The transformation is under way.

The first coat is up (on 98% of the wall – we (read: Lee) are going to build a box to house these pipes that are a pain to paint).  There were a few unexpected surprises; the paint starting to peel off of the wall … the absence of my usual painting stamina (considering I painted that room alone in one day the first time around)… and just the shock that the room still looks tiny even when it is white.  It looks better…brighter…but just as itty bitty.

We are letting this coat dry and then on to coat two!  As we haven’t purchased a final colour for the walls, it would appear that we will not have the room done by 2008.  On the bright side, we should have it done by the end of next weekend and all set to go (minus chest of drawers and glider…which have yet to be ordered).

Once that is done I can focus on my hospital bag which I still have difficulties imagining how I am going to fit everything into a small bag.  Don’t they know me?!  I take 8 pairs of shoes for a one week vacation.  How the hell am I supposed to fit all of my post birth stuff into one tiny carry on rolling suitcase!?!

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