Sit Up and Take Notice

Guess who is becomming a big boy? Oh that’s right, ME!

Since my last weigh in, we have discovered that I am too big to go onto those funky shopping cart attached seats. Don’t tell my Mommy this, but I don’t mind this development at all. Only the ASDA ones were soft and cushiony. That dreaded Tesco seat was like lounging on a rock with a sunburn. You having the sunburn, not the rock.

But my Mommy was in a panic when we got to Toys R Us the other day. What she had planned on buying was too big to carry around AND push my stroller.. so what was she to do? Well, she plopped me right into the Big Boy seat in the shopping cart and off we went. Silly woman thought I’d fall over. In fact, I knew to hold on and everything. But apparently I am not supposed to lean forward and suck on the metal. After a few failed attempts at putting my soother in to prevent this, she took me out of the cart and carried me whilst pushing the cart. Life is good isn’t it?

Well, when we went to Costco a few days later, I was making some “oops.. I think I’ve just gone to the toilet” noises as I was sitting in my stroller, so my Mommy plucked me out and took me to the washroom where I surprised her with nothing but an empty diaper and a lot of giggles. When we came out, I got to ride in the shopping cart!!

Attention Costco Shoppers

This time she was quick with the soother to avoid any metal suckage. I’ve got to remember the straining noise trick for future dates!!

Impressed with my balance, my Parents took me to Toys R Us again when my Daddy was home sick from work. We were just killing time and ratting out shoplifters (again!) which is getting to be my new favourite outside of the house hobby. So when we were there, my Mommy thought we should prepare me for my life of Crimefighting and got me to ride a rocking Police thing. My Daddy thought I’d fall over so stood close by with his hands ready, but I didn’t need his help…

Woop woop it's the sound of the beast

Well, at least I didn’t think I did. But when I bent over to suck on the handle bars, apparently my Parents decided that I’d had enough.

Party Poopers. They’re lucky I didn’t make citizens arrests!!

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