don’t waste another minute on your cryin’

Sorry, part of my baby brain leads to random moments where I feel like my body is just a vessel for hosting Alan Thicke’s spirit.

That and what a difference a day makes!!

After the Confessions of a Panic Stricken Pregnant Lady yesterday, we grabbed my home birth list (that’s right… home birth.. we’ll get into it later) and went to go get as much crossed off as possible.   When we came home, the list was nearly complete, with bonus Gift From The Baby for Amy and even a mystery bag of cinnamon hearts to enjoy.

Well, as much as you can enjoy something when you are super dizzy and feeling faint.  But my Super Duper husband ran me a bath and we decided on a paint colour for the bathroom (because if I am going to labour in there, I really need to like the colour I am looking at).

And then I got out of the tub and changed my mind about the colour.

But I didn’t stress. Because the baby has 3 onesies now and some receiving blankets and I feel like I am totally ready.  Other than the whole getting up for feedings during the night, because right now when Amy wakes up 32084 time AT 2.5!!! it is all I can do not to run in her room, cover the walls with egg cartons and hope to soundproof that shit out of that thing so we can all GET SOME SLEEP!  Only the eggs we buy come in plastic containers (woo hoo environment – we do recycle them), so I know I can’t do it.  Plus.  There is NOTHING that can silence the beast within Ames when she decides that she doesn’t want anyone to sleep if she can’t.

Other than Noah’s brain.  That boy sleeps through it.  Every night.  And bounces out of bed in the morning saying “I had a BIG sleep!”, so impressed with himself and completely oblivious to the salt he is grinding into our wounds.

But HEY! I’ve Got Plastic Tablecloths! to sleep on whilst we await this bundle of awesome that is sure to pull the rug out from under us, just as we start to feel steady on our feet.  But I’m doing what I can to stay one step ahead… until he or she arrives.  At least I keep telling myself that.  We’ll see how it really goes come April.

Please let this baby wait until April.


Why is it that when you are watching the Food Network and get inspired to make something you’ve just seen on Diners. Drive-Ins and Dives that your brain forgets to remind you that in TV Land, everything is prepped and ready ahead of time.  So when the Jamaican lady says she just throws boiling water on her saltfish for two hours and then cooks it up, you think .oO(totally soooooooo much easier than changing the water 342 times throughout the day. Let’s do this!)

Only you put your fish aside to desalt and forget that in that two hours you should perhaps be mincing garlic, slicing onions and peppers and chopping tomatoes.  Or maybe you could be getting everything for your rice and peas together instead of watching Ellen Barkin on Anderson and thinking how much fun she’d be on a night out while you add her to your list of imaginary friends.

And then, when you start the prep and get the rice on its way, you check on the fish and RASS that fish is still salty as shit! So you start some vigorous water changes and shake the hell out of it to try and rinse as much of that salt out because, sure your children have been little ratbags all day, but do you really want to take it out on them by sucking all of the moisture out of their mouths?  Of course not.  Because then you will have to spend the rest of the night making them feel better and you’re already in a panic because it’s XFactor night PLUS the finale of Dancing with the Stars.

Your only option is to do what you can to get that saltfish sorted out and ready for dinner and in the meantime you make a note to tell that Jamaican lady that she is too full of chat when you one day wind up in her restaurant on some road trip because damn her coconut drops looked sooooo tasty.

And then, because you are a superstar you wind up with a meal that reminds you that if your husband ever gets too sick of your constant lazy and crazy, you’d happily marry yourself because YUM.


22.11.11 Saltfish and Rice and Peas .. Noice

Take two toddlers, add two parents, plus one promise of seeing cows on a drive and after nearly 3 hours of aimless, cowless driving the result is – CHICKENS!

With Noah’s 3rd birthday fast approaching we needed to get some supplies for my attempt at a cake too ridiculously ornate for a 3 year old to actually appreciate, but just right for a mother who likes to escape reality every now and always.  Because the store was about 45 minutes away and the prospect of bakeware shopping is not all that exciting to toddlers, we promised that we’d see cows and horses and sheep on the drive.

Only apparently all of the cows in the world went into hiding yesterday.  We saw sheep.  And more sheep.  We saw white sheep, black sheep, sitting sheep and standing sheep.  We saw a couple of horses through thick brush, but other than that we just saw fields.  Lots of rolling cowless green.

Ames was cool with this.  She was enjoying the ride and having a nap here and there.  Noah on the other hand .. not so much.  He was promised cows and he wanted those cows, dammit!   We tried and tried and tried and tried and used up half a tank of gas trying.  By this point it was almost getting heartbreaking, though more on the side of annoying, to hear the calls for “cows! cows! where did cows go?”.    We were lost.  Not that we didn’t know where we were, we just didn’t know where to find real* cows.

The last hope was a farm shop we’d been to years earlier where we discovered pickled onion cheese.  Now that is some serious tongue tingling, saliva producing, oh so moreish cheese!  But anyway, we decided it was that or suck it up and spend the rest of the afternoon listening to a very upset nearly 3 year old go on forever about how he’s so young and we’ve already failed him as parents.

Away we drove, pointing out all of the not cow things along the way and showing him all of the sheep as we turned the corner on to the road leading up to the farm shop.  The total disinterest in said sheep was not promising.  We pointed out the chickens running around and once again, Noah could have cared less.  In fact, all of his attention was focused on making sure that his helium balloon did anything but float.

Amy on the other hand was excited.  I am talking levels of excitement that just shouldn’t exist when you see a filthy beast of a chicken.  I hate birds.  Seriously hate birds.  Flamingos are pretty to look at, but I pretend they are not birds.  And don’t even come near me with a feather.  Dead birds are worse than live birds.  Except when they are chicken wings.  But this girl.  This girl who was born of me was running after chickens with abandon.  Balloon bopping about in the air as she took off in Crocs and no socks through mud and chicken shit to try and capture these vile creatures.  She even tried to enter their coop or “ca cas’ ‘ouse” as she called it.  And when we said no way to that idea, she waited outside somewhat patiently.

Come Out And Play With Me

Noah, upon seeing this, got full of macho and was determined not to have his 20 month old sister have all the fun.  Even if these big ass birds were kind of scary.  Plus, like in Patrick Swayze’s world where Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner, no one in Noah’s world denies his Adi what she wants!  Unless of course it is him.  So he joined her at the coop to tell those chickens to come out.

My Sister Wants To Play

Cows? What cows?  Noah started following Amy on her quest to become the world’s first under 3 ft tall Chicken Herder.  He laughed when they would run from her and would cock-a-doodle-do at them to let them know he could speak their language.  It was the smartest decision we had made that day.  Even better than the decision to drive to the shop to get the bakeware and discovering a new Soft Play area we can take the midgets (and it would have been THE smartest idea had we put socks on our children) .   And even though we left the house at 20 past 11am and didn’t wind up playing with chickens until nearly 4pm,  and I felt almost as carsick as that time I threw up Mr. Sub in the flowerbed outside of a Holiday Inn in Peterborough on an Easter weekend away with my parents when I was about 9, one look at my Mini Mr. Anxiety standing in the field with chickens running near him and it made it worth it.


As for what happened to Amy when we were consumed with happiness for Noah letting go of one fear (momentarily .. whilst clutching tightly to another) .. she decided to challenge some chickens to a duel.

Midget v Chicken

Seriously. This girl was calling out a chicken that was off camera and this malformed, mutant chicken tried to step in. She didn’t bat an eyelid, and when the object of her taunts decided to take a quiet walk in the parking lot, she took off after him laughing like a total maniac.

I guess she really is mine.

So I’ve been absent again. I can’t help it really. Since I last updated everyone there have been so many things that have happened in my life:


Yes, His Name Is Iggle Piggle

Yes, His Name Is Iggle Piggle

Christmas Cookie and Craft Making
Crafty Christmas Cards

Me want cookie!

A new haircut (which I was much better at than my first time)
Tidy and Trim

A trip to meet mummies and other kids my age (and Megan… oh sweet Megan) at Cheshire Oaks and stayed in a hotel
If it's good enough for Lenny Henry

Amy turned 1/2 a year old
Amy's Getting Old

Kadie and Zed came to visit in London

My Nan had a birthday so we went to Stratford to celebrate
Amy and Nan discuss what to eat

And huge amounts of time Playing in the Snow, Snow and more Snow!
Snow problem


Snowbody knows...

I was also sick. The whole house was!

And of course there was Christmas in Stratford at Nan’s and Boxing Day with Luca and New Year’s Eve

  • … but those needs a separate post!!

    I’m back though and in 2010 I shall be trying to be more regular… at posting obviously. Don’t know where your mind was! Sheesh. And I am the one turning 2….

  • … clouds away.

    Well they were.  They aren’t any longer.   But my Mommy was meant to post this for me over a week ago when the title would have fit.

    For a while there the weather was GREAT.  Not as sunny and warm as when I was in St.Kitts, but so much nicer than I’ve ever known (or remember) England to be.  Every day we were going to a park or playing in the backyard and I was loving it!  I don’t even need a lot of toys when I am outside.  There is just so much to explore without the distractions.  Mind you. my Tonka truck and V-Tech Phonics Bus help fill any quiet moments I may find myself having.

    So instead of a post that shows what I’m up to, this post will now serve to remind me of what it was like when the weather was nice.  And when I didn’t have a poorly tummy that has left me alternating between tired and hyper and has upset my sleep pattern greatly.

    I hope the sun comes back out so I can have even more fun outside!

    20.4.09: On The Ball

    20.4.09: On The Ball

    21.4.09: Me and my Tonka

    21.4.09: Me and my Tonka

    22.4.09: My water bottle! I love it!

    22.4.09: My water bottle! I love it!
    23.4.09: Chilling with my Daddy

    23.4.09: Chilling with my Daddy

    Cooling Down

    Cooling Down

    Walk in the Park (or backyard)

    Walk in the Park (or backyard)

    I am off to my Nan and Grandad’s for my 1st Christmas!!

    I have lots to write about when I come back (like my Kadie’s trip and all of the wonderful foods I tasted!), so watch out for updates!

    Happy Holidays to everyone!!

    Lots and Lots of Love,


    Merry Christmas

    … and I’ll teeth if I want to.

    Last night I went to sleep and I was still in the 8+ months age bracket and only had two teeth. This morning I woke up a whole three quarters of a year old and wouldn’t you know it, my top right tooth popped through.

    It’s been a long time coming, but it couldn’t have chosen a better time to come because for my 9 monthday dinner, my Mommy made me beef souvlaki and Greek potatoes. Oh. My. Goodness. I couldn’t eat it fast enough. I even finished mine up before my Daddy and he can eat SUPER FAST.

    I have found one downside to these teeth though: I keep banging them on things. Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t bite everything I touch, but I can’t help it. I live in hope that the next victim will be as tasty as avocado or cabbage rolls. So far I haven’t had much success in discovering anything that tastes as good as a meal, though the clothes my Mommy folds from the dryer seem to taste really nice. Even if I do get in trouble every time I mess up the pile of clothes when I choose something pretty to chew on.

    So bring on tooth four because I keep hearing that Christmas means a lot of food and anything that helps me get the food all chewed up faster is a-okay by me!

    Last Night:
    Only 2 Teeth

    This Morning:
    Three Teeth!

    My Mommy keeps telling Kadie and my aunties Cathy and Sue how I am grumpy to her in the day but am so happy when my Daddy comes home. She tells no lies. But until Friday when she was randomly videoing me playing with a ball, she had no proof of my split personality. You can see early on that I could spot that someone had come in the front door, but because the glass is bevelled (my Mommy told me that word, I have no idea what it means other than the fact that I cannot see clearly through it) in the door between the living room and front hall thing, I lost interest in what was going on. I started to give my Mommy attitude and then around 22 seconds in, you can see that I found out who the stranger was that was in my house without announcing their presence.

    Drama and Comedy from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

    I do love my Mommy and all, but my Daddy doesn’t tell me “no hands, Noah” or “don’t touch that, it’s hot” or “no, Noah, you can’t crawl head first off of the bed/sofa”. My Daddy gives me dinner, runs the bath for me and gives me lots of bath toys and then dries me off and gets me all ready for bed. My Daddy rocks!

    When I was born, I LOVED to sleep. At least between times when I wanted to eat. Anywhere and everywhere at anytime, I just wanted to catch some Zzzs. As I’ve grown, I’ve decided that sleep is for the weak.. or old..or anyone that’s just not ME! When I am asleep I love it, and I do get tired .. a lot more than I’d like. But up until this week I’d been fighting it: kicking, screaming, flailing and wailing!

    My Parents rightly assumed that I was nosey and this was why I didn’t want to miss out on any action. That, and well, I was REALLY hyper before bedtime. Even though they are smart people, they were struggling to figure out why I’d not want to settle. They would feed me, bathe me, get me into my pjyamas, sit with me in the glider and read books, but when it came time to go into that crib… I wasn’t having it.

    They’ve changed the routine up on me a bit and instead of giving me my bottle before my dinner, I get it after I’ve showered and changed and all of that. I have to admit, they’ve won. For now. I’m much happier and I go to sleep without a fuss. And most of the time when I wake up, they don’t even know because I am just lying there taking everything in, looking at the pictures on my wall or playing peek-a-boo with myself.

    Sleep and I are now friends and we are all much happier. Though I sleep a lot less (meaning that I wake up more at night… just to play). But we are all getting used to it and I’m just happy that they didn’t cut out my post bathing fun!!!

    Look at that and tell me how they expected me to be sleepy after that!!!

    After Bath Wind Down… from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

    I know what you’re thinking! And you’re right, I don’t have any teeth. Not yet anyway, but they are working their way up. Actually, in my case they are working their way down.

    This morning my Mommy took me to see The Dentist. I have no idea why I haven’t been taken their sooner. It was great! The lights, the people, the toys on the tables and wall. My Mommy was a bit confused as she wasn’t expecting this reaction, but she was pleased.

    Once I got into the room where the dentist was, I smiled at the dentist and her assistant. I let them know that I wasn’t afraid of them. Though I didn’t like it much when they put my Mommy in the chair and reclined it so far back that I couldn’t see her face. But once they took me out of the stroller and had me stand on her while they poked about her mouth, I was back to being Mr. Toothless Grin.

    And then, it was my turn. The denist put on some gloves and stuck her fingers in my mouth and was getting me to open wide take a peek. She saw my bottom front teeth but said they will be a little while longer. She could see them best from the back of my gums and showed my Mommy. Then they checked out my top teeth and the dentist said she could actually see and feel the outline of those.

    I can’t wait. I’ve been told that it is not going to be a fun process and from seeing Luca, what I’ve been told is true. However, a little suffering will be worth it when I can bite down on food. No more of this only gumming my food. Oooh yeah. Life is good.

    There was a downside though. I don’t get to go back for another 6 months. How is that fair? My Mommy gets to go back on Friday and sure I get to go with her, but let’s face it. What fun is it when it will be all about her mouth.

    I’m so going to cover her with spinach and peas when we get home that afternoon like I did today. I’ll show her whose mouth is more important! 🙂