Hide and Go Seek

Today was a good day.  Today was a trying day.  Today scared the crap out of me and today calmed me down.  Sort of.

Lee and I got to start a little later this morning as we had my Obstetrics Ante-natal clinic to attend.  I read last night that I’d need a urine sample so I had the container all ready for the morning.  However, I decided that as it was not until 10.30, that I’d wait for a second pee.  Well that turned into a third and fourth because I’d scared myself so much with my crazy dreams, that I couldn’t go.  A pregnant woman who couldn’t pee – and you thought that was impossible.

Anyway, we got to the hospital and one of the first questions they asked was whether I had brought my “water” sample.  I nervously laughed and explained that I was trying but having some troubles.  Lee located another sample container – this one not so narrow so made me less nervous and I was off.  I produced the world’s smallest “water” sample and went to the reception desk to ask if it was enough.  They laughed and said that they thought it would be fine and not to worry.   Easy for them to say… I still had no idea what went on in one of these clinics.

So we waited and waited and finally a midwife calls my name.  We walk in, Lee yawns and they strap me to the blood pressure machine.  I’d already prepared myself for the fact that I was going to be told that not only did I have preeclampsia but also gestational diabetes.  Thankfully when the machine dinged to let us all know that it was done, they revealed that I had “clean” urine and my blood pressure was great.  Phew!! Two less things to worry about…until next time.

So back to the waiting room where we waited to be seen by the obstetrician.  This man calls me in, not who we were expecting, but better than the option of the woman I had already decided that I could not stand.  We go through my gyne history and the pregnancy so far, he tells me to hop up on the table and starts feeling around my stomach.  The first thing he says:  “I don’t feel anything”

My heart leapt into my throat and then sunk into a pit in my stomach.   Then he explained “I don’t feel anything…wrong”.

So PHEW number 2

Next he whips out the heartbeat listening thingy.  I was so happy that Lee was finally going to be able to hear BOB’s ticker since he had missed it last time and I knew that we have such a well behaved child that it would go off without a hitch.  And that’s when the games began.  Every now and then you’d hear the *whoop* of the probe catching a heartbeat…and then nothing.   Then you’d hear a quiet one ….and then nothing.  And then for the longest time… nothing.  I was seriously on the verge of both crying and passing out.   And then, to the left and above my belly button this *whompwhompwhompwhomp* comes out of nowhere.

The weirdest of places to find BOB, but as my mom says – “BOB’s got a big house”, so I guess he or she is making use of it before they grow too big for fun and frivolity.

I cannot believe that my child is already  playing mind games with me.   At least there is no doubt who the mother is.   Am I ready for another me?!!?

— kind of off topic — last time I heard the heartbeat it was a strong steady but mellow beat.  I was convinced that BOB was indeed a boy.  This time out…. totally different heartbeat.  Lee says that it resembled a helicopter.  I’m now no longer totally convinced of the boyishness and believe that BOB may indeed be a girl, or that the ultrasound lied and there was a second one lodged up on my left side that went undetected.

For now I may not know, but I’m just happy that BOB is being BOB and still playing hard at the growing thing.

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