NAJB: Month 9 in Review

Apologies for the extreme delay in getting this out. I actually had the photos all resized and ready to go in time for the 9 month birthday’s arrival, but I’ve not found myself sitting at the computer long enough to actually start to write.

At the moment, I should really be in bed because I am flat out exhausted. Month 9 saw an ever closer resemblance to Human Cling Wrap in you than all of the previous months put together. It does not help that your little brother or sister is doing their best to drain any energy I have left over from being your human security blanket.

Sleepy Time

Month 9 was a month of firsts!! They all seem to be, but more first times appear to have made their way into November than any other month … except maybe March.

You were sick for the first time. And I mean proper throwing up and diarrhoea sick. Not a little sniffle or teething annoyance that we have had before. That being said, you didn’t really allow it to slow you down. You still managed to get up and dance and smile and try to maintain your role as Centre Of Attention. And it worked.

Here you are not too long after covering me in vomit:

Sickle Piggle

This month also saw you graduate to a Big Boy car seat .. a.k.a .. forward facing. It was worth every penny of the two seats to see your face on the first drive (which was to get Mommy and Cheese a healthy breakfast from McDonalds. Hey, don’t roll your eyes or raise your eyebrows .. you got to try a hashbrown for the first time). You were in awe. The world actually came toward you instead of falling away from you or generally looking like the backseat of a car. You sat as upright as possible and looked out the window the entire time to make sure you didn’t miss a thing. Other than “Aww he’s so cute!”, I kept thinking “how sad that the poor little guy has been stuck staring at the backseat for so long that he actually thinks Milton Keynes is something worth never blinking again for”.

Full Speed Ahead

Other firsts this month included your first overnight at a Premier Inn! Lenny Henry would have been so proud of the way his marketing worked on you. You loved it. You couldn’t get enough of the bed and did laps of the playpen like it was an Olympic track, only taking breaks to bust out some dance moves. You seemed a little disappointed that there was no rubber ducky like in the commercial, but they had beans for breakfast, so you weren’t too worried.

Dancing King

You also became truly British this week (other than the whole being born here thing) when you literally got to grips with your first sandwich. Sure, I gave you a grilled cheese back in September, but this was a two slices of bread with filling (cream cheese and avocado) and hold it yourself job. Man alive… you are a carb FIEND! Each sandwich experience has gotten progressively messier as you manage to get the bread in and then like the filling off of your knuckles. It’s quite cute at the moment, but a helpful hint – it’s not going to score you any points with the ladies!


Other firsts this month were even bigger than the ones already mentioned! You climbed the stairs alone … over and over and over again … and took your first steps. In fact, a few times you walked across the room (living room and bathroom!). Of course, I forgot to get photos of that ready for this month’s entry, so you’ll have to refer to the videos on your website for refreshers. Sorry. Blame the Baby Brain that is taking over. You’re lucky I remember to put your diaper on the right way most days!!

It just wouldn’t be a proper month without me mentioning your sleeping. Trust me, I wish that there was nothing to mention. You are getting worse. Don’t get me wrong, you are great when it comes to naps: anywhere, everywhere … you could nap for a living. When it comes to your bedroom though, you LOVE to play in there, you love to drink your bottle in there, but sleep!? HAHAHA. Dude, we’re going into month 10 now … just one night is all we ask. Your poor tired parents. These aren’t Halloween costumes that we have on, just really massive bags under our eyes from never having a full night’s sleep. Ever.

But how can you stay mad with This Guy?:

Boxful of Noah

Happy Chappy

Say Cheese!

You can’t!

In fact, I wish that we could trust you not to roll out of our bed or try and crawl out head first in the middle of the night because we love waking up and seeing you there and we so want to get as much you time as we can from the next few months of your Only Childness. Though I’d love it if the you time had a lot less pulling of my hair or headbutting me in my sleep, perhaps even a smidge less of the eyeball grabbing that you tend to wake your Daddy up with. But you know, we can work on that.

For now we’ll just enjoy what we’ve got and if that means ripping my bicep muscles from constantly having to pick you up or losing my pants nearly daily in your pursuit to climb my body to get to the food faster or even if it means having to share my pillow with you (even though you have your own) … I’ll do it. And I promise not to cry about it (every day).

Peeking Out

Happy Nine Months, GrumpyPumps.
Mommy Loves You!

P.S: Congrats on the arrival of tooth number 3 today!


It’s my birthday…

… and I’ll teeth if I want to.

Last night I went to sleep and I was still in the 8+ months age bracket and only had two teeth. This morning I woke up a whole three quarters of a year old and wouldn’t you know it, my top right tooth popped through.

It’s been a long time coming, but it couldn’t have chosen a better time to come because for my 9 monthday dinner, my Mommy made me beef souvlaki and Greek potatoes. Oh. My. Goodness. I couldn’t eat it fast enough. I even finished mine up before my Daddy and he can eat SUPER FAST.

I have found one downside to these teeth though: I keep banging them on things. Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t bite everything I touch, but I can’t help it. I live in hope that the next victim will be as tasty as avocado or cabbage rolls. So far I haven’t had much success in discovering anything that tastes as good as a meal, though the clothes my Mommy folds from the dryer seem to taste really nice. Even if I do get in trouble every time I mess up the pile of clothes when I choose something pretty to chew on.

So bring on tooth four because I keep hearing that Christmas means a lot of food and anything that helps me get the food all chewed up faster is a-okay by me!

Last Night:
Only 2 Teeth

This Morning:
Three Teeth!


Walk This Way….

My Kadie is coming to England and we are going to spend a few days in London. Now when she came with Zed and Adam in August, this meant a lot of stroller time for me. This time, I’m going to show her that I am a big boy and that I can walk … all … by … myself!

I took my first two steps when she was on the phone last Monday just so she would know that I was getting ready for her. From then I didn’t feel the need to do more than two at a time or even two per day because I thought I had a while to go. But then I heard my Mommy and my Daddy talking and it would appear I’ve got less than two weeks to get this down.

After hearing the news I thought I’d better formulate a plan. I took yesterday off to do this. But this morning I decided to Shock and Awe my Mommy. We were playing in the living room and I was cruising along the sofa as I do when I decided to show off my talents. I let go and just started walking. I took four steps, threw my hands in the air and fell on my bum laughing.

Since then we’ve been trying to recreate the moment on video. We’re getting there, but the draw of the camera is distracting and after a couple of steps I lunge for the shiny goods. Below is the best we’ve got so far, but my Mommy is working on more!

Walking Schtick from Kirsty B on Vimeo.


A Single Serving of Cheese

Woo Hoo!

It went so much better than I thought any experience at Milton Keynes General Hospital could go. From no wait, to the amazing sonographer, to Noah not being too miserable when finding out that he had to spend time in dim lighting, to there being only ONE baby in there!! Woo Hoo!!

The heartbeat was strong, the stomach and bladder looked good and we’re aiming to take over June on the family calendar with the new Estimated Due Date of the 4th of June.

So without any further ramblings .. here is our 5.8cm (from top to rump) slice of Cheese!



In need of a time machine

It is imperative that I get back to the mid to late Eighties.

For weeks I have been struggling with the fact that some things will never be as good as they once were. In particular, Scott’s Chicken Villa a.k.a KFC.

At one of the KFC’s near our house, they have the good old post with the big bucket on top. Every single time I drive by it brings me back to the Barless Family Picnic or just that general time in my life where KFC was actually GOOD. The smells, the tastes, the textures all come flooding back and I am so tempted to hit up the drive thru just to order a bucket so I can hopefully find one piece amongst the masses that tastes like it used to.

But I know that this is not possible. I know that the joy of eating the bits of 11 Secret Herb and Spice batter that you find loose at the bottom of the bucket is no more. Don’t pretend you didn’t like those bits. It was the best part .. like sneaking the crispy skin off of a turkey fresh out of the oven!

The chicken itself doesn’t even taste the same. It’s now so oily and the skin so damp. What happened to the magic crispiness of the skin that covered the thick chunks of white meat?!

In fact, I find most KFCs in the UK don’t even smell like the Scott’s Chicken Villas of days gone by. They smell like grease. Or rather dirty grease traps. Like the smell that assaults your senses outside of the Yonge and Eglinton Centre on the Pickle Barrel side.

Is it too much to ask for one perfect piece of the Colonel’s Kentucky Fried? I won’t even take the breast. I’ll have that smaller piece that is white meat that I have never known the name of.

If you have a KFC near you that does not leave you wishing you’d splurged for the more expensive, softer, quilted toilet paper the next morning and that is still Finger Lickin’ Good and tastes like the 80s, then please let me know.

Oh .. and while we’re at it, I don’t want BEANS as a side, I want neon green coleslaw and macaroni salad (or packaged mash with gravy).

Scott’s Chicken Villa on Kingston Road with your slowly spinning bucket beaconing in the hungry, oh how I miss you.


Peek a Boo!

Today’s the day that we’re going in for our first peek!

Current Mood(s): Excited, Terrified, Anxious, Exhausted

What I’m hoping for – a strong heartbeat and one baby.

Oh, and for Noah not to attempt to dive out of Lee’s arms when he spies the “toy” that the strange lady will be prodding my tummy with. He will not be jealous of who we are seeing on screen, but the person that gets to make a mess on Mommy and poke her belly.

Of course, Noah woke up at 4.15am by rolling onto a musical toy that ripped us all from our peaceful slumbers and then he was confused that it wasn’t really time to get up, so I’ve got a massive headache and am battling nausea for the first time this week.

Roll on 4.05pm. Or 4.20pm.. or 4.45pm .. whenever the time comes that they’ll actually get around to us and hopefully it is before the moment that my bladder decides to burst.

Once we get home and get a good picture of the picture, this site will go live and everyone will get a chance to look in on the next 6 and a bit months where I slowly start to unravel mentally as the reality of the situation sinks in.


All By Myself

Guess what?

I am eating lunch alone.

Before you get all “aww” on me, I have to confess something. I am THRILLED about this. So what if it is barely 11.15am! So what if I didn’t have breakfast this morning because I was too busy showering, making Noah’s breakfast, changing him, dressing him, taking him to the doctor and going to the grocery store?! It matters not, because I am eating lunch alone.

It is so hard to time meals around Noah. Even when I have my lunch ready to eat whilst he has his, I always feel guilty as he pauses mid chew to look at what I have and then he uses those big brown eyes and just gives me a look like “don’t you love me enough to let me have that for lunch too?”. Before long you realise that whatever you’d made for lunch, you’ve made the baby friendly version .. just in case. Although there is no such thing as just in case when it comes to Noah. Whatever you have .. he wants. Even if he’s just had tons to eat of his own food.

Just another thing he’s inherited from me: no matter what you’ve got to eat, the other person’s always looks and tastes better (except for when my Momma, Randy, Adam, Noah and I went to Boxwood.. where I just kept winning and winning).

So right now, I am enjoying listening to the echoes of crouton crunches bounce around inside my head as I sit in silence. No tv, no toy suggesting “Let’s sing a song” or saying “Hello Baby”. Just me, my salad and my Capri-Sun.

Life is good.


Mixed Messages

When I was pregnant with Noah, I was told that Magpies predict the gender. Apparently it goes:

One for Sorrow
Two for Joy
Three for a Girl
Four for a Boy

The person that taught me this had seen four magpies the day before she found out that I was pregnant. From the day I told her until the day he arrived, she was convinced that Noah would be a Noah and not a Mia.

Oddly enough, Lee and I never saw three magpies together in that whole time either.

This time around I was seeing three magpies all of the time. We found out that my sister-in-law was expecting and it all made sense; she must be having another girl. Only .. we found out not too long after that we too were expecting, and they now know that they are having a boy.

So back to the magpies.

Well, this morning I thought I was getting a sign. I was washing the dishes and in the tree out back there were three magpies – a girl! Then, within two seconds the three became four – a boy!

To confuse matters more, I looked to the left and there were four magpies sitting on a roof – a boy! I looked back at the tree to see four magpies in the tree – TWIN BOYS?! Back to the roof and now there were only three, but four in the tree – A boy and a girl!? Then back to the roof again to see the same three, but now only three in the tree – TWIN GIRLS?! Then most of them flew away … and started it all over again.

All I know is that these magpies couldn’t have done this to me at a worse time. We’ve got our dating scan on Friday and there is no way that I am going to be able to be relaxed until I hear the magic words – single pregnancy.


Moving On Up

Now that I’ve got this crawling thing down and am starting to get braver and braver with my standing, I thought I’d take the opportunity to explore the stairs.

My first attempt was on Sunday, where I successfully got from the bottom to the top in under one minute! Although, at the beginning I stopped to spend time posing for the camera. My Mommy quickly realised that to get me moving again she’d have to wait at the top for me … and it worked. Only she used the camera that she doesn’t know how to get the videos off of, so I had to wait a while before I could share the news with everyone.

Luckily, they gave me a second chance today. And when the opportunity presented itself, there was no holding me back. Aside from the few seconds when my Daddy thought it might help me to remove my pants. Good thinking! I was off like a shot!

The Start

Up another step


Once again, my Mommy decided to wait for me at the top. What she didn’t realise is that this time, I was on a mission. I wanted to beat my previous time, so there was not much time for staring at the camera.

Up up and away


And I was successful. Though my Parents were faced with one problem when I got to the top. I wanted to do it AGAIN! And I’ve not quite mastered the art of going down the stairs, so my Daddy had to keep blocking me from doing my normal dive/lunge/jumping off of the edge.

It was exhausting, yet exhilarating and as a reward … I got to have a bath! How amazing is that?!

My Mommy managed to get a few seconds of my ascent on a video she knows how to put on her computer, so you can watch me in action.

I cannot wait until I can take more than two steps at a time and I can try this WALKING! My Parents aren’t as excited as I am about that for some reason!

Stairmaster from Kirsty B on Vimeo.


Stand In The Place Where You Live

It took me quite a few falls, but I’ve mastered it. I’m proud to say that I am a Professional Stander. It may not be a lucrative job at the moment when it comes to money, but it pays with bucket loads of confidence in myself and adoration and admiration from my Mommy and Daddy.

Not to mention when I show off in public.

Until last week, I’d only been standing alone for up to 15 seconds at a time. Then when we were at Baby Signing on Thursday I decided to show off my skills. I stood up all by myself in the middle of the floor and just kept standing for around 25 seconds. Everyone was saying “good boy!” or clapping. It was GREAT! So I had to pull the trick out of the bag again at Gymboree.

Actually first I refused, after I heard my Mommy telling the class leader about my earlier acheivement. She was ruining the surprise element, so I kept falling on my bum after about 5 seconds. Then I spied some soft stairs and decided that they should be climbed. Once again I was getting claps from people. It was then that I decided that I’d really show what I could do. I dove over an inner tube to get a bell and then I stood up and played with it …. for over half a minute. I even gave a slow motion dance when I realised that they were looking.

Now that I can do this whenever I want, I wonder why my Mommy and Daddy still think it is such a big deal, as evidenced in this photo.

Whatcha looking at?

I mean, what?! It’s a guy playing with a phone. Haven’t you ever seen that before?

However, their excitement can be contagious and I do like a bit of showing off now and then, so I conceded later that afternoon and gave a smile along with my posing.

I'm still standing

Please don’t mind the diaper to my knees. My Mommy thought they’d try and see how I looked in the next size up. Needless to say, my Daddy was sent out right after this was taken to get a pack of the smaller ones.