Carrot-y Kid

I do not think that it is a secret that I love food. I haven’t tasted most things, but I just know I love them. Or that I will once my Mommy and Daddy finally let me loose on the refrigerator. For now I shall remain oh so curious as I watch the spoons, forks and fingers full of food go from their dishes to their mouths, only imagining how the tastes would tickle my tongue.

So far, other than the cheap thrills of having things rubbed on my lips (thanks Crazy Uncle Jamie) or the brief seconds I am allowed to suck on things, I’ve only had baby rice (boring), superfood porridge (yum yum!) and then last night it got colourful.


Spoonful of Carrot

Oh my days! It was orange, it was sweet and it was oh so smooth! In fact, I was so blown away by this special treat that I was afraid to lose any of it and thought I’d best help get it down my throat by assisting my Daddy and pushing it back with my fingers.

Finger Lickin Good

I was just amazed and afraid it would all end if I blinked. My Mommy keeps saying that she hears people talk about this weaning business being messy, but I am starting to think that is because those other babies do not realise how wonderful this stuff really is. Sure, I got some on my bib, but that was mostly orange drool because I couldn’t stop salivating. But I loved it. I really did and even got upset when they said I’d had enough. I was waiting for that moment for the past 116 days of my life. It was not enough!!!

However, this morning… and by this morning I am meaning 4.00am.. I appear to be a bit gassy. My Parents think it may be from the carrot, but I prefer to blame it on all of the fresh air I keep getting.. or maybe the game Mommy played with me yesterday where she was waving things in my face and I was gulping the air.

Please, let it not be the carrots. Our love affair has only begun and I cannot have it end so soon.

Carrot Top from Kirsty B on Vimeo.


The Wheels On The Bus..

… Go Round and Round….

My Mommy sings this song to me every single day. Until today I had no idea what she was talking about, but since she does hand actions and touches my nose when she says “beep beep beep” I’ve never let on. But now I know. Not only do I know, but now I understand why she seems happy when she sings this song.

Buses are GREAT.

I’ve been on two! We had to go to Oxford today because my Mommy was supposed to be doing something in a court (don’t ask, when she talks about that she doesn’t touch my nose, so I don’t care) but when we got there it was cancelled. We got on the bus anyway and walked around the pretty place before hopping on another bus and getting back in our car.

There are no words to describe how I loved this experience. At first I may have been slightly apprehensive, but I wasn’t really sure what was going on:


But then when we got moving, and I didn’t have to be strapped in…oh my goodness… it was fan-tas-tic. Almost Jumperoo levels of amazing! It was hard to decide what to do… do I look out the window, or do I let my Parents know just how much I loved this experience?! So I settled on constantly switching back between the two:



Looking out of the window:

Window to the wordl

Even when my parents were hoping I’d finally look at the camera in a family shot… I just couldn’t. There was just so much to see!!

Family Photo gone wrong

Now I wonder how many times I have to show them that I love the bus before they buy me one to ride in at home?


Banburian Jumping Bean

A few weeks ago when my parents took me shopping …again… they surprised my by putting me in this very interesting contraption. It had a lot of the same characters that I see on my playmat, but I didn’t have to be on my back. Nope, I got to stand in it. In fact, I didn’t just get to stand in it, but I got to bounce! It was AMAZING.

And instead of that, they bought me a door bouncer.

OB - Original Bouncer

Now, do not get me wrong. I’m not complaining here. Not really. The door bouncer gives me freedom. At least a sense of freedom. It gives me ideas of what independence tastes like. But… I can’t go anywhere, and if I turn around, it turns me back … and it doesn’t make elephant noises.

To make matters worse, they took me to another store and put me in the contraption again. And as the last time, I loved it!

And then AGAIN! Were they not convinced that I liked it? I think I look pretty convincing here..

Boing Boing from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

All of this teasing was like torture. This time when my Daddy took me out, I cried. They figured I was hungry and tired, and okay I may have been a little, but really, I just wanted to bounce.

Little did I know that whilst I was yelling at them from my stroller, they were getting me my very own Rainforest Jumperoo!!

I had a little go when we got home that evening, but to be honest I was too tired to properly enjoy it. However, I was so happy that I felt like I could fly. And in fact, when I put on my magical pyjamas it appeared that I really could..


(Man, am I ever going to be embarrassed when I am big and I realise that the world has seen my Mommy kiss me. But secretly I’ll be happy because I know she does it because she loves me really)

Yesterday they took me to a BBQ and once again it was torture. No, there was no Jumperoo. It was worse. There was food. LOTS of food. LOTS and LOTS of food that I was not allowed to have. So I concocted a plan. I pretended that I was sleepy, right about the time that I am supposed to go to bed and I even had a quick nap. But when they brought me home and tried to put me in the crib… HAHAHA.. the joke was on them! I woke right up and showed them that I had no intention of sleeping. Nuh uh… I was ready to JUMP!!!

And jump I did…

Post Bedtime Work Out

I loved it. I loved it loved it loved it… and drooled like a mad man in appreciation of the chance to JUMP JUMP JUMP.

But then my Parents won. I jumped so much I wore myself out quickly and wanted nothing more than my bed where I dreamt of bouncing around and spinning things and red parrots. That dastardly thing.


Quick Catch Up

I must apologise for being so slack lately. It has been a rough time in the World According to Noah. I’ve been busy growing, getting strong, trying to eat like a big boy, getting some teeth action (though no teeth yet!). Due to all of this I have been suffering from overstimulation, overtiredness and general crankiness. Though I believe as I am my Mommy’s son, that it should be expected. Plus, I am so good most of the time and it is just when I don’t want to be that I make sure to be use up all of my “bad” in one go.

Part of getting to eat like a big boy is practising with my spoon. As much as I hate to admit it, my hand eye..or hand mouth coordination leaves a little to be desired. However, I LOVE food, so I shall try, try again. Below is a photo of me giving it a good shot!


It would help if Mommy put it in my left hand. I am much better with that one!

I’ve also been practising for my eventual escape from this mad house. I know I am supposed to stick around until I am 18 and my parents no longer have to pay for me (legally), but there’s no harm in getting myself ready. Though it would appear that my Mommy is quite clever and cruel and although she put me near the front door, she strapped me in so that I am going nowhere real fast.

On The Run

Check out those shoes! And not just how HUGE they are!

In order to work on my arm strength, I’ve been working out at the gym. Well, not the real gym, more like… umm, on my playmat. But I hold on to the toys and try and pull myself up, so it is like a gym.

Working Out in Disguise

What my Mommy doesn’t realise is that I am just pretending to work out. Really, I was just watching the tv:

Eye on Tweety

That tweety just cracks me up.

Put a little slacking on the arm work out is alright because I have been doing push ups. LOTS of push ups. Apparently I even do them when I shouldn’t. My parents let me know this by trying to roll me back on my side when I am in bed. What’s a man to do when he’s got all the muscle and nowhere to use it?!

Push Up Power!

And strong arms are needed when you’ve got a new fascination like mine:

Toe JAm

That foot, or rather the thigh that is attached to that leg, is no easy thing to be lifting. I might have to invest in one of those belts that the really muscly men wear when they are pumping iron.

Another skill I’ve picked up for my eventual escape is driving.

In the Driver's Seat

Albeit I am a bit too short at the moment to reach the pedals. Okay, and I cannot really see over the steering wheel, but it’s a start and practice makes perfect.

Like the one thing I have truly perfected – Lounging! It doesn’t matter the time of day, the attire, or the occasion.. I LOVE to lounge and I am awesome at it!

Lounging 1

Lounging 2

Lounging 3

And on that note… I’m off to lounge a little more.

Later on today I will give an update on how I am handling the triple injections I had today and give everyone an update on my weight!!!


Cookin’ with Gas!

A couple of months ago, my sister-in-law, Stacy, blogged about getting a new vacuum cleaner (a Dyson) and it evoked unimaginable excitement from some of my family members.

A couple of weeks ago Stacy blogged about getting a new barbeque (a Weber!) and that’s when the emotions were stirred within me. Let’s be honest here, I am a girl who is far more excited by food than by cleaning. That’s part of the reason I want to win the lottery and live in a hotel… daily maid service and no choice but to eat at restaurants…or 24 hour Room Service!!!!

Anyway, Stacy’s entry got me all excited about BBQ Season! As we are into June, summer should be arriving soon. We’ve had a few warm days, but not “summer” yet. Last weekend was super sunny and we headed off to Homebase (just like Home Depot or Lowes) to see if there were any deals. Right in the centre of the barbeque section was a Weber stand. We looked and touched and oohed and ahhhed and then we ACKed when we saw the prices. Sure, they’re pretty and they’re the Kings of the BBQ World, but the price wasn’t converting well. We could have bought one, but it would have been the size of a George Foreman grill on wheels. And not a Family Sized Foreman.

So we looked around and saw that there were a couple of Fiesta barbeques. Ooh, another name I knew!! I also knew that my Dad and Scott were both Fiesta owners so they couldn’t be that crap.

— I should have explained in the beginning, Lee and I have never owned a gas barbeque so we were virgins to this whole experience —

We found one that was 1/3 off and we were happy. Then we realised that there was no way that it was going to fit in my car with Noah and his stroller (we learnt this lesson when we tried to cart home a 42 inch tv and there wasn’t even a stroller in there), so we put it off until the next day.

Lee returned to Homebase last Monday to be told that they had sold out. I wasn’t buying it, but that’s because I trust no one. How could they not have it in? We needed it! We were waiting to play with it! We had waited a whole day to get the fire started and now we had to revert to our oven. What was that all about?!

Nothing was going to stop Lee on his mission though. He contacted a few stores trying to track them down, found out that the distributor had gone bankrupt so there would be no more deliveries, and then he struck Grilling Gold when a nice older lady at a Homebase store in Luton found the last one in stock and put it behind the counter for Lee. He went and collected it on Friday and brought it home. Unfortunately Noah was not a happy man on Friday, so there was no chance to get the assembly going. Yesterday though, success! Lee got down and dirty and put that bad boy together and when he finally finished at 9.15pm, we were ready to go!

Our first attempt at gas grilling has to be … chicken wings!! We have searched this country for good old chicken wings and have never truly loved any that we’ve had. TGIFridays has come closest, but even sometimes they have off days. So armed with a bottle of Frank’s Red Hot and a brand new barbeque, we got cooking.

We called Canada twice to ask questions about the barbeque (Randy is the Barbeque Master!) and we were not sure how things were going as it started to hail during the cooking and got really dark (the sky not the wings), but once we brought them in and sauced them up we knew that we’d made the right decision in going Gas…. they were the Best Damned Chicken Wings ever to be eaten in the UK. That’s right, not just England, the UK!!

Normally I’d put a photo up here of the wings, but I took the photos on Lee’s camera. However, after we had our second BBQ of the weekend (burgers and ribs) I took a photo of the actual beast:

Fiesta Fiesta

Check out all of those knobs!

I know a lot of people, especially in England, believe that gas barbeques are not “real” barbeques, but last time I checked, they were not famous for their grilling skills. When you head out to a Ribfest you see a lot of gas grills hard at work and to be honest I’d rather be producing finger licking meat than charred on the outside not so well done/way too overdone on the inside “meat”.

And hey, if you come over for a BBQ and don’t like the way things are done here, we can always run out to Tesco and get you some of these:

Oh Yum. :/

Uh huh.. Spam Fritters…pre-fried. All class and only £1.95 for the pack. Someone actually buys these!

Anyway, thank you Stacy and Jamie for lighting the fire under our asses!!! We are in love!


Happy Daddy’s Day!

Apparently there is one day a year where everyone is supposed to go and buy their Daddy cards and presents. From what I can gather, it is supposed to let them know that you love them. I don’t get it really, because I let my Daddy know every day how much I love him. Why else would I wee on his arm not once, but twice whilst he was giving me a bath the other night? Sheesh. I’m only little, what do these people expect? I also give him lots of smiles and follow him and his voice around the room. It’s a lot more than I do for other people. Trust me.

But despite not fully understanding, I accepted that this was not a day about me. And I’ll admit that my Daddy deserves a day that is all about him. After all. he does SO much for me. He feeds me every night and every morning and all of the time when he is at home with us. He gives me lots of cuddles and plays with me in the bath (whilst my no fun Mommy always wants to be scrubbing bits here and there). He gives me kisses that tickle with his hairy face and he makes me feel all safe and happy. So okay, yes, he should get some sort of reward for taking such good care of me.

And he did!! I gave him a mug with a lot of photos of me and the two of us together on it. He LOVED it. I knew he would. When I saw how many pictures of me were on there, I loved it right away and just knew it was the perfect gift for anyone. I am too cute!! He also got this weird thing that holds little photos of me for when he is at work and he is missing me. I think I was sleeping when Mommy got this because I don’t remember it!!

And he got a hat. Not just a regular hat, a Noah hat!!!

Noah Hat

Look how happy he is to have me up there on his head. And despite my facial expression at the time of the photo, I was loving it too. I just haven’t mastered the art of posing whilst on someone’s head. But I’ll get the hang of it.

Daddy celebrated his special day in another way too. Making a lot of meat on his new toy.

New Toy

I was actually a bit jealous when this came home because it made Daddy smile A LOT. But I know that when it comes down to it, I’m Daddy’s number one guy and he’s mine so I’m not so worried.

Maybe next year I’ll even be able to say Happy Father’s Day to him. Now that will be a real treat!!

I love you, Daddy! I hope you had a good first Father’s Day!



Our First Family Portrait

Pyzam Family Sticker Toy



I have discovered a whole new world. No, not the world of routines.. or food.. or that I like baby girls… a world that is full of colours and singing and playing. It’s like what I imagined… well, I’ve never imagined much, but if I could redecorate our house, it would be in reds, oranges and purples… with slides and mats and stuffed clowns!!!

That’s right, I’ve discovered Gymboree!!

After Mommy and I went to get weighed and I was done impressing the Health Visitors, we went to the mall. Now normally I hate it. What’s the point of shopping?! It is so B O R I N G!

This time was different though. This time Mommy sat down with me by the big tree and gave me my bottle. I don’t usually eat on these trips! It was nice: just me and my Mommy and my milk. Good times.

And then… and then… and then she went to buy socks. I was starting to get confused. We came all the way out here to get socks and have milk? She’s got socks at home. I know this because when I sit in my Bumbo in the kitchen while she folds laundry she tells me ever single thing that she is folding and I know that she’s said “sock” more than once!

Put it was soon to make sense. We rolled up to this place where she got me out of my stroller and lifted me above the counter and I saw it…. and it was beautiful. There were little people. They were bigger than me, but not that big. Not even as big as my cousins in Canada (and they’re all pretty big compared to me). But they were leaving. And all of a sudden it was me and Mommy. Then another mother brought in a baby girl (Martha.. my second hand holder – Luca not included.. I’m talking girls here). And then more mothers and babies showed up. Next thing I know, I’m on my back (I usually don’t like that) and there is singing and rocking and swinging me about in a towel…. and a clown named Gymbo. I LOVE Gymbo. He’s the coolest person EVER! My Mommy was too busy laughing to be jealous and I couldn’t have been happier.

It was so much fun that I tired myself out. My Mommy went to put me in my stroller and before she buckled me in I was fast asleep!

She told Daddy about this and he wanted to go. Unfortunately for him, there are no classes on the days that he is home. BUT… oh and this is a big big BUT… you can go in and play on Sundays.

Do you know what day it is today? That’s right, Sunday. Sunday was Funday for us!!!

Daddy and I played on the saucer shaped thing…

Saucy Noah

I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but that’s only because we’d just arrived and I was trying to remember what was going on again. I knew it was familiar, but it was taking a while to come to me.

Next I went on a slide!

Down We Go!

That was too crazy. I think I need to be a little bigger. Or at least have some warning about what happens. I can usually get places by rolling, but moving just by sitting?! CRAZY!

From the slide we went to the inner tube thing which was filled with butterflies and bees. It was like they knew I was coming!!


From there I practised my kneeling. I just wanted to touch the big squishy orange mat.

On Your Knees!

One day I am going to be big enough to jump on that mat!! I will!!

That mat got me a little excited, so I chilled out on this rocking thing while Daddy moved it back and forth for me..


Next, I went for a peek in the red tunnel.

The Tunnel

Now I love red, but this was a lot of it. And it was not so soft on my poor belly. Wait until I can crawl. I’ll show that tunnel who the boss is! That’s right, I’ll be back Red Tunnel!!

After the red tunnel, the best thing EVER happened. Gymbo appeared. It was as if he knew that I had been quietly awaiting his appearance all along. I couldn’t contain my excitement!!!


I’ll be honest. I squealed with delight. Mommy and Daddy looked at me and each other because apparently they’d never heard the noise before. That’s because neither of them look like Gymbo!

Gymbo even got in on a photo with me and Daddy. I’m not smiling much because I didn’t realise that Gymbo was still around. I thought he’d left…

Three Clowns

But he came back…oh yes he did!! And I was once again the happiest little dude on the planet!

Peek a Gymboo

And then Mommy got a photo with me and Gymbo. Why were they trying to steal my time with him? How rude!

Clown Dog, Clown Fish and Noah

Gymbo had to go and Mommy distracted my by rolling me down this big purple cheese wedge. Maybe it is not made of cheese. I don’t know what cheese is like, Mommy won’t share hers with me. How rude again!

Roley Poley Noah

After that we left. I was tired and cranky and they had to get somewhere to get something and I wasn’t interested so I slept.

I slept until I smelled that we were inside Toys R Us, home of the Fischer Price Rainforest Jumperoo. It’s almost as awesome as Gymbo. I played in it for a bit, but play time was ending and Daddy had to get his mow on.

So while he battled the forest of grass, I lounged outside and had a bottle under the gazebo he put up for me, and then I had some wind down time in my travel cot…

Cooling Off

That’s me checking out the green sky. I swear it used to be blue!

But I wasn’t too bothered…in fact, I loved it! The noises, the breeze, the colours of the trees and flowers…and the camera…

Cool Dude

But there was something missing. Actually, there wasn’t something missing so much as one thing that didn’t belong…

Dude Where's My Clothes?

Oh that’s it…my clothes!! That’s right, I took in the 24 degree weather in my diaper. Because I’m hardcore. Because I’m a furnace with a heartbeat and 24 may be nice to the average man, but it is like sticking me in a volcano.

That and I love to have no clothes on. In fact, tonight I intend to sleep the entire night like this. Mommy says I have to put pyjamas on after my late bottle but I’m hoping she’s asleep and forgets to tell Daddy. Come on, every now and then a man… or a baby boy… needs a little freedom. It’s not like I want no-nappy time. Though that would be great too. Somehow I don’t think my Mommy will fall for that one.

So, if you don’t hear from me for a little while, you know why. I’m still sleeping after my exhausting day. Or I’m trying to commando crawl my way back to Gymbo!

Ooh.. I almost forgot…thank you to Luca’s Mum for telling my parents about the awesome Mothercare bibs. The coverage is perfect for my overexcited drooley self!!



You thought I was gone, but I’ve only just been in hiding. Actually, I’ve been everywhere but… aside from my post bath playtime where I play peek-a-boo with my towel. It cracks me up to no end!

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to explain where I’ve been and why I’ve been so quiet. Since I set the Noah Alarm off at the housewarming, I’ve been trying to become a changed man..or baby. Not to toot my own horn, but I think I’ve done a darn good job of it too. Okay, Okay.. there was this one slip up…

On the 31st of May, my friend Luca got baptised.

Luca All Catholosized

That’s right, I entered God’s House for the first time. I think it was a nice house, though I am not sure since I slept through pretty much the whole thing.

All Dressed Up For A Nap

There was a reason for this though. I was having a very off day. Someone had set the Noah Alarm to Snooze and not turned it off, so I cried a lot that day. Thinking back, I believe it was because my Mommy went and straightened her hair and I’d never seen her look that way before.

Mommy and Daddy

It was all quite confusing for a little guy like me and I just wasn’t sure what was going on. And the stimulation.. there was just too much. People people everywhere. Luca was loving all of the attention and didn’t cry once the whole day. I think it was because he had the coolest cake I’d ever seen.

Luca's Cake

Okay, so I’ve only seen one other one. Well at least I had only seen one other one until the next day.

Oh yes, I was travelling again the next day. Saturday was spent travelling to see my Nan and Granddad in Stratford-upon-Avon and to see Luca in a dress!

(here’s me with my grandparents in their backyard)

Me and the G'parents

Then on Sunday once I’d woken up feeling like a new man baby, we were off to Lewes (near Brighton) for a visit to another one of God’s houses. How many houses does one guy need? This one was way older… I think.. and we were there to see my new friend Amelie get Christened.

Amelie with parents and godparents

I have to admit something. Although I didn’t sleep through this one, I did miss most of it because the vicar (the dude with the cool beard) mentioned that there were toilets there and it reminded me that I needed to go.. so Daddy took me to the toilet and left Mommy there to represent the family.

When I was done, I was rewarded with my bottle…

Getting My Drink On

Oh yeah, that’s right. There’s almost nothing as great as chilling in a linen outfit (thanks Uncle Scotty, Auntie Heather and Calleigh), getting your drink on while looking at some stained glass windows.

While we waited for everyone to get ready to go back to Amelie’s house, my family took a walk around the church because my Mommy and Daddy thought it was really pretty.

Outside of the church

Excuse the milk in the corner of my mouth, my parents were too busy looking at the scenery to notice.

After the church part we all walked back to Amelie’s house where I proceeded to make a lot of use of her changetable…so much cooler than mine… and check out all of the other babies that were there. They were all nice and stuff, but it was Amelie that I liked best…

Holding Hands

Sorry Calleigh, but she didn’t try and suck my thumb. Oh, and isn’t related to me.

Mommy was really worried that I’d not have a good week after that, but she was wrong. I did have a rough night sleeping (I’d slept in the car the whole way there and whole way home…what did they want from me), but I woke up all mature.

I’ve been sleeping in my own room like a big boy. I’ve been trying my best to hold out for four hours between bottles. I’ve been having regular naps and I’ve not been setting off the Noah Alarm. At least not really. I let them know when I am getting tired now and Mommy can calm me down quickly. I love her.. she does what I want, when I want it. She’s great. Sucker!

What else have I been up to since then?

Well, I’ve been using my Bumbo and watching my property development shows..

Ty Pennington Watch Out!

I’ve been practising being a big boy by sitting in my high chair….

Yo. Gimme that bottle!

I know it is not that flattering a photo, but how rude! She put the bottle so far away from me!!!

I’ve also had my first food that didn’t come out of a bottle!!!

Baby Rice Tastes Nice

That’s right, I’m all about the baby rice. And anything else that I can stick in my mouth…

Mmm Monkey

This bottle stuff is for babies. I’m getting big now! I’m 14 weeks old and I’m 17lbs 7oz. I need steak, but Mommy thinks I’ve got to go slowly with this. I’m sure Kadie will sneak me something better when she gets here in August! If not her, I’m counting on The What Guy. You know who you are!

So that’s basically what I’ve been up to. There is one other thing, but that’s for the next post. I better run now, I’ve got to see a lady about some milk….


Almost too good to be true…

Tonight, we watched an entire movie without pressing pause once. In fact, we ate dinner before the movie and the only interruption was when Lee went to get me another corn holder thing because one of mine broke off in my corn.

Noah slept through the whole thing.

Each night he has been letting us know that he wants to go to sleep earlier and earlier. This has yet to benefit us on the other end as he also likes to rise early, but it’s something. And the Noah alarm… I can silence it a lot faster now.

I’m almost inclined to believe that a full night’s sleep may be in our future. I know I am getting ahead of myself here, but I can dream right?

For now though, I’m thrilled with what we’ve got.

Who knew that in the span of a few days I would take Noah out to socialise with other babies and mothers, go to the supermarket all by myself for a whole 45 minutes and get to sit with Lee and eat dinner and watch an entire movie undisturbed. This motherhood thing is looking up.

I almost feel guilty for feeling this good.