A Little Bit of Everything All Rolled Into One

I am the first to admit that I am not the best person for this whole Housewife/Stay At Home Mother job.

I’m lazy.  I’m selfish.  I have the patience of a really impatient thing.  I’m tired.  I’m grumpy. If I get to shower before bedtime, I’m ahead of the game.  And if I shower AND brush my hair, well things are going REALLY well that day.

But there are times where I know that I will miss the screaming, cupboard slamming, crying, total disregard for what I’m saying, tantrum throwing, eggs smashed on the kitchen floor days that I have with these two midget monsters and just laugh.

There are also times where I see them staging an intervention and putting me on some show like Hoarders or How Clean Is  Your House and I can get my domestic goddess ass into gear and make it look like Molly Maid lives here.

But mostly I surf the wave of mediocrity and hope that one day it will click.  That I will unlock the secret to being good at everything I need to be good at and that I will actually enjoy it too.

Until then, I will fool them all and make them forget my ever growing list of shortcomings with things like this:

Mmmm Cake

Marble Madness

On the days where to retain sanity, I have to put all of my energy into the midgets and none into the house,  it is easy to gloss over the non vacuumed stairs by saying “I didn’t get around to much of my To Do List, but I did bake a cake. With Raspberries on top!”

Magic Cake

And All Is Forgotten

See, Noah agrees.  And how could he not.  After a brief rendezvous with the Icing Spatula.

Sugar High

My Mommy Is The Best ..... Sometimes.

And if a marble cake with chocolate glace icing and raspberries doesn’t do the trick, then bust out the tacos.  Seriously.

Easy Peasy Mexcanesey.

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  1. Cathy says:

    We are all great moms in our own way – and what counts is when your kids say “I ov you” or “cuggle” or “my ma-ma”…
    BTW, that cake looks soooo good. xo

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