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You are three.  THREE.  How is this even possible?  Everyone says that 0-1 is jammed full of changes and that it goes by so quickly, but they don’t tell you that 1-2 is just as full and well 2-3 is bursting at the seams.

This past year, all traces of my oversized newborn with the huge dark eyes have all but disappeared.   Sure, you still like a cuddle from your momma (or MOMee these days), but you are definitely a big boy now.

Noah 005e

Aside from the whole diaper thing.  That’s right, Internet, my son is three and isn’t potty trained.  Guess what, we don’t care.  He’s not interested and it’s not a race.  So thank you for any words of wisdom you were about to bless us with, but we’re all full up.

Anyway, where were we.  Oh yeah, the change from 2-3.   A lot of kids start talking in the 1-2 year.  Not you so much.  And when I say so much I really mean not really much at all .. like nearly none.  In fact, you held tightly to your chest the 4 or 5 words you needed to say and used signs and other methods of getting your point across to communicate the rest.   Holy frustrating, Batman.  There were tears .. lots of tears.  From you, from me, from the neighbours who had to listen to you and me.  But on the 31st of August, right after you turned 2.5, you said ‘dane’.  Yeah, I know, not a word.  But it was what you were calling a plane.  You pointed at the sky and showed me a dane.  And then another one and another one.

Although you were already quite the toddler, it was at that moment that you started shaking the remaining baby away.  The little 1-2 year old that had hung around since your sister came along was finally ready to leave.

1st March 2009

As excited as I was, it was a bit sad to lose the last of my baby boy.  You’d always been a pretty independent child .. aside from bedtime where you want one of us to Criss Cross Apple Sauce you or count to 100.. or foot rub.. back rub… etc.  But with words, came less dependence on me.  It was both liberating and sad.  Luckily, your little sister is made of Velcro and I couldn’t mourn the loss too long.

To think of it, before the words came, you started to assert your independence.  Like when we flew to Jamaica and you thought you were plenty old enough to go to the bar yourself  .. and not even 2.5.  Or help yourself to the ice cream that called your name all hours of the day.

This year you did a lot of traveling.  It kills me that you will not remember these trips when you get older, because each one had a huge impact on how you developed from 2 to 3.  Jamaica saw you lose some of your fear of letting me out of your sight.  It took a while, but when you warmed up to Zed and Kadie you acted like you didn’t need us.  It was great!!

noah is 2


When we got back, your relationship with Nanny went from strength to strength.  You started to abandon your ‘warm up’ period and in fact would barrel through the door and head straight for the toys in the living room.  It doesn’t hurt that she is willing to play whatever game you want .. even if that game is jumping up and down … and up and down… and up and down….

After a few months at home, we went to Canada where you got to see all of your cousins again and Christian for the first time.  We’d thought that you and Calleigh wouldn’t take any interest in each other, but you actually played together.  That trip marked the first time since you were 4 months old that Daddy and I went out to dinner without you.  We were terrified, but you were a star; a sad star, but a star anyway.  You started to talk a little more as you seem to do whenever Kadie and Zed are around and you became addicted to Dora.

2 to 3 seems to be the period where you started allowing girly things into your life.  Dora and Peppa are you favourite drawn women ever.  I am sure over the next year or so you’ll start distancing yourself from them saying that it’s for girls, but for now you love them.  And it’s cute.  Annoying when you demand to watch them when they aren’t on, but cute.

Once again you returned with more words and better communication.  Your friendship with Nanny got even closer and you started to ask to go to her house.  Though your best friend remained ‘Adie’.  You hated her touching your things, and pretty much still do, but you loved that she shared her things with you, laughed with you and also thinks your parents are a few clowns short of a circus.   It’s cool, we know we are.

At the end of the year came the trip that completed the transformation.  We packed up and went on the longest plane ride we’d ever gone on and land in ‘Yeagas’.   People say that Las Vegas is not a town for children.  That it is an adult’s playground with nothing for midgets to do.  Oh how we showed them wrong.  You LOVED it.  From the moment you landed, you knew this was a place built just for you: fountains that sprayed up into the sky, roller coasters on the side of the street, people dressed up like Woody and Hello Kitty, volcanoes, pirate ships, a monorail, buses and police cars.  You ITCHED to play a slot machine but gave in to just watching the lights and hearing the sounds.

And best of all, you got to share it with Adie and Zed and Kadie.  It was the first time since you were born that there was NO warm up period.  You saw them come into the hotel and ran straight for them.  And once again, your speech started to come on leaps and bounds.   With so many things to see, so much to eat and so many modes of transportation, you just HAD to speak.  There was just too much to say.

I think of all the trips you’ve been on, this is the one I wish you could remember the most.  And not just the ladies in sequined bikinis dancing on parade floats in the sky throwing beads for you and your sister.  I wish you could remember the awe, the excitement, the pure happiness that you felt when you were there.  Though if you could remember, I’d hope you would forget the few naughty times when you ate way past your feeding time and sometimes way past your bedtime.

Noah's Party 116

After Las Vegas you came home and started pre-school. Oh it was ugly. Tears. Begging. Pleading. Falling asleep to avoid being there. We thought we’d broken the happy little dude we’d brought home from Yeagas. But over Christmas and through the next two months, you started to warm up a bit. The tears decreased and although you still hated the idea of going, you allowed yourself to have fun. And all the while the speech kept coming. So much so that I’ve finally had to start watching what I say, because you proved everyone right when one of your first words was one that shouldn’t be in a nearly 3 year old’s lexicon. But you were right, he WAS a dickweed!

And so here we are.. three years later and you have continually grown and changed and made us laugh, cry and swell with pride. You have a smile that could defrost the coldest womb and eyes that can get anything they desire. You are smart, clever, funny, rude, naughty, happy, grumpy, loving and silly. You are everything a Mommy and Daddy could hope for in a little boy. I can’t ask any more of you, other than perhaps to sleep in a little later and go to sleep a little earlier. Oh, and squeezing my thigh fat .. not so cute. There is a big difference between baby thighs and mommy thighs.

Aside from that… you’re perfection in a mischievous but totally beautiful bundle of little boy. Thank you for making all of our lives a little brighter, a bit more exciting and a lot more crazy.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby Boy.

Noah's Birthday 127e

Noah's Birthday 128

Momma loves you.

3 Responses to “1096 days later”
  1. Kadie says:

    Happy 3rd Birthday Noah…Kadie loves you soooo much and reading about your journey to 3 made me cry tears of happiness!! An amazing story about an amazing little boy.

  2. Cathy says:

    Noah, your MOMmy is right – everything about you is wonderful and I am so happy to be a part of your world…xo Auntie Cathy

    P.S. Kirsty, I loved reading this blog – I am lucky that I get to talk to you daily so that I can be part of all this.

  3. suzanne says:

    Noah: I am a bad great Auntie because I missed sending you wishes on your big three day. But please know that we love you so so much. Your mommy, despite what she says, is a wise and beautiful woman who is doing a great job raising you.

    Look forward to sharing the road and milestones ahead with you.

    Love Auntie Sue

    PS: Kirsty, remember Robert Munsch- “I love you forever, I love you for always, as long as Im living my baby you’ll be.

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