If you wanna go and take a ride wit me…

No, not Nelly, BOB.

That’s right, BOB’s got her (or his) first set of wheels.   Many thanks to Lee’s wonderful parents for kitting BOB out in the softest and coolest stroller.  Sure sure, there is a lot of time before BOB’s first ride, but we’re ready for it!  In fact, not only does BOB have wheels, but also a teddy bear soft snowsuit to make the Three Roundabout ride home from the hospital (that is assuming that I stay with MK General for some unknown reason).

Now all BOB needs is a blinged out baby bottle/pimp cup and we’re rocking.

Oh, and somewhere to sleep.  And maybe a couple of diapers.  But, time is on our side and hopefully I’ll hit the 16 week mark and find I’ve got this elusive energy that everyone promises me I am going to have once again.

We’ll see.

For now though, this Baby Momma is just happy to know that BOB’s got a ride home from the hospital.

Check it out:

BOB's Whips

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