…my two front teeth…

I know what you’re thinking! And you’re right, I don’t have any teeth. Not yet anyway, but they are working their way up. Actually, in my case they are working their way down.

This morning my Mommy took me to see The Dentist. I have no idea why I haven’t been taken their sooner. It was great! The lights, the people, the toys on the tables and wall. My Mommy was a bit confused as she wasn’t expecting this reaction, but she was pleased.

Once I got into the room where the dentist was, I smiled at the dentist and her assistant. I let them know that I wasn’t afraid of them. Though I didn’t like it much when they put my Mommy in the chair and reclined it so far back that I couldn’t see her face. But once they took me out of the stroller and had me stand on her while they poked about her mouth, I was back to being Mr. Toothless Grin.

And then, it was my turn. The denist put on some gloves and stuck her fingers in my mouth and was getting me to open wide take a peek. She saw my bottom front teeth but said they will be a little while longer. She could see them best from the back of my gums and showed my Mommy. Then they checked out my top teeth and the dentist said she could actually see and feel the outline of those.

I can’t wait. I’ve been told that it is not going to be a fun process and from seeing Luca, what I’ve been told is true. However, a little suffering will be worth it when I can bite down on food. No more of this only gumming my food. Oooh yeah. Life is good.

There was a downside though. I don’t get to go back for another 6 months. How is that fair? My Mommy gets to go back on Friday and sure I get to go with her, but let’s face it. What fun is it when it will be all about her mouth.

I’m so going to cover her with spinach and peas when we get home that afternoon like I did today. I’ll show her whose mouth is more important! 🙂

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