When I was in my Mommy’s tummy, I found a really comfy position and stayed in it for a long time. Apparently it was the “wrong” position to be in. Well, excuse me for not wanting to hang upside down for forty weeks! In the end I figured out that if they were going to force me to move, I may as well do it myself so that I could do it on my terms and take my time doing it.

Everyone was relieved when they found out that I had turned around. But not everyone can be happy about everything all of the time and when I was getting checked over by the paediatrician before I was heading home from the hospital, he found out about my rebellious position and said that because I was chilling out like that in the last trimester, that I had to get my hips checked. Couldn’t he tell that I was fine the way I was pushing him with my legs?!

Well yesterday the appointment to check me out came around. We all piled into my Mommy’s car and drove to Oxford. I didn’t get to see the posh old school buildings or eat at Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie’s Italian’, but I got to take my first bus ride.

First Bus Ride

I know I look serious, but it was more that my Mommy kept wanting me to pose for photos when I was trying to look at the world fly by through the window. My big brother on the other hand has done the Oxford bus thing before and just chilled out eating his Fruit Flakes.

Noah the Flake

We got to the hospital and it wasn’t like what I remembered from the couple of times I had to see the midwives in Milton Keynes or like the place where I was born. It was new and shiny and didn’t smell of old people or old things. My Daddy and I got a seat and I had a bottle while I checked out what was going on around me.

Chilling with her milk

My big brother Noah LOVED it. There were toys and dress up clothes and a see saw and giant Connect Four outside where he kept making my Mommy go. I think he thought we were at a mini Toys R Us or something. He just didn’t know what to play with first, or second or last. In fact, my Mommy had to drag him into the room when they finally called my name.

Play Thing

When we got in the room, a lady came in and started talking about “what ifs” and a bunch of stuff my Daddy understood, but that my Mommy didn’t and didn’t want to. Then they made me take my clothes off. I was quickly starting to dislike this place.

Dude where are my clothes?

Noah on the other hand loved it because he found something with wheels. That and he didn’t have to take his clothes off!!


Then we had to go into another room where the lights were dim and these ladies wanted me to lie down on my back. Obviously they are crazy. And trust me, I let them know what I thought. I screamed that place down while they tried to ultrasound my hips. Once again I was kicking, curling my legs up and uncurling them, and trying to stand when they wanted me to relax. Obviously all being well with me, but no… they had to keep holding me down.

Well it is a shame that my Mommy didn’t get photos of the next bit because when they tried to move me from the one “bed” to the other where the next lady wanted to test my joints and strength, I peed all over the one who had been holding me down. Ha! Ha!

I kept crying until my Mommy and my Daddy finally got me dressed and took me out of there back into the light and away from the machines. I fell asleep as soon as my Daddy put me in the Baby Bjorn! After what I’d been through and being told that my hips were perfect – duh – I needed the sleep. And sleep I did.. for the next 2.5 hours!

Sleepy Time