Sleep, Baby, Sleep…

When I was born, I LOVED to sleep. At least between times when I wanted to eat. Anywhere and everywhere at anytime, I just wanted to catch some Zzzs. As I’ve grown, I’ve decided that sleep is for the weak.. or old..or anyone that’s just not ME! When I am asleep I love it, and I do get tired .. a lot more than I’d like. But up until this week I’d been fighting it: kicking, screaming, flailing and wailing!

My Parents rightly assumed that I was nosey and this was why I didn’t want to miss out on any action. That, and well, I was REALLY hyper before bedtime. Even though they are smart people, they were struggling to figure out why I’d not want to settle. They would feed me, bathe me, get me into my pjyamas, sit with me in the glider and read books, but when it came time to go into that crib… I wasn’t having it.

They’ve changed the routine up on me a bit and instead of giving me my bottle before my dinner, I get it after I’ve showered and changed and all of that. I have to admit, they’ve won. For now. I’m much happier and I go to sleep without a fuss. And most of the time when I wake up, they don’t even know because I am just lying there taking everything in, looking at the pictures on my wall or playing peek-a-boo with myself.

Sleep and I are now friends and we are all much happier. Though I sleep a lot less (meaning that I wake up more at night… just to play). But we are all getting used to it and I’m just happy that they didn’t cut out my post bathing fun!!!

Look at that and tell me how they expected me to be sleepy after that!!!

After Bath Wind Down… from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

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