Happy Daddy’s Day!

Apparently there is one day a year where everyone is supposed to go and buy their Daddy cards and presents. From what I can gather, it is supposed to let them know that you love them. I don’t get it really, because I let my Daddy know every day how much I love him. Why else would I wee on his arm not once, but twice whilst he was giving me a bath the other night? Sheesh. I’m only little, what do these people expect? I also give him lots of smiles and follow him and his voice around the room. It’s a lot more than I do for other people. Trust me.

But despite not fully understanding, I accepted that this was not a day about me. And I’ll admit that my Daddy deserves a day that is all about him. After all. he does SO much for me. He feeds me every night and every morning and all of the time when he is at home with us. He gives me lots of cuddles and plays with me in the bath (whilst my no fun Mommy always wants to be scrubbing bits here and there). He gives me kisses that tickle with his hairy face and he makes me feel all safe and happy. So okay, yes, he should get some sort of reward for taking such good care of me.

And he did!! I gave him a mug with a lot of photos of me and the two of us together on it. He LOVED it. I knew he would. When I saw how many pictures of me were on there, I loved it right away and just knew it was the perfect gift for anyone. I am too cute!! He also got this weird thing that holds little photos of me for when he is at work and he is missing me. I think I was sleeping when Mommy got this because I don’t remember it!!

And he got a hat. Not just a regular hat, a Noah hat!!!

Noah Hat

Look how happy he is to have me up there on his head. And despite my facial expression at the time of the photo, I was loving it too. I just haven’t mastered the art of posing whilst on someone’s head. But I’ll get the hang of it.

Daddy celebrated his special day in another way too. Making a lot of meat on his new toy.

New Toy

I was actually a bit jealous when this came home because it made Daddy smile A LOT. But I know that when it comes down to it, I’m Daddy’s number one guy and he’s mine so I’m not so worried.

Maybe next year I’ll even be able to say Happy Father’s Day to him. Now that will be a real treat!!

I love you, Daddy! I hope you had a good first Father’s Day!


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