardest part of raising Noah, isn’t the sleepless nights, the tantrums or the inability to communicate, but not being able to share this all with my Daddy. He would have LOVED Noah, and I know Noah would have loved him right back. Hopefully I can do my Daddy’s memory justice and let Noah know just how loved he would have been and how very very much me meant to me.

Everyone that said that this gets easier…lied. Not a day goes by that I do not think about him and wish that I could wake up from this horrible dream. But at least when Noah’s asleep and gives me the finger or cocks his leg in the air and farts without waking himself, I know that my Daddy is living on in my baby boy.

I love him and miss him more than I can explain.

Daddy, I am so grateful for this amazing baby boy that you arranged for me, now do you think you could manage to get him to sleep through the night?


A Not So Happy 12 Weeks To Me

Ever since I came back from Canada my Mommy has talked about how I am not sleeping well anymore and couldn’t figure out what to do to get me back on a sort-of-schedule. So, last night I had a tantrum because I wasn’t ready to sleep when Daddy put me in the playpen and I got mad at the phone rattle that I kept shaking and somehow ended up whacking myself in the face. Mommy was clever and realised that I was after a little more food and quickly got Daddy a small bottle for me. After that, I decided to give them a treat and slept. And slept. And even slept when Daddy got me up at 11.30pm for a bottle. In fact, I even slept when he put me back to bed and I pooped. I did wake up when Mommy changed me, but went right back to sleep when she was done.

And I slept for the rest of the night. I was a bit restless, but they changed my position and I was happy.

How am I repaid for this super sleeping?! They took me to get two more needles in my thighs again. What is up with that?! Why does Daddy hold my legs for the evil lady with the needle?! And why does Mommy sit in the corner like a fraidy-cat and not come and rescue me. Honestly!

After my needles, I had a little bleed on Daddy’s shirt (that’ll learn ya!) and then fell asleep. Mommy took me to that place where they make me get naked and then talk about how much I eat. Because I’ve got a clever Mommy, she’d given me Advil before we went so I didn’t cry. I just whimpered a little and then smiled when I heard that I am going to be tall. Apparently I already am. To be honest, I can’t really tell when most of my life is spent on my back.

But, at 12 weeks old I’ve survived my second set of jabs and weigh a whopping 16lb 5oz and am 64+cm (or 26+inches) long. The plus is because the nice lady thought I’d had a hard enough day already and didn’t want to upset me further by completely stretching me out. She said if you put me in a room with 100 baby boys my age, only 1 would be taller than me!

Watch out Mommy, you’re going to be the shortest one a lot sooner than you think!!

So, I’ve been across the Atlantic and now I am back in the UK. I have so much to say, but cannot express just how jet lagged I am. I’ve been sleeping up a storm since our return, but my head is still working a bit on Toronto time – even if I stayed in Woodbridge.

In the moments I have been awake, I’ve been showing my Daddy the new skills I picked up whilst in Toronto… like TV watching and sitting up (in my Bumbo or just when I’m tired of life on my back)!!

Watching Dr.Phil in Toronto on 13th May:
Bumbo + Dr. Phil = Awesome!

Watching Deadliest Catch with Daddy on 17th May:
Crabs Are How Big??

I’ve also been showing Daddy my collection of cool new pyjamas that don’t give me a rash (well not anymore…long story that I’ll include in my trip report). Here I am sporting my helicopter camouflage whilst sitting up AND smiling. Am I talented or what?!
Old Navy Knocks My Socks Off

Other than that, I’ve just been lying around waiting for the phone to ring because I saw my Kadie on it a lot and sometime I’ve got to be on the other end right?
Can you hear me now?

Oh and just for the record… my Mommy cannot “What Guy” worth a windy pop. I guess I’ll have to wait until Zed comes to visit before I can get the real deal. I mean it’s two words…can it really be that hard?!

As soon as I’ve figured out where I am, when it’s day and when it’s night and where these stairs came from I’ll write up a trip report. For now… I’m off to pretend to sleep.


Where in the world….

…am I?

On the 29th of April, my Mommy, my Daddy and I set out on a long car ride to the airport where we got in a big plane and flew all the way across an ocean to Canada (where my Mommy comes from). It was a long day but I hear that I was brilliant on the plane. Not so much afterwards, but hey I was getting jet lagged and I just had no idea what was going on.

Since then I’ve met a lot of people that I’d never seen before, re-met my Kadie and Zed (whole other story) and my Daddy has gone home. I’ve discovered that I love hockey (watching it), I’m getting into golf (also watching it) and boxing (actually participating in that). In fact, I went two rounds with Zed earlier and I’m just pooped. He thinks he’s beaten me, but just you wait and see.. I’ve got a week to come back and show him who the boss is!!

Anyway, I am getting excited because I get to meet my uncles, aunts and my cousin Calleigh soon.

As much as I am loving this though, I am kind of looking forward to going home because it seems that every time I wake up I am somewhere new… like Scarborough or Brampton… and even a hospital and I wasn’t even sick!! Mommy hopes that I’ll sleep in my crib when I get home, she’s funny. She should just be happy that I am sleeping for longer than 3 hours at a time each night.

I better go because I’ve got to have my last bottle and diaper change before my last big sleep of the night. When I get back to England I will put up a detailed report of my travels complete with photos!!