22.5 weeks to go.

I swore to myself at the beginning of this roller coaster ride that I would not be one of “those” women who didn’t enjoy every moment of being pregnant and couldn’t wait for it to be over.    I must have crossed my fingers without realising it because as opposed to how the days seemed to be flying by in the early weeks, they are dragging already.  I’m not even halfway there yet.  Everyone at work seems to be going on holidays to lovely, sunny, not Milton Keynes type places … meanwhile I look forward to the end of the day where I can put on pyjamas and ‘enjoy’ my nausea in the comfort of my bed.  That’s when I can get comfortable.

“They” say that pregnant women should lie on their side (preferably left), but “they” forgot to tell BOB, because BOB hates it.  I swear every single time I lie on my side the little dude pinches me or something as evil, because it does not feel nice at all.  Then again, it could be because every now and then to make sure that I am not imagining the belly, I attempt to lie on my stomach which feels really and I mean really strange.  And no doubt is quite uncomfy for the little one.

Speaking of The Belly – how is it that at 17.5 weeks pregnant, I look like I’m waaaaaay further along.  How come I’ve got this Salma Hayek sudden eruption of baby belly, without the benefit of looking like Salma Hayek (minus that short and surely pregnancy caused frizzy hair she had there for a while)?!  Though I really don’t need the Boob Explosion that she has going on.  Not cool.  Lee may disagree, but carrying them around normally would be a pain, never mind them and BOB.

I digress…  back to BOB.  When I told my mother about my last midwife appointment and how she said BOB was so well behaved and that the ultrasound photo was so nice, she responded with “what do you expect coming from.. Lee”.  Well, I’ll have her… and anyone else reading… know, that BOB takes after me too!  Today I got some money out that I was going to exchange and as I counted it, the tiniest feet in the world started making sure that I knew they were there.  I put the money away and the feet went away.  Later on at the dentist I went to pay and when I got the money out again, the feet came out again.  I think the second time it was in protest at being separated from the money.  Awww.. like mommy like BOB.

So there it is.  The past ten days have seen BOB start kicking … though it feels more like he or she is fluttering their uber long eyelashes (from Lee!) against my insides… and the return of the choking nausea feeling, my first purchase of maternity jeans (which make me feel really weird) and the first time we have purchased something specifically for BOB  – a lovely happyfaced skull and crossbones number courtesy of Lee’s Taste.

Other than that, not much action.  Still struggling to make it through the day and addicted to Take on the Takeaway and Hell’s Kitchen.   BOB is so going to be a foodie.

I think I’ve just jinxed myself.

Update time! Only …. 157 days 18 hours 47 minutes left!!

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