Happy Holidays!

I am off to my Nan and Grandad’s for my 1st Christmas!!

I have lots to write about when I come back (like my Kadie’s trip and all of the wonderful foods I tasted!), so watch out for updates!

Happy Holidays to everyone!!

Lots and Lots of Love,


Merry Christmas


Little and Large

“they” say that the second time around you show faster. I haven’t yet heard if “they” say it slows down though. I am hoping that it does, because yes, I am showing already … quite, but I am dreading hitting BoB proportions by 6 months in!

And it looks like that may be a possibility when you see the side by side comparison. I had no photos of BoB at 16 weeks because there really was not too much to see, so I had to go with one from 17.5 weeks to compare with the 16+2 weeks this time around.

What a difference a second baby makes?!

Noah vs. Cheese

that’s Noah on the left and Cheese on the right .. letting everyone know he or she is here!


That time of year again..

.. no, not Christmas. Nothing to do with mulled wine, hot chocolate, shortbread or turkey. Not even anything to do with squeezing past people in the aisles of over crowded shops getting last minute gifts or avoiding people passing you with sharp parcels in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to deflate your bump.

It’s toilet paper time again of course!

Last December, Lee and I made a normal trip out to Costco where we purchased some bottom friendly Andrex toilet tissue. Forty-five rolls of it. Well, I peeked under the counter the other day and nearly panicked as I realised we were down to one on the holder and two under the counter.

Off to Costco we went. This year, the toilet paper offered was Velvet. I wasn’t so sure, but I did the finger test (poking it through the wrapping to feel the softness) and decided that it was bottom friendly as well and at £17 for another forty-five rolls we couldn’t really go wrong.

Plus, the perk of buying toilet paper once a year is worth a brand change!!

So until next December…. (or until we have a house with more than one washroom)



The first time I got to hear Noah’s heartbeat I was so proud. As soon as the midwife out the doppler on my tummy there was the crisp clear WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP of a heartbeat. The midwife turned to me and said “what a well behaved baby”.

This past Tuesday we had the opportunity to have our first listen to Cheese. I was excited and nervous but ready to hear him/her. I hopped up on the table, got slathered in jelly and waited. The doppler came down, we heard a WHOMP and then nothing. Lee, Noah and I kept looking at each other (though Noah was just wondering what the lady was doing to me) waiting to hear. As we waited the midwife said “this baby is very mischievous already!”. And then we heard it. A steady WHOMP WHOMP WHOMP, hidden right down low.

I feel another boy on the way. The heartbeat was about 135 a minute and by the old wives’ tale, that is a boy!

On Friday we booked in at the hospital where Cheese will be appearing and got another chance to listen in on the happenings in my womb. Once again I hopped up on the table and got jellied up and the doppler touched down and although this time there was no sound, I felt Cheese swim away.

We waited and waited as this midwife searched for Cheese and said “this is one mischievous baby”. And then we heard the heartbeat in a completely different spot than on Tuesday.

GREAT, my confirmation that June will see the end of my sanity as Noah will be joined by his ‘mischievous’ sibling and the little control I have will be gone.