Lee and I never really had a first date.  Not a “proper” out for dinner kind of get-to-know-each-other date.  Mind you, have we ever done anything in the normal way?  No.

But Lee pointed out this week that whether BoB arrives early or not, this was our last full weekend alone as a couple as next weekend he’d either be a father, or living with his Mother in Law.  I’d never even thought of it like that.  To be honest, a little panic set in because although I am aware that BoB is not staying inside forever, and I know that the due date is…well, 10 days away now… I keep telling myself we’ve got LOADS of time.   Apparently not.

So last night we decided to have Date Night.  We went to dinner (the 4th restaurant we tried as everywhere was packed) and then to the movies.   As the ultimate Last Weekend Alone Movie, we saw Juno; a film about a 16 year old girl who gets pregnant.

Now we had a great time all night and laughed a lot and I cried a little (at the movie), but one thing was for certain, there was no way that BoB was letting his or her presence go unknown.  During dinner it started out like a West End Show with some high octane dancing going on, and then Braxton Hicks kicked in.  Not ones I couldn’t handle, just ones that made me look awkward every now and then as I tried to mask the Wincing-In-Pain-Face with the Mmm-This-Tastes-Nice-Face.

We went up to the movie and at first all was well.  It was pretty empty and we were comfortable with our space. I knew if I needed to make a toilet break I could escape quickly so I could sit back and relax.  And then… and then the people came.  I have no idea where from, but with 5 minutes before the movie starting the theatre became packed. I had to take my feet off of the arm rest in front of me  (which proved a harmful move as my feet started to swell as I sat there…to the point where I felt like I was wearing the wrong feet.  Luckily I had changed my shoes just before we got into the car) and my speedy escape would now have to be a long drawn out Sorry – Excuse Me – Pardon Me stumble over popcorn and feet.

That’s okay, I would just sit back and watch the movie.  And for the first 15 minutes, that is what I did.  Then, BoB decided he or she wasn’t getting all of the attention and on came the Braxton Hicks.  The most painful and uncomfortable ones I’ve had so far.  I tried to tell myself to calm down and just focus on the movie, that I didn’t want to look like a fool as I stumbled out of the theatre being by far the most pregnant woman in there as this 20 foot 16 year old we were watching seemed to be doing a lot better with her pregnancy than I was.  So I shifted back and forth and up and down in my seat trying to find a position that would lessen the pain and allow my uterus to chill out a bit.

Of course, between squeezings of his or her house around their chubby belly, BoB wanted to dance!   At one point in the movie someone talks to the belly to see if they can feel movement, well I think BoB thought that they were talking to him/her because he/she was going crazy trying to respond.  It provided a brief moment of relief and humour to my suffering.

I kept wanting to run out, but I just knew this couldn’t be the real thing.  I couldn’t be going into labour whilst watching Juno.  Okay, if anyone was going to do it, it would be me, but karma wouldn’t let me suffer an embarrassing fate like that right?

Once the movie was over, Lee helped me waddle to the car, sat patiently whilst I suffered through another contraction and then urged me to check my phone as I was at that point convinced that I must have been going through sympathy labour for Sally.  But there were no messages, so we went on home where Lee ran a warm bath for me and BoB and I tried to figure out a way to actually make it through proper labour when the time comes.   I’ve still not managed to work anything out there.   I just keep telling myself that in actual labour the contractions will actually be doing something and not just practising.  Yeah yeah, practise makes perfect, but I’m tired of the practising.  Let’s either get the real deal under way or allow me to enjoy my last few days (or weeks) of this pregnancy.  PLEASE.

So, as you can tell by the fact that I am writing this, I lived through the night.   I sit here typing in mild discomfort rather than the crazy pain I was in last night.  We’re still trying to keep BoB in until my Mom arrives, and I’m sure this child isn’t going to come easily even then, so I will wince, whimper, moan and cry in frustration until she arrives to whip me into shape and continue to be grateful for having Lee here with me.  His excitement to meet BoB allows for extra patience during my suffering, which is coming in really handy.  Plus he tells me little tidbits about babies in their first days/weeks of life whilst I try and deal with things which takes my mind away from the pain if even for a moment.

Our Date Night might be over,  and it was a really good night, all in all, but what I’ve learnt from it is that we don’t actually need proper dates, because we just really enjoy being around each other whether we are in the kitchen folding laundry, trying to fall asleep at night, just driving in the car or sitting in silence reading magazines or on the computer.  And that, that means so much more than dinner and a movie.  That, is what is going to help get us through the changes to our life that are just around the corner.  And for that, I am grateful.

Now to de-cheese.  Here are some photos taken last night.  Please note that my maternity sweater can barely reach the bottom of my belly now.  There is some serious stretching going on, so BoB better not grow too much more!!

38w3 days in….and they say J-Lo is huge?!  Look again!

38w3d: Nothing but BoB

My sweater blends in with the dark wood of the dresser, so look carefully at where my thumb pokes out to see the true measure of this belly!

38w3d: Get In My Bellah

After seeing the behind shots of me lately, I’ve contemplated walking backward for the rest of this pregnancy!

Where'd BoB Go?

My detachable bump, or so it seems:

38w3d: it's strapped on!

A close up of BoB in his/her house:

38w3d: BoB's House

After a massive effort this weekend, the nursery is almost complete.  The only things left to do are hang the frames and a shelf and get the glider.  Other than that, it is ready for BoB to move on in.

It has not been easy, and I take my hat off to Lee for persevering as this weekend has thrown as many curveballs as it could at us (more specifically..at Lee).

In order to change the door of the nursery from left opening to right opening, Lee had to chisel, plane, sand and refrain from kicking the door.  It would appear that like most things in our house, the previous owner did a quick and easy job to try and make things look okay.  I guess I cannot blame him for the sloping floors, but I will anyway.  The door took a long time, drained a lot of patience and is finally closing the way we want it to. Yay Lee!   I did undo a few screws, use the cheese grater thing a bit and try my hand at the chisel, but when it comes down to it… it was Lee!

Here he is hard at work on the pesky door!

Lee gets chiseled

Lee goes plane

The door was not the only accomplishment.  BoB’s light is no longer a naked bulb as Lee fitted the lampshade adaptors and the economically priced lampshade is on and looking good.  It’s actually white despite what it looks like in the photo that will be posted below!  (edit: Lee’s just called me in to see the New Improved BoB’s Room and I took the opportunity to take a photo of the lampshade looking white)

And the barenaked window is now home to blinds, a curtain rail and a curtain.  We were going to to with two curtains, but the blinds block out a lot of light and the one curtain covers the entire window when you pull it across.    I’ve kept the other one in case we change our minds, but at the moment we are LOVING BoB’s room, so I might just have one extra curtain for no reason at all.

Once again, 95% of the work was completed by Lee.  I project managed by saying how high to put the curtain rail, how much of the pole to cut off and I even hemmed the curtain which was 1.2 metres longer to start with.  Alright alright, I cheated and used the melty plastic insta-hem thing that came with it, but it involved using an iron which anyone that knows me well will be aware that I am not well versed in doing.  That was the first time this year that I actually used an iron… equalling the amount of times I used it all of last year!

So now, we are going to take a well deserved rest and this evening I shall rope Lee in to helping me pack my hospital bag and repack BoB’s hospital bag.   I’ve already completed my birth plan, complete with side comments like I’d make in person and now we just have to get the rest of the house ready, get my legs waxed and await the arrival!

It’s getting close and I am getting excited.  Scared senseless, but even more excited.

Time to plant my backside on the sofa. Or on the floor near it as not to anger my right bum cheek any further!

The New and Improved And Almost Finished Nursery  ….

Check out how well the blinds match the crib! Yay IKEA!

All Dressed Windows

See, it really is white…


The other direction, with BoB’s fancy laundry basket (Homebase – for all of your wicker basket needs!)

The Other Way

And one tired and relieved Daddy to Be, ready for a nap on the sofa!

Sleepy Lee

..there was a Little Tiny Human who was growing and growing and growing in preparation for life on The Outside.  While this Little Tiny Human was growing his (or her) mommy made loads and loads of room in her tummy for that Little Tiny Human to play and swim about.  More importantly, her (or his) mommy’s tummy grew to make sure that the Little Tiny Human could grow.

BoB's Momma's Belly 28w1d

The Little Tiny Human’s mommy and daddy came home from work early one day so that they could go see the Magical Midwife who had the best powers of all.  She had a magic wand like thing that let the Little Tiny Human’s parents listen to his (or her) heartbeat.  Sometimes between visits, her (or his) mommy would get sad for lots and lots of reasons, but every time she got to hear the Little Tiny Human’s heartbeat, she was so happy she could POP!

Luckily she didn’t, or else the Little Tiny Human wouldn’t be able to grow to a good size.

Anyway, the Little Tiny Human’s parents went to see the Magical Midwife and she had the mommy hop up on the table and said that she would give the Little Tiny Human a “good poke” to see where he (or she) was hiding.  Low and behold, she didn’t have to look far, because right below the ribs was the Little Tiny Human’s head.

BoB's Head: 28w1d

The mommy and daddy oohed and aahed because they thought all along that it was the Little Tiny Human’s bum that was sitting there and that the numb ribs were a result of some kicks.   But the Magical Midwife also showed the mommy where the knees were.

BoB's Knees: 28w1d

At the end of all of the poking, the Magical Midwife told the Little Tiny Human’s parents that there was a “healthy sized baby” living in that tummy, and the Little Tiny Human’s parents went away happy!!

The Little Tiny Human’s mommy then couldn’t stop wiggling the Little Tiny Human’s knees.  This either tickled the baby or made her (or him) upset because the Little Tiny Human would start wriggling them away.  To get back at the over-excited mommy, the Little Tiny Human decided that he (or she) would spend the entire next day trying to snuggle as close to her ribs as possible.  Because the mommy was at work all day and couldn’t keep stretching all of the way back to set the Little Tiny Human free, her back hurt her Oh So Much.

A Special BoB Backache

Even though her back hurt her Oh So much, the Little Tiny Human’s mommy was still so happy that the Little Tiny Human was doing so well in there.  The only thing she could ask for was that the Little Tiny Human would wriggle himself (or herself) down to a place where there were no bones to poke and prod.  Maybe in the middle of her ever expanding tummy.

In The Middle

At least if the Little Tiny Human was resting in the middle, her (or his) mommy could get more done because it wouldn’t be Oh So uncomfortable to bend or sit down.  And when the Little Tiny Human played lower down, it was a lot easier to hold him (or her).

BoB 28w1d

At the end of the day, the Little Tiny Human’s parents were just happy that the Little Tiny Human was there at all and even wedged up against the ribs, or wriggling about, or kicking her (or his) mommy over and over again, the Little Tiny Human’s parents couldn’t stop smiling.   At least the daddy couldn’t, the mommy was working on it.

Smiley Momma 28w1d

Smiley Momma 28w1d II

Do you remember in the 80s when kids (including myself) were in awe of the capsules you’d put in warm water (we liked using the washroom sink) and right before your very eyes you’d watch as a tiny pill shaped nothing turned into a big foam dinosaur or something?

Well, without trying, it would appear that Lee and I have created the human version.  Up until now, BoB has been quite well behaved.  Other than the blip at the 20 week scan where I got flat out denied by my own child. Oh and okay, a few times along the way, Lee has also had to swallow the bitter pill of rejection when I’d summon him to feel my belly being kicked… only for BoB to blank him once the hand was placed on the tummy.

I was convinced that BoB was just shy. He wasn’t a child who wanted to be centre stage and didn’t feel the need to make her presence known all of the time. Just enough to let you know they were there.

And then this weekend happened.  Whether it is a violent reaction to the constant bang, whistle and boom of the fireworks, or he/she has had enough of hiding her/himself away… BoB is here …kicking ass (or belly in this case) and taking names.

We couldn’t stop laughing this evening because it was like a bag of Jiffy Pop was cooking inside my stomach.  And just when you thought there were no more kernels to pop, another one exploded out of nowhere.  We decided to give the crappy listening device a go, but didn’t really bother to listen to it when it was far more fascinating to watch it dance around as it received drop kick after drop kick.

I turned it off and said “who needs to hear a heartbeat when….” and before I could finish, Lee interjected with ..”when there is obviously a ninja in there”.

The man’s wildest dreams have come true.  This child will never feel pressure to get good grades or get a good job. Nope, will a little more than 15 weeks to go before birth, this child has made his/her father as proud as any parent of a ninja could be.

I on the other hand still expect BoB to be walking next Hallowe’en so I have an excuse to go Trick or Treating.

We have reached a very important milestone today – instead of counting up for 20 weeks, we can start counting down for the next 20.  That’s right, we’ve reached the part of the journey where instead of saying “are we there yet?”, I can start to panic and wonder if I’ve remembered everything (doubtful with my severe case of Baby Brain) and realise that there just isn’t enough time to get everything done that needs to be done.

Today we’ve reach 50%! Hooray!

I feel like I’ve reached 95% and I don’t look too far off of that, but hopefully they will tell me tomorrow that everything is going swimmingly and that it’s alright to look like I’m moments from birth, even when I’ve got until at least mid-February.

So as there will be a longer post tomorrow about the newest sighting of BOB, which should entail far less dithering and far more interesting detail, I shall end this with some horrifically unflattering photos of myself to show off my every expanding stomach (and butt and chest.  PS: the shirt was never the most flattering pre-pregnancy, but it was cold out today!).  I’m convinced that my stomach grows every time I breathe.

BOB at 20 weeks:

He or She is Somewhere in There

Me from the front:

Losing the waist at 20 wks!

It’s a bus…it’s a train… no, it’s me from the side!

Letting it all hang out 20 wks


This better be a big baby!

And let’s end on a no belly photo…. I hope you were not eating when you viewed the last photos.  If so… Sorry!!!!

Barbapapa and Barbamama 20wks