NAJB: Month 14 in Review

Two Thumbs Up for another great month!

20.4.09: On the ball

20.4.09: On the ball

Just thinking about this month makes me want to scoop you out of bed, hug you so tight and do whatever I can to make you stop growing up. You are amazing as you are right now. Perhaps a little more progress with your verbal communication would be welcome, rather than the constant hand flapping that we are getting. Mind you, if you ever decide to become a professional horse racing bookie, you’ve got Tic Tac covered!

You are at the stage where you can let us know what you want and if needs must, you will come over to one of us and drag us to something to show us what you want. It is very handy for you and can be quite tiring for us. Especially for your Daddy as he seems to give in to this game of Do What I Say/Want easily, where I am a little harder to persuade as it takes me a lot longer to get up from wherever I am due to this ever increasing size of my belly.

8.4.09: Family Al Fresco

8.4.09: Family Al Fresco

I am convinced that your advancements this month have been due to the extended periods we have spent outside, along with your increasing desire to grow up, graduate school and move out so you can eat all of your Easter eggs in their foil wrapping before coming out of your room … or so that you can have a bathroom all to yourself where people won’t take pictures of your constant love to preen yourself.

Pretty, Im so pretty...

Pretty, I'm so pretty...

Speaking of prettying up yourself… you have developed this new, not so pretty, smile that you think is absolutely hilarious and which is nearly impossible to catch on camera because you close your eyes so tightly and smile at a random object (see photo above). This smile goes along with the dozens of new faces you pull, most consisting of pushing your tongue against your four bottom teeth as hard as you can without it popping out of your mouth. Your facial expressions never fail to amuse us, even when we’re trying to be serious with you. And your Clever Level has been reaching near Maximum Capacity! There are moments when we are being serious and you don’t want to hear it and we can actually see you go from starting to have a tantrum to realising the easier way to end this talking to would be to give out cuddles and kisses.

24.4.09: Cuddles for Mommy

24.4.09: Cuddles for Mommy

So smart. So very very smart. That must be your Daddy’s genes kicking in. So far you appear to be getting his brain and his bathroom habits. Though I am not sure that the latter isn’t because you’ve become his shadow when he’s at home and so you’re just learning what the “men” of the family do. I guess that it is something I will have to look over and accept because seeing the two of you together is too sweet. Hearing the two of you laughing it up in the shower or watching you every morning as you realise that he is getting dressed to leave and demanding that he pick you up right then and there for cuddles is starting to erase all of the months of wondering whether I’d ever start to enjoy motherhood. Seeing how you look at him and look at me too makes me realise that perhaps I am not totally crap at this and that there have to be parts that I am doing right. Then again, you don’t really know better right now, which is another reason to keep you just as you are!

Daddy and Noah
Daddy and Son Looking Over the Photos

This month has seen the milestone of your moving into your own bed. Not a crib or even a toddler bed, but your own double bed. It has only been a few nights plus your daily naps, but you are doing amazingly. We are so proud of you. Your independence has shone through this month. It is as though you not only learned to physically open doors for yourself (which has shocked and scared us!), but you are doing it metaphorically too. You’ve realised that you can do things without one of us being right by your side and you can still have fun.

A lot of this has been due to the weather getting a bit nicer and being able to be outside more. You definitely love it out there. Some mornings you have gone out on the deck after breakfast and stayed there until you could no longer hold out on a nap any longer. You don’t even need toys out there because you seem to find ways to entertain yourself without .. even if sometimes this means trying to catch bees with your bare hands.

21.4.09: Rider in the Sun

21.4.09: Rider in the Sun

The only downside to this month that I can come up with, is that it is over. That means the time I get to spend alone with you is winding down and I’m starting to worry that I am going to miss all of these magical moments that I catch now because I am going to be back in a panic wondering what it is your baby brother or sister is telling me that they need. And I fear that you are going to think that we love you less because you will be sharing us. We do not want you to ever think that. We are amazed every day that our love for you continues to grow, that we find you even cuter than you were yesterday and funnier than anyone we’ve ever known.

26.4.09 - Peek a Boo ..Floor style

26.4.09 - Peek a Boo ..Floor style

So, although month 15 is going to seem hectic as we try and get ready for the new arrival and we may even have a new family member before the month is up, I am going to do whatever it is that I can to make sure that we have another great month! Thank you for being so patient with me this far, it has taken me a while to get into the groove of this Mommy thing and I couldn’t have asked for a better baby boy to take this journey with. So bring on the sunshine and cuddles and faces …and okay, you can even stick your tongue out at me every once in a while.

27.4.09: Searching for Sunshine

27.4.09: Searching for Sunshine

Happy Fourteen Months, GrumpyPumps!!!
Mommy Loves You!!


Back On The List

A few years ago, my Momma and Randy were over here visiting and took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday. We didn’t really know anywhere in the area, so we took to the Internet to find somewhere “nice” (not a chain.. not weird food.. not a carvery type joint) and stumbled upon The Birch at Woburn and decided to give it a go.

Having never ventured even as far as Woburn Sands, we were shocked to find such nice little villages so close to the booming metropolis that we were calling home. It was like Real England had been hiding in the shadows the whole time when I thought we were nowhere near it. Because of not knowing where we were, we actually passed the restaurant and ended up in Woburn itself and stumbled upon the Abbey and all.

After eventually finding out way back, we made it to the restaurant, got seated and quite enjoyed our meal there. Success!!

Lee and I then returned again a few months later and although some things were tasty, over all it was a let down and I was in fact sick by the time we hit the parking lot.

Due to this, we hadn’t been back in a couple of years!

Today, we made a return visit when Lee and Noah took me out to lunch for my birthday. The sun was shining and although we were tired from a late night out on Friday, we were all in pretty good spirits especially when once again realising that Real England is almost so close we can touch it .. without ever getting on or crossing a major highway/motorway.

We sat in “the bar” area which is more rustic looking than the tables located in the proper restaurant bit, but it was all the same menu so it didn’t really matter. Plus, with Noah, the less tables around for him to flirt with/demand attention from.. the better.

When the waiter came around to tell us about the menu I almost tuned him out straight away. I rarely ever order Specials of the Day because I normally forget halfway through what they were talking about. When he rattled off the soup and started with “tomato” I instantly thought.. .oO(ah here we go again), but he followed it with red pepper and horseradish cream. Okay, so there was no way I was going to order it seeing as I hate tomato soup, but I liked the interesting twist. He got to the special starter and it was grabbing me until I heard “stilton”, but it was alright since I’d already been busy debating myself over which of two that jumped out of me that I was going to have. And then I heard “veal”. Oh my.

Right after Noah was born I read an article about rose veal in the UK and how they were promoting it rather than perpetuating that it was a really bad thing to eat. I couldn’t help but cry when I read that veal comes from baby boy cows. Here my own baby boy was laying across my lap having a nap and I was reading about eating some cow’s baby boy. I cried. A lot.

Noah’s over a year now and I’m pregnant and sometimes I can understand why in some species of animal, the mother eats their young. My tears over veal are long gone and in fact I’ve been craving it like crazy.

So back to the man.. “fillet of veal with a mustard potato cake, served with asparagus wrapped in parma ham and topped of with seared fois gras”. DAMNIT! You had to throw in the fois gras. Instantly I knew that Lee had found his main course and I was left fearing I’d be there for hours trying to choose a main. But before I knew it I heard “salmon fillet on a bed of tagliatelle with crab and shrimp in a garlic cream sauce”. SOLD!

We asked for a moment to decided on the starters and when he .. or actually a totally different waiter… came back to take our order we were ready to go.

Lee’s menu: Terrine of Local Venison served with mustard aioli, roasted pear and rocket salad, the Veal Special (and to be added later, the Hazelnut Brulee served with Brandy and Orange Ice Cream and Shortbread)

My menu: Smoked Salmon with Potato and Horseradish Salad served with baby leaves and sauce vierge, the Salmon Special (and to be added later, the Glazed Lime Tart served with Coconut Ice Cream and fragrant lemongrass syrup)

Noah’s menu: A bit of everything with emphasis on the smoked salmon starter, the potato from Lee’s main and the Salmon and Crab from mine .. Lee’s brulee and my ice cream.

I went there not feeling like pasta at all. I was hoping for something more potato-y and with vegetable. I left completely happy with what I ordered and just wishing that fois gras was something that I didn’t find too rich and was pregancy friendly, because Lee’s meal looked AMAZING and the veal melted in the mouth. He even said that the fois gras there was better than the stuff he had at Boxwood Cafe.

The service slipped a bit toward the end, but it afforded Noah some running around time, diaper change time and time for me to be emotionally retarded and full on cry at the table when a song came on and I couldn’t stop thinking of my Daddy and how he was missing yet another one of my birthdays and how I never got to show him anything of England … where I live… and how he is so missing out on Noah.

But other than my hormonally charged self being unable to rein my tears in, it was a perfect lunch out to celebrate my favourite day of the year .. a day early.

And afterwards we drove through Woburn and then found this village that we were told we would love to live in and agreed.. we would love to live there. However, when I got home and looked up the houses for sale there we agreed that it might take a while to get there seeing as of the two possibilities (the third was too small) the cheaper one was just over £500,000.

But we got to discover a little more of what is around us and see more of what kind of place we want to go to when we leave here. We also got to drive through the deer park by Woburn Abbey and then come home and all have a nap… with Noah napping in his own room!!

What a Happy Day Before Birthday. Looks like the fates took their heads out of their bums and remembered how important my birthday weekend is after all!

And of course… I couldn’t let this lunch go by without taking photos!

At least there was one olive left when I remembered

At least there was one olive left when I remembered

Raisins while we wait

Raisins while we wait

My Salmon Starter

My Salmon Starter

Lees Starter

Lee's Starter

Where did it go?

Where did it go?

Finger Lickin Good

Finger Lickin' Good

My Main

My Main

Lees Main

Lee's Main

My Dessert

My Dessert

Lees Dessert

Lee's Dessert

Ahhhhh All Done

Ahhhhh All Done


Sleeping Beauty

Blah blah blah there was this princess… something something… an apple, a mirror, a not so nice lady… yadda yadda yadda… slept for ages and ages and ages…

This entry is not about her.  This is about me!

This afternoon I had a nap in my own bed, in my own room.  Well, I am confused about the room part really, because it is where Kadie sleeps, but she hasn’t been in there for a long time so I guess I’m allowed to sleep in there now.  It was definitely my own bed though.  This I know because my Mommy and Daddy took me to IKEA not once, but TWICE this week to get my bed.

Oh how I love IKEA and running around through all of that furniture.  The bed section is the best because I can play hide and seek and take a rest on so many different beds.  But we didn’t get my bed from that section either.  We had to get this cart thing that my Daddy and I fought over.  See, I wanted to play with the wheels and push it around myself, but he had this big idea in his big head that he was the boss and needed it to carry the boxes for my bed.  I mean, he does have two arms.  Sheesh.  But it worked out in the end because my Mommy then carried me as I cried and took me to get an ice cream cone.  Man, she’s clever sometimes.

But they didn’t have all of the pieces that day so we went back yesterday to complete it.  This morning my Daddy took Kadie’s bed apart and now my bed is in there.  I hope she doesn’t mind because I hear she’s coming back soon to meet the baby that keeps on moving around in my Mommy’s belly.

I struggled to go down for my nap today because I wanted my Parents to think that it was uncomfortable and that they should let me sleep in their bed like I’ve convinced them to do for so long.  But they tricked me.  They both lied down next to me and before I knew it I could no longer open my eyes .. and slept for nearly an hour and a half all alone in my Big Boy Bed.

Noahs First Sleep In His Bed

Noah's First Sleep In His Bed

Oh yeah, and while I was sleeping in my Big Boy Bed, it would appear that my blog turned into a Big Boy Blog! No more little duckies for me!


Peek a Bubb

Today marks 34 weeks down and 6 to go.  How scary is that?!   We’re still mid-madness here and I think by the time we have everything ready it will be about 3 days too late.  But we’re trying.   The sun has been shining all week, so Noah and I have been sidetracked by water bottles and hoses and playing in the grass.  We eat lunch on the deck and have been having morning naps together.   They are times I am so happy that I get to share with him and am so scared that I am not going to be able to enjoy in the same way when I have to share my attention with an innocent and helpless newborn.

But, I’ve been doing my best not to dwell on what I might be missing out and living totally in the moments that I get to share with him.  Even the moments where he is crying and arching his back because I won’t let him eat raw chicken.  And although it can be frustrating, I love that he can eat whatever we eat.  I cannot believe that we are 6 very short weeks away from trying this breastfeeding thing again and possibly formula (ACK! We don’t have a steriliser any more.. or bottles for him/her.  Oh I have totally forgotten the basics already!) … waking in the middle of the night, the early morning … and not being able to sleep when the baby sleeps because I am going to be busy letting Noah know that I haven’t forgotten all about him.

Right.. back on to the whole not dwelling thing.

So today we got to celebrate the 34 weeks by taking another peek at Cheese.  I know I’ve been waving the banner for Team Yellow and sometimes I thought about leaving for Team Blue, but today I am thinking that I might be a secret member of Team Pink.  The baby had the cutest face.  Squeezable cheeks, full lips with attitude, a non-hooked nose and big big eyes and an estimated current weight of 5lb 8oz.  To see on paper that this baby is bigger than Adam was when he was born and even bigger than my friend Steph who grew to 5’10 with legs that go on and on, it dawned on me that there was a proper sized baby in there.

Okay, my belly size has also indicated that this may be more than a peanut with limbs, but the look we had today seemed to be in proportion.  We were able to see a baby sized baby in there.  Something we’re not used to considering I gave birth to a two month old last time.

And to make it even better, Cheese has gone head down.  That’s right, s/he is finally playing along and after a night of painful movements on Tuesday, it would appear that Cheese is getting him/herself ready.  In doing this it would also seem that the cord in no longer acting as a scarf.  Woo Hoo!

The consultant said that as of right now we do not need to worry about a c-section as the baby may be big, but is still not trying to escape the “normal” range.  We’ve got a regular sized head, a bit of a tummy and long legs.  Not too frightening!  We get to have another peek in two weeks to make sure that there has been no crazy growth spurt and that we don’t have a repeat but worse of the whole Sticky Shoulder (otherwise known as shoulder dystopia) situation.

But I’m not worrying about that.  Not now anyway.  I’ve got two weeks of happily knowing that this baby is getting ready and so I plan on doing what I can remember to do to get ready and spend the rest of the time napping with Noah and playing in the sunshine.

Photos from last night: 33wk+6

A newer, lower Cheese:
Front Bump

Attempting to lift Cheese back up to where s/he once was:
Lifting Cheese

Perhaps a horizontally striped shirt on a pregnant belly wasn’t the smartest idea ever:


Crock of … Gold

Okay, so I’m behind the times. We’re talking decades here.

3 years ago we bought a crockpot. 3 years ago I used the crockpot to make a massive fondue most of which was eaten by Sally and me at the post wedding gathering thing at that shady place we rented.

When we returned from the weekend it went into the garage and stayed there for .. 3 years.

That is, until about a month ago. I cannot remember what I was attempting to make, but I decided that I should try the crockpot out. Noah often gets very upset when I make dinner because he believes food is edible no matter the state and doesn’t understand waiting. So I decided to make something that I could put on while he was having a morning nap and just serve up when it came time.

I made a couple of things including my first ever pot roast and realised that I had been missing out. A crockpot makes life so much easier. But then I got stumped and couldn’t think of anything to make other that dishes that come out like beef stew or something similar. While I was in Toronto, Lee got in on the slow cooker action and made himself a chilli to last a few days and then the ideas ran totally dry.

Sure, there are a million sites out there with recipes, but I’m always nervous that what Mary-Sue in West Virginia thinks is tasty may resemble road kill stew. We are a house that loves spices and flavour and things that are filling, not just a 7 hour meatloaf.

Well lo and behold I was reading my Canadian ex-pat forum as usual and I saw a recipe for slow cooker lamb shanks. Let me state for the record that I never make the lamb in this house unless it is meatballs made from minced lamb. It looked interesting, but I was scared. I called Lee at work to ask what a lamb shank was (good thing I did because I thought they were just rough chops) and decided that I’d give this thing a go. I popped out to Sainsburys where the man behind the meat counter was rude when I asked how many people one shank served. Remember, only an hour ago I had no idea what a shank was!!

Seeing as they only had one, I went to the lamb aisle and decided to look there. There was a pack with two and I figured that Noah and I could share one .. especially as I was not sure that I’d be liking what I made. Then I got nervous because the recipe called for soy sauce and I couldn’t imagine a teriyaki lamb shank.

This morning I quickly looked up alternate lamb shanks in the crockpot recipes and saw one that called for ingredients I actually had. I gave it a quick read over and decided that I’d go with the ingredients and figure out the measurements and prep myself.

Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. Why wasn’t I made aware of the existence of lamb shanks before?! A red meat that Lee will eat well done, that just falls off the bone and is cheap! It is heaven in a meat! Something that I just needed to brown, make the braise for and toss it all into a crockpot and leave it for the entire day. It was all in there and doing its thing by 8.30am and Noah and I then sat down to breakfast.

By the time dinner came, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Even Noah kept looking at me as if to say “are you kidding me?! you could make this all along and you gave me that gross stir fry last night?”. It was one of the first times I was eating my own cooking and thought .oO(if I was served this in a restaurant, I’d totally pay £15 for it and not think I was being scammed).

Not that my food is normally crap, just that lately I’ve been trying things I’ve never made before and shocking myself that within me lives someone who can actually cook .. well.

Now if only I could regain some of my brain back so that I could think of other things to make!

Here is the recipe that I took the idea from: Honey Lamb Shanks

And here is what I produced!!!

My Dinner:
Lamb Shankopotamus

Noah’s Dinner:
Kid's Fancy Pants Grub


Race To The Finish

I am so late in posting the weekly update … although I could pretend that the Shadow post would count as an update.

Life at our house has been absolutely crazy lately. We’re trying to prepare for The Arrival, move Noah to the spare room and do random DIY jobs so that the house will be in saleable condition before we know it. And of course there is counting down to 33! Not 33 weeks, as I hit that milestone last Thursday, but 33 years young!

Had you asked me last year when I was wondering if I’d ever sleep again, if I’d see myself 34 weeks pregnant on my next birthday I would have not only laughed in your face but most likely would have fallen on the floor, gripping my stomach in fits of uncontrollable laughter with perhaps a side of stress incontinence.

But here I am, 3 days from 34 weeks pregnant and one week until I turn 33. Insane!

Over the past week and a half, Cheese has been doing some incredible acrobatics. There is rarely a moment in the day when my bump is not totally lumpy. S/He has taken to residing mostly on my right side which is oh so attractive as I walk around with a massively lopsided bump.

On Thursday we will peek to see if in taking up residence on what too was Noah’s favourite side, this baby has decided to go head down. From the kicks I’ve felt… that’d be a no. But Noah’s sibling-to-be has 2.5 weeks to correct this and I hope this has just been an exercise in showing tenacity and willpower and not an uncooperative child who is going to go and mess up the family calendar by having a forced eviction in May.

In any case, the hospital bags have started to be packed… Noah’s bag, not so much.. There are blinds up in the spare room (that’s right, Momma .. no sun in your eye at 5am and 9pm looks like night), little gauzy curtains over the french doors in the dining room and Noah’s still in our bed. I blame IKEA for their random beds not fitting UK mattresses design. But the neutral baby clothes are washed and the double stroller has 98% been decided upon, so we’re kind of getting there.

This would be getting really exciting if I was not so scared!

Views of Cheese at 32+6 (15th April)
Sitting and Side View

The side view


Toronto Rocks! Toronto Rocks!

Well, I think it does. To be fair, I spent my time in Woodbridge, Thornhill, Pickering and Oakville. Technically I only drove though Toronto .. except maybe when we had breakfast that one morning, but it might be cutting it close.

My Mommy and I flew to Canada last month to see our family. My Daddy had to work, so my Mommy was all kinds of nervous about dealing with me on the plane .. especially since there were no empty seats and that baby in her belly is taking up lots of room!

But I was great!

Until we got into the car. I am not sure what it is, but Kadie’s car and I.. we don’t really get along. Maybe I knew that there was a car seat waiting for me and I was busy trying to enjoy the freedom of not sitting down after that long airplane ride. Whatever it was… I cried .. a lot.

Though to be fair, there were time changes to contend with and last time I saw Kadie and Zed it was in a completely different place .. with sunshine and palm trees and sandy beaches. It was all so confusing.

But I slept well the first night…

sleepy peeps

And woke up to find Crazy Uncle Jamie on the sofa…

Crazy Uncle Jamie

I knew that things were going to start looking up when I saw him and his crazy moustache.

We all got ready to go to my great-uncle Al’s house because they were having a surprise party for my great-auntie Cathy. That’s why we were in Canada. There were so many people there and at first it was overwhelming, but there was so much food. In case anyone has missed the memo.. I love food!

Ooh and we got to sing Happy Birthday too!!

Birthday Singers

I didn’t have cake, but I did get to sample some lemon squares made by G.G Margaret and Lemon Fluff made by great-auntie Sue. Oh my oh my oh my. I know my Mommy loves salty stuff, but this sugar thing is just the best!!! I couldn’t get enough!!! Luckily, my great-auntie Cath let me sit up on the stools with her and some of my cousins and she gave me some of hers. I LOVE birthdays!

The Family

After not seeing her for a few months, I even got to hang out with Calleigh! And this time we got along better. Mostly. She still tried to bully me and kept stealing my soother, but I held my own this time and even pushed back. In the end we came to a compromise and found out that by sharing with each other, we get twice the amount of fun than if we were being selfish!

Calleigh and I with our own soothers:

After the swap:
The Swap

And even though he didn’t know I was coming, my cousin Adam made me feel at home by wearing an England shirt!!


The rest of the week seemed to be dominated by eating. Not that I mind. I tried SO many things that I’d never heard of before, never mind tasted. I even had … octopus!!! In my short time there I discovered that I love Rye Bread, Blackberries, Frosted Mini-Wheats, Thai Food, Dim Sum, Samosas and Chicken Roti to name a few things….

In fact, here I am enjoying some turnip cake and rice noodle roll with shrimp:
Dim Sum

Last time I was in this restaurant I cried and cried and even Kadie couldn’t control the flow of my tears. This time I was all smiles and sat on her lap happily while she managed to eat around my wriggling self!

Kadie and Me

Not everything that I did was food related. Although sometimes when I was just chilling out at Zed and Kadie’s I found it hard to escape food…

Silly Sausages

Oh that’s right. That is me, sat between two Karnatzels. The weirdest thing about that is.. I never tried to eat them. I pulled on them like they were ropes used to gong church bells, but they never made a sound and every time Zed or my Mommy would go into the kitchen, they’d get smaller and smaller, until there was nothing left for me to play with.

Well, there was always something to play with really. I got to sit on Zed’s lap a lot and we read all about what was going on with the stock market, and we watched a lot of You Tube and laughed. And when he would try and relax on the sofa, I put him to work entertaining me and making him drum on the coffee table!

Zed and Noah

Kadie couldn’t escape either when she tried to sit down. I had my own orchestra of performing monkeys! It was great and we clapped and hip hip hoorayed and drummed some more. Though, Kadie was pretty crafty and had a box of toys in the living room which often distracted me from harassing them. Espcially the string of pearls. That’s right, I said pearls… got a problem with that?! They were the best!

Apart from eating and playing, I also got to see a lot of family. Not only did I see all of my Mommy’s aunts and uncles and cousins on Kadie’s side of the family, I got to meet Zed’s sister and her kids (though they were all way older than me, so more big kids than little ones) and I got to see my great-uncle Chickie again at his house! Calleigh must have heard that there was going to be food, because as soon as I sat down to start eating my samosa… there she was at the table next to me! I don’t even know where she came from. It was like magic!! We ate samosas and cakes together and then we played the best we ever have. And even hugged. We fell over from the shock of it, but we were not hurt. It’s okay, you do not have to worry!!

Noah and Calleigh The Hug

It was a great vacation and I loved seeing everyone that I hadn’t seen in nearly a year.. which is almost my whole life!!

The only ba dpart was that my Mommy was so carried away with the excitement of being there and being ableto eat so many things she hadn’t had in ages, that she forgot to give everyone thank you cards for all of my amazing birthday presents. So now I look like I am an ingrate, when really it is down to her!

Since we got back, her belly has grown even more and I think that is what has taken her so long to write this down for me! I’ve been trying, but what more can a little dude do?!

I cannot wait to go back and see everyone again. Apparently next time we’ll be travelling with my brother or sister, so hopefully they are as well behaved as I am .. and don’t try to steal my pearls!!!

Get those fingers ready, Zed and Kadie… I will be back!!!

Until then… it might be easier to reach me on my phone…

phone guy


Practice What You Preach

See Momma, I told you that I was trying to be more flexible!

get on your truck

Bend it like... something

Though being shaped like a Weeble doesn’t help.


In a Wink of An Eye

Noah is having a nap, and I was just staring at him wondering if I have Parental Blinders on or if indeed he is one of the most beautiful children in the world.

I quickly ran for a Cheese induced pee and further contemplated this, only to return, sit down and look over at him and he was lying there on his back ever so peaceful .. and then he popped one eye open at looked at me, all whilst remaining asleep.

It was not a beautiful moment. In fact, it made me think of my momma’s creepy doll from her childhood.

I guess if I can see the not so prettiness in him at times, I’m not wearing blinders. He’s just one of the most beautiful children in the world – most of the time.


Only The Shadow Knows

The Shadow

With 51 days remaining until Cheese is due to arrive, I am starting to get into a slight panic. Not because I caught sight of my shadow today and nearly choked, but because we are struggling with names.

Boy names really. Over the weekend we drafted two lists or names we both liked or one liked and the other might grow to like. The Girls’ List had 11 main names and 3 maybe names. The Boys’ List only had 3 main and 4 side names. And of the 7 I am not sure that 51 days affords me enough time to grow to love at least 2 of them.

We are stuck.

It would be a lot easier if I had some sort of super successful blog where people felt that they too were having this baby and couldn’t help but put forth suggestions. Maybe that was I’d stumble upon a name we’ve not thought of that we actually like. Unfortunately, that is not the case, and this poor baby better wait until s/he is fully cooked because any early arrival will leave him/her without a name.