Another Bump in the Road

Somewhere along the way in this pregnancy I’ve become somewhat proactive. It’s hard to notice between my struggle to stay awake and the fact that all of my energy is drained from my body within ten minutes of its arrival. But, when I am awake I do seem to get things done.

My desk at work looks as though no one sits there. All drawers are emptied of personal belongings, and I have even created How To manuals so that the people taking over my job know what they need to do and what they don’t need to do.

So with work under control I’ve decided to focus on my personal life, which at the moment is a slight bit more important. I’ve packed the bags and they are sat by the front door.. all they need is a lift into my car – or Lee’s. Yesterday I managed to book my much needed pregnancy massage and then I decided that I should check to see if the hospital had received the letter from my doctor and whether they needed anything else from me.

That’s when all hell broke loose. This is how it unfolded:

1: I call the hospital, ask if they’ve received the letter – in short: they’ve never heard of me. No method of searching could bring up my details. The Nice Lady said she’d investigate and call me back.

2: I receive a phone call from The Nice Lady who has checked all of the other baby/lady bit departments of the hospital to see if they’ve received the letter by accident – they’ve not heard of me either. She tells me to call my doctor’s office and have them fax a copy of the letter and she’ll start setting me up.

3: I call the doctor’s office and explain the situation – The Not So Nice Lady tells me to call the hospital and have them fax a request for a copy of the letter.

4: I call the hospital and speak to The Nice Lady and tell her what the doctor’s office has said. She’s already not impressed as she’s found out that I am 35+ weeks pregnant and cannot believe that they haven’t sorted this already. She asks me for the doctor’s number and said she was going to call them and sort this out.

5: I call my midwife to tell her that I am completely stressed and tell her everything that is going on. She says not to worry and that she’ll fax them herself when she gets to the office. I tell her that the letter is wrong and says that I need the antenatal care transfered as well, to which she says she’ll alter the letter so that it is correct.

6: I get a call from The Nice Lady who says that she now has the letter and I need to book in to see the consultant. I said that I was confused because I didn’t understand why because it was only the delivery that was going to happen there. She said that “the letter says…”, so I explained that the doctor screwed up the letter and that the midwife was going to correct it and re-send it. She told me to have the midwife call her and they’d sort it all out together.

7: I call the midwife to update her on the situation and she said she will call and not to worry.

8: I get a call from the midwife saying that it has all been sorted. I’m now on the system at the hospital I want, but that they’d be contacting me because I need to “book in” which basically means that everything out my current Green Notes needs to be transferred to a set of Blue Notes and put on their electronic system. So basically I will be carting around two copies of the same information,

9: I get a call from the midwife at the hospital and we arrange for me to go there next Thursday afternoon for this booking in.

I do not think that I stopped to breathe the entire time that this was going on. My phone was ringing off the hook and for a large part of it I was walking around a shopping mall with someone who doesn’t realise that 35 weeks + of baby in my belly does not make well for speed walking. When I got back to the office I was red faced and sweating. One of my coworkers came over and fanned me down.

Guess it is a good thing I used that energy burst to check on things. The pre-pregnant Kirsty would have just sat around wondering rather than actually getting anything done. Hooray for the positive side effects!

Now I just need to book in the leg waxing before Sally’s birthday lunch next Saturday and I will truly be able to chill. Well mostly. I’m now super scared about the Visa situation and hope that everything runs smoothly on Tuesday. Figners, toes, knees and whatever else.. crossed!!!!

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