Quick Catch Up

I must apologise for being so slack lately. It has been a rough time in the World According to Noah. I’ve been busy growing, getting strong, trying to eat like a big boy, getting some teeth action (though no teeth yet!). Due to all of this I have been suffering from overstimulation, overtiredness and general crankiness. Though I believe as I am my Mommy’s son, that it should be expected. Plus, I am so good most of the time and it is just when I don’t want to be that I make sure to be use up all of my “bad” in one go.

Part of getting to eat like a big boy is practising with my spoon. As much as I hate to admit it, my hand eye..or hand mouth coordination leaves a little to be desired. However, I LOVE food, so I shall try, try again. Below is a photo of me giving it a good shot!


It would help if Mommy put it in my left hand. I am much better with that one!

I’ve also been practising for my eventual escape from this mad house. I know I am supposed to stick around until I am 18 and my parents no longer have to pay for me (legally), but there’s no harm in getting myself ready. Though it would appear that my Mommy is quite clever and cruel and although she put me near the front door, she strapped me in so that I am going nowhere real fast.

On The Run

Check out those shoes! And not just how HUGE they are!

In order to work on my arm strength, I’ve been working out at the gym. Well, not the real gym, more like… umm, on my playmat. But I hold on to the toys and try and pull myself up, so it is like a gym.

Working Out in Disguise

What my Mommy doesn’t realise is that I am just pretending to work out. Really, I was just watching the tv:

Eye on Tweety

That tweety just cracks me up.

Put a little slacking on the arm work out is alright because I have been doing push ups. LOTS of push ups. Apparently I even do them when I shouldn’t. My parents let me know this by trying to roll me back on my side when I am in bed. What’s a man to do when he’s got all the muscle and nowhere to use it?!

Push Up Power!

And strong arms are needed when you’ve got a new fascination like mine:

Toe JAm

That foot, or rather the thigh that is attached to that leg, is no easy thing to be lifting. I might have to invest in one of those belts that the really muscly men wear when they are pumping iron.

Another skill I’ve picked up for my eventual escape is driving.

In the Driver's Seat

Albeit I am a bit too short at the moment to reach the pedals. Okay, and I cannot really see over the steering wheel, but it’s a start and practice makes perfect.

Like the one thing I have truly perfected – Lounging! It doesn’t matter the time of day, the attire, or the occasion.. I LOVE to lounge and I am awesome at it!

Lounging 1

Lounging 2

Lounging 3

And on that note… I’m off to lounge a little more.

Later on today I will give an update on how I am handling the triple injections I had today and give everyone an update on my weight!!!

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  1. Alex says:

    Okay, so when I was looking at Noah driving the car I thought the face looked familiar (and not on him previously) then went to the Facebook album where we are doing the pyramid in our living room and he looks like Jamie…practically making the exact same face…compare and contrast for yourself…

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