All By Myself

Guess what?

I am eating lunch alone.

Before you get all “aww” on me, I have to confess something. I am THRILLED about this. So what if it is barely 11.15am! So what if I didn’t have breakfast this morning because I was too busy showering, making Noah’s breakfast, changing him, dressing him, taking him to the doctor and going to the grocery store?! It matters not, because I am eating lunch alone.

It is so hard to time meals around Noah. Even when I have my lunch ready to eat whilst he has his, I always feel guilty as he pauses mid chew to look at what I have and then he uses those big brown eyes and just gives me a look like “don’t you love me enough to let me have that for lunch too?”. Before long you realise that whatever you’d made for lunch, you’ve made the baby friendly version .. just in case. Although there is no such thing as just in case when it comes to Noah. Whatever you have .. he wants. Even if he’s just had tons to eat of his own food.

Just another thing he’s inherited from me: no matter what you’ve got to eat, the other person’s always looks and tastes better (except for when my Momma, Randy, Adam, Noah and I went to Boxwood.. where I just kept winning and winning).

So right now, I am enjoying listening to the echoes of crouton crunches bounce around inside my head as I sit in silence. No tv, no toy suggesting “Let’s sing a song” or saying “Hello Baby”. Just me, my salad and my Capri-Sun.

Life is good.

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