It would appear that over the past couple of weeks whilst I’ve been trying to get ready to go to Canada… have gone to Canada and have returned .. very few shots of Cheese have made it onto my camera.  Therefore the weekly Against The White Door photos have not been taken and what has, well… the unflatteringness of them and the fact that I am about to post them only proves that Baby Brain is real.  It is something to be taken seriously, and no woman should be held responsible for her actions during the period of infection.

That being said, as I am about to post these, Cheese would appear to be putting up some sort of protest .. as though the photos show him/her in a bad light.  No worries, Little One, you’ve got just under 10 weeks before the unflattering photos of you are posted for the world to see.

The first two photos are at 28w 3days and are taken on a trampoline.  Not that I was doing any wild acrobatics, but I was not in prime Cheese Showing Off position.



The next photo is taken at 29w 3days and from a less flattering angle. To be fair, the photographer was under the age of 3 and sat on the ground. That is not to say that he altered the size of my belly in any way.. just that it is not Cheese’s best angle.


This week (actually tomorrow), the Against The White Door photos will resume and everyone can go to sleep at night knowing that there shall be (for now) no more weird angle Cheese views.

For some reason, typing this entry has made me want to go to Cornwall and eat lobster salad. Weird.


Stark Craving Mad

Until tonight I’d managed to escape an entire pregnancy plus 30 weeks and 5 days of a second pregnancy without having any odd cravings.  Mostly I crave ethnic foods that are not available in Milton Keynes.   With Noah, I ate a King Prawn Balti every friday night for months.  I also ate tubs of Ben and Jerrys and a small nation’s supply of popcorn.  I was more turned off of foods than I was aching for them.

This time, there haven’t been as many aversions and I can actually touch some raw meat, but I haven’t had any of the weird chalk or dirt cravings.  Not even a pickles in ice cream moment to speak of.

But just now, I burst into the kitchen whilst Lee was clearing up and announced that I HAD to leave Noah asleep upstairs because I was HUNGRY.  Lee offered to get me something and I explained that he didn’t know what I wanted.  So I got to work.  And oh man oh man… it was not the Mint Aero, Bowl of Buttered Popcorn with Tabasco and Soy Sauce along with chocolate covered ice cream that I had originally wanted.. but I got my salty, sweet, sugary goodness in the form of a peanut butter, honey and butterscotch Chipits sandwich!!

When I told Lee what I had made, he turned and excitedly said “finally, you’re really pregnant!!”  And then he called me gross.

If I couldn’t already hide a baby elephant in my shadow I’d go make another one.

Oh what I wouldn’t give to be able to use Eggos as the bread for my sandwich.  Ooh and it needs ice cream.

Or perhaps I should just go to sleep and ignore these cravings.

This is what I get for eating so many greens at dinner!


It’s a Boy!

No, not the baby in my Mommy’s tummy .. well, that one could be, but that is not who I am talking about.

My second first cousin was born at 12.40pm EST on the 29th of March. He weighed a whole pound and half an ounce less than his sister did, but is still a whole 21.75 inches long! His name is Christian Nathaniel and although I didn’t get to meet him when I was in Toronto (other than seeing him inside his Mommy’s tummy), I am certain that he’s a pretty cool guy. He looks it from his photos anyway.

Uncle Scotty and Christian

There he is on the right. The dude that isn’t the baby, that’s my Uncle Scotty. He’s also Calleigh’s Daddy .. which makes Calleigh a big sister already and she only turned one 10 days before Christian decided to join the rest of our wacky family!

Because I had to come back to England and couldn’t be there to greet him, my Mommy and I got down to business to give him a special welcome. Since I will no longer sit there and hold a piece of paper like I did when Calleigh was born, my Mommy actually made me do some serious work.

Though I got her back in the end.. by giving her a lovely stinky diaper to change. heh. Oh man, have I developed a taste for toilet humour since I went to Canada.

Anyway… back to Christian.

Welcome to the world, little dude!! I cannot wait to meet you (though I’m not sure when that will be, because my Mommy doesn’t really look like she’d be able to fit into those airplane seats again until she loses that belly she’s hiding the baby in)!!

Here I am finishing off the spelling portion….
Adding the N

Ahh.. that’s perfect.. almost…
Almost there

A bit of decoration makes it complete!
Welcome Christian!


NAJB: Month 13 in Review

This has been the BUSIEST month of your life. It has been the: Month of Hair, Month of Phones, Month of Teeth, Month of Coughs, Month of Clapping, Month of Tongue, Month of Family and the Month Where You Appear to Have Left Babyhood Behind.

Who you calling baby?

Yes, we started this month sick. Nothing says Bring on the New Month like a raging temperature, a runny nose and smoker’s cough. At the end of it, the only thing you’ve been left with is the smoker’s cough. Perhaps when your Daddy and I fall asleep at night you sneak out on the deck and have a couple of Bensons. Though with as funny as you’ve been finding everything lately, I fear it may be something even stronger!


You haven’t only developed more of a sense of humour this month, but we’re now up to 8.5 teeth. Yes, a half. That weirdo molar that busted through the side is playing Silly Buggers and driving me crazier than you! Not that you’re crazy, just that you’re less bothered. And although you still have the tiniest teeth in the universe, your jaw appears to be changing because you seem to show off your pearly whites more often. Mind you, that could be due to your new Totally Wide Mouth Grin. It is similar to the Frog look of early teething days.. only even wider… and with teeth. And no matter how often you do it, it cracks me up. I hope this is only a phase, because I don’t want to give you a complex or anything when you’re 4, 12, 25 or 39 and I laugh at you when you smile.

Frog Cheese

Along with your teeth, your hair has been growing. Not all that much longer… but outwards. If any doubt was had before that you may have escaped The Curl, all doubt has been removed. Your hair is out of control. I cannot tell you how tempted I’ve been to put curling gel or anti frizz products in it. When I see your hair poking out in all directions and flicking up into wings over your ears, it brings photos of my youth before my eyes and I am sent spiralling into a panic over whether you too will be scarred by the various hairstyles your parents (that’s me and Daddy to you) thought looked good on you.

The Hair Out There

At least when we go out in public I attempt to dress you in okay clothes to make up for the hair. It is the least I can do since I am the one that you got those genes from. Actually, until the curls are fully developed, I am not sure that I want to take the blame just yet. I will however, take the blame for the Crocs. Though I will remind you when you’re older that you actually liked them. When Kadie and I put them on your feet in Bonnie Togs, you were off like the wind. It was as though your feet felt that they were walking on clouds. At least I think that is what your expression was trying to convey. It could have been “I bet you’ll wonder where I am when I take off into the change room”.

Shoe Horn

There was a point where I thought you actually liked shopping, but now I realise that you just like the opportunity to take off, play with hangers and climb through the clothes racks, all whilst finding yourself to be hilarious. I’ll let you in on a secret.. I may tell you to come back and to stop it.. but I find it hilarious too!

Personal Shopper

Month 13 also saw you conquer your fear or rather strong dislike for tunnels. From the first time you crawled in (when I think you were showing off for your Daddy), you’ve become a tunnel maniac! Even when we were at Z and Kadie’s house you were crawling under the coffee tables as though they were tunnels. I cannot tell you how proud I was when you first got in that tunnel .. even though you chose to exit through the hole where I wasn’t waiting for you! Though I wasn’t as proud when you kept trying to sit up under the coffee tables as though they’d magically get taller to suit your wants and desires.

Tunnel Of Love

Tunnel Vision

Actually, come to think of it, you’ve done so much this month that I am proud of. Although you have been Mr. Cling through a lot of it, you are becoming much more independent and mostly well behaved in public! When we went for a 2 hour + lunch with your Nan and Grandad, you were amazing. So amazing that we didn’t even realise how long we’d been in the restaurant.

3 Generations

When you and I were due to fly alone to Canada, I was SO scared of how I would cope with you on the plane .. but once again.. you were amazing! Nearly 8 solid hours of sitting on my lap and you hardly ever complained. You even let me change you in the cramped airplane washroom without too much wriggling around!! The way home was even better. You had your own seat and slept so much that I got to watch TWO movies. You don’t even let me watch ONE when we’re at home. You didn’t cry or moan going through immigration or waiting for the bags and you even helped me out massively in Toronto by walking out of Customs all by yourself.

Sleeping Beauty

While we were in Toronto you were amazing. You took just over a day to get adjusted to the timezone, the people, the fact that it wasn’t your house with your bed and your toilet handle. But once you got settled, you were right at home and soon let people know that there was a new boss in town .. unless they were feeding you.. then they could think that they were the boss. And oh my goodness, the food you ate – Dim Sum, Sushi, Deli, Diner, Tex Mex, Thai, Indian and West Indian .. and Kraft Dinner. You were GREAT! Even better than eating octopus, was the fact that you slept so well at night. You slept through. From the moment you’d fall asleep until I’d come to bed, you’d barely move a muscle .. even though you were in a bed with no head or foot or one side. Unfortunately you left that sleeping talent in Toronto, but I am still proud!

Aww.. too cute

In all, this has been my favourite month of your life, but the one that makes me saddest. You are clearly shedding your Baby Skin and becoming a full time toddler. I know that this is what happens and that I’ve been wishing this day since I realised that newborn babyhood kind of sucks, and I really am happy with the little dude you are at the moment, but you are changing SO quickly now and I’m suffering from pregnancy brain and am scared to forget all of this time.

So thank you for this month. You’ve made Month 13 excellent and I feel honoured to have been with you for almost every single moment of it.

The only thing we need to try and get rid of for next month is .. the tongue.

The Tongue

Happy Thirteen Months, GrumpyPumps!!!
Mommy Loves You!!


Another Birthday Celebration

Happy 9th Birthday, Adam!!!

My Mommy tried to get me to sing Happy Birthday to you today, but I have to admit that I have been a Super GrumpyPumps today. I am getting sick and my teeth are hurting my mouth, so I haven’t really felt like singing or even smiling.

But, she was very clever and knew that if she gave me my bath letters, that I’d work my magic .. and I did!!

Here I am adjusting the letters:
Down to work

And here is the finished product:

I hope you like it! Next year when I am talking more I will try and sing for you!

Hope your birthday is as happy as mine and that you get to eat lots of cake. Mmm, I love cake!


The Cheese Show

After having a 4D ultrasound with Noah, on recommendation from my midwife who thought it would help my antenatal depression, I knew that I HAD to have one with Cheese.  Not because I am depressed, but because it changed my pregnancy with Noah.  It was the single most amazing few minutes of my pregnancy and it helped me to fall in love with the little (or not so little) life growing inside of me.

This time around I have been far less depressed. Emotional? Damn straight.  But I am at the best of times too.  Although there are only 12 weeks (maybe less, maybe more) to go, I still hadn’t come to terms with the fact that this baby’s arrival was approaching quickly and that I was going to have to deal with two under 1.5 year olds.  Or maybe I was mentally running away from the reality of the situation.  More like the second.

That was until this afternoon.  Just like with Noah, as soon as the image of the baby flashed on the screen, I wanted to pick he/she up out of the television screen and give them a hug.  Noah looked like a little baby, but one that needed more time to plum up.  This baby, looked like a proper chubster already and just screamed “PINCH MY CHEEKS”.

Actually, to be honest, Cheese wasn’t screaming much of anything.  In fact, Cheese was far lazier than Noah was and didn’t really want to be involved in a one wo/man show.  However, the sonographer slapped my belly a lot in hopes that Cheese would change their mind.  About 2 minutes into the video, the hand comes down from the face and PURE attitude is given.  That face screamed “GIRL” to me.  Only because sweet sweet Noah (or BoB at the time) would never have given me that face.

But there are moments of Noah-ness in there that bring me back to the boy feeling.  I thought that I would hop up on the table and know right away and walk out confident like I did last time.  And I did hop up on the table and immediately shout out “Oh my god! It’s a girl!”.  However, it was quickly followed by … “Ooh, It’s a boy” and then “that’s so a girl”  and back to “that HAS to be a boy”.

At the end, I was no more clear than the beginning.  I knew that I walked in there with a 75/25 feeling of boy and walked out almost totally 50/50, with the winning percent flip flopping.

The more I look at the video, the more I see girl features … and then the Noahness appears to confuse me.  The more I look at the still 4D photos, the more I think for sure it is a boy.  When I see the photos of the 2D shots, I think girl.

What I do know, is that this baby has all of his/her fingers and toes, a strong heartbeat (only 143 which made me shout Boy! and made the sonographer shout That’s Rubbish”), a cute mouth, pinchable cheeks and massive feet.

Right now, that is all I need to know.

We do have an envelope that has a photo and the identifying word written on it with Are You Sure? written on the back and as much as I wanted to rip it open right then and there… and all through lunch, I’m currently satisfied with the knowledge that this baby is healthy and perfectly formed.. and totally in the wrong position.. and has two parents that are going to love him/her either way.

Ask me again in a week.. though the envelope may no longer be in our hands by then.  We shall see.

But I am a happy girl now, and ready to spend my last 12 weeks as Noah’s Mommy and then start our life as a foursome .. whether it be in a house with three penises or an even mix!


smell my feet

2D baby

profile style


Music & Lyrics

Last year when we had the 4D scan done for Noah, we poured over tens of dozens of songs looking for something that could express how we were feeling and that would go along with a 5 minute DVD of a 28 week old baby in utero. It is a lot harder than you might think.

This time I found it even harder. In fact I pact in the search a couple of times and got so desperate at one point that I considered a country song. Not like the Dixie Chicks one at the end of Noah’s DVD, but proper country. Now I know other people have covered it, but the best sounding version was the country original. I was scared. I gave up looking.

As there are less than 48 hours until we get to see Cheese, I had to get my larger than normal backside in gear!! It took less than half an hour to find the lyrics .. and then I found a sample of the song. I never ever thought I’d be going with Art FREAKIN’ Garfunkel .. but after showing Lee the lyrics, we decided that it fit. A Marc – Walkin’ in Memphis – Cohen song covered by Art – My Hair is Even Curlier Than Yours – Garfunkel.

Who woulda thunk it?

Here are the lyrics:
Don’t know much about you
Don’t know who you are
We’ve been doin’ fine without
But we could only go so far
Don’t know why you chose us
Were you watching from above
Is there someone there that knows us
Said we’d give you all our love.

Will you laugh just like your mother
Will you sigh like your old man
Will some things skip a generation
Like I’ve heard they often can.

Are you a poet or a dancer
A devil or a clown
Or a strange new combination of
The things we’ve handed down.

I wonder who you’ll look like
Will your hair fall down and curl
Will you be a Mama’s boy
Or Daddy’s little girl
Will you be a sad reminder
Of what’s been lost along the way
Maybe you can help me find her
In the things you do and say

And these things that we have given you
They are not so easily found
Oh, but you can thank us later for
The things we’ve handed down
The things we’ve handed down

You may not always be so grateful
For the way that you were made
Maybe some feature of your father’s
That you’d gladly sell or trade
And one day you may look at us
And say that you were cursed
But over time that line has been
Extremely well rehearsed.

By our fathers and their fathers
In some old and distant town
From places no one here remembers

The things we’ve handed down
The things we’ve handed down, down
The things we’ve handed down

I’ve never heard the song in its entirety, but I am so excited that we’ve got the Music and Lyrics to accompany The Cheese Show.


Who Am I?

Last week it was Shrimp Alfredo, Chicken in a Creamy Mushroom Sauce and a third meal we cannot recall. This week it has been Corned Beef with Cabbage, Potatoes and Carrots, Chicken Stroganoff, Cannelloni stuffed with Salmon, Sunblushed Tomatoes and Spinach and tonight we had Slow Cooker Pot Roast.

I made it all. Seriously. Me. The one who normally goes for the Tired and Pregnancy Sympathy Vote and gets a Happy Meal or more often than not has the Most Understanding Husband in the Universe who works all day long and then comes home and cooks.

But it would appear that this Maternal stuff that was supposed to kick in last year when I had Noah is finally kicking in now and I am liking cooking. Even if I have to constantly drop scraps to the floor for my son who will not allow food to be prepared unless he is getting fed.

We have even eaten all of our meals at the table for the past few weeks. US! King and Queen and Prince of the Sofa Eaters. Noah and I do breakfast and lunch together at the table and Lee joins us for dinner.

It is scary. We are becoming civilised .. almost normal even…

…must be the hormones.


1,2,3 Jinx on Me

Yesterday I was reading something that mentioned baby hiccoughs and I realised that unlike Noah who hiccoughed throughout most of the pregnancy, Cheese had yet to pull the same stunt.

Until last night. And unlike his/her older brother, Cheese decided that the first episode of hiccoughs was going to come with the added pleasure of landing on my bladder after each bounce. Now usually I enjoy whatever movements I am feeling because Cheese is a lot more gentle with his/her movements, where Noah was arms and legs and bum everywhere .. all of the time.. but when you involve my bladder, it’s not so cute.

Does this child not realise that pelvic floor muscles take a lot longer to recover than I would have liked to believe? Not that I’m in diapers yet, but some nights when I wake up and realise that I’ve got 2ish pounds of baby, plus placenta and other goop resting on my bladder and my hips tell me “you’re not going anywhere lady!!” I take a deep breath, go back to sleep and hope that there aren’t any accidents. I’m not sure Lee’d buy the excuse that Noah Did It.

Other than the Bladder Interuptus, the pelvic pain seems to get worse one day and alright the next. I’m trying to keep moving more than usual so that things don’t have a chance to change much. I know it makes no sense, but work with me here, I’m hormonal and want to spend the next 12 weeks or so in one piece. Lifting Noah has been hard sometimes because I swear my belly muscles keep tearing and Cheese keeps trying to escape. Though they seem to repair by the time I wake up, so either I’ve got some Heroes style superpower or the acute pain is not a symptom of any lasting damage.

But all of the aches and pain aside, things are going swimmingly. I am the size of a whale and swear I grow with each exhale, but it’s all in the name of Cheese, so I cannot complain.

One great great thing, is that we’re going for the 4d scan on Saturday. I remember the exact moment that I saw Noah up on that screen and he (although not confirmed at that time other than via Mother’s Intuition) stole my heart. I’m hoping for something similar this time or at least a chance to see if one of my children will have average sized feet.

Oh, and I’m hoping there’s only one face in there this time. No more Toby Jugs or Burger Kings please!

Three days until the next Peek O’ The Cheese! I’m getting nervous and excited… and coincidentally, I have to pee now.

11.3.09 27+6 Front

11.3.09: 27+6 side


Let Them Eat Cake!

Birthdays are cool! Before Luca’s birthday, I’d only ever been to an adult’s birthday .. oh and Sam’s when I wasn’t even 2 months old and I think I remember something about Luke and a Wiggles car on his birthday in Toronto, but I was only just 2 months and a bit and wasn’t really sure of what was going on around me!

Luca’s party was where I got to eat cake. A whole entire cupcake just for me. And there were toys everywhere and balloons and people singing. It was great!

I was so excited after his birthday that I couldn’t wait for mine. I was going to be one and my Mommy kept baking cupcakes that I wanted to try so badly… but I woke up sick. How sucky! Since I already had a cold, my Parents decided to go ahead and let me get my booster vaccinations. Now I don’t know about you, but that is not my idea of a good birthday present!!

On my birthday morning I woke up with a really high fever and everyone wondered if my first ever birthday was going to be cancelled! When I heard this news, I knew it wasn’t good. What? No presents? No eating whatever I want? No trip to the zoo with Luca and his Parents? This fever wasn’t going to beat me!

Especially when I saw the presents on awaiting me on the table…


I’ll be honest with you. I was quite shocked! All of those were for me!?

For me?!

So I decided to choose one and took it over to my Daddy to help me open.

Whatever is inside?

It was a puzzle!! After a quick play with the puzzle I realised that I needed a nap. This fever was kicking my big little bum and there was only one thing to do… sleep it off. And that I did! When I woke up, I was a sweaty mess and my hair was curlier than ever, but I had no fever!! Woo hoo! That meant one thing… I was going to go to the zoo!!!

When we got there, Luca got all snug in his stroller and I had to wait for what felt like an entire other year for my Parents to get mine back together. You know, after that whole throwing up on it incident from before? Oh I didn’t tell you? Let’s move on….

So we went in, got some food and then went to see some animals. And these weren’t the same animals I see when I walk around the lake with my Mommy or through the mall either! There were tigers (though they bored me) and flamingos and rhinos and camels and sloth bears (that my Daddy said had the same hairstyle as me.. how rude!!! Take note, Adam. Another one to add to the Rudie List!). Luca and I chilled in our strollers taking in the new smells and sights…



And then before you knew it… we passed out and let our Parents enjoy the rest of the day at the zoo.

Crash Pads

To be honest, I was only pretending to feel 100%. I woke up when we were near the exit and my Parents decided that we should go because we had to do a bunch of stuff still before my party the next day. So we said goodbye to the D’Ambrosio crew (though Luca didn’t hear us because he was still asleep!) and headed to Costco! I LOVE that place! We picked up a cake and went home to pack and head off to my Nan and Grandad’s house where I got to open even more presents, eat a yummy dinner with trifle (I LOVE the stuff!) and hang out!

do I smell dinner?

Birthday Boy

Hooray for food!

After playing with my new toys for a nit it was off to get some beauty sleep for the next day! My Party Day!

When I woke up, I couldn’t believe that there were still more presents to open!! One even had my name written across it so no one else could think it was for them! Once we had breakfast (bacon and sausages, tomatoes and grapes … might sound weird to you, but it’s what I wanted!) I opened the other gifts and then I had a nap whilst everyone else was busy busy busy.

I was in shock once again when I woke up. There were banners and balloons and a box of colourful balls in the living room!

Happy 1st Birthday

My Daddy did some last minute checks on me whilst My Mommy finished frosting my cupcakes and I made sure I played with everything I could get my hands on!

All Good!

Luca and his Parents arrived and we played with my new toys, and then Sam arrived with his Parents and played with us too! And even more people showed up. All just for me?! It was great! I felt so special!

Play Time

After some serious playing and eating of food (oh how I love sausage rolls), everyone went into the dining room where there was a cake that had candles on fire that said my name and sang Happy Birthday to me!


Happppy Biiiirthday

And then… and then… and then… I got to eat a cupcake all by myself!!! And… and… and… I didn’t even have to wear a bib!!!

Oh man… I love vanilla frosting!

Let him eat cake

I don’t even know what the big cake tasted like, but that is okay because I was in Sugar High Heaven!

After the cake eating, we got back down to playing and I discovered that the colourful balls are not as scary as I thought that they would be. In fact, I was having a BALL in there. hehe, get it? Having a ball?! … Oh man, ever since I turned 1 I find myself so funny!

Having a ball

I know it has been a while, but I just want to thank everyone for coming to my party and for playing and eating with me!! I had a great time!!

And then I went home and got another fever. But at least I didn’t miss out on my celebrations. 😉