Here, There and Everywhere

So I’ve been absent again. I can’t help it really. Since I last updated everyone there have been so many things that have happened in my life:


Yes, His Name Is Iggle Piggle

Yes, His Name Is Iggle Piggle

Christmas Cookie and Craft Making
Crafty Christmas Cards

Me want cookie!

A new haircut (which I was much better at than my first time)
Tidy and Trim

A trip to meet mummies and other kids my age (and Megan… oh sweet Megan) at Cheshire Oaks and stayed in a hotel
If it's good enough for Lenny Henry

Amy turned 1/2 a year old
Amy's Getting Old

Kadie and Zed came to visit in London

My Nan had a birthday so we went to Stratford to celebrate
Amy and Nan discuss what to eat

And huge amounts of time Playing in the Snow, Snow and more Snow!
Snow problem


Snowbody knows...

I was also sick. The whole house was!

And of course there was Christmas in Stratford at Nan’s and Boxing Day with Luca and New Year’s Eve

  • … but those needs a separate post!!

    I’m back though and in 2010 I shall be trying to be more regular… at posting obviously. Don’t know where your mind was! Sheesh. And I am the one turning 2….

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