Daddy’s Boy

My Mommy keeps telling Kadie and my aunties Cathy and Sue how I am grumpy to her in the day but am so happy when my Daddy comes home. She tells no lies. But until Friday when she was randomly videoing me playing with a ball, she had no proof of my split personality. You can see early on that I could spot that someone had come in the front door, but because the glass is bevelled (my Mommy told me that word, I have no idea what it means other than the fact that I cannot see clearly through it) in the door between the living room and front hall thing, I lost interest in what was going on. I started to give my Mommy attitude and then around 22 seconds in, you can see that I found out who the stranger was that was in my house without announcing their presence.

Drama and Comedy from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

I do love my Mommy and all, but my Daddy doesn’t tell me “no hands, Noah” or “don’t touch that, it’s hot” or “no, Noah, you can’t crawl head first off of the bed/sofa”. My Daddy gives me dinner, runs the bath for me and gives me lots of bath toys and then dries me off and gets me all ready for bed. My Daddy rocks!

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