NAJB: Month 8 In Review

This month SUCKED.

Through no fault of your own, this month ranks right up there with Month 2 when we had to deal with a healing circumcision, though this time it was me who cried all of the time; whether due to the searing pain I’d feel in my back when I’d sneeze, or because I realised that that for the first time in your life I’d gone longer than 24 hours without taking your photo or that I was in fact less mobile than you!

Awaiting Food

Oh, I also cried (a lot) when you were packed up and sent off to a “childminder” (I have no idea what they are called in Canada!). I always swore that I’d never leave you with a stranger and my heart broke into a million jagged pieces when I realised that it had to be done. Do you know how much pain I had to be in to give a complete stranger control over you and your day? To not know whether the ruffles on your diaper were pulled out properly (even though I’d included that instruction on the double sided Info Sheet that I provided), to not know whether you had to cry yourself to sleep or even worse, whether the face that you had to look at when you were having your afternoon bottle was an ugly one?!

Off to the childminder

Luckily, you survived the two days that you were there. In fact, you survived the two weeks where I was not the same Mommy that you’d come to know. You adapted whether you spent the day at home with your Daddy/Nanny/Granddad downstairs and me upstairs in bed, whether you spent the day in Dunstable (not many people adapt to that well) or whether you woke up in Stratford.

Good Morning Stratford

One thing you abandoned happily, was your skill of settling yourself when you were put into your crib to nap or sleep. Nope, you didn’t so much as bat an eyelash when your daytime naps happened in bed next to me. In fact, you decided that this way was definitely the way to go and at night, your poor Daddy would have to stay with you until you settled, but you’d still wwake up wanting Mommy’s bed and we’d give in because your Daddy was exhausted, you were confused by the changes and I was stuck in bed and of no help at all.

Get Me Out Of Here

And then you started teething again.

Scratch That Itch

How could we possibly force you to sleep alone in your state of confusion and pain? We couldn’t … and now… we are paying a HUGE price. Come sleep time, you’ve become a monster; refusing to sleep, refusing to lie down and letting the neighbouring counties know that you do not want to sleep alone.

I'll Feed Myself If I Can Stay

I told you at the start that this month sucked.

Then again, despite my medical setbacks, your teething pains and everyone’s complete routine upheaval … you’ve thrived physically! You’ve remained steady on your 99.6 percentileat 25lb 8oz and have continued your mobility journey outward and upwards! You pull up on anything and everything and anyone and when you’re not paying attention, you can stand alone for over 5 seconds. Though your progress there is often thwarted by your tendency to be distracted by the ties on your pants which you seem to be unable to resist bending over to try and stick in your mouth … resulting in a Head meets Floor situation.

Free The Noah

So despite it all, you’ve managed to thrive .. .and I’ve missed out on a lot of this and haven’t been able to document it all with my trusty digital camera. So I hope that Month 9 is so good that you forget Month 8 and one day, I will too. Until then, I will have to get your Daddy to tutor me in using Photoshop so I can create some good memories of those wasted weeks. Mind you, due to teething, you spent a lot of that time doing your Frogger impersonation, so perhaps it is best that there are few photos.

An UnFrogger Moment

But rest assured, Frogger was captured for posterity so there still remains the opportunity to bring the photos out to show future girlfriends or to put in the paper when you turn 18!

Happy Happy

Happy Eight Months, GrumpyPumps.
Mommy Loves You!


Back The Truck Up

Sciatica. I had it with Noah and it made flying really fun. However, it only lasted a couple of weeks and wasn’t all that debilitating.

This time it returned with a vengeance and on the 12th, it saw me end up stuck on the floor until Lee could come home and rescue me.

I bent over to pick Noah up for his lunch and well, I did manage to scoop him up .. briefly. And then we fell. Well, I fell … poor dude just happened to be along for the ride.

But the falling over wasn’t the worst bit. The worst bit was when Lee got home and I had to pee and we discovered that I couldn’t do it on my own. Now last time around I seemed to get hit my stomach ailment after stomach ailment and there were some not so pretty things that Lee witnessed. In fact, once he saw Noah crown, I thought that there’d never be anything to top that on the You Can Kill Me Now list. Not being able to pee all by yourself when you’re 32 – it wins!

There is nothing to soothe the pain of it all either. No back rub makes it less mortifying. No playing with your hair or pouring warm water over your aching belly. No, it is a totally clinical thing and there is no way to think of it as any way other than what it is.

Needless to say, I spent the majority of the following two weeks in bed with a lot of help from Lee and his family. Noah was not thrilled with all of the changes to his day and has let us know that he wants compensation.

Wait until he finds out that he can no longer sprawl out horizontally in our bed once Cheese arrives. Or until my belly pushes him and Lee into the corner.


Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

Since the last time I posted, I’ve turned a whopping seven months old. That may seem soooo young to most of you out there, but I’ve been waiting for this my whole life!! I have taken full advantage of this new mature age of mine and have been developing my mobility skills rapidly.

It’s been the greatest week of my life, even if my Mommy and Daddy tell you different. They’re just jealous because I am having so much fun while they keep complaining about having to catch me and hide things and put stuff away higher and higher as I keep finding my way to the “naughty” stuff. So what if I like to chew a little on the cords attached to the cool things that turn on and off in our house? If you had to feel these teeth trying to break through your gums, you’d be looking for some relief too!

I used to be able to feed this habit of mine by finding things on ground level, but soon realised that there was a whole new world waiting for me if I just stood up. Like the tv!!! Who would have known that the Coolest Thing I’ve Ever Seen could get any cooler just by standing up and getting thismuch closer to it?

Noah high 5s Tom

Check it out, I’m almost the same size as the little dude on the screen! I keep getting in trouble though because I forget that I’m not supposed to wipe my fingers all over the screen. It’s too tempting to just reach out and touch the other world that the TV People live in.

The tv is not the only thing on that table that I love. The telephone lives there too when it is not attached to my Mommy’s ear or hidden under the sofa when I’m done drooling on it and leaving phantom messages for my Nan and Granddad.

Hello, Operator?

After I mastered climbing the tv bench, I thought I’d put my new skills to use somewhere else. I could have gone for the sofa or my highchair, but I decided to put a little excitement into my Parents’ life by deciding to pull myself up in the bath!!

Up and Out

My poor Daddy, he was on “Don’t Let Noah Drown” watch and I threw him right off with this move. Luckily for him and possibly for my pretty face, the bottom of the tub was too slippery for me to walk right over to my Daddy and give him a giggle. Soon though, soon. But once I got up in water, I knew that there was something else to master.

And I’m not even talking about the one stair that I managed to climb when I was playing on the stairs with my Daddy!

That’s right, there was something that had presented a challenge to me for quite a while. I’ve studied it carefully when my Parents were not looking, and until I turned seven months old, I was not sure how I’d be successful. However, all it took was one try. Or at least that is the story I’ll tell since no one was there to witness the attempt, only to see the successful end result.


My Daddy had put me down for a nap when I decided that I wasn’t quite ready to sleep. I didn’t cry or call out for them, instead I played around a bit and then my Mommy heard the rattling of the cot and was quite confused. My Daddy ran up the stairs to make sure I hadn’t hurt myself and he found me standing at the railing bouncing up and down with a very proud smile on my face. He burst out laughing and then my Mommy ran up to see what the commotion was, and by that point I too thought it was funny and was laughing along. In fact, I think my Mommy was the only one not laughing. Though to be fair, from what I could tell, she didn’t look like she was breathing much either.

That is when my Parents decided that putting up the stair gates they purchased a couple of weeks ago might be a wise idea. And I couldn’t agree more!! At first I didn’t even notice the new addition, but once I did, I made my way over to see what all the fuss was about. I wasn’t sure I liked that my Daddy could be on one side and that I was stuck on the other, so I decided to ignore it.

At least, that is what I led my Parents to believe. Inside I was working out how I could use it for my amusement. Sure enough, as soon as I was let loose on the living room floor this morning and I watched my Daddy walk upstairs, I crawled myself over and began my climb.

Stairway to Fun!

Two words: Too Easy.

This climbing thing is becoming second nature. The falling also seems to be a strength of mine, though my Mommy says I am a “Drama Queen” because sometimes I forget that I haven’t actually fallen and I cry anyway.

Next up … Walking!!!

Watch Out World, Here I Come!


Testing Testing.. 1, 2 …

Lee and I spent the first week in shock.  We hadn’t planned at all for this, so weren’t sure how to take the news.  Immediately all of the negatives rushed to mind; could I handle more than Noah when I struggle most days with just him!?  does the current economy and a single income family lend itself to having more children?  will we ever sleep again?

We decided to try and not think about it for a while.  To see how things went and then think of the enormity of the situation.

Then we started thinking of the positives: at least the decision was made for us. Noah will have someone to empathise with when they’re at the stage where they are embarrassed by their parents.  If it happens to be a girl, then we can be done already!

Regarding the last point, that’s why I think Cheese is a boy.

Anyway, after a week had passed we decided that I’d do another test.  When it comes to remaining pregnant, Lee and I do not have the best track record (well I guess it is more me than us).


There it was again. That word: Pregnant. This time it said 3+ beneath it. So 3+ weeks since conception. Man, how these tests have changed in just a year.

Another positive was thought of here. At least it didn’t say 5+ and we were even closer to having another baby than we were ready for. I mean, we’re not due until the 1st of June (estimated date as of now) and we’re already not ready. An early or mid-May baby may as well be next week.

Last year we made the people at Clearblue lots and lots of money. This year, two tests two weeks apart was plenty. We had the information we needed to prepare ourselves for what lay ahead.

So after it was reconfirmed, Lee went off to work and I went back to bed with Noah for our morning nap.