Star Light Star Bright

There are so many memes or questionnaires that circulate in our inboxes, on LiveJournal or Facebook. The ones that are all about “you” often ask what super power you would like to have if you could have one. I never know what to answer to that and often come up with something totally boring or something really dumb, just to get the question answered.

The other day though, I finally thought of one. I now know exactly what super power I want. I don’t think it is an actual known superpower like the ability to fly or to be invisible or to see through things. This is WAY better. At least it would be if it existed and I could have it.

I want to be able to take photographs with my eyes. Sure, I walk around with at least one camera on me at all times and take more photos than most people so that I can capture the moments of the day and so that when I am old and totally grey, I will be able to look back at my reminders of the days that I may not remember so clearly then. But there are so many moments that happen too quickly or that are at such angles that I would never be able to capture them with a proper camera.

With Noah, the moments are out of the blue when he goes from tired to turning toward you and giving you the cutest grin. The way his eyes crinkle and you do not even have to see his mouth to know what expression he has. It would also be useful to catch him in action when he is bouncing from one activity to another absolutely loving life inside his own world.

With Amy, I would give almost anything to catch the look in her eye when she is half drunk on milk and sleep, when she looks up at you and you can tell that at that moment you are the only person in her world and that she feels completely safe and content in your arms. Noah never really looked at me when I fed him. He was busy looking around at everything else. With Amy, that is her time to capture you and bring you into her world for a while. The look in her eye, the curl of her lashes, the slight slant of her eye between smile and sleep; that is the image I want to keep forever, but can’t without this super power.

So if anyone knows how I can go about getting myself hooked up with this, I would really appreciate it. Plus, it would save a ton on camera batteries.


Hip to be me!

When I was in my Mommy’s tummy, I found a really comfy position and stayed in it for a long time. Apparently it was the “wrong” position to be in. Well, excuse me for not wanting to hang upside down for forty weeks! In the end I figured out that if they were going to force me to move, I may as well do it myself so that I could do it on my terms and take my time doing it.

Everyone was relieved when they found out that I had turned around. But not everyone can be happy about everything all of the time and when I was getting checked over by the paediatrician before I was heading home from the hospital, he found out about my rebellious position and said that because I was chilling out like that in the last trimester, that I had to get my hips checked. Couldn’t he tell that I was fine the way I was pushing him with my legs?!

Well yesterday the appointment to check me out came around. We all piled into my Mommy’s car and drove to Oxford. I didn’t get to see the posh old school buildings or eat at Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie’s Italian’, but I got to take my first bus ride.

First Bus Ride

I know I look serious, but it was more that my Mommy kept wanting me to pose for photos when I was trying to look at the world fly by through the window. My big brother on the other hand has done the Oxford bus thing before and just chilled out eating his Fruit Flakes.

Noah the Flake

We got to the hospital and it wasn’t like what I remembered from the couple of times I had to see the midwives in Milton Keynes or like the place where I was born. It was new and shiny and didn’t smell of old people or old things. My Daddy and I got a seat and I had a bottle while I checked out what was going on around me.

Chilling with her milk

My big brother Noah LOVED it. There were toys and dress up clothes and a see saw and giant Connect Four outside where he kept making my Mommy go. I think he thought we were at a mini Toys R Us or something. He just didn’t know what to play with first, or second or last. In fact, my Mommy had to drag him into the room when they finally called my name.

Play Thing

When we got in the room, a lady came in and started talking about “what ifs” and a bunch of stuff my Daddy understood, but that my Mommy didn’t and didn’t want to. Then they made me take my clothes off. I was quickly starting to dislike this place.

Dude where are my clothes?

Noah on the other hand loved it because he found something with wheels. That and he didn’t have to take his clothes off!!


Then we had to go into another room where the lights were dim and these ladies wanted me to lie down on my back. Obviously they are crazy. And trust me, I let them know what I thought. I screamed that place down while they tried to ultrasound my hips. Once again I was kicking, curling my legs up and uncurling them, and trying to stand when they wanted me to relax. Obviously all being well with me, but no… they had to keep holding me down.

Well it is a shame that my Mommy didn’t get photos of the next bit because when they tried to move me from the one “bed” to the other where the next lady wanted to test my joints and strength, I peed all over the one who had been holding me down. Ha! Ha!

I kept crying until my Mommy and my Daddy finally got me dressed and took me out of there back into the light and away from the machines. I fell asleep as soon as my Daddy put me in the Baby Bjorn! After what I’d been through and being told that my hips were perfect – duh – I needed the sleep. And sleep I did.. for the next 2.5 hours!

Sleepy Time


A Special Day

Today is my Kadie’s birthday (at least this was started on her birthday, who knowswhen my Mommy will get it out there for everyone to see though!) and my little sister and I were sad that we could not be with her, so we thought of ways to let her know that we were thinking of her and that we love her very much.

I told Amy that we should go on an airplane to visit her, but she raised a good point when she mentioned that she is still waiting for her passport and can’t go far without it. So we got to thinking again. My Mommy made a card with a bunch of different photos of us, but we wanted to do something else. Realising that we were short on ideas and time, I brought out Old Faithful…. my bath letters!!!

Amy decided to try and help me and threw up some letters on the wall, but then demanded that my Daddy take her out of the bath and put on her pyjamas, leaving me alone with my Mommy to pose next to our message.

Happy Slapper

Can you believe it?! She looks all cute and innocent and flashes her Grand Canyon of a dimple to distract you from the deviousness, but look out!!!

After blowing off some steam by getting my Mommy to hand me every shower gel, shampoo and conditioner bottle on the window sill and then having her put them back while I stuck my head under the water to try and drink the bath, I decided to sort things out and really wish Kadie a happy birthday.

Kadie's Day

Sorry for Amy’s “joke”, Kadie. She think she’s as funny as my Mommy thinks she is. My Daddy and I are learning to live with two of these crazy ladies.

We hope your birthday is/was wonderful and although we didn’t get to see you who hope to see you soon for some belated birthday hugs and slobbers (Amy is not so good at the kiss giving). We love you! Yes, even naughty Amy.


AESB: Month 2 in Review

The delay in getting this out may lead people to think that month two was as rough as month one. They’d mostly be wrong. I mean, it was rough. I’m still recovering from it, but to be fair, I spent a lot of it recovering from month one.

moses basket

But this month you started to smile. Often. Between the lengthy bouts of grizzling, crying and screaming, you spend a lot of the time smiling at me. You smile way more than your brother did which is wonderful, because you are unhappier a lot more often than he was too. On thing you do that he never seemed to do, is look at me when you wake up and give a little smile that grows into a medium sized smile and then takes over your entire face and your eyes crinkle and your mouth swallows half of your face and every single morning I just want to pick you up and squeeze you so tight until you can hear my heart screaming how much I love you.

And then, I close my eyes tightly and hope that we can make it through the day as friends.


It would be a lot easier to deal with your grump if you were an only child, but you aren’t. It is a constant struggle to try and give you both so much of myself and my love and attention in order to make sure that neither of you feel the other one gets more. Right now you need me a lot more than Noah does, but that doesn’t lessen the fact that he still needs me a lot. This leads me to hope one moment that you two will alternate nap times so that I can be with one of you whilst the other sleeps, but that leaves me so exhausted that I then hope that the next round of naps happens at the same time so I can breathe.

Sly smiles

The trouble is, no matter when you nap, you appear to want me within 3mm of you. And that is the days that you decide to nap. For some reason I thought I remembered that Noah started to sleep better after his 8 week injections. You, you barely slept at all that day, even with a dose of Calpol … which you hate.

That’s right, we let some lady stick two needles into you this month. You were not happy. But you were amazing when it happened. You cried.. briefly. It was over so quickly. Or so you led us to believe. Wow did you find your lungs later. Especially as we took you to get weighed after and apparently making you get naked and putting you in a plastic tray to see how much weight you have gained is not your idea of a good time and you let us know.

daddy's girl

You also had two 6 week checks this month. First the Health Visitors weighed you and measured your head and told me that they thought I was feeling too sad and should come and talk to people there to cheer me up. That gave me a giggle, so it worked I guess! You passed with flying colours although your head is bigger than your brother’s was at that age, so let us hope it slows down.

We went to the GP to have the second check later in the week and she reconfirmed that you were healthy and strong and gave us a useless cream for your skin.

Ooh, your skin. The baby acne cleared and appears to have left behind eczema. This has led me to cry a lot because I can see when it is bothering you and your tight balled up fists rub rub rub your face in an attempt to relieve yourself of the annoying itch. Luckily Kadie came through and sent you something from Canada which has helped SO much and has led to a whole lot less scratching and face rubbing. We’ll keep an eye on that and I will try whatever it takes to make you feel more comfortable, because you are about to experience a lot of frustrations.

Bath Time

The drool of teething has started and you are constantly trying to get your fist in your mouth. I’m not actually sure if that is a teething sign in your case as I swear that you are trying to suck your thumb. I’ve tried to give you a soother but you are not the biggest fan. You go days without ever touching one. I’m not complaining because it means not having to break you of the habit, but I am not sure I can wrestle your thumb away from you if you choose that route because you are so strong – physically and willed.

You are also starting to try and properly roll and not just do the flukey rolls you’ve been doing since birth. We watch as you try and swing your hips and legs to move your body from being on your back to your front. You can get on your side pretty easily, but the full back to front happens less often. Once you get the hang of it, if you are like your brother, you are going to do it in bed and annoy yourself when you end up in a position that you didn’t start out in.

cheeky lady

But, we have to focus on each day as it comes and not worry about tomorrow or next week because with you, each day is so different from the last. Except when you’re in the bath. That is the only place where we know what we are going to get… contentedness. Whether you are in the bath or in the shower, you love the water all over your body. You don’t even mind when the water runs down your face. It is silly, but you being such a water baby makes me happier than you could ever know.

So you see, this month has not been easy, but it is getting better slowly but surely. Whether that is true or I’ve just convinced myself of it matters not, because I just know that I am starting to enjoy you more that I did last month and I swear that when I tell you that I love you, you know what I am saying because you smile at me… or sometimes you say something back.

And I hope that you really do know what I am saying or at least you can feel that I’m saying mean that although I may struggle sometimes, that those words are letting you know that I will do whatever I can to keep you happy, healthy, safe and wrapped in love.

sleeping beauty

We might make it through this newborn thing after all!

Happy Two Months, Squawkers!
Mommy Loves You!


We’ll Return…

… After these messages

I know that I have promised updates and there has been so much stuff to tell everyone, but all the stuff to tell means that things around here have been hectic! I turned one month since I last posted, turned 6 weeks and had two check ups, turned 8 weeks and had needles (that seriously sucked) and tomorrow I’ll be a whopping 2 months old.

There will be back dated posts so that everyone will be able to see what went on and what I thought about it and hopefully when things get into a bit of a routine around here, my Mommy will have time to make sure that all of our blogs are up to date.

Until then I am going to continue to get to know my wild and crazy older brother…


and work on this attitude that my Mommy thinks I have. I’ve got no idea what she’s talking about though!

Smiley Smiles


Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Never let it be said that real men don’t cry. We do. Especially when strange women come into our house and start stripping us of our overgrown, out of control, poofy curly hair.

This is what happened to me yesterday. I had heard the rumblings. My Mommy was all excited because she hadn’t “touched” her hair since October. At least that is what she kept saying, but I see her touch her hair every day, so I think she was a bit confused. And she also kept mentioning “Family Haircut Night”. Awesome! At least I thought it would be because she seemed so excited. Only I had no idea what the heck a haircut was. I know my Daddy went to get one when we were at the mall once and my Mommy and I went around and ate Italian food at a Food Festival, only to meet back up with my Daddy and there had been no haircut.

So what was I to do when this cape was put around me!? My hands were lost. I didn’t know what to do. I tried to break free, but then I just froze in fear because she started touching my hair. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but I didn’t like it. It didn’t hurt, but the fear of the unknown took over and I cried. That’s right, I cried. I could feel the air hitting my neck and couldn’t get over that it had taken me 17 months and 3 days to grow my mini afro and now, it was gone. What was I going to look like when I was done?! Was I going to recognise the Man in the Mirror? Were my curls still going to be there?!!?

My Mommy tried to ease my fears with hugs and fruit pouches and even my soother. It didn’t help. I even cried when it was done and when I saw my Mommy in the chair with that same cape on!

But, now that it is over, I’ve got to admit something: I’m still cute. In fact, I may be even cuter than I was before. Judge for yourself. The pictures below are before during and after.

Me and My Hair on Wednesday (the original date for The Cut)
29th - 1

29th - 2

Friday Night Before The Cut


During The Cut

No More Scissors!

Showering the hair off
Hair today.. gone tonight

After The Cut
Front and Wet

Side View

The Morning After The Night Before
a new man

from the back

Now I am really going to impress the chicks at the wedding on Sunday: a suit, a haircut and Crocs. Sweet!