The Other Blogs

Whatever happened to BoB and Cheese and GrumpyPumps and BoxofSquawks?  Some of you may be wondering where the other blogs went.  Well, they are here.  Sort of.  It was getting too crazy to keep up three blogs.  In fact, I was struggling to update any, never mind all.  So I shut them down, but thanks to Lee you can still look at old posts and reminisce and tell yourselves how my second child got ripped off because I threw in the towel before she could even walk.  And you’d be right.  But I have made up for it by taking THOUSANDS of photos of her.  So she will only grow up with half a chip on her shoulder about being a second child.

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I am sure that Noah and Amy will make guest posts from time to time, so you will not miss out on the views of growing up in this house from the under 4ft perspective.