Crock of … Gold

Okay, so I’m behind the times. We’re talking decades here.

3 years ago we bought a crockpot. 3 years ago I used the crockpot to make a massive fondue most of which was eaten by Sally and me at the post wedding gathering thing at that shady place we rented.

When we returned from the weekend it went into the garage and stayed there for .. 3 years.

That is, until about a month ago. I cannot remember what I was attempting to make, but I decided that I should try the crockpot out. Noah often gets very upset when I make dinner because he believes food is edible no matter the state and doesn’t understand waiting. So I decided to make something that I could put on while he was having a morning nap and just serve up when it came time.

I made a couple of things including my first ever pot roast and realised that I had been missing out. A crockpot makes life so much easier. But then I got stumped and couldn’t think of anything to make other that dishes that come out like beef stew or something similar. While I was in Toronto, Lee got in on the slow cooker action and made himself a chilli to last a few days and then the ideas ran totally dry.

Sure, there are a million sites out there with recipes, but I’m always nervous that what Mary-Sue in West Virginia thinks is tasty may resemble road kill stew. We are a house that loves spices and flavour and things that are filling, not just a 7 hour meatloaf.

Well lo and behold I was reading my Canadian ex-pat forum as usual and I saw a recipe for slow cooker lamb shanks. Let me state for the record that I never make the lamb in this house unless it is meatballs made from minced lamb. It looked interesting, but I was scared. I called Lee at work to ask what a lamb shank was (good thing I did because I thought they were just rough chops) and decided that I’d give this thing a go. I popped out to Sainsburys where the man behind the meat counter was rude when I asked how many people one shank served. Remember, only an hour ago I had no idea what a shank was!!

Seeing as they only had one, I went to the lamb aisle and decided to look there. There was a pack with two and I figured that Noah and I could share one .. especially as I was not sure that I’d be liking what I made. Then I got nervous because the recipe called for soy sauce and I couldn’t imagine a teriyaki lamb shank.

This morning I quickly looked up alternate lamb shanks in the crockpot recipes and saw one that called for ingredients I actually had. I gave it a quick read over and decided that I’d go with the ingredients and figure out the measurements and prep myself.

Oh my. Oh my oh my oh my. Why wasn’t I made aware of the existence of lamb shanks before?! A red meat that Lee will eat well done, that just falls off the bone and is cheap! It is heaven in a meat! Something that I just needed to brown, make the braise for and toss it all into a crockpot and leave it for the entire day. It was all in there and doing its thing by 8.30am and Noah and I then sat down to breakfast.

By the time dinner came, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Even Noah kept looking at me as if to say “are you kidding me?! you could make this all along and you gave me that gross stir fry last night?”. It was one of the first times I was eating my own cooking and thought .oO(if I was served this in a restaurant, I’d totally pay £15 for it and not think I was being scammed).

Not that my food is normally crap, just that lately I’ve been trying things I’ve never made before and shocking myself that within me lives someone who can actually cook .. well.

Now if only I could regain some of my brain back so that I could think of other things to make!

Here is the recipe that I took the idea from: Honey Lamb Shanks

And here is what I produced!!!

My Dinner:
Lamb Shankopotamus

Noah’s Dinner:
Kid's Fancy Pants Grub

2 Responses to “Crock of … Gold”
  1. Alex says:

    I’ve made bread pudding in my slow cooker (that I left in LA) and it was so yummy and moist…are you a fan? If you are I’ll give you the reciepe…I added chocolate to it and it was lovely 🙂

  2. Kirsty says:

    Lee loves it as far as I know. So I am willing to give it a go! I’m new to this slow cooking world, so I’ll try anything. Mostly.

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