NAJB: Month 11 in Review

After a successful Christmas and overall very good month 10, month 11 blazed in like a raging inferno and went out a similar way. Luckily, the middle bit was the best so far!

You started your 11th month with a fever. A fever that ended up being tonsillitis which could not have been worse timed because we were heading to St.Kitts for your first trip to the beach. We were worried that you would not be able to fly, but a nice little doctor gave you some medicine and your love of Nurofen helped get you through this very rough patch.

To say we were nervous about flying with an active and whiney baby boy would be an understatement. Especially since the first leg was all the way to New York. But you were a star. You loved the plane, the plane food, the cab ride from JFK to the hotel, the hotel and didn’t really start complaining until you were forced to go sightseeing and you couldn’t work out why it was so light outside when it was so late in your head. Totally understandable.

Chilling in the hotel

70 stories up

The next morning you were woken up super early and you had a bath, fell off of the bed, had a muffin and were bundled back into a cab toward the airport for yet another flight. The day was LONG due to delay after delay, but you explored the departure lounge and could not have behaved any better on the plane. Everyone loved you. And rightly so! You are a flying Super Star!

You were much happier in St.Kitts than in New York, though you kept this to yourself for a while. There were a lot of family members around and you were being cautious in getting close or trusting them, and you don’t even realise the family you were born into. You are so much smarter than you realise….

But you instantly fell in love with Crazy Uncle Jamie and started a serious flirt-a-thon with Auntie Stacy!

Early Morning with Auntie Stacy

Noah and his new best friend

And you also started a love affair with the beach. It was not love at first sight. Like, yes. Love, not so much. There was a little anxiety present as you tried to figure out how to walk on this weird floor that seemed to sink beneath you. And that water that looks like a pool, but then sneaks up and wets your legs… what was that all about?! But you didn’t complain, just went quiet and decided to give it a go.

First Touch of the Ocean

After a while you loved it. Especially eating it. But each time you went in you got a little more comfortable..

a 2nd try

.. until we took your pants off and you realised that there was no better place on earth than being in the ocean! Sting rays and all!

Beach Bum

While you were there, you got reacquainted with your cousin Calleigh. At first you were unsure of her. Here was this little girl who was shorter than you (bonus), but who didn’t care if she had to knock you over, pull your clothes or even grip onto your hair to get what she needed (not so bonus). After a while you realised that you too could knock her down if you needed to get by and that even though she was louder than you, she was pretty cool. In fact, you quite liked chasing her. Even if she didn’t know that she was part of a game.


While you were in St.Kitts you also got to meet cousins and great-aunts you’d never met, and got to re-meet your great grandmother. This time around it was much more pleasant for all involved. She was healthier and in better spirits, which meant you were also in better spirits. And not just because there seemed to be food whenever you saw her. In fact, you went into her house and it was like you felt right at home. Seeing you so happy and comfortable there was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.

dancing in the shop

The feeling was almost as great as the feeling I got when we went to the cemetery to visit my Daddy. You were so peaceful, so smiley, so giggley, so perfect. Going there was so hard for me, but you made it one of the happiest experiences and I am so grateful for that. In fact, I could not have hoped for you to love St.Kitts more than you did: the people, the country, the food! Once you recovered from the jet lag, you were one smiley boy!

Happy Noah

Sink Bath

Unfortunately, we had to leave St.Kitts. Once again, you were amazing on the plane .. allowing Daddy to change your diaper on the seat tray and all.. and you were great when we got to New York too. We let you sleep in the next morning before sticking you back on another plane, but this time you had your own seat and the flight attendants gave you lots of yogurt drinks and Daddy played a lot with you. You loved it again.

And then we were home.

Back to reality

And not long after, the raging fevers returned. You went off of your food, you stopped drinking your bottles and you had to endure a urine sample. It was rough. For you, for me, for Daddy.

Sick Boy

It is so hard to watch you feeling so poorly and not really being able to take the pain away. I have hated every moment of you being sick and cannot believe that you were sick twice in one month. Let’s hope that we have a bit of a break from The Sickness now. We want mid-month Happy Noah to return!

Because this guy:
Happy Happy

is so much easier to parent, than this guy:

Sick Sick

Next month you turn a whole year old. Let’s end the first year with a happy baby. A happy, walking, babbling, hugging, eating, drinking, not too messy diaper having, baby.

And then we’ll tackle that sleeping in your own bed thing.

Happy Eleven Months, GrumpyPumps.
Mommy Loves You!


NAJB: Month 10 Not In Review

Oh my God. I’m SO sorry. I’ve just realised that there is no Review of Month 10. I swear I wrote it. I can remember getting the photos ready for the post. But just as I went back to look at it, I can’t find it. I cannot find the photos either. I mean I’ve got hundreds on the computer, but none all resized and blog ready.

You will come to realise that I often have conversations in my head. I have them with your Daddy, only he doesn’t know because I forget to say them out loud. I have them with you, but let’s be honest, you wouldn’t notice even if I did say it out loud because I’m not half as interesting as a tractor or bus or car or anything with wheels or balls. I am thinking that I wrote the Month 10 post in my head, similar to these conversations I have. I’m so sorry. I’d like to blame it on the baby because I never fully recovered my normal working brain since I had you, and the baby has just added to this, but I will take full responsibility for my inaction. Sometimes your Mommy just sucks.

Oh, and by the way, Month 10 was pretty cool. Even with the teething (we’re up to 6 now!). We went to London with Kadie, we Christmas shopped, you went to your first Christmas party at Gymboree .. and at Jim and Sarah’s, and you walked. A lot. You survived your first Christmas, even if it took three days to open your presents. But you were happy for most of it. So long as there was no involvement of your own bed. We’re still working on that.

Now I am going to end this as I hang my head in shame and get working on the month 11 review.

Mommy really does love you.


Waist Not Want…

… I want I want!

Part of the reason, other than a severe case of The Lazy, that there haven’t been as many photos of the Progression of Cheese as there were with BoB, is that not only have my inner symptoms been different, but the outer symptoms have been different as well. Very different. Noah was my perfect, belly only, pregnancy body – Cheese … Cheese has provided me with a Looks Like I’ve Swallowed A Horse pregnancy body.

Yes, I know you show faster the second time. The speed is not the problem. I don’t mind being a blimp for the whole time, but being a waistless blimp is a whole other story. I am accepting of the fact that this baby is gifting me with a lower bump. One that doesn’t take the weight from the previously “curvy” parts of my body and just add one new curve to the silhouette. Nope, this one makes it look like I’ve got Verne Troyer having a nap with his feet in my bum and head in my belly – oh and with his limbs spread starfish style. It’s not pretty. At the moment it is masked with a tan, but once that fades I am just going to be a giant Weeble.

Oh woah is me.

21 Weeks – No Waist!!!!
Oh where art thou, my waist?

21 wks

whole lot of baby going on


Mature Cheddar

22.1.09 Mature Cheddar

When I had my 20 week scan with Noah, it was one of the worst days of my pregnancy. There was absolutely nothing wrong, but the experience was something that no first time mother should have had to endure. The technician was horrible and whipped through without listening to my comments of not being able to see what she was talking about.

This time we were the first people in for a scan in the morning and I sat there anxiously, wondering who would be doing it for us. When I saw the nice lady who did Cheese’s first scan I knew that my luck would not allow for us to get her again. But then, she called my name.

I got up on the table and she started things for us. I cannot explain how clear EVERYTHING was. Wait: just because that is in capitals, doesn’t mean that I saw the “hamburger or hotdog”, just that everything I did see was super duper clear. I actually knew what was going on .. and when I didn’t, she’d pause and point things out to me. Even when I asked if the skull was misshapen because there appeared to be an overlap, she stopped what she was doing to point out where I meant and explain that Cheese’s head was perfectly formed and it was something to do with physics and nothing to do with baby shapes.

She showed us the arms and hands and the front view of the face (Cheese yawned and it was not the most attractive sight. I believe I compared her/him to a baby dinosaur), the legs (which are long) and the feet (which looked big to me!). Cheese displayed Ninja Skills and kicked his/her legs around when she was trying to get a measurement and was doing eye rubbing and punching puppet actions.

At 20 weeks I did not love the baby that was to be Noah because all I got was his back and a blur of an ultrasound. I loved that there was a baby. I loved that it was my baby. But I left in tears feeling no real connection. At 21 weeks this time, I left wishing I could hold Cheese. That I could give him or her a little cuddle. Other than the dinosaur yawn, she/he was so cute. It was so clear that I could see the nose and the lips and the movement in the tiny fingers. It was almost like the 28 week 4D scan with Noah, but with less colour and flesh on the bones.

I’m so excited. Seriously. I have no idea how I am going to cope, but I’m officially ready to be a Mommy of two under 1.5 year olds.

Let’s just hope Cheese takes the next 19 weeks to un-breech him/herself.


I Wish I Was Born A Mongoose

.. so I could live in St.Kitts!

I’d heard to much about this place. And I’d seen photos because they are on my bedroom wall, but I really wasn’t prepared for the real thing!!

There were swimming pools, beaches, restaurants, dancey dancey trees and lots of family!!!!

My Mommy is trying to get the pictures ready so I can show you about my trip, but I just wanted to let you all know that I am back from my Grand Adventure on FOUR (well five really) big airplanes to two different countries and have survived two weeks seatbelt free and even got to pet a baby goat!!!

I cannot wait to go back. You should all come with me. We’d have SO much fun!!


Halfway to CheeseDay!

That is if this baby doesn’t take his/her time like their older brother.

I cannot believe that we’ve hit 20 weeks. The photos will start coming more regularly and there are some frightening ones from our holiday, but now that we’re on the part of the ride that whips by so much faster than the first half, we’ll be whipping ourselves into gear.

20 weeks. Where has it all gone?! Other than to my once not so unattractive waistline?! With Noah (then BoB) the wait to get halfway seemed to take forever. We counted everything in weeks and days and I even had a countdown on a whiteboard letting me know. This time around, the due date scares me and is coming at me so much faster than before.

On the positive side of things though, the morning sickness has disappeared (knock on wood)! I was so nowhere near that feeling at this point with Noah. In fact, it’s been gone for weeks. Other than that nasty bout of back issues at the beginning, this pregnancy has been a lot easier than with Noah. Perhaps because last time I had the opportunity to actually experience everything fully. This time I am already numb with exhaustion and can’t allow myself to take naps when I want them, because Mr. Toddling About won’t allow it. As tired as I am and as weak as I feel, it’s not such a bad deal.

At least not at the moment. I’m already dreading getting even larger and there is no hiding that I am going to be even BIGGER this time around. My neat little basketball is not reforming. Cheese is no Mini Bonbel here. Nuh uh. More like a barrel of cheese. A vat!

Last year at this time I was getting ready for my last two weeks of work before maternity leave, and now I’m halfway to baby number two.

Crazy. Just crazy.


A Right Little Wriggler

I remember when Noah started moving. At least when I could FEEL him moving. There’d be a flutter here.. then nothing for a couple of days, and then a flutter again. Once we had no movement for quite a while and whipped out the cold water, the flashlight, and everything else we could think of to get the kid moving.

Cheese, so much more compliant. A little too much perhaps. Cheese has been letting me feel the movements for weeks now. Over a month. And on the night that Stacy and Jamie left St.Kitts, it would appear that their future nephew or niece wanted to show their displeasure at their departure by kicking me hard. As I was reading my book (Dear Fatty) whilst Noah fell asleep I felt a quick ONE TWO. I put my hand on my tummy and got the kick again. I looked at my tummy rise and fall as I breathed and then watched it move out of time when another ONE TWO came.

Something about that moment made this all so much more real to me. Not the inability to have a drink at Christmas or New Years. Or having to avoid this food or that, aspartame or nitrates, and any pain relief that is effective. Even seeing my shadow on the beach after trying to squish myself into my bathing suit didn’t do anything other than to scare me and remind me that I was pregnant. Not that I am having another baby soon.. just that I was carrying one around.

It is exciting and scary and I have no idea what I am going to do once she/he arrives, but bring on the kicks! It reminds me that looking like I’ve swallowed a large watermelon is not such a bad thing after all.