In The Name Of Love..

Yesterday, for the first time in my life, someone other than me (and I’m only assuming that I’ve done the following, though I have no recollection of this…) threw up in my hair. Oh, and on my face, on my chest, down my stomach and even got it on my back.

Now, I should probably explain that sometimes when Noah simply drools on me I get grossed out. I know that it is natural and that he’s a baby and they all do it. However, it matters not. It grosses me out.

So when I saw the Vanilla Volcano eruption begin, I panicked for a millisecond. For a few brief moments I contemplated whipping him over the side of the bed .. similar to how my mother reacted when on Space Mountain at Disney World I could feel the contents of my stomach reaching up into my throat. Only I couldn’t. I just held him up above me so that he didn’t lie on his back and choke.

I know that most babies have already done this by his age. That we’ve been so lucky to escape all illness up until now. But holy crap. It is one of the scariest things I’ve ever been a party to. He seemed so vulnerable though nowhere near as upset by it all as Lee and I were.

And though he became super cuddly during his brief days of his tummy issues and I am not sure that I’ve ever felt love for someone as strong as I did when he only wanted to fall asleep on me, I can honestly say that I hope no one ever throws up in my hair again.

Oh, and I’ll take the drool any day.

Though perhaps not so much on the sofa. If only because it is not a “wipe clean” surface and it appears to have an ingredient that prevents us from masking the Drool Dots.

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  1. Cathy says:

    Just you wait – one day Noah will turn the age when he can go to a birthday party and eat chips, popcorn, hotdogs, pizza, and god know what else and then at about 3:00 am he will wake you up and say “Mommy I don’t feel so good” and before you can say “Chunks” it hits you and anything within a 10ft radius! NOT FUNNY! Love ya!

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