NAJB: Month 7 in Review

I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! Sorry!! I keep telling myself that I am going to keep a draft of these entries so that I can add to it as the month goes along and then I’ll be ready on the day, but it hasn’t worked out that way. Part of the reason is my procrastination, but an even bigger reason … is that you’ve been keeping on my toes this past month. I am not sure how one not so little baby boy can pack in so much energy and development into that body!!

Awsh Kawsh BGawsh

I mean, let’s face it, with the amount of food you eat, you’d think there’d be no room for anything else. Though your teeth made their arrival this month (not all of them, only the bottom front two) so you can now make the chunks of food you swallow whole a little smaller. This may also help your Daddy’s worry about you choking. Me, I know that you’d never waste a good piece of food!!

Toothy Toots

So we started off the month in pain from the teeth and then I got a cold and then we thought you were getting a cold, but you’ve managed to keep it to a slightly runny nose and some SERIOUS snoring. So serious in fact, that if I walked into a pitch black room full of sleeping babies and their daddies, I wouldn’t need a light because you sound like identical twins. Sometimes when you come into our bed in the wee hours of the morning I feel like I am in a foghorn factory. Luckily, that similarity is only apparently when you’re not well.

Another similarity to your Daddy has also come to light. You LOVE computers. Laptops, desktops, Mac or not… you love love love to bang away at the keyboard.

Tres Geek Chic

We even went so far as to buy you a 3years+ laptop that is orange and yellow and talks to you, but other than swinging it around by the mouse, you are not that bothered. When it was presented to you, you looked at us as if to say “who are you two fooling?! This is for babies!”. Luckily your Daddy has in the area of 4,534,204 computers and found an old laptop for you to drool over and push around the living room.

That’s right, you’ve become mobile this month too! This means that not only are you moving around the room, but anything that is not glued down or too heavy to push is also being relocated by your helpful hands. On top of the crawling, you’ve managed to learn to pull yourself up to standing. Noah, I have to admit, I was not prepared for this. We bought stair gates just in case, but have not put them up…. this is because we’re too busy trying to move breakables out of your reach and figure out a way to make you less interested in wiping drool covered fingers all over Daddy’s beloved plasma screen.

Little Man Standing

You’ve fallen and bumped your head more times this month than in all of your previous months. I know that this comes with the territory and I should be grateful that you’ve yet to crawl off of the bed (though you have given some serious time and dedication to that) or fallen down the stairs or actually broken the skin, but it still scares me every time. Sometimes you cry, sometimes you wail, sometimes you just smile, but every time I run to you and pick you up to give you hugs and kisses. Because not only are you clumsier this month, but you are also even more cuddly.

You randomly crawl over to us and snuggle into our legs before crawling off again, or roll back and forth looking for cuddles when you’re in our bed. And you are even starting to give super wet sloppy kisses. It’s GREAT!

Along with the extra cuddles, you’ve also become super smiley. You don’t give them out to everyone, but once you decide a person is smile worth, you give them all you’ve got! And you love when people smile at you .. .which I’ll be honest, is not hard to do.

Noah and Mommy

It seems that this month we’ve both come a long way. I seem to be finding more patience and much more enjoyment in this motherhood thing and you just keep hitting milestones that you’re not expected to hit for a while. It’s super exciting and also makes me sad because I know that it is all going to start flying by and I’d love you to stay this age forever.

Bathtime Fun

Though if you are going to insist on growing up, let’s work on the sleep thing. It is awesome that you’ll happily go into your crib at bedtime, but the whole staying asleep thing, you’re kinda sucking at that. And lately it is not even a case of popping the soother back in, you full on wake up and crawl to the bars awaiting the arrival of the emergency services.

Behind Bars

Often you’re just wanting to be rolled over because that would just take up too much energy for you to do yourself, so you pull yourself up on the bars and call out for assistance. I’m just glad that you don’t seem to have the energy to pull to proper standing in the crib yet. I have visions of being asleep in my bed, knowing that you’re supposed to be asleep in yours and yet I’m rudely awaken by a tiny hand honking my nose, which seems to be your new “thing”.

Mind you, I’ll take the honking any day over your preferred method of waking your Daddy up (which involves tiny fingers tightly gripping eyeballs), and I’d like to put in a request for a little less of the hair “stretching”. It’s not elastic, dude. It’s not going to spring back when you let go. At least not when you actually remove it from my head first. It is GREAT that you love my hair when it is all loose and curly, but if you could just pat it (even smack my head if you’d like) rather than pretend that your hand is a rake and my head is an autumn lawn under a maple tree I’d really be appreciative. I guess the good thing is that you’ve discovered that although much shorter than mine, Daddy’s hair is scrunchable too!

Quite a pair

I’ve got to say, all in all, you and me, we’ve had the best month yet. We both have to thank Daddy because he comes equipped with more patience than you and I have put together, and he seems to have enough energy for 3 people … or at least enough to make up for the energy I’ve never gotten back since carrying you around in my belly. If only he could bottle some of the Excess Patience for after swimming when you’re exhausted and you think that us getting dry and changed is some sort of violent crime and scream and cry for all of the other swimmers to hear. Whomever it was that invented chairs that strap wriggly babies to walls is/was a genius.

Tied Up

If only they’d thought about it holding a baby that weighed as much as you, since not long after I took that photo, you tried to escape, I tried to unbuckle you, the seat bottom went down and I caught you mid air.

You cried, we cuddled, you pulled my wet hair and then you stayed as straight as a pin on the thin bench whilst I got you ready and once I picked you up, you held on to me like you never wanted to let go.


That was one of the scariest moments of our life together, but it was like you realised in that moment that if I was there, then you’d be alright.

I hope that realisation stays with you for all of our life together. Even when you’re all grown up and moved on out and think that I’m so not cool to spend your spare time with, I will be doing whatever I can to make sure that you feel safe and that if you do falter in anything, I will do my best to catch you. Sometimes I may not be quick enough to break your fall, but I will always be there to pick you back up, give you cuddles and let you pull my hair. Gently.

Angelic Devil

Happy Seven Months, Grumpy Pumps.
Mommy Loves You!


Tummy Time

Not, not spending time on my tummy, but spending time filling up my tummy! That’s right, I’m here to talk about food. By far one of my favourite things .. as told by my healthy weight of 24lbs 11oz. Yup, I’m still growing bigger and better by the day!

Over the past month I have had the chance to experience some amazing new tastes! Some met with a lukewarm reception (like fennel tea!) and others met with an excitement level that my Parents think borders somewhere near “rabid”.

To start out the month, I was given a taste of Grilled Cheese:

Grilled Cheese, Eh!

What can I say about that?! It had bread, butter and cheese…. AWESOME!!! Though I didn’t have any teeth yet and once the cheese was totally cool, it was hard for me to gum apart, but I love love loved sucking on it and giving the chewing a good try.

Next up was spaghetti bolognese (or spag bol as they seem to call it here and it’s a lot easier to spell that way too). This was even better than the grilled cheese for one reason… way less chewing!!

Uh Oh Spaghetti O

It was like eating the grown up food that my Mommy and Daddy eat after they put me to sleep. They think I don’t know, but I breathe in the fumes of goodness when I am lying there all alone in my crib. And they wonder why I wake up at 3am after a few solid hours of dancing steak and corn on the cob take over my dreams!

The next flavour I got to try out was Lamb and Mint Sausage. I cannot tell you the feeling that swept over me when I first sampled the tasty morsels on my tongue. For a moment there I thought that they were tricking me. I thought that they were going to take it away and replace it with something out of a jar, or more whizzed up stuff. But no, I got to eat it, all of it!!

Noah had a little lamb

I have to admit, the sweet potato, squash and leeks that came with it were almost as tasty. And well, the mixed veg… is mixed veg. You can’t really go wrong there can you?!

After I enjoyed that sausage so much, my Mommy decided that she might try me out on a Tuscan Tomato Sausage next. I wasn’t sure what to expect since this one was made of pork and not lamb and I had never had sundried tomato before. But she just mixed it up with some baby spaghetti and we were on our way.

You say Toe May Toe

Another success!!! By this point it was pretty clear that I was loving meat. A true carnivore. Well, I didn’t love my first taste of chicken, since it was so much more…. I don’t know, not juicy?! But my Mommy is such a Clever Clogs that she decided to give me a different kind of chicken. A chicken thigh! In fact, she cooked it up with some ginger and garlic and made me a chicken stir-fry!

A thigh kinda guy

Now it may not look appealing because it met briefly with the hand blender (I can’t do bean sprouts whole you know!), but boy oh boy was it ever tasty!! I couldn’t get enough!! In fact, it was around that time when I started to realise that if I complained between mouthfuls, I’d get the food faster.

That was, until my Parents thought they’d be clever (and they’re right) and give me water to drink while I waited. Granted, I don’t take a lot, but I do take enough to freshen my palate and rinse my mouth out while I await the next bite of foody goodness!

Watering Can

Soon I am going to have to drink all of my drinks out of these cups, so I may as well get used to them, right?

After discovering that I do like juicy chicken, my Mommy decided that she wanted to try me with something I’d never had before and to be honest she was pretty nervous about giving it to me. Though, she shouldn’t have been, because I loved it! Want to know what it was?! Sure you do….


It was so different than the other “meats” but so tasty. I couldn’t get enough. I even made a daring reach for the bowl when the spoon got too slow for my liking!

Something Fishy About This...

My fish adventures did not stop there, oh no they didn’t. Next up was seabass! My Mommy cooked this up with ginger and spring onion and then flaked it for me and WOW, it was juicy and tasty and yum yum yum!!!

Kick Ass Sea Bass

I am telling you, food rocks my socks off! That is, if I were ever to wear socks.

Last night instead of a new meat, my Mommy made me something she’d never even made for herself, celeriac and parsnip mash. Wow… SO tasty. SO good. It was almost like dessert for dinner. I swear, this woman spoils me and I love her for it.

But as much as I love trying new foods out, I also love my old friends just as much. There is nothing as refreshing as a cool spoonful of Bango (that’s Banana and Mango to you), Plumbango (Plum+bango) or Pango (Peach and Mango) ….

Bango Bongo

…nor is there anything quite as satisfying as chewing on a good piece of broccoli!

What's Up Broc?

Man, I have to admit, all of this food is making me hungry. I think it’s time my Mommy heated up some minced lamb and celeriac and parsnip mash for me!

Mmm Mmm Mmm…. Happy Eating Everyone!


Here We Grow Again

I said that Noah was going to be an only child, and when I said it .. I meant it.  Mostly.  I was open to adoption, to stumbling upon an abandoned baby in the bushes … so long as said baby was over 6 months old, had all of their teeth and preferably trained not to pee on people.

However, on the 24th of September I was getting very nervous because something that should have made its presence known two days earlier hadn’t.  I didn’t panic the first day because I just thought that Noah wasn’t that old so maybe things were still sorting themselves out.  The next day the thought entered my mind briefly that perhaps, just perhaps, something was afoot …or an entire developing body.  But I pushed it out of my mind because I kept feeling like that something was around the corner.  Finally on the Wednesday I started to get nervous; did I count right?  did I have a period and forget? was I only imagining the PMS(PMT)?

Then, I started to think about the shooting pain I’d had in my ovary only a week before.  At the time I thought that it was just another painful ovulation as I’d been having since Noah’s arrival.  But then I had a flashback to the week before I found out that Noah .. then BoB.. was on the way.  I’d been standing with Jenny at work when a pain suddenly struck my ovary and I bent over.  Within moments I was back to normal but we looked at each other and she said “you’re pregnant”.  On that day I was excited.  On that day I was hopeful.  On this day, I was absolutely crapping my pants.

Noah and I got ready and we headed out to Boots to get a test that would either let me know that I could breathe again or let me know that I should have taken all opportunties to get drunk post-Noah because I may well never be able to drink again.  A huge part of me was still doubting that this could be true.  After all, how could it take us FOREVER to be successful is this Having A Baby thing, only to be so SHIT at the Not Having A Baby thing when it came time to do that?!

When we got to Boots I thought that perhaps my period had arrived.  Or maybe I was wishing it to.  We went straight to the washrooms so I could have one last chance at not wasting the money on a test that I probably didn’t need to take.

Of course.. there were no signs to tell me that I should just go home and wait some more.

So we made our way to the Family Planning section.  Only this was so not planned, but there doesn’t appear to be a Oops We Did It Again section.  I looked over the tests and didn’t know what to get.  After a few minutes I decided to go with the digital one again so I could have a definite answer one way or the other.  I didn’t want to deal with a faint line or evaporation marks or anything else that could confuse me (like last time when it took 5 tests over 2 days to convince us of the truth).

Ten minutes later, Noah and I were at home and I got down to business whilst Noah sat on the washroom floor playing with a rubber duck and smiling up at me.

First Test

That smiling face was the only thing that kept me from passing out.

Here we grow again, indeed.


Recipe: The Lazy Man


  1. Right Arm and Leg
  2. Left Arm and Leg
  3. Ability to Know Just How Long Your Reach Is

You take 3 parts of the first, sprinkle 1 part of the second and mix it all together with 2 parts of the third. Once done you will have The Lazy Man Crawling Style.

Note how I abandon the crawling up on all fours in favour of the How Little Effort Is Required To Get The Toy That I Want.

Hey, don’t knock it ’til you try it. I get the toy don’t I?

Crawl Style: The Lazy Man from Kirsty B on Vimeo.


Gummy Bear

I have an update on the teeth. After a week of making sure my Parents could not get a photo of my new mouth ornaments, my devilish Mommy threw me off of my game tonight when she gave me a tenderstem broccoli to eat. How rude!! She knows that I cannot resist them and this one had an extra long handle that was great for squeezing between my gums.

When I least expected it, a flash went off in my face.


At least she didn’t get a clean shot of them. There is still work to be done and parents to send over the edge with the rare glimpses of mes dents!!!


The Secret Life of Teeth

They say ignorance is bliss. They, are right.

There I was, happily living my life. The only thing I knew about teeth was that big people seemed to have them, but my friends like Calleigh and Luca and I did not. I did not know why and to be honest, I did not care much.

Some days when I’d get really grumpy, my Mommy or Daddy would stick their fingers in their mouth and massage my gums and for some reason, it made me feel better. Things like that I don’t like to think about because it makes me feel all weird and stuff. So, I didn’t.

Then I went to the dentist who was talking about my teeth. I’ll be honest with you; the reason I was so smiley when I went, was because I thought she was crazy. What teeth? What was she talking about? I was all gums and happy to be so! Let’s face it, I was doing quite well on this eating thing with just my gums. Especially if I was eating lamb and mint sausage *drool* (I’ll get into that in a post soon to come). Or cheese! Cheese is sooooo good!

But I digress. Over the weekend, I sent Happy Noah on a holiday. I didn’t know I was going to and I didn’t know why I was doing it, but I did. My Parents stuck their fingers in my mouth again and this time, this time I cried. Then they gave me medicine. I didn’t cry much longer, but I wasn’t about to smile either.

On Sunday night my Mommy was talking to Luca’s Mummy about these silly teeth things. Apparently Luca’s teeth weren’t holding back and were finally ready to arrive. But he’d been a Happy Chappy and one that didn’t drool. So not how I was being. So they decided that I had a while to go.

Apparently mothers aren’t always right. Yesterday I started to eat funny which was frustrating for my Parents because I was sticking my tongue over my bottom gums and getting in the way of the spoon. In came the fingers again and they agreed that they definitely felt something. Still, they were not too sure and I wasn’t giving them a glimpse!

Today was another story. The fingers were out first thing and at first I thought it was a joke so I allowed them entry. That’s when they felt the sharp thing in my gum. My bottom right tooth was starting to break through. That’s right, I have joined the Tooth-ed World.

And I am NOT happy about it. In fact I cried, moaned and complained for most of the day. Aside from when I was sleeping and briefly when my Daddy came home from work. At dinner, my Mommy gave me some cheese as a treat and I dropped a bit and didn’t see where it went, so my Mommy went to put it back in my mouth and I bit her. How was I supposed to know it would hurt her?! She made some sort of strange noise and told my Daddy to stick his finger in to be bit, but Daddy is smarter than he looks and wasn’t falling for her tricks.

Eventually he did have a feel though and then they spent the next 15 minutes trying to gain access for a photo. I fought hard, I did. But they won in the end. It doesn’t show clearly what is going on in there, but it does show that there is going on.

Had I known it would feel like this, I would have liked to wait until later for them to appear.. like when my Mommy can give me bigger doses of medication to make me sleep through the pain.

I miss my old gums. The ones that never hurt. At least my Mommy has taken thousands of photos of me so I will be able to remember the Good Old Days.

Below is a brief Journey of the Teeth (over a one week period)

2nd September 2008: All Gums and Happy to be so!
Gummy Bear

6th September 2008: You Can See Them, But They’re Still Inside
Frontal View

6th September 2008: A Bit Bruisy in the Gums
Bruised Gums

9th September 2008: The Breakthrough
Pop Goes The Tooth

9th September 2008: Where I Bit My Mommy


Blue Oyster

7.9.08 Woburn Oyster Festival

Despite the cool, rainy weather, we headed off to Woburn today to make sure that the poor oysters that were plucked from the sea were given a nice home in our bellies.

On the half shell

Last year I had to hear about the Oyster Festival from other people because I had Noah on Board (though at that time he was not Noah, in fact he could have been a she for all we knew…anyway…) and although I broke a lot of the Do Not Eat Whilst Pregnant rules, I dutifully avoided the oyster.

This year, not so much.

We bundled a teething and grumpy Noah into the car (note the enthusiastic look upon his face) and made our way to Woburn.


Once we got there, we took a quick look at what was on offer and made our way to the oyster bar.

Not the Blue Oyster

The first order was a dozen oysters and a half pint of something they called Oyster Stout. I didn’t ask if oysters featured in the drink because some things are better left unknown. That, and I wasn’t drinking it.

We wolfed them down so quickly, that by the time I remembered the camera, Lee only had two remaining…

Dos Oysteros

The two lonely oysters soon joined their friends in Lee’s tummy…

Down the hatch

By this point Noah was slightly degrumping. And by slightly, I mean that he saw that there was food and forgot to be a complete grump.. until he realised that he wasn’t allowed to suck back any creatures from the sea. Unlike the little girl (possibly 5 years old..maybe 4) who was just devouring her cup of baby octopus like it was cotton candy. I am still in awe of her, and the two kids with her that tried it based solely on how much she loved it. I am sad that I didn’t get a photo of that, but I did get a photo of some children with their mother tucking into shrimp…complete with heads..

fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, grilled shrimp..

Those shrimp/prawns came from the stall next to the oyster stand which sold our second purchase of the day, Garlic Mussels!

Seafood For Sale

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. That is the only way I can sum up the mussels that were put before me in their temporary styrofoam home accompanied by a chunk of french bread.

mussels not from brussels

While I tucked in, Noah decided to ungrump as he too got to eat for the first time since we arrived there. No, not mussells… the bread.

Fist Full O' Frenchstick

Lee was feeling a little left out of the action and after much deliberation (or about 30 seconds of Should I? Okay, how many?) he returned to the oyster bar. After all, that’s what we were there for right?

Repeat Customer

Once again there were a dozen oysters before us and another half pint of the Oyster Stout. This time I had a sip due to over Tabascoing of one of my slippery friends, but I wasn’t too worried about the ingredients at that time, just that there was some relief to my stinging taste buds.

Same Again

Lee was the warrior this time. I looked down at my six and noticed this creamy stuff in one of the shells. Lee took them up to Mr. Oyster Man and asked what in the world was going on. That is when he was given a lesson on the make-up of an oyster and given the choice to swap or swallow. He came back to me and presented the options… he added that if I didn’t want it, he’d have it. So I swapped sixes.

Apparently, I won.

He described it as creamier than usual and that I probably wouldn’t have like it, though it was not that bad. Fast forward a few hours and apparently the quarter of a coconut rum cake he later ate couldn’t kill the taste that kept coming back.

As I said, I won.

On the way in we had noticed that there was an empty stall that had a sign for Caribbean food. They were advertising patties, roti, “Trinidad” chicken, rice and peas, etc. It wasn’t open yet, but I kept watching it and waiting as the people were obviously running on West Indian Time.


I saw a man going from the stall to a van and I couldn’t tell if he was opening up or packing up. Closer inspection showed that he was in fact removing the stuff from the stand. No patties or roti for us. Boo!!!

It was alright though because it was Pimms O’Clock.


Okay, so no Pimms was had by any of us three. Instead we moved along to the parking lot behind The Inn at Woburn (where we went for Lee’s birthday last year and fell in love with the restaurant, though haven’t been able to brave it avec le bébé) where they had a couple food stands, some kiddie rides and a craft fair. At the craft fair I was about to get Lee to aid my obsession with buying ridiculous things when I decided that Noah needed a hooded sweater that was knit from 100% alpaca wool. Luckily, Lee had found a photographer who specialised in casual family shots instead. Not what you think you’ll find at an Oyster festival, but hey, we were looking to have the photos done anyway!

The craft fair was under a tent in which there was very little light. Noah, though not afraid of total darkness, seems to fear the semi-dark and was not happy in there. We exited and headed off toward the Pimms tent again as they were setting up the steel band.

Steely Dan

We decided to stop and have a listen, much to the delight of Noah who once again had the chance to break free from the restraints of his stroller.

What are you looking at, lady?

The steel band started up whilst I enjoyed a nose around at the people attending the Oyster Festival and the surroundings. If we had moved to Woburn instead of Milton Keynes, I am not so sure that we’d be so eager to relocate already. It is “proper” England. By that I mean that it has buildings older than my mother (hey, Milton Keynes is only two years older than my aunt, Cathy) and people were wearing wellies because they knew there was going to be hay in the Pimms tent. Woburn is great.

Antique Hall and Oyster Bar

The looking around didn’t last long as Mr. My Gums Hurt People And I Don’t Want To Be Around Smiling People Right Now got progressively grumpier…

Are we leaving yet?

Aside from when Lee’s colleague walked past with his wife and son and Noah decided that he loved the wife and her glasses. All of a sudden he wanted to smile. But they were just arriving and didn’t chat long which meant we got The Grump back.

I will NOT smile

So we packed it in and strolled back to the car. Even with The Grump, we had a very good family day out; the rain pretty much stayed away once we arrived in Woburn so there was no trying to work the rain cover on the stroller or negotiating small sidewalks with one hundred umbrellas, Lee and I got our much missed oysters and Noah got fresh air and to see his first person on stilts (not that he gave a shit at all about him).

And now, if these teeth would just come through, we’d have three much happier people in the house. I can’t wait to see how much Noah and the Aching Gums are going to love waiting around in a courthouse for me to testify tomorrow.

Chew Chew Cha Booty


Halfway Tree

Last Thursday I celebrated my Half Birthday. Until last Thursday, I didn’t even know that these things existed. The day started out like any other day. Well, any other day that involves a trip to get weighed, playing with some toys that my Mommy says are older than her, sitting on the scale naked and having to hold on to my Mommy when she nearly faints because she learns that I’m packing 23lbs 6oz of love somewhere in this body.

After that, we rushed home (it was so busy and instead of the usual in and out, my Mommy actually had to socialise and talk to other mommies who were waiting to have their babies weighted too) so that I could eat breakfast and change into Gymboree clothes. Then we were off to play with all of my friends. I was tired, but my Mommy gave me a bottle during the break out time and I was re-energised and ready to play. I just LOVE those bubbles and the parachute!

When Gymboree was over I thought that we were going to head home so I could stare at the big box covered in colourful paper some more, but my Mommy took me to buy some groceries. I decided to play a game of Toss the Soother and had her scrambling all over the floors of M&S to find out where the projectile had gone. It was great!!

Then we got to go home and I looked and looked and looked at that colourful box, but i was not allowed to touch it. Yet.

My Mommy gave me some lunch and I spent almost the whole time hamming it up.. laughing between spoonfuls and just being a super smiley guy..

Smiley Guy

After lunch I played in a suitcase. It doesn’t sound like fun, but I thought it was hilarious and kept almost falling out because I’d laugh so hard I’d fall over. It made it difficult for my Mommy to take my photo, but that didn’t stop my personal paparazzi. Plus, I think she just wanted me distracted from the colourful box.

Excess Baggage

Eventually my Mommy got me to have a nap and I slept almost all the way until my Daddy got home from work. I did this as a special present for my Mommy who was cooking up a storm in the kitchen in an attempt for our family to all sit down at the same time and eat our dinners! And she succeeded.

We had chicken and roasted vegetables to start. It was my first taste of meat aside from the free sample of ham at Costco! Oh man was it good!!

Happy Chicken Eating Chappy

But the best part was what came after dinner. No, not the dessert… a huge monkey from out of nowehere!!!! I don’t know where he was hiding while we ate, but I couldn’t believe my eyes when all of a sudden my Daddy turned around and there was a monkey standing with him. I loved it!!

Noah and the Monkey

Though I did try to eat the monkey after a while. Seeing that I was still hungry, my Mommy brought out dessert. Now I was only allowed a little bit, so I was given a little taste of what my Mommy made and then I got Plunana (plums and banana!). I can’t wait until I’m older and she lets me eat more of “bad” stuff!

half birthday pudding

After dinner, instead of heading straight for the bath, my Parents gave me a card to open and read. It was all nicey nice stuff about them loving me… I won’t get into it, it makes me blush.

My Card!

It was then finally time for me to touch the colourful box. I was SO EXCITED!!! Usually my Mommy says “Aww.. Noah, we’re not supposed to crinkle/tear/chew that!” when I get near paper, but this time they were both telling me to rip it! So, I did!

Getting to Grips

It was SO very worth the wait. Do you know what? There was more than just a box! There was something inside of it!! Something with lots of colours and buttons. My Daddy got it out for me and I was right into it, bashing the buttons and drooling all over it! These half birthday things are great!!! Why didn’t I learn about these sooner?!!? When do I get another one?! All of those thoughts were racing through my head as I spun the steering wheel of my new toy and honked the horn over and over and over and over again.


Finally it was the end of the day and my Parents took me up to get ready for bed. I wore my special birthday hat whilst they got me changed. I so didn’t want the day to end!! It was definitely the best day of my life by FAR!!!

My Mommy kept saying, “I can’t wait to see his reaction to Christmas”. I have no idea what she’s talking about, but if it is anything like a Half Birthday, I’m so down with that!!!!

Family Party

Thank you so much to my parents for that whole day. It was so great!!! Hopefully we can do it again soon!!

Happy Hilarious Half Birthday from Kirsty B on Vimeo.