.oO(hello hello hello hello hello)Oo.

So, I am sitting eating peanuts and liquorice torpedoes and wondering a) why am I not paying more attention to what I am picking up out of this container because both of these in the mouth at once are … gross.  b) should I risk possible blistering of my mammaries and stick those cabbage leaves in my bra to help alleviate this ridiculous pain and c) should I acknowledge the whole Haven’tBeenAroundForOhAlmostAYearBecauseApparentlyI’m … and well if I finish that thought then I guess I’d have my answer.

The thing is, the majority of those of you who ever took a look here either follow me on Twitter or are my friends on FaceBook  so you know what happens in my life  .. on a daily basis.  And those of you who don’t fall into the categories above  obviously didn’t miss me too much or I would have heard somehow.

And that thinking is what helped me put off writing this entry for days and weeks and months.

While we’re here and sort of being honest and upfront with each other (I like to think that if this wasn’t a one sided medium of discussion then you’d be honest back) I have a confession to make:  GrumpyPumps and BoxofSquawks are no longer.  It saddens me to admit it, yet at the same time it fills me will a sense of relief that I cannot explain.

Three blogs were too much.  Three blogs, when you add in other social medias and the actual raising of the little balls of crazy behind the two other blogs, was way over-reaching.  I mean, I barely kept one up to date before the pregnancy brain and subsequent baby brain settled in.  And 34 months or 19months later, depending on which child you favour, that affliction seems to have taken a firm hold on my already previously marshmallow brain.

There is some good news though.  Nooooooo, you silly fool, I’m not carrying the final part of a midget trilogy, but it is midget related.  Noah and Amy have been given the thumbs up to make posts on this account when they feel the need to vent, boast, complain or just say hi.  Trust me, Amy has a lot to say at this moment.  Or would if she hadn’t cried herself to sleep.  Don’t worry, we’re not letting her ‘Cry It Out’, I was lying down right next to her while she did it.   Oh, and all of their previous entries are available in the archives.

So with that, I welcome myself back and I welcome a whole new year to promise to frequently update the blog and of course mange not to do so.

Here is hoping 2011 is a more productive – not reproductive – and prosperous year for everyone and may we spend less time in hospitals (after this month when I’ve got an appointment), more time with each other … and may this bastard of a house finally sell.

Cheers, Big Ears!

Chin Chin

And for the midget starved in all of you …

Woody 1

Woody 2

So I’ve been absent again. I can’t help it really. Since I last updated everyone there have been so many things that have happened in my life:


Yes, His Name Is Iggle Piggle

Yes, His Name Is Iggle Piggle

Christmas Cookie and Craft Making
Crafty Christmas Cards

Me want cookie!

A new haircut (which I was much better at than my first time)
Tidy and Trim

A trip to meet mummies and other kids my age (and Megan… oh sweet Megan) at Cheshire Oaks and stayed in a hotel
If it's good enough for Lenny Henry

Amy turned 1/2 a year old
Amy's Getting Old

Kadie and Zed came to visit in London

My Nan had a birthday so we went to Stratford to celebrate
Amy and Nan discuss what to eat

And huge amounts of time Playing in the Snow, Snow and more Snow!
Snow problem


Snowbody knows...

I was also sick. The whole house was!

And of course there was Christmas in Stratford at Nan’s and Boxing Day with Luca and New Year’s Eve

  • … but those needs a separate post!!

    I’m back though and in 2010 I shall be trying to be more regular… at posting obviously. Don’t know where your mind was! Sheesh. And I am the one turning 2….

  • That’s right, we’ve entered the second decade of my life and I haven’t even turned one yet. I went to bed on Thursday night and I kept having these dreams about parties and people cheering and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

    So naturally I had to wake up and find my Mommy and Daddy to see if they could help me figure out what my dream meant. And do you know what I found?! They were drinking champagne and wearing silly paper hats and watching tv with lots of clapping. Apparently the whole world was celebrating something called New Year’s Eve. Well I HAD to get in on that action and woke right up and started to laugh and wanted to play. After a while my Parents got really old and boring and wanted to go to bed. I couldn’t believe it. They totally just didn’t want to let me party.

    Back to bed I went and I started to think about how I could show them that I was ready to party like them. That I am an independent girl who doesn’t need these “routines” or sleep.

    In the morning I just let everyone carry on as normal. I did my whole Get Frustrated Because As I Try To Crawl I Get Stuck On My Leg thing and I played with all of our new toys, practiced standing and walking with the walker and generally did my baby thing.

    Since no one was expecting anything different from me, later in the afternoon I was sitting with with everyone on the sofa when I just decided to start clapping. No music, no If You’re Happy and You Know It, no older brother trying to force me to clap. All me.

    Now, they know I can get my drink on and I can stay up way past my bedtime and can clap: I’m so ready to party!

    Amy Catches The Clap from Kirsty B on Vimeo.

    So, I’m nearly 4 months old and it would seem that my Mommy is not half as into making sure this is updated for me as she was with my brother.

    Typical second child or what?! You’d think being the second child herself she’d know what to do to make me feel as important as the number one.. but nope!

    Okay, so she gives me LOTS of cuddles and lets me help myself to the milk bar all through the early hours of the morning when she would like to be sleeping and when I should be.

    But I don’t. Nope. Sleeping through the night is for.. for.. well, I don’t know, but it’s not for me. Not yet. I’m tired a lot and I love short naps and if I can take a long nap right before bedtime it is GREAT. But sleep all the way until the sun comes up.. pft… you must be kidding!

    Seriously, Noah is the sleeper. He takes these 2 hour (and sometimes longer) naps every afternoon and some days I am all “wow, that’s awesome”, but most days I am like “when is this dude going to wake up and play with me?”. Then he wakes up with this crazy amount of energy and starts trying to make me stand up alone or dance or flings me around in the Jumperoo and then I’m all “Aaaaahh go back to bed! Go back to bed!”

    But really, I love him. When he comes into my Mommy and Daddy’s room in the morning (I told you, I don’t do this all night sleeping thing, so they let me sleep with them when I get up in the wee hours), he comes straight to me to give me hugs and smiles and stuff. And although I smile a lot to my Mommy and Daddy, the true excited smiles sit and wait for his arrival!

    I can’t WAIT until I can move around like him. I’m trying. I’m sitting up and strengthening my tummy and back muscles so that I can walk. I’ve given this crawling malarkey a try too. I’m not so good at that, but we’ll give it another go in case I figure out what I am supposed to be doing.

    In the meantime I am going to wait until my Mommy finally realises that I am sitting here waiting for her to give you all proper updates.

    Don’t mind if I take a nap while we wait.

    Another Day Another Nap

    Another Day Another Nap

    Oh.. and don’t be sitting there judging me on my ‘fluffy’ thighs. It’s where I store my reserves of Cute in case my face ever runs out.

    So I guess you’ve been wondering where I’ve been? Well, I’ll tell you then! I’ve been in Canada and here and out in the backyard and to Blockbuster and to Rugrats and to the mall a few times.

    I know what you are saying and you are right, those are not good excuses. But, I want you to know that I’ve thought about writing. Or at least I thought about telling my Mommy what to write here, but she’s still so tired. She is still trying to figure out what to do with me and Amy especially now that Amy is getting so much bigger and oh man is she demanding. My Mommy told me that the other morning Amy woke up (in their bed.. so not fair, but let’s not go there) and my Mommy was still sleepy so she was pretending to sleep and Amy rolled over and yelled in her face.

    Oh man did I ever giggle when I heard that. Amy is a funny one. Except when she cries. Then she is sad. She seems to be sad a lot in the car.

    But wait, this was about me.

    And there will be updates. But my Mommy says she needs to write our monthly letters before she gets going on here.

    Of course, I never come first anymore. *sigh* It’s not easy being me. I’m not sure if it ever was, but I’ve only just realised.

    But try not to worry about my absences, even if they are not excused. Whilst I’ve been quiet I have been doing what I can to stay healthy and in shape and even helped myself to some milk from the fridge the other day.

    Gotta keep the bones nice and strong!

    Milk Man - Side View

    Milk Man - Side View

    Milk Man - Front View

    Milk Man - Front View

    … After these messages

    I know that I have promised updates and there has been so much stuff to tell everyone, but all the stuff to tell means that things around here have been hectic! I turned one month since I last posted, turned 6 weeks and had two check ups, turned 8 weeks and had needles (that seriously sucked) and tomorrow I’ll be a whopping 2 months old.

    There will be back dated posts so that everyone will be able to see what went on and what I thought about it and hopefully when things get into a bit of a routine around here, my Mommy will have time to make sure that all of our blogs are up to date.

    Until then I am going to continue to get to know my wild and crazy older brother…


    and work on this attitude that my Mommy thinks I have. I’ve got no idea what she’s talking about though!

    Smiley Smiles

    Life has been crazy at my house. People have come and left and one has come and stayed. And apparently she is staying forever.

    One day I am walking around with The Guys (my Daddy and Zed) with the two girls (my Mommy and Kadie) behind us and the next thing I know, the numbers are even and their Little Person is REALLY little. And cries a lot. And doesn’t do much else.

    two and a half men

    two and a half men

    But I love her. I just hope she gets bigger quickly so my Mommy and Daddy can stop saying “Noah! Be gentle” or “Noah, her arm doesn’t bend that way”. I mean come on, if it doesn’t bend that way, then how come it just did when I tried it?

    Little People

    Little People

    I’ve got a lot to say about the past month and a bit and I’ve been trying to get my Mommy to update everyone, but she’s been sleepy. But she seems to be getting better so hopefully I can get her to sit down and do some transcribing!

    It took me three weeks, but I did it! I finally managed to get back up to my birth weight. It was a long and often painful (for my Mommy anyway) process, but that tiny bit of weight I lost in the beginning didn’t seem to want to come back.

    Then came the heatwave and although my Daddy says that he can’t eat much in heat, I was just the opposite. Feed me now! That’s all my Mommy was hearing from me from the moment I woke up until the moment they finally got me to surrender to sleep for the night. Actually, that is what she hears most days regardless of the weather.

    But we worked as a team (she was the worker and I was the forewoman) and we got me to a weight that the midwives were happy with (a whole 9lb 10oz)… only they were scared of my skin issues.

    Baby Acne. What ugly words. Not baby, but acne and on a baby, so not cute. But what can I do? Last I checked, there wasn’t Clearasil Baby out there. Not that I’ve checked, nor do I even really know what Clearasil is, but I’ve heard my Mommy make similar comments when wondering what to do with my new “accessories”.

    spotty spots

    So after all of that hard work, we still didn’t get discharged from the midwives because they were concerned. SO concerned in fact, that they sent me and my Mommy, my Daddy and Noah to the doctor to have me checked out. My Mommy got scared, I got annoyed and Noah got bored. My Daddy was just my Daddy which means he just went with the flow. I’ve got to look into whether I someday want to be that way, or if it is more fun to cry a lot the way I already do.

    Anyway, we were told that babies get this and it is normal as we were sent on our way. I left a bit more self conscious than when we started the day, but I had a chat with my brother later and he let me know that it didn’t matter what anyone else thought (even my Mommy) because he loved me no matter what.

    chit chat

    You know what, even though he likes to poke me and on occasion slap my head, I’ve got the best older brother.

    Amy B

    Hi, I’m Amy Sophia Elise.  I’m the newest member of my little family.  There’s my Mommy, my Daddy and my big brother Noah.  I haven’t been around long and I’m just getting my head around things, but I thought I’d share a little background on my life so far….

    So there I was having the time of my short life on the inside and enjoying the dark, the warmth and the ability to do whatever I wanted when I wanted .. and then, from out of nowhere it seemed that there was light at the end of a tunnel.  Part of me said “Don’t go, stay in a little longer”, but the nosey part of me won out and the next thing you know I’m squinting from the bright lights and wondering who all of these strange people are who are looking down at me.

    Apparently, that was me being born.  Whatever.  All I know, is that I don’t want to go through that again.  Not that I don’t like the people I’ve met since joining the world on the outside, but WOAH what an experience that was.  A once in a lifetime kind of thing.  Plus, I’m only just getting used to the older brother that I got the first time around and I’m not sure that I could handle any more of those.  The one I’ve got will do for now.  Let’s just hope in time he realises that he may need to be a bit more gentle with me .. or else when I can do things like crawl.. or even hold my head up for a while, I’ll be able to get him back.

    To be honest, since then it has mostly been Eat, Poo, Sleep.  Sure, there is the odd trip out to Costco or the supermarket or restaurants where I can’t order from the menu .. but there isn’t much going on other than working on growing and getting back up to my birth weight.  Oh, and there was that business about getting a god belly button which my Mommy was convinced I was not doing right when the dangling bit started to smell and I got a hernia, but I proved her wrong today.  No no, it didn’t take this long for the bit to fall off, just for the Health Visitor to say “that’s a great tummy button”.

    I’m so glad that Noah didn’t hear her say that.  He already thinks that my nose is a horn, he doesn’t need anything else to push.

    Oh look, time for another nap.  Type to you all soon!


    A Bit About Me

    Name: Amy B           D.O.B: 4th June 2009 at 10.00am          Weight&Length: 9lb 4oz & In dispute

    So you want to know a little about me.  Well, I’m little.  Like really little.  Not just in size, but in days I’ve been around.  I’m still getting used to life on the outside and wondering where I fit in to the giant ball of crazy that is my family.

    What I do know, is that I’m Amy B.  I’m the little girly of this family.  I’ve got an older brother, Noah B, who loves to cuddle, poke, prod and “tickle” (one baby’s tickle is another baby’s slap) me and we share a Mommy and Daddy who seem to be as clueless to this whole thing as I am.  Though you’d think that having my brother before me, they’d be pros.

    I’ve not decided yet whether I am going to be the one who quietly sits in the corner taking it all in or if I’d rather stir things up whilst looking all innocent in my girly girl outfits.  So keep checking back for updates and follow me on this adventure that is my life and we’ll find out together who I am and which piece of the puzzle I am!